Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chapter 56-Dating David

***Warning this chapter contains mature themes***

"What are you looking at?"  This was my first trip to David's house and he had spent it drinking and staring out of the window.  I looked around, it was very much a bachelor pad with just the basic in furniture and no real decor to speak of.  We had been dating for almost two months now and he had never brought me here.  He wasn't my usual type but he was persistent from our first meeting.  I still don't know why he pulled me over that night, I wasn't speeding.  The traffic stop quickly turned into him flirting with me.  I flirted back hoping to get out of a ticket which it did.  
"Nothing.  Where did your mom go?"
"Um, Riverview why?"
"When is she coming back?"
"I don't know she didn't give me all her travel plans.  What is your interest anyway?"  I was annoyed.  Ever since the cookout he had been constantly asking me questions about her and it was seriously starting to get on my nerves especially coupled with his change in attitude lately.

"Are you staring at her house?" I asked walking over to the window where he was and glanced out.
"Why are you asking me so many questions?" he snapped
"What?  I wasn't."
"Here have a drink and maybe you will relax and get off my back a little." He shoved the glass towards me.
"You know I don't, I can't drink."  I was appalled that he would even suggest such a thing.  We had talked about my drinking problems on one of our dates when I had declined to have the wine he ordered. 
"One drink isn't going to hurt." He took a sip of his drink then grabbed me.  He kissed me forcing the liquid into my mouth.  I struggled to break free, coughing as I choked down the alcohol.  I fell to the floor when he released me and he just stood over me laughing.

"Why would you do that?" I got up and started gathering up my things. "Just take me home please."
"Don't be mad, I just playing around." He walked over and hugged me from behind.
"Let go of me David.  I just want to go home now."  He held on tighter to my waist as I attempted to pry his hands away.
"You're not going anywhere now sit and quit acting like such a child."  He pushed me onto the sofa.  The behavior change in him was becoming more than I wanted to deal with.  When we first started dating he was sweet and charming.  He would have flowers delivered to my job and he would just pop up to take me to lunch.  He showered me with attention that guys my own age never did.  It felt nice to feel so special.  This new attitude was a complete one eighty and I didn't understand what caused it but he had been like this ever since the cookout.  I wondered if my mom said something to him like she did to me about us dating.  I would have to talk to her about it when she got back. 
"I'm sorry baby.  I shouldn't have done that." He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear then caressed my face.  "I've just been stressed at work and I shouldn't have taken it out on you.  Let me make it up to you and take you out for a nice evening."

"I'm not really dressed to go out."  I really just wanted to go home but if he wouldn't take me then I would need to call a taxi.  I didn't want to tell him that in fear of him getting angry again so I hoped my lack of proper attire would be enough.
"No worries.  I have something for you that would be perfect.  I bought it the other day."  He got up off the couch and put his hand out for me, I took it and he led me to his bedroom.  He closed and locked the door once we were inside.

"Undress." he whispered in my ear then walked over and sat on the bed.  He looked at me with such intensity there was no denying the lust in his eyes.
"Can't I just get dressed in the bathroom?" My voice came out barely above a whisper.
Frustration flashed on his face as he let out an angry sigh.  "I am trying to be nice here and bought you a gift.  Can you not do the same and let me just admire your beauty or are you too good to be seen by me?"
We'd never done anything more than kiss and make out a little.  He said he wanted to take things slow, that I was special and there was no need to rush things.  I was happy about that, it took some pressure out of the relationship not to have those expectations.  Yet they were staring me in the face right now.
"I'm sorry, just I'm a little shy and..."
"And what?" he asked still clearly very annoyed.
"Nothing." I said putting my head down.  My hands were shaking as I started to remove my clothing.  The feeling of being exposed and on display consumed me as I stood there.

"Beautiful.  Come kiss me."  Nervously I walked over and gave him a quick peck on the lips.
"That's not a kiss." David grabbed me by the back of my neck and roughly started kissing me while flipping me onto the bed.  He tasted of liquor and I thought I was going to gag when he forced his tongue into my mouth.  He finally broke from the kiss and I could see that his wanting to take things slow was no longer the case.

"I...I thought you were taking me out."  I tried to mask the uneasiness in my voice.
"We will." He replied smiling down at me while undoing the clasp on my bra.
"David, I don't, I'm not ready..."
"What's your problem.  Why are you being such a tease?"
"I'm not."
"You undress in front of me and expect me not to react.  I call that being a tease."
"But...but you told me to do that."
"I guess you're too good for me, is that it?"
"What, no it's just I thought"
"You thought what?"
"We were taking things slow."
"It's been two months C, I'm not a monk how much slower are we suppose to go?  It's obvious you don't want to be with me so just get dressed and go."
"David why are you being like this?  I don't understand what I did wrong."  The tears were welling up inside me threatening to fall at any moment.

