Monday, October 10, 2011

Chapter 57-Dating David pt. 2

****Warning this chapter contains mature themes****

I woke up the next morning with a pounding headache and a sleeping David laying on me.  The morning light hurt my eyes and I slowly tried to move from under him.  I managed to free myself and grabbed the closest thing I could find to put on which was his shirt.  I crept out of his room and bumped into his roommate on the way to the bathroom.

"I'm sorry." I wrapped the shirt around me tighter.
"I guess these are yours." He handed me the clothes he had picked up off the floor.  David said he was out of town, guess he came back early.
"Thanks." I mumbled taking the clothes from him.  I was assaulted with the fuzzy memories of last night.
"Are you ok?"
"Yes I guess I had too much to drink.  Could you call me a taxi?"
"Sure, but I'm sure David would give you a ride home once he wakes up."
"I'm kinda ready to go now."
 "Um, ok.  Well I'm getting ready to head out I could drop you off."
"Thanks, I appreciate that."  He moved off to the side and I continued on to the bathroom.  I looked horrible.  My makeup was smudged, my hair was a mess.  My other clothes were in his room.  I needed to get them but I was scared to go back in there and wake him up.  I would have to chance it, there was no way I could go home wearing his shirt or that dress he had me wear last night.  Aric would kill me.  I washed my face and pulled my hair back into a ponytail.  I opened the door to his room quietly but he was awake when I peeked in.

"I thought you had run off."
" I just had to go to the bathroom."  I walked over to the bag and started to get dressed.  I kept my back to David as I quickly pulled on my clothes.  My heart was pounding as I prayed to myself that he would just stay on the bed.
"Are you leaving?"
"Yes, if I don't get home my brother will send out a search party."
"Interesting, I thought you were an adult.  I didn't know you had a curfew."
"He just worries.  You know that's what big brothers do.  I didn't call him to let him know I would be out all night."
"You're with a cop, you couldn't be any safer.  I have a gun."
Nervously I started laughing after he said that.  I wasn't sure if it was part of his joking or if it was a hidden threat either way I knew I just wanted to get out of there.

"Your roommate said he'd take me home so I'll see you later."
"What no goodbye kiss.  I get the feeling you're trying to run away from me.  That wouldn't be the case would it?"  I heard the springs of his bed as he shifted his weight.  I knew he was getting up, I quickly made a move towards the door but he slammed it shut just as I opened it.
"Why are you in such a hurry to leave me?"
"I'm not.  I told you I just need to get home."

There was knocking at the door. "Is everything ok?  I was going to give the young lady a ride home."
David put his hand on my throat pinning me against the door.
"So you were going to leave without even saying goodbye. That hurts my feelings C." he hissed angrily in my ear.  His voice was laced with such contempt I don't remember ever being so scared, I couldn't even scream out for help as his grip tightened on my neck the more I tried to pull it away.
"Everything's fine man.  We just got a little enthusiastic."  The sinister look on his face caused my pulse to start racing.
"So she won't be needing a ride home?"
"No, I'll take her."  He kept me pinned against the door until after he heard the the front door close.  I was gasping for air once he released me.
"Please I just want to go home.  I don't feel well."

"You are really ungrateful.  I take you out last night, show you a good time and you try to run out on me like some cheap whore.  Now why would you do that?"  The force with which he hit me knocked me to the ground.  Stunned and in pain, I made no move to get up.  I didn't know what to say or do so I just sat there as the pain shot through my face.

"I'm sorry.  I shouldn't have hit you.  That was out of line." He reached out for me, I was frozen in fear not sure what he would do to me next.  David wiped the tears from my face and kissed the place on my cheek where he had hit me.  "I'm sorry."
This was not possible.  He just kept saying he was sorry and kissing me as I continued to sit there in a state of disbelief wondering how I had allowed this to happen to me.
"Let's move to the bed where we'll be more comfortable and talk a bit."
"No!  Please just take me home." I finally managed to speak but each word caused excruciating pain in my jaw.  He responded to my protest by hitting me two more times.
"Why are you trying to make me angry C?  I was feeling good about the new step we took in our relationship and you are determined to ruin it." I was overcome with fear and astounded by what was happening.  I needed to figure out how to get away but running wasn't an option.  He would undoubtedly catch me and I was not prepared to face those consequences.
"'re right.  I'm sorry."

