Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chapter 59-Saving Ceula


I had been living with David for about two months now although living wasn't exactly what I was doing any longer.  He had turned my entire existence into him.  I was forced to quit my job.  He cancelled my other phone and gave me one that had a lock so I couldn't call out, it also had a tracker in case I tried to leave the apartment.  That however wasn't likely to happen because he had changed the lock to a double keyed deadbolt and he had the only key.  I only prayed there wasn't a fire.  I had to be up two hours before he left for work in order to get dressed and fix his breakfast.  David picked out what I wore.  He only wanted to see me properly dressed with make up unless I was going to bed.  Most nights he wanted me to sleep nude for easier access.  When he came home from work I was to have dinner waiting for him.

He would often come home late at night drunk.  The first time he did this I had put the food away and was already in bed.  I only did that once, it hurt to walk or even breathe for three days after that incident.  There were so many nights when I thought about just putting myself out of misery but in the end I couldn't.

I was sitting watching TV when I heard the key in the lock.  I panicked, he was home early and I didn't have anything ready.  He was drunk and angry.

"David, I'm sorry I didn't know you would be early." I immediately started apologizing but it didn't matter he was out to hurt me. The first punch sent me stumbling back.  The second one knocked me to the ground. He was ranting about how I was trying to ruin his career, that I hadn't properly learned a lesson.  He kicked me as I curled into fetal position to protect myself as best I could.  He kept telling me how he couldn't believe I would go to his boss and spread such lies.  I was confused and tried to tell him I hadn't talked to anyone but he only hit me more.  He grabbed me by the hair and started dragging me towards the bedroom. 
"Do you think I'm a fool Amari?  Do you think you can get away with rejecting me then trying to ruin everything I have worked for?"

He forced me down on the bed and pushed up my skirt.  I begged and pleaded with him but he wasn't listening and my cries only made him angrier.  David pushed my face into the bed, I tried to push up to get air but even being drunk he was stronger than me. 
"You can't get away from me now can you Amari?"  As he brutalized me, he kept calling me by my mother's name.  This went on for hours until he finally passed out.  I slid off the bed and crawled over to my dresser, everything hurt.  Pulling on the first thing I could find I managed forced myself to stand up.  Pain shot through my body with each step but I managed to creep out of the room.  I got to the door before I realized I didn't have the key to the lock, but then as I looked I noticed in his rage to hurt me he hadn't locked it when he came in.  I slowly turned the knob and held my breath thinking he would appear behind me but he didn't.  I ran.

I looked over at Marcus sleeping peacefully.  I couldn't sleep and hadn't been able to since my visit with Aric and Nina.  When they told me about how she looked the last time they saw her, I was devastated.  I was the cause of this.  I had brought that monster into her life and I would never be able to forgive myself knowing he had harmed her.  I hoped she might be able to forgive me one day for the pain I caused her.
Today David's supervisor finally agreed to a meeting with me.  I had been going down to the station everyday demanding they do something but I was always told that without a victim there was nothing that could be done.  I filed a missing persons report but even that took some convincing on their part.  I knew David had her somewhere.  Aric tried to get a read on her but since it wasn't something he had ever done, he couldn't find her.  Bynni had been in France with TK but was due back tomorrow.  I didn't want to worry her when I talked to her.  It would be better to fill her in once she got back home.
I got up and peeked in on the boys.  They were sleeping soundly and safely in their beds.  I headed towards the kitchen to make myself a cup of Chamomile tea.  As I approached the living room I heard crying, I slowly walked closer to the door and pressed my ear against it.  The crying was coming from outside, I opened the door to see Ceula huddled on my porch bloodied and in tears.

"Oh my God, Ceula!"  I yelled for Marcus.  He carried her into the house as I ran to get Carter hoping he was home.
"Amari what's wrong?"
"You have to come quick, she's been attacked."  he didn't ask any more questions.  He just grabbed his medical bag and came over to the house.  All the commotion had woken up Dax and Dunham, Marcus ushered them back to their rooms, we didn't want them seeing their sister like that.

Carter cleaned her up and checked her over.  The whole time she just kept saying she was sorry, like any of this was her fault.  Carter tried to convince her to go to the hospital but she kept refusing.  From what he could tell nothing was broken but she needed to have a proper exam, including one for sexual assault.  Finally I was able to convince her to go and Carter took us both.  Marcus called Aric to let him know what was going on.
I never let go of her hand, and I couldn't stop crying.  The nurses took pictures and did their exams.
"How far along are you?" the nurse asked when she was done
"I don't know what you mean."
"Ms. Vinson you're pregnant."
We both sat there in a stunned silence.
"I'll have a tech come in to give you an ultrasound."  She left the room and I gave Ceula a kiss on the forehead. 
"It'll be alright sweetie." 
Ceula had refused to let the doctors call the police, she lied saying she didn't know who her attacker was.  I wanted to object, to make her press charges, but I knew now wasn't the right time to push her.

