Friday, October 21, 2011

Road to Recovery

The first week I was here there was no contact from David and I thought maybe he didn't care that I had left.  It made sense seeing as I wasn't really the one he was after but then I started getting the phone calls.  The person wouldn't speak but I knew it was him.  I didn't want to worry anyone so I kept it to myself.   They increased in frequency to the point my phone was ringing every ten minutes.  I stopped answering it and would leave it in my room.  My mind started playing tricks on me making me think I would see him staring at me through a window or see his reflection in the mirror.  Mom noticed my jumpy behavior but I told her I just wasn't sleeping well.
Neither she nor Marcus wanted to leave me home alone but I was starting to feel suffocated by all the attention. I finally convinced them to go out for a date and I would stay and watch the boys.  It was going to be movie night for us.
"CeCe tell Dax I get to choose the movie."
"Dax you and Dunham need to find one you two can agree on."  The doorbell rang,
"Pizza's here."
"Ok I will get it you two figure out what we will be watching."  My heart stopped when I opened the door.  "David, what are you doing here."
"I came to bring you home.  Did you really think I was going to let you leave me?" he pushed his way into the house.
"Get rid of the brats." He hissed in my ear when he saw the boys looking at him.
"Who's that?" Dax asked.
"Um, he's  a friend.  You and Dunham go to your room for a minute please."
"But we were going to watch movies, and where's the pizza?"
 "We will I promise.  I just need to talk to him for a minute."
Reluctantly they left the room but I saw Dunham glance back as David grabbed my arm.
"You won't be watching a movie tonight.  The house is filthy and my bed is cold." He said yanking me by the back of the neck.  "Now let's go."
"I...I can't.  I can't leave them here alone."  I was scared and the tears were already falling. 
He twisted my arm behind my back and I cried out from the pain. "Are you talking back to me?  Get your ass in the car now or I will go take care of the brats.  That way you won't have to worry about them being alone."  He pushed me to the floor then started walking back towards their room.
"No please David, I...I'll go just leave them alone."  I saw them peeking around the corner.  David stopped and turned back to me.
"That's a smart decision.  Now let's go. I'll decide on your punishment later."
"Can I at least say goodbye to them?"  Before he could answer the doorbell rang.
"Who is that?"
"We ordered pizza."
He walked over and opened the door.
"Hey Mike what are you guys what are you doing here?"  That didn't sound like a conversation for a pizza guy
"We got a 911 call from some kids saying there was a man hurting their sister."  I looked down the hall and saw them still peeking around the corner.  I smiled, they were such smart little boys.
"You must have the wrong address.  No one here is hurt."
"Ok, man sorry for the hassle." 
"David if you don't mind we need to hear that from the homeowner." this was a female officers voice.  It was clear that she wasn't as keen to just take his word for it. 
"Well she's in the bathroom right now."
"We'll wait." the lady officer was standing her ground.
"What's your problem Jan, I told you everything's fine."
"Yes but this is a domestic call and I won't leave until I speak to the other party."
David turned his head and shot me a warning look before he stepped aside to let them in.  He walked over and put his arm around my waist pulling me next to him.
"Baby tell them everything is fine."  I looked at the ground because I knew my face would betray my words.  The female officer walked up to me and pulled me away from David.
"Miss are you ok with us leaving you here with him."  I could feel David's eyes boring a hole in my back.  If I said yes then I was going to be forced back into a life with him, if I said no I knew he would try again and might hurt someone else.  Then I thought about my brothers who were trying to come to my rescue.  The words were caught in my throat so all I could do was shake my head no.
   It's now been two months since I left David.  Each day gets a little easier but it is still hard.  I still miss him sometimes, I know that sounds crazy but I do.  Mom and Marcus have been great.  Marcus handled explaining to Dax and Dunham about my face and what they witnessed when David showed up at the house.  We all sat at the kitchen table and Marcus explained to the boys that there are mean people in the world.  Mom kept wiping tears from her eyes as he told them how I use to be friends with one of those mean people but I didn't know they were mean at first.  They took that explanation fairly well and promised never to turn into a mean person.  The boys were really sweet and when they were home one of them if not both were always close to me.  It was like I had my own little bodyguards.  One night Dunham heard me crying and wandered into my room.
"CeCe did you have a nightmare?"
"Yes something like that."
"Don't cry, I'll sleep with you."  He climbed up on the bed and for some reason having him there did make me feel better.  Sometime during the night Dax also joined us, I laid there still unable to sleep but for very different reasons.  I learned that night that little boys are wild sleepers, but it was that night that I felt things might be ok after all.
   I still didn't press charges but we did have an order of protection in place now.  That gave mom a little more peace of mind considering she was shouldering loads of guilt.  The incident at the house prompted me to decide to terminate the pregnancy however when I got to the appointment I couldn't go through with it.  I could feel that they all disagreed with my decision but considering my history and state of mind, none of them pressed me.  I am going to carry the baby to term then give it up for adoption.  I knew I couldn't raise the child, that would be too painful but I couldn't kill it either.  I am in therapy now and Mulo has arranged some more in depth therapy for when I go to France with him.   He promises me I will forget all about David and the awful things he did but I don't think that is possible. 
  Today we are all putting my issues aside to celebrate.  It's my mom's wedding day.

