Sunday, October 23, 2011

Death of David

To all my wonderful readers and David haters I dedicate this installment to you.   Thanks to Daijahvu for her help with this chapter.  All of the warehouse pictures are her amazing work.  Thanks to everyone who gave me ideas and suggestions on how this should happen.  I hope you all enjoy!


I can’t believe that bitch left me.  Her and my mother weren’t even worth my time.  She wasn’t even good in bed.  Now they got me put on desk duty pending an investigation for conduct unbecoming of an officer, what a fucking joke.  I can’t go within 1000 feet of her or the family.  The guys at the job now give me dirty looks, the women whisper behind my back.  I have been turned into a pariah at my job like I did something wrong.  They both should have been lucky I even bothered giving her a second look.  Good for nothing cunts, all of them.
“Hey bartender, pour me another.”
“I think you’ve had enough.”
“I said pour me another fucking drink!”
“I suggest you leave now before I call the police.”
I laughed throwing my empty glass against the wall.
“I am the fucking police.”
Angrily I stumbled off the bar stool heading towards the door.  I spent most of my nights at one dive bar or another.  No reason to go home since that bitch left, I couldn’t even get laid that was always great stress relief at the end of the day.
“I’ll get you a drink.”  I turned in the direction of the sultry voice.  I watched as the heavenly creature glided towards me.  Yeah I still got it.  She sauntered over to the bartender returning moments later with two drinks.

Her lips teased the rim of the glass as she watched me down my drink in one gulp.
“You want to go somewhere more private?” she whispered in my ear
“Hell yes.”  We stepped outside things went black.

When I awoke I was tied to a chair.  The woman from the bar was watching me but she wasn’t alone.
“You bitch!” I spat “Do you have any idea who you are fucking with.”
Both women looked at each other letting out laughter that sounded like music.
“So you like to hurt women.  Does that make you a big man?”  The newcomer spoke prancing towards me.
“Let me out of this chair and I’ll show you just how big.”  In the blink of an eye she was on my lap digging her nails into my shoulders.  I grimaced at the pain.
“You like causing others pain.  How does that feel?” she hissed.  Just as quickly the woman from the bar was behind me.  She yanked my hair pulling my neck back so far I thought she would pull it off my body.
“What are you doing you crazy bitch?” I asked through clenched teeth
“Letting you feel the same level of pain and fear you caused her to suffer.”  The one on my lap dug her nails in even deeper causing me to bleed.  The pressure was so intense, if I didn’t know better I could have sworn she was strong enough to crush both my shoulders with her bare hands.
“Suffer..” I said panting through the pain “The only one who will suffer will be you and your friend.  You two are all tough with me tied to a chair, let me free and see what happens.”  There was no way I was going to let two worthless cunts get the better of me.  My bravado only brought laughter to their lips, but in one quick movement the ropes were cut and they had fled to the other side of the room.
“Already running scared I see.”  I stood up and ran towards them, but they moved before I could reach them.  They had lightening fast reflexes, but they couldn’t run forever.  As I turned around the newcomer was standing in my face.
“You like to hit women.  Take your best shot.” She taunted me I swung a punch but she dodged it and I stumbled into the arms of the other one.

They took turns punching me and bouncing me back and forth a little. My face was on fire by the time they finished and I could taste more blood in my mouth. My lip was split and my head was throbbing.  I wildly attempted another punch but again she dodged it but instead of hitting me again she had me in a choke hold.
“Is that the hand you hit my sister with?”
“Sister, what sister?”
“Ceula you bastard.” She yelled shoving me to the ground.  The one from the bar appeared and stepped on my hand.

I couldn’t help but to scream out in pain as she ground my hand into the floor like she was putting out a cigarette.  The pain of my bones being crushed was more than anything I had ever experienced before.
“Not such a big man now are you?” she asked squatting down beside me.
“You crazy bitch, you broke my hand.”
“Your hand is just the beginning.  Ceula is my friend and I love her like a sister.  You will face the same fear you caused her all those months.”
I tried to crawl away scrambling across the dirty floor towards the door.  I glanced behind me and they were just standing there watching me.  When I turned back around they were standing in front of me.
“Going somewhere?’
Their eyes glowed and when they smiled, they revealed fangs.
“What the fuck are you?”
The one from the bar grabbed me up.  I screamed out as her teeth roughly cut through the flesh on my arm.  The other one bit into my neck.  The pain was so extreme I thought I was going to blackout.  I was so scared as they feasted on me I pissed my pants.
“You…you can’t kill me.  I’m a cop you’d get the death penalty.”
“What makes you think they will even find your body?”  That was a man’s voice stepping out of the shadows.  They dropped me as he approached.
“You have to help me.”  I begged.  “They are monsters, or cannibals or both. They…they”
“Aren’t going to be the one to finish you off, I will.”  When he knelt down beside me he had the same glowing eyes and fangs that they had but with a much more menacing look.  With a flick of his wrist I was sent sailing through the air across the room.  I hit the wall then landed in a crumbled pile on the floor.
“You have hurt my family and that won’t be tolerated.”  He picked me up by the neck, I gasped for air as his fingers curled tighter around my throat.  “You did unspeakable things to my daughter.  You tormented her and her mother.  Both those women mean more than your worthless existence.”  He threw me straight down to the ground with such force it shattered my ankles.