When we arrived at the house Aric and Nina were there.  There was a cold rage burning in his eyes that I had never seen before when he saw his sister.  He could only see the bruises on her face, if he could see what I saw on her body he would have really been enraged.

They hugged her, then Ceula said she was tired and headed to the guest room to sleep.  After she was out of the room I told them everything she had told me.  I sobbed while I spoke, the knowledge of the pain, and humiliation she endured the last few months because of some guy that was obsessed with me weighed heavily on my heart.  They all tried to tell me it wasn't my fault but it didn't make it any better.  I should have just slept with him then none of this would have happened.  Aric got even more upset when he learned she was pregnant.  He was taking this hard.

"Mom I should have been able to do more.  What good is it to be a..." he stopped and looked over at Marcus before continuing "big brother if I couldn't do more to protect her."  I knew what he really meant.  He was feeling guilty that as a vampire he wasn't able to know this was happening and stop it.  He had always tried to be as human as possible, Mulo never pushed him to do more.  He still was remorseful over turning TK although it had worked out in the end.
"Honey we can't play the blame game.  We just have to be strong for her, she needs us more now than ever.  She has a tough road ahead of her.  Aric I want you to talk to your father.  Once she makes a decision about the baby, I want to send her to him after the wedding.  I want to be there for her recovery but it's more important for her to be as far away from him as possible."  I glanced over at Marcus but he sat there and didn't say a word when I mentioned Mulo. 
Once everyone had left, and the boys were off to school I sat and let it all sink in.

"Maybe we should think about postponing the wedding.  Just until we get her settled." Marcus said as he slid his arms around me.
"You wouldn't mind?"
"Of course not.  She needs our full attention right now."
"Ok, thank you."
"For what?"
"for being you."
I settled in closer to him.  The wedding was a month away.  A little late to postpone but it needed to be done.
"Mom." We both turned in response to her voice. "I can't let you put your plans on hold because of me."

"Oh honey, come here and sit.  Look Marcus and I both want to be here for you.  In fact everyone does.  Bynni will be over later."
"I ruin everything!" she burst into tears and my heart broke all over again.  "You can't put off your wedding.  Please mom don't do that.  I've cause you enough trouble."  It was Marcus that went over to console her.

"Ceula, your mom loves you and only wants to take care of you.  You aren't ruining anything, we are just adjusting plans.  Besides I won't let your mom off the hook that easily."  She smiled a little when he said that and I knew that as long as he was by my side, I was going to survive this nightmare and so would she.


  1. Wow...I hated the man before this and now there are no words for the rage I feel towards him. Poor CeCe. She's really going to have a rough road ahead of her for quite a while.

    I'm so glad that Marcus is there for Amari and her and is willing to postpone the wedding until CeCe starts to heal, both physically and emotionally.

  2. Thank God she's safe! <3
    For now... At least...
    But I can't believe she's pregnant... D:

  3. Dem, I wanted to make sure I did proper justice to this chapter as I bring this storyline to a close. I am working on the demise of David and I hope everyone will be pleased.

    Thanks for reading.

  4. Wow, you wrote that intense scene very well. I hope he rottens bad that man - he is so aweful!

  5. Thanks Fru, and thanks for commenting. I did a few re writes on that opening scene.

  6. Wow! Ok No, David has to die so painfully that he will feel it in his grave! Ah man! Please take your time with him. Slow and painful and brutal!

    I cannot believe the pain she has gone through but she is strong enough to survive it. With the support of her family they can "bring him to justice" and obviously I don't mean the legal system.

    I'm so proud of her for finally making it away from him and getting help from everyone! I am so happy she's finally safe and no longer locked up with that monster.

    I can't believe the police though! They let this go on for too long before trying to help! I hate that Amari blames herself and that David took out that rage on Cece. I'm sickened that she's poisoned with his seed though :( that poor child...I hope she/he never learns the truth about his/her father and what pain he's caused!

    Great job on this...I'm filled with rage so if that was your goal: Brava!

  7. Oh she was so brave to run away! Jazen, he has to die by the slowest, most painful torture possible!!!

    I can't imagine how Mulo and Bynni will react when they find out what he did to poor, Cece. He picked the most vulnerable daughter of all.

    The poor girl was already feeling guilt over the death of the twins and now she blames herself for what that monster did to her!

    I again wanted to jump through the screen and stomp him to dust!!!

  8. DJ--I wanted the last scene with David to have a real impact. I can see that has been accomplished.

    I think (or hope) you will be pleased with what I have planned for David.

    That last beating was all she could endure, especially with him referring to her as Amari. She found the strength to run but it will be a tough road. She still has to decide what she wants to do about the pregnancy. She's not in a state of mind to make decisions right now.

    Amari is going to blame herself. He went after CeCe because of her and she knows it. That will take some time to recover from as well.