******So I apologize for not having any pictures.  This was a small installment to wrap up Ceula's situation which is also why it didn't get a chapter number.*********


  1. That female police officer is like my new best friend! <3
    I'm so happy right now, that was truly great!

  2. LOL thanks Drew. Glad that made you happy.

  3. Aww Dax and Dunham are the sweetest kid brothers a big sister could ever wish for! They came to her rescue and stayed by her side during the night! Thank God for those little Angels. They brought a huge smile to my face helping Cece stand up to David like that and their promise to never become mean heartwarming!

    I'm very happy Officer Jan didn't take David at his word! Fuck him! There are still officers out there that take their jobs seriously and perform them to the best of their abilities BRAVA!!!

    I hope David sees that his time is short and that messing with one brings the whole family! Marcus and Amari are wonderful parents and even Mulo is doing a great job helping her get through this. I hope the ending meant that once the baby arrives, Mulo will compel her thoughts to forget!

    Great update! No pictures needed for this it was descriptive enough!

  4. YAY! He's gone (hopefully)! I agree with Daijahv, you didn't need pictures for this update, I could see everything in my head with all that description you use. The female police officer is my favorite person now and so are Dax and Dunham. They're so sweet and very smart!

  5. Thank God for Jan! So what is David's punishment i must know?? And Mulo is going to wipe her memories hmm, what if she forgets who David was and what he did to her then meets him again? Oh my mind is working overtime now i think!

  6. DJ--They are certainly great little boys but with a daddy like Marcus how could they be anything but sweet and loving. Officer Jan was right to not just let David brush them off even if he was a cop. That night could have turned out much differently if it had not been for the boys and Jan.

    Cat--Officer Jan was great to do her job unlike Officer Mike who was just going to leave without checking. Dax and Dunham are smart boys that knew their sister was in trouble.

  7. Angie--if I tell you there would be no surprise LOL. Don't worry she won't be running into him again anytime soon....

  8. Love those little brothers. Thanks god its over!
    Still I think David needs to do die. :P

  9. Don't worry Dutchy. His time is coming!!!

  10. I am so glad that the police woman did not just accept David's word!

    CeCe's brothers are so sweet. Her own personal body guards. If they hadn't been so smart, David would have had her again.

    Maybe now she can really recover!

  11. OMG...this was so good! I don't even care that there weren't any pictures...I was so worried when the police came that he was going to get away with it! Great job as usual!

  12. I want to hug that female officer and buy her lunch, I'm so relieved she stayed and even more relieved that Cece had the courage to shake her head no when it mattered. I do wish she'd press charges, but since everything is out in the open now he won't be able to get to her again so easily, if at all. I can live with that for the time being :)

    1. LOL Officer Jan is not down with the 'good ol' boy' mentality. It's nice to know that she wanted to verify with the 'victim' before just walking off even with her knowing David. Cece spoke up when she needed to. She was only going back with him to save her brothers, but with the cops there, she had an out and she took it.

      thanks for reading