His face softened "That's much better."  David took my hand and walked me towards the bed.  We sat on the edge of the bed and he reached out for my face.  I flinched.
"I'm sorry for hitting you.  It won't happen again. I think I'm falling in love with you Ceula.  You're not like the rest of the women I've been with and I was just scared you were leaving me.  I can't, I won't let that happen.  You understand right?" 
I closed my eyes and nodded my head in agreement as the tears spilled down my cheeks.
"Why are you crying?"
"My face hurts."
 "I'm sorry for messing up your pretty face.  I'm sure with enough makeup you will be able to cover the bruise."   He started caressing my arm and kissing my neck.  I fought the urge that came over me to run as he started to unbutton my vest.
"I...I thought you wanted to talk."  It hurt like hell to speak but I couldn't let him, not again. 
"We can talk later."  He pushed me down on the bed and when he put his hand under my shirt I thought I was going to be sick.

"David, please I don't feel well." I pushed against his chest but he wouldn't stop.  " Stop please David, I'm going to be sick.  Please let me up."
 He stopped and looked at me and I thought he was going to hit me again.
 "Why don't you want to be with me?  I tell you I love you and you tell me that being with me is making you sick."  His hands were digging into my arms has he had me pressed against the bed.
 "No.  I...I want to be with you.  It's just those drinks, they are making my stomach hurt.  If I could just get some water or something to eat."  My voice shook with fear but I prayed he would believe me.  I could do this, I could say the words "I love you to."  His grip loosened on my arms and he wiped the tears from my face.

 "I'll fix you some breakfast."  As soon as he left the room I ran to the bathroom.  I really was sick at this point.  When I finished I washed my mouth out, and tried to think of how I could get out of here without him touching me again.  I would have to call Aric.  The knock on the door made me jump.
"Are you ok in there?"
"Um, yeah I'll be right out."  my hands were shaking when I opened the door and he was there waiting for me.
"I'm not much of a cook but I fixed you some cereal."  My stomach was in knots and I didn't think I really could eat anything but I choked it down.

The whole time he sat there just watching me.
"Feel better now?"
"Yes, thank you.  Can I get an aspirin or something?"
"Of course.  I'm sure Carter keeps something around this place."
"Yes my roommate."
"My mom's friend."  I said it more as a whisper to myself but David heard.
"So she's mentioned him?"
"Yes, she has said great things about him."  Then I thought about how he saw me this morning, he didn't seem to know who I was so I assumed mom hadn't been showing off pictures.
"And she's never mentioned me?"  David was very annoyed with the information I had just shared.  He got up and left the table but came back a short time later with two pills and a glass of water.  I took the pills then carried my dishes into the kitchen thankful that he seemed to have calmed himself down without taking it out on me.  David stood behind me as I washed and put away my bowl.

"Will you be taking me home now?" I didn't turn around as I waited on his answer.  My body tensed on reflex when I felt his arms wrap around me.
"Not just yet."  He took my hand and led me back to his room.
It was nearly dark before he was finally done with me.  He told me to get dressed and he would take me home.  We didn't speak in the car, I sat as close to the door as I possibly could.  He pulled up in front my house I tried to open the door but it was locked.

"Let your hair down."  I pulled loose my ponytail and let my hair fall covering my face.  "Much better.  I'll call you later."
I opened the car door and he grabbed my arm.  He didn't say anything, he didn't need to I knew what he meant as I looked at him then he released me.
I was scared to walk into my house.  I had to hope I could make it in and to my room without running into Aric or Nina.  I was halfway up the steps when Aric appeared.