I looked around frantically for help of any kind. That’s when I noticed a set of legs off in the corner. I pulled myself on my elbows as fast as I could over to them. With surprise, my torturers let me. I spit out the metallic- tasting blood from my mouth. I felt light headed from the blood lost, but I had to get to the legs. They were my only hope. My pace began to slow until I had finally reach my destination.
The legs were clad in a pair of black jeans. I look up to the man that sat in the chair. His calm, placid demeanor was nearly as frightening as that of the menacing ones the others wore.  When he finally looked at me, it was one of utter disgust. Meeting his eyes I knew there was no hope of me getting out of here alive, but I had to at least try.
“P…Please h…help me.” I stuttered.
The man simply leaned forward from his seat, “You won't find any help here.  I’m above taking a life, but I’m not above watching one end.”
With that he pushed me with his foot, breaking one of my ribs in the process, I was sent sliding back across the floor.  I cried out in pain and desperation. I had no help anywhere. I felt utterly hopeless. I was a dead man.

The other man walked over to where I lay in a huddled heap on the floor.  Bloodied, broken bones I prayed for death to be quick.  Ceula’s sister appeared next to him.  Rolling me onto my back with her foot she stepped on my crotch, slowly at first but the pressure increased gradually.  The pain was all consuming as I was overcome with the feeling that my balls were going to pop like balloons until they finally did.  I couldn’t even scream, it was a paralyzing excruciating pain that shot through my body.

She along with the one from the bar went and stood by the man in the chair.  The first man took my head in his hand, pulling me up to stare directly into his eyes.
“I want you to know that after this night you no longer exist in her life.  She won’t think of you, or even remember you were ever in her life.  That demon seed you planted inside her will also be taken care of.  There will be no trace of you.”
“I’m, I’m sorry.  Please have mercy.”
“Sorry, all out of mercy.”

I could have squeezed his head until it popped like a pimple.  I looked into his eyes I wanted my face to be the last thing he saw. I stared at him he was such a weak insignificant being.  I was disgusted at the images of the things he had done to her.  I was furious that someone like him had ever laid a hand on her.    He smelled of piss, and although the scent of his blood lingered in the air, I didn’t want anything of his running through my veins.
“You are a cockroach and I will put you out of your miserable existence now.” I snapped his neck then let his lifeless body fall to the ground.
“What will we do with the body?” Aric inquired
“Burn it.”


  1. Woah that was so intense! I'm glad that David got a taste of his own medicine and that his death wasn't quick, he deserved what he got :)

  2. YES!!!!!!!! Ah man! that was awesome!!!!!

    "The pain was all consuming as I was overcome with the feeling that my balls were going to pop like balloons until they finally did."

    ^^ I read that to my BF just now and he said I made his balls hurt HAHAHAHAHA too awesome!

    He was suffering and that was the best part! I love how he couldn't do anything but take the pain! And this:

    "Sorry, all out of mercy."

    Was an OH SHIT moment! I cheered Mulo! I CHEERED MULO!!! I'm so happy to see the girls give this "big man" all the pain he put on their sister. Because if he could so easily hurt Cece there had to have been others!

    Aric wanted to be involved and I'm happy he was there for her though he watched because the idea of every human life being precious meant too much to him, letting the girls do the deed was the best way to go!

    Great job Jaz BRAVA! It delivered :D

  3. DJ
    Glad it was able to deliver!!! Hope your BF will recover. :)

    My daughter was able to help me with Aric's part since I was having a block. He got to be there but didn't compromise on who he was.

    Mulo definitely has a dark side to him and a little of that came out. Bynni we always knew was a little more on the edge even as a teen and Nina well she is a quiet girl for the most part but also has her crazy side.

  4. YESSS!!!! No more David!

    I am not usually a violent person, but this was just the perfect end for David! He deserved to experience some of the suffering and fear he caused Cece!

    They kept it all in the family!!! He didn't know who he was messing with.

    In the end, maybe it's good it was Cece he chose, because her family killed him and now he can't harm another woman!