  9. Daisy--she finally realized if she stayed any longer the next time he could very possibly kill her.

    She was very vulnerable and takes ownership of the actions he took even though it wasn't her fault. Mulo is going to be so very angry and so will Bynni. She and CeCe have never had a close relationship but that isn't going to stop her from wanting to see that man pay for what he did to her.

  10. ~ Poor CeCe,if she ever gets through this in one piece I will be surprised,Pregnant it will never end!
    ~ The nightmare will continue!
    ~ HeHe!Loved it!MOAR!LOL!

  11. Karima

    She will have a tough road to recover and it won't be easy. Now she has the added stress of being pregnant and needing to make a decision on what to do about it.

  12. When you said the first part is violent I got excited thinking it's payback time for
    David. I hope Aric doesn't let his rage cool off and he goes after David. God,
    I hate him. *sharpens pitchfork*

  13. I'm glad CeCe is finally away from that man. I can't wait to see what happens to David and I hope CeCe gets better. I feel so bad for her, and her family because of everything David has done to them. He just needs to go away and I can't wait until he does. Awesome post!

  14. So happy that shes back in the family fold, i hope that she stays safe but i sense that David is not finished his sick game yet and he seems to be getting closer to going off the deep end!

  15. I am very glad she got away. I hope she doesn't even consider keeping that baby. She needs a 100 percent pure break from anything remotely related to that slime. I am very surprised Aric did not go after him right away, but yeah, how do you fight against an evil policeman? Just wait till Mulo finds out.

  16. I agree with Daijahv, I'm ready for him to die now!!! And I don't think she should keep the baby, because she would always be reminded of David and I can't imagine her being strong enough to get through that! She needs therapy and maybe even something more drastic... Can Mulo make her forget?? Aric NEEDS to do something now, although I feel bad that he has such guilt over it because none of it is his fault! And I can't wait for the wedding (and hope that nothing goes horribly wrong lol!) Great chapter, jazen! I think you need to make a character for all of us readers and send us after David... angry mob!!! >:)

  17. @Val--LOL not yet. He will get his own full chapter. Working on that now.

    @Cat--Yes I wanted her to find the courage to leave on her own. She will have a tough road to recovery which I will cover in the next chapter. This has definitely effected the whole family and they will all work together to get passed this.

    @Angie--David won't be happy about her leaving. He doesn't yet know about the baby so that could be a problem all in itself if he finds out.

    @Zhippidy--The decision she makes about the baby won't be an easy one. Termination would be hard on her considering the guilt she still has over the loss of the twins. Keeping it would be a daily reminder of what she went through and how it was conceived. Aric would like nothing more than to do serious harm to David, but he won't be the one that takes care of him. It was hard choosing who got that honor.

    @Maddy--He will die soon I promise. As mentioned to Zhippidy it will be something she will have to think hard about. You are right about drastic and yes Mulo could make her forget now that she's an adult he doesn't have the restrictions he had before. Nothing will go horribly wrong at the wedding. LOL. Amari will likely only get married once and I want it to be good for her.

    Thanks for reading everyone.

  18. I am so glad she is home. Poor girl pregnant. Can it get any worse. I wouldn't know if I would keep the baby. I always say I would never abort but there are situations that you wish that you weren't pregnant. And that the baby could give you as much grief as happiness, even knowing the baby is innocent. I am so glad I never had such a hard decision to make. Great chapter Jazz, full of emotions. Now kill David!!!!

  19. Poor CeCe!! What a terrible situation she is in right now...
    Add me to the growing line of people wanting to kill David slowly and painfully! I'll bring a crowbar!
    BTW, i've never commented before but i found your story last week and read it start to current... LOVE IT!! Such a creative idea for a 100 baby challenge!!!

  20. Kelly, welcome I love getting new readers. Thanks for commenting. Cece's storyline was tough but it is coming to an end.

    I am working on David's demise and I promise it will be slow and painful!!!

    Thanks for reading, I'm glad you are enjoying the story.

  21. OMGoodness!! Karma is coming for you David!!
    Poor Ceula! She had to endure all that and for hours, thank God she is alive!
    Great chapter!!

  22. Nicky yes David will get his in the end.

    Thanks for reading.

  23. Oh wow...I have to say, you really out did yourself with this post, which is saying something because your writing is always phenomenal.

  24. David needs to show up to demand her back while her whole family is at home, so they can beat the shit out of him :)
    I'm so glad she ran!!! I hope once she's had some time to let everything sink in she'll press charges. Poor baby, I hate how guilty she feels over this.

    1. LOL, yeah with all the men in that family, he wouldn't stand a chance. It's why he isolated her from them to begin with.

      She needed to run and she knew it. From the first time he hit her, she knew she was in trouble and it just got worse. She managed to get out of there with her life, now she needs to work on recovery.

      thanks for reading