"I was worried about you." 
"Sorry, I should have called."
"What happened?"
"Nothing.  I'm just tired partied too much last night." I kept my head down so my hair covered my face. 
"You're lying."
"No I'm not.  Quit smothering me Aric, I'm an adult I don't have to answer to you." I ran up the stairs before he could say anything.  I knew if he wanted to he could catch me but I heard Nina tell him to let me go.  Slamming the bathroom door I turned on the shower and sat on the floor of the stall letting the hot water run over me as I cried.

I stayed there until the water was cold and my skin was raw from the scrubbing.  Looking at my face for the first time brought the tears back.
Nina was waiting for me when I walked into my room.

"What the hell happened to your face?"
"It's nothing.  There was a fight at the club, I got hit by mistake."  I knew she could tell I was lying but if I told her the truth she would tell Aric and he would be angry at me.
"CeCe you can talk to me.  I'm your friend, let me help you."

I wanted to tell her but I was ashamed that I had failed once again.  The drinking, the drugs, and the countless crappy relationships I was the only one of my siblings that didn't have their life together.
"I said I'm fine Nina.  I'm tired so I would like to get some sleep."  She didn't push but I knew she would say something to Aric about my face.  I would worry about that later, after she left I locked my door.  I needed to forget and there was only one way to do that.

"Hey, it's me."
"CeCe, I thought you'd lost my number now that you were clean."
"No, I didn't lose it.  Where are you right now?"
"You know, my usual spot.  Why?"
"Can I come see you?"
"Sure whatcha need?"
"Something to make me feel good."
"Well you know I got you covered."


  1. Drugs are not the answer Ceula... -____-
    Gah, I feel so bad for her. D:

  2. Awww.... poor CeCe. I hope she can be kept from going to far on the wrong track. Doesn't seem like she's found the right way to deal with it all.

    David needs to die very very painfully. I'm almost afraid to say it but I don't know how he could get any worse.

  3. @Drew---That's how she coped before and this is a major stressor so she went back to what she knows.

    @Dreamerz--She didn't fine the right way but it goes with the territory of guilt and shame that the victim feels. In a span of 24 hours he managed to undo all the work she put into trying to get clean.

  4. I don't know how anything could get worse for CeCe. I can't wait for things to turn out better! Great post by the way! :D

  5. He's made her go back to the drugs! She is too ashamed to tell what he has done to her. He must have known her background and that's part of the reason why he's doing this to her. He thinks he can get away with it!

    Can't wait for more!!!

  6. :-/ Well that did not help much, it just made me angrier! >:(
    ~ He did not!!!!
    ~ And he is getting away with it,if only she had not gone back to that room,I would have left naked to get away from him!
    ~ It would have been better than what that scum dished out to her in the name of love!
    ~ He really is asking for it & pushing his luck!
    ~ I am angry with that bucket of filth!
    ~ More when you can, I just want to see him dealt with!(",)

  7. @Cat--there isn't much more he can do to her at this point.

    @Daisy--he did make her go back. she doesn't handle guilt and stress well and this sent her running back to the one thing that helped her forget the bad.

    @Karima--I couldn't leave it where the last chapter ended. She plays the what if game as well. What if she had just left, what if she had attempted to call out when Carter knocked on the door. All of the what ifs add to the guilt and shame she is feeling right now. I am trying to come up with ideas of how to make him go away painfully.

    I hope when the time comes you all will be pleased.

  8. I'm with Karima! That shit pissed me off royally!! PLEASE be thinking something when Aric walks in Cece I WANT him to hear what happened and kill this motherfucker he deserves! MAN! That shit is so messed up!

    Carter HAS to know what type of slime he is living with! And he shouldn't have left without HER telling him she didn't need a ride. I don't blame him, I like Carter, but he could see she was clearly shaken! He's a friggin' nurse! Haven't you seen rape victims? Man...