  5. Oh happy day! David begone! Yes! Karma is an ugly bitch, but I like her cos she's fair too!

    I loved the fight scene, the action and the pictures were pure awesome sauce. It was like watching an action packed drama! You and DJ did something magical! Well done!

    And yay Mulo showed that SOB who's in charge! Go Mulo!

  6. @Daisy
    I'm not usually a violent person either but he needed to meet with a slow and painful end. I must admit it was fun to write LOL. Everyone in the family took part in some way. She had too many vamps in her life for him to live.

    I figured this would make everyone happy. He got his in spades for sure. I'm glad it was full of action for you. DJ was an amazing help by doing the fight pictures. I would probably still be working on them. :(

    Mulo certainly put him in his place. He wasn't going to allow that man to continue living after what he had done.

  7. Lol, you go Mulo! I loved that he was the one that took David's life. It wouldn't be right to let his kids kill him.

    Well I hope there is a hell, so David can suffer some more. Greatly done Jazz!

  8. Yay for Mulo! I knew he'd be a hero. I kind of wished David hadn't died like that just because I'm not a violent person but he did sort of deserve it after all that things that he had done. I wouldn't have written it any better than you did. Yay for vampires!

  9. Dutchy
    Yes Mulo has taken a life before so he has no problem doing it again. The girls got to have fun with him which was fitting (thanks Daisy for that idea) considering he was an abuser. I'm sure he is burning in a special place in hell.

    Yes Mulo was going to take care of him once he found out what he did. I'm not really violent either (just ignore all of Fiendish LOL) but he needed to have a death that mirrored what he did to Ceula.

  10. YEEEEAAAAAHHHOOOOOOO!!!!!! That. Was. Perfect!!! THANK YOU!!!

  11. HAHA.... That was friggin awesome! Go Mulo!...never thought I'd say

  12. OMG THAT WAS FREAKING INTENSE AND WONDERFUL! I winced when his balls popped! I don't have any but damn it that didn't hurt me!! I swear that was even better than I ever could have imagined! I was hoping and praying Mulo would come through since she looked at him like a Dad but I am even happier the whole family took part in it!


  13. Dreamerz--Glad Mulo had a good moment for you.

    Qui--Thanks! Considering all the times he forced himself on her I thought it was fitting that something happened down there. Once Mulo was informed about what was going on, he was going to take of David. She does see him as a dad and he sees her as a daughter. That's even how he referred to her when talking to David. Having the girls kick his butt was very fitting!!

  14. ~ BRAVO!!!
    ~ Well done,loved it he was not let off lightly,& even had the humiliation of girls kicking his butt!
    ~ I knew Mulo would come through,for the family,I wonder if he saw him stalking Amari?He did read his mind after all,& he showed great restraint,considering what he saw in Davids mind!
    ~ Loved it,he was even disposed of like rubbish,burn it!
    ~ I knew Mulo would wipe CeCe's mind of him,once he was gone!(But the baby?????)
    ~ Loved it!(",)

  15. Whoa...that was awesome...he got what he deserved...I've always said that if anyone ever hurt my family like that, I would string him up and torture him, much like they did here, so I approve! Excellent!

  16. Oh, wow!! That was awesome! He got exactly what he deserved and then some! Love that the whole family was in on it too!!
    I like Mulo even more now!!
    Great job!!

  17. So now I reached this point of the story... And again I have to take a break.
    I don't get how you manage to make this story better and more, well, intense with each single chapter.

    1. Glad you are making your way through the story still. A lot of what happens gets fueled by reader feedback. I have some things in mind but I'm open to change. I hope the rest of the story continues to intrigue you! :) I know I lack babies but they are coming.

      Thanks again for reading.

  18. Thank you for helping me deal with my anger towards that slime bucket! I knew Team Mulo would come to the rescue, and with a vengeance! They did us proud!

    1. :D glad you enjoyed it. A lot of you guys called for his death and it had to be slow and painful. So this installment was to answer that request.

  19. Hehe, I approve :P My only regret is that my simself couldn't be there, haha, but this was very much a family outing, and I'm glad he finally understood that he messed with the wrong family :)

    1. I was waiting for you to get here. LOL With the hate you had for David I knew you'd like this installment. He didn't really have an understanding of who was in her family since I make my vamps out to be more undercover like. Supernaturals aren't widely known so David found out the hard way who and what Ceula had in her family. :) It was fun having the girls do most of the beating since he wanted to hit Ceula. Mulo has his faults, but he won't stand for people messing with his family like that.

      thanks for reading


    1. My simself should have been there too...she would have enjoyed watching David die SOOOOO much....

    2. LOL yeah David was a real piece of work. He needed to die and he suffered before he met his death so he could know just a little of what he put CeCe through.

      There were a lot of people looking forward to his death and wanted to be a part of his take down.

      thanks for reading