Friday, October 14, 2011

Chapter 58-Unraveling

***Warning this chapter contains mature themes****

"Earth to Amari."
"What are you so lost in thought about?"
"Nothing, everything."
The trip to Riverview had been stressful.  Lilian and mom were overjoyed with the news and spent anytime they weren't spoiling the boys talking wedding plans with me.  Lilian was a little disappointed when I told her I wanted a beach wedding.  She had her heart set on finally getting her garden wedding at the gazebo.  Mom and I didn't get a chance to go dress shopping but I promised her I would wait until she came out before I would start looking.  Truth was I still couldn't get excited about my upcoming marriage.
"Is this about your dad and him wanting to walk you down the aisle?

That conversation had to be the worst part of the trip.  We were having a nice lunch after giving the family the big news and mom just had to mention how excited dad would be to give me away.  It was very hard to maintain my composure, if it hadn't been for Marcus squeezing my hand I'm sure I would have lost it.  Things only got worse when George got me alone and tried to explain how honored he would be for that opportunity.

I responded by telling him he was lucky I was even letting him come to the wedding.  It would be too hard to explain to mom why he wasn't wanted there, but he had already given me away, he didn't get to do it twice.
"I'm really concerned about Ceula.  She hasn't returned any of my calls.  Aric said she hasn't been staying at home the last few days and they haven't heard from her either."
This thing with her and David was keeping me up at night.  Every time I closed my eyes I saw him with his hands all over her, it made me nauseous.  Twirling the ring around my finger I leaned back against the seat.
"It's going to be ok babe." Marcus reached over and held my hand. "We just need to figure out a better way to talk to her about him."
Releasing a heavy sigh I glanced back at the boys sleeping in the back seat.  He was right, I didn't want a repeat of the blow up she had at the cookout.
"We're home."
A momentary bit of panic hit me.
"Could you?"
"Of course."
Marcus got out of the car and went to inspect the house.
"All clear."

I curled up closer to the warm body next to me and felt an arm tighten around me in response.  I wasn't ready to open my eyes.  Whatever Slade had been giving me kept me in a happy state of euphoria, it was different than the stuff I'd had before but it was so much better.  The noise coming from the floor was interrupting my want to stay in a happy place, finally I registered that it was my phone.  Still half asleep I rolled over to retrieve my phone off the floor, I was squinting trying to focus on the screen.

I had sixty missed calls and twenty text messages.  A few were from Aric and Nina, some from mom but most were from David.  Realization hit me when the body in the bed rolled over and I saw that it was Trey.  He was not dressed looking down at myself neither was I.  This was not good.  I was trying to rack my brain to recall what happened last night however that was interrupted by the vibrating of my phone.  I swallowed hard, it was David.
"How nice of you to finally answer your damn phone.  Do you know how many times I tried to call you last night?  Where are you and why didn't you answer my calls?"
He was furious.
"I'm sorry.  I didn't feel well so I went to bed early."
David had been busy at work so I hadn't seen him since that night he dropped me off at home.  He called me everyday, several times a day.  He would be mad if I took too long to answer so me missing calls surely had him at a boiling point.
"Are you at home?"
"Um no.  I've been staying with a friend."
"Just a friend from high school."
"Well give me an address and I will come pick you up?"
"What? Why? I thought you were working."
"I'm off.  Is there some problem?"
"No, no problem.  I...I just have a few errands to run.  Can I meet you at your house when I'm done?"
"I can take you."
"No, that's ok.  I.  I wanted to pick up a surprise for you and if you take me then it will be ruined."
There was silence and I hoped he didn't pick up on the trepidation in my voice.  Trey and his brother Slade had been letting me crash at their place since I called that night.  If David knew I had been staying with two guys, I shuddered to think what he would do to me.
"Ok.  Meet me at Del Boca in two hours and don't be late."
"Sure thing.  Bye."
"Aren't you forgetting something?"
"I love you."  he made me say it at the end of each call.
Trey was awake and watching me when I hung up the phone.

"So was that him?"
"The ass that mistook that pretty face of yours for a punching bag.  You should have let him come here."
"It's not like that Trey."  I said starting to put on my clothes.
"Cece we've been friends for a long time.  I may not be the best influence but I would never hit you."
Trey reached out and touched my face that still showed some bruising.

"He didn't mean it."
"Yeah sure, that's what they all say."
Trey and I became friends in high school.  He was a bad boy, rough around the edges and just what I was looking for at that time in my life.  Once I got to know him more I discovered he was really a great guy.  We never had done more than kiss and some heavy making out.  I wanted more but he always put the brakes on.  I know he regrets introducing me to his brother.  Not only did Slade start providing me with pills and such when the alcohol was no longer enough but I had ended up in Slade's bed a time or two.  My sleeping with Slade bothered Trey more than the drugs although he never said anything.

"Thanks for letting me stay."
"You don't have to go running to him."
"You don't understand."
"What I understand is you cut all ties with me and my brother.  I missed you like hell but I understood it was hard to have the guys in your life that got you into a lifestyle if you were trying to get out of it.  Now whoever this guy is has caused you to come running back full force.  I know that can't mean happy times."
I considered what he was saying but he didn't know the nice side of David. 
"I can't be late, I have to go."
"Cece for three days now I have watched you jump when your phone rang.  You'd run off to whisper to him in a corner then come back and down shots like a sailor until you passed out.  Then last night..."
"About last night Trey." I jumped in cutting him off "did we, I mean I remember some of it but things are still a little foggy right now."
This look of disappointment washed over his face.  "I thought you knew me better than that.  No we did not for the same reason I haven't before.  I would like for you not to be drunk or high when or if we ever hook up."
"Thanks Trey."  I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.  "Tell Slade I said bye and I'll be in touch."  I ran out before he could protest anymore.  I got out of the house just before the tears started.  I walked towards the subway station.  I had to figure out what I was going to pick out for David's surprise.