    I can't even think clearly right now! I can't believe she is turning back to drugs instead of her family! He has her so screwed up! ARGH! I hope he dies soon...better yet I hope he dies slow. I want to watch him get stripped naked, soaked in honey and sliced with a straight razor and left hanging by his left nut over an antbed!

    Oohh...yeah that would be absolutely wonderful!

    Great job with the emotions on this Jaz...any more and I'm hoping my ass through this screen!

  9. Oh no!! Poor girl! Drugs won't make it better baby girl! So badly I want to hug her and get her to speak up and so badly I want to shake the hell out of David! GOD he is such a !@#$%!

    Marisol watches. Is it possible she sees this going on?

  10. @DJ--You have me laughing so hard. I like the plan you have for David. I couldn't leave it unfinished and I knew David would be on the hit list even more after that chapter. Carter should have done more you're right and he is going to feel like crap when he finds out that was Amari's daughter. She feels like the black sheep of the family a major screw up and now this. Drugs make her forget all the crappy things in her life.

    I'm sorry about the emotional roller coaster. I may have to let you write the chapter on David's demise.

    @Qui--It's true they won't make it better but it's what she turned to when things got bad. He is an ass and much much worse. Marisol only keeps tabs on Amari. She could use a hug and much more.

  11. Wow, this was so sad. It's such a horrible thing for Cece to go through at such a young age. Now that it's started, the cycle of abuse will continue if she doesn't take back her power or at least confide in someone. Drugs will not help her at all. I wish she'd reconsider. She's come a long way to stay clean.

  12. Oh geez! Like the night before wasn't enough, he just had to mess her up more! And now she's turning to drugs! I completely agree with Daijahv, he needs to go! And Aric needs to push CeCe a little more, because he knows something's wrong but she's not going to (willingly) tell him about it! Carter is smarter than he's letting everyone think, so what leverage does David have over him? Or is he really just denying what David does to these girls??? I have to know!
    Can NOT wait til you kill David off, jazen! Thanks for getting another chapter in so quickly!!! :)

  13. @Val--I knew he couldn't be sweet the next morning so this unfortunately seemed like the next logical step for his escalation. She had come a long way and it took 2 days with David for it all to come undone.

    @Maddy--David's main obsession is still Amari and because he hasn't been able to have her he his taking out his anger and frustration on the next best thing, CeCe. Carter doesn't know, he's one of those see the good in everyone kind of people plus David is good at putting on an act. Most of David's girls are willing participates and the ones that weren't never told. CeCe was the first unwilling girl he's had at the house. He would normally do his dirty work somewhere else.

    Thanks for reading.

  14. Aww, poor CeCe :( Drugs will just make things worse over the long run. I can't wait to see that bastard pay for what he did to her.

  15. Dem, he has really caused her great pain and self doubt. On RWN I have opened up a thread for suggestions on who will kill David and how. Feel free to share your ideas.

  16. Oooh :) Sure, I bet I can think up a few nasty ways for him to die.

  17. Poor Cece, she is making it worse. I can understand why she is taking the bad path, wanting to forget the memory and feelings, but its not the answer it all! I feel for her. Mulo kill the bastard!

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    Finally able to finish reading till the latest chpt...Amari is so special..and I love Mulo...hope they can get back together in the end...but Marcus is sweet too...
    Poor CeCe...she had gone through a lot...><...hope she can find someone to save her from the evil David...
    Can't wait for your next chpt^^

  19. and by the you mind me linking your story to my blog? I think is best to ask for permission first..anyway love your story.

  20. Happy day, a new reader. :) Thank you, your kind words about my story make me smile. I am glad you are enjoying Amari's life with all it's ups and downs.

    Mulo has a few fans pulling for him and Amari to get back together in the end. Only time will tell.

    CeCe is having a rough life right now, but things will turn around for her eventually.

    Yes you can link it, thanks for wanting to!!!

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