The anger and hostility he was starting to show left me confused and afraid.  He kept his back to me as I slid off the bed.  I picked up my clothes off the floor, I would just get dressed in the bathroom.  My hands were shaking so I fumbled with unlocking the door, David walked over and unlocked it for me. 
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have acted like that.  You were just so desirable standing there, I lost control, please forgive me, it won't happen again.  I still would like to take you out I want to see you in the new dress I bought."  He had unlocked the door but he was standing so close to me there was no room to open it I was clutching my clothes tightly to my chest.  He was like two different people, one moment he was charming and loving, and fun to be around and the next he was mean and hateful, and I wanted to run and not look back.

"Come on C, you know I didn't mean it." He began kissing my shoulder.  "Let me take you out, I promise to be on my best behavior."
"Ok."  With my agreement he stepped back and opened the door. 
"Let me get your dress."  He walked over to his closet then came back with a bag.  "Go shower and get ready."
I closed and locked the bathroom door and let out the breathe I had been holding.  I dropped the bag on the floor then stepped into the shower.  The hot water helped calm my nerves.  I stepped out of the shower then finally looked at what he had given me.  I held up the garment in astonishment that he wanted me to wear this, he had even provided me with underwear and perfume.  I was hesitant to put it on but not doing so risked another flare up of his temper.  He was waiting for me as soon as I opened the door.

"You look amazing."
"David you don't think this is a little revealing?"
"No, it's perfect now let's go."
He placed his hand on the small of my back and gently led me towards the door.  During the car ride he kept his hand on my thigh.  We arrived at Amazon Heat I felt like people were staring at me, but David neglected to notice.
"I'll get us some drinks." He walked off before I could tell him I only wanted water.  He returned a few minutes later with two drink glasses.

"What is it?" I asked while sniffing the drink to detect any alcohol.
"Don't you trust me?" He asked sensing my hesitation. Forcing a smile on my face, I brought the glass to my lips for a small sip.  I didn't taste any alcohol, David was watching me intensely as I tested my drink.

"It's good, thank you."
"See I told you, best behavior."
We danced and enjoyed ourselves.  David made sure my glass was kept full and each time I finished one off, he seemed to get even more excited.
"I think I need to sit.  All this dancing is making my head hurt." He led me over to a table and I just collapsed into the seat.  I felt weird.

"Would you like another drink?"
My tongue felt thick. "Water please."  Upon his return he slid into the booth next to me and started kissing me.  His hand inched further and further up my thigh.
"Let's get out of here."  I could only nod my head in agreement.  My limbs felt heavy and my senses were impaired.  I shook my head a few times trying to clear things out but it didn't help.  I wanted to tell him I felt weird but I couldn't get the words out.  Things moved in slow motion from there.  He kept telling me how beautiful I was, and how lucky he was to find me.

We arrived back at his house and as soon as we were in the door he was making out with me.  I couldn't think clearly.  He had removed the skimpy garment I was wearing and carried me to his room.  I felt drunk, but my drink was non alcoholic, he told me so and I didn't taste anything.  His hands were everywhere, then he was on top of me undressed as well.  This wasn't right and I worked hard to try and get words out.

Finally I was able to say his name but that's all I got out.
"It's ok baby.  I know, I want you too."  He started kissing me again.  Our relationship was no longer free of expectations as he completed what he had started earlier that day.


  1. OMG! That slimeball drugged and raped her! Damn...I just...I really need to have him ripped to pieces and shot! I can't believe that. That was an abusive relationship all over and poor CeCe fell right into his trap apologizing for HIS behavior when she had every right to protest what he was doing to her and how he was making her feel.

    Man I hope (and can't believe I am saying this) that Mulo comes and just tears this guy apart. Or Aric! I just want to see him in as much pain as humanly...or otherworldly possible! very pissed right now! His behavior was beyond appalling! I just hope she doesn't blame her Mom though considering she wants to "talk" to her about David and whether she said anything to make his behavior towards her different!

    Great update, DEATH TO DAVID!

  2. That bastard! GOD I swear I need to come through this screen on his ass! He can't have Amari so he goes for her daughter?! He slipped something in her drink! That poor girl! Does she have issues with her father not being there? She seems too willing to sooth things over with David. Then again she might just be a sweety and not really see him for the snake he is! If Mulo comes through for anyone, I need him to come through for her!

  3. He raped that baby!!!
    You know how mad I am! If Aric or Mulo don't take care of him soon, I won't be able to stand it!!!

    Oh, I hope she doesn't keep it to herself! She needs to tell her Mom what happened!

    Another Great Chapter!

  4. @DJ--Yes he took his sliminess to a new level. The engagement sort of pushed him over the edge with his obsession for Amari and CeCe was left to deal with it. It has turned into an abusive relationship and she still has issues with wanting to belong. I will have to think of ways to make his eventual death slow and painful.

    @Qui--No Jesse has been a part of her life but she still has issues not feeling like she fit into her family. She just wants to be happy and please people. The death of the twins makes her want to be even more of a people pleaser trying still to make up for what she still believes to be her fault. She really didn't see him for the snake that he is. She fell for the sweet charming David that draws the ladies in. Like I told DJ Amari's engagement sent him over the edge.