"Hey Carter.  My condolences again for you loss of your mother."  He gave me a big hug, it was good to see him again.
"Thank you, and thank you for the floral arrangement you sent.  It was lovely and very thoughtful."
We sat and talked awhile.  He filled me in on his trip.  He was such a proud uncle showing off pictures of his nieces.  I could see he was a little homesick.

"So on the phone you said you wanted to talk about David."
"Yes.  He's dating my daughter.  He showed up with her at the cookout.  I am not comfortable with him dating her and I was hoping as his friend you could talk to him."
"Oh dear."  Carter had a look of worry on his face.
"What's wrong?"
"I didn't recognize her."
"Recognize who?"
"Ceula.  It was her I ran into that morning but she looked different and I wasn't paying that close of attention.  I'm sorry Amari, I didn't know."

"Ran into her?"  I had a sinking feeling I knew where she was coming from.
"Yes, coming out of David's room."  He looked down at the floor when he said that.  "She had asked for a ride but then David said he was going to take her.  I needed to get to the hospital, I was distracted.  I just left her with him."  He was very distraught over the realization that he had left my daughter with David.
"It's not your fault Carter."
"I know but I just thought she was another one of his conquests.  She hasn't been back to the house that I know of since that day."  I didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing.  Did I want him to have used her as a one night stand, no but a part of me hoped that he had.  At least that way he would be out of her life.
"Thanks Carter.  I'd better be going.  It's been a long day.  If you see her, please tell her to call me."

"What is this place David?"  I asked once we were inside.
"It's our new apartment."
"What?  I, I don't understand."
"Well I haven't officially told Carter yet but I'm moving out.  I don't think it's right to move you into his house so I figure it would just be easier for me to get us our own place."
I couldn't live with him.  I couldn't live at home not with Aric but I couldn't live with him.
"You're asking me to move in with you?  That's a little sudden, and a big step."
"I'm not asking."
I stood there trying to fully process the information.  He wanted me to live with him, wanted was too generous, he was demanding I live with him.  As I was thinking through everything he grabbed me from behind.

"Did you think I didn't know where you were the last three days?" he snarled
"David please I don't know what you're talking about."
"Don't play me for a fool C.  Trey and Slade Adams.  You are slumming it with two known drug dealers."
"What, how did you know where I was?"
"There is no where you can go that I don't know about."
"So which one are you sleeping with or is it both?"

"Neither, I didn't sleep with anyone I swear."  I watched as he balled his hands into a fist.  I braced myself for the impact that never came. 
"Then why were you there?"
"Trey is my friend.  He gave me a place to crash because I couldn't stay at home.  Nina saw my face and I had to leave before she told Aric."
The back of his hand connected with my face. "You should have come to me."  He walked off "I'm hungry fix me something to eat while I shower." he called over his shoulder.

My whole body was shaking as I walked into the kitchen.  There wasn't much to chose from but I did find waffle mix.  That would have to do.  David stood and watched me before sitting down to catch up on sports while I finished.
"It's ready."  he shut off the TV and came to the table

"Do you like the place?" he was starting causal conversation with me as if nothing had happened earlier.
"Yes it's very nice."
"We can work on re decorating it if you would like."
"No, it's fine."  I was scared to bring it up, but I didn't know how he expected me to live here.  All of my clothes and things were at the house.  I gnawed on my lower lip debating on whether or not to say anything.

"Clean up the kitchen then go shower.  I will be waiting for you in the bedroom.  You promised me a surprise and I want it."
I got up put away the leftovers then cleared off the table.  Before heading to the shower, I took two of the pills Slade had given me.  I hoped they would have taken effect by the time I got out of the shower.  The thought of going to bed with him was a heavy pit in my stomach.  He didn't didn't try to make it enjoyable for me.  He did with me as he wanted and I was left feeling used and dirty.  I walked over to the front door.  My hand was on the knob when David entered the hall.
"Going somewhere?"
My heart sank.  "No, just checking to make sure it was locked."
"Well I'm waiting so hurry up."
I flipped out the lights then walked towards the back of the apartment.


  1. Amari's father is so insensitive. He knows that she doesn't really want him to walk her down the isle and that she is just trying to keep from hurting her mother. He is taking advantage of that!

    I can't believe David!

    I like Trey, even though she got the drugs through his brother.

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  2. Daisy

    He is, but her mom brought it up first. I don't know if he would have broached the subject otherwise.

    Not much I can say about David. He is coming more and more unstable with each passing day.

    Trey is a good guy at heart. He said he wasn't the best influence but he's always had a bit of a crush on Cece.

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  7. @Qui--Trey is a good guy although he certainly is not without his faults. Mostly to do with the drinking and drugs he got CeCe into. She is dealing with a bad case of battered woman syndrome. She has had low self esteem for a long time and David is taking advantage of that fact.

    As for her dad, you're right he should have just let it go after her mom mentioned it but he couldn't.

    @Karima--Trey has had a soft spot for her since high school and unlike David (and his brother) he refused to take advantage of her when she was "out of it".

    She does make excuses for his behavior and feels like this was some how her fault. Trey knows he can't be good for her if she came back to him but she just can't see it fully yet.

    Her mom is still clueless and thinks that whatever is going on with them will be worked out in the end. Amari is not about to let him walk her down the aisle.

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