    @Daisy--yes sadly he did. I have a few more chapters with David before he meets his end.

    Thanks everyone for reading. If David were real, I'm sure you all would have had him cut up in to little pieces and fed to the dogs by now.

  5. Wow...I'm speechless.

    Great writing from CeCe's point of view. I could really feel her struggle with wanting to smooth things over but just wanting to go home too.

    Can't believe what a slime ball he has turned out to be :( Poor CeCe and poor Amari. I can't imagine the grief and blame Amari will feel if/when she finds out.

  6. Dem--this chapter and the next one were just as hard for me to write as when Amari lost the babies. CeCe's sobriety will be thrown out of the window for sure after this.

  7. I just want the next posts to come out so David will be gone!!! I totally agree with all the other comments - David is a terrible man. Other than that, this was a wonderfully written post, I could really feel what CeCe was feeling and I feel so bad for her.

  8. Ahhhh! What a dick! I can't stand him! And the fact that he's a cop is so creepy! Awesome post as usual!

  9. Wow, David has certainly reached new heights. He's outdone his evil self. I never thought it was possible, but, he's done it again, rendered me speechless. Poor Cece, what shall become of her now? Whatever happens after this I hope for her sake she doesn't fall pregnant. What are her chances of fighting this and sending him to prison? I hope when she goes to report him, she doesn't get a cop with "cop mentality"' you know what they say, they take care of their own.

    My heart is sore for Cece! I hope someone helps her through this.

    Wonderful writing and I loved the poses u used in this.

  10. ~ David thinks he is safe because he is the law,but I have a feeling he thinks he is above the law,but he does not know what or who he is fooling with,if this gets back to the family,Aric or Amari!....Mulo will become aware,& I would never want to cross him,as no law can stop him,when he is protecting his own!
    ~ I mean Vampires do not exist,do they!
    ~ I am waiting for Davids day of reckoning!
    ~ Loved The pics & the writing,MORE when you can!HURRY! rush,but HURRY!(",)

  11. @Cat--I am working on the next post but David won't be gone right away. I'm glad CeCe's emotions came through.

    @Cassie--Yes him being a cop does give him the attitude he can do whatever he wants.

    @Val--Yes David managed to sink even lower and did the unspeakable. CeCe struggles still with staying sober and this will more than likely send her back to drinking if not worse. He won't be going to jail (that would be too nice for him) so she won't be reporting it. I haven't decided if I want her to end up pregnant or not.

    Thanks Val.

    @Karima--He does think he is safe because of his job. He doesn't know that CeCe and Amari have 3 vamps in their lives that will be very angry when they learn what he has done. His day is coming.

    I've started working on the next chapter. I may be able to get it done today.

    Thanks for reading!!!!

  12. Ahhh! Not CeCe!!! D: I agree with everyone else... I can't wait til his demise! I hope you come up with a brilliant way to make him suffer! Will CeCe be able to recover from this? She has the hardest life so far, and I can't imagine how badly she'll cope with this when she's reacted so badly to all the other situations she's had to live through!
    Another fantastic chapter, and I can't wait for more! Great photos!

  13. Maddy...sadly yes poor CeCe had to deal with a David on the edge. I am thinking now on how I can make him suffer since everyone is calling for it. He may even get his own chapter LOL She is not going to cope well at all.

    Thanks for reading.

  14. Ugh....he gets worse all the time...stupid creepy freak of nature. If I could i'd give him a good hard kick somewhere. Poor cece :(.

  15. grrrrrr ^%!!^%$%@^% Cop!!! He better get his soon... Once Aric and Mulo find out about this they will be filling a blood bath from a slow dripping faucet.

  16.'s coming soon I promise.

  17. Oh, that is just crazy. David scares the hell out of me. Somebody should really shoot him! I hope she tells someone. He ruined her life. I feel for her, she already had it difficult because of her drinking past. Somebody shoot him!

  18. Bad things need to happen to that VILE man! *hurries off to read next chapter*

    1. :( David was a real scum. I felt bad for putting CeCe through this knowing all the other issues she had.

      He was a very hated character.

    Amari is going to be so pissed when she finds out he drugged her drink AND raped her -.- I hate that he's a cop, if he's been nice at work they'd never believe that he'd do something like this. But I guess the police doesn't have to be involved. Let me at him, jazen, it'll look like an accident!

    1. you seem to be just a little pissed of at the moment. Yes David reached a new low by drugging her then raping her. :( He knew CeCe had a drinking/drug problem but he didn't care. He's a slime, very nasty piece of work. He hides his actions behind his badge for sure.

      An accident you say....

      thanks for reading

  20. I just started reading this and fell in love it. You are such a good writer. I wasn't sure at first. I didn't like the direction it went but I kept reading and I got hooked! Is there more? I am dying to know what happens.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading. :) Glad you are enjoying the story. It's a long work in progress. There is plenty more after this. The story has 100+ chapters, the chapter guide is a WIP so just go to the side bar under Blog Archive to get to the next chapters.

      thanks for reading :)