Saturday, August 6, 2011

Chapter 22-Teenage Rebellion

Graduation day came and just like prom I was a weeping mess.  The ceremony was great and Aric  received the Most Likely to Stay at Home award.  I could only hope that would be true.  The thought of my first born moving out made me sad.
"I'm so proud of you son." I said giving him a big hug.
"Thanks Mom."
"Yeah congrats big brother."
"Thanks Bynni"
"When you move take me with you.  Don't leave me with her."  she spoke as if I wasn't standing right next to her.
"Bynni can we not do this today?" I said sounding very aspirated.  Lately she took every chance she could to say something rude to me.  Bynni just rolled her eyes at me.
"Anyway I'll see you back at the house." she gave her brother a hug.
"Where are you going young lady?  We are having family dinner in honor of your brother's big day."
" dinner" she said sarcastically.  "I told TK I would meet him at the park."
"What, you didn't..." Aric put his hand on my arm
"Mom it's ok she'll be home in time for dinner.  Won't you Bynni?"  Poor Aric was refereeing more and more fights between us.
"Yes I'll be home for dinner." she mumbled before running off towards the park.
"Thank you for not going through a rebellious phase." I said giving him a peck on the cheek.
"So will Nina be joining us for dinner?"  I had finally gotten to meet her.  She was a sweet girl who absolutely adored Aric.
"Yes she said she would be over."

Dinner time came and went and Bynni was a no show.  I was fuming but worked hard not to show it.  I didn't want to ruin anymore of Aric's night.  It was almost 10:30 when she finally got home.
"Bynni where have you been?  Do you know what time it is?"
"Mom it's no big, TK and I were just hanging out." TK is the boyfriend.  I got to meet him briefly when he came to pick her up for a movie on his motorcycle.  I was shocked, what kind of parent buys their teenager a motorcycle.
"You were to be home for dinner.  For goodness sake Bynni it's your brother's graduation!"
"So, if Aric doesn't care I missed the stupid dinner what's the big deal?"
"The big deal is you were told to be home. On top of that you didn't answer your phone when I tried to call."
"Why don't you just get off my back?  Nothing I do makes you happy."
"That's because you do stuff like miss curfew!"
"Even if I were in on time, you'd still find something to fuss about."
"At this rate young lady you'll never drive that car."
"You're grounded for two weeks. No phone, no computer, and no TK."
Bynni stomped off to her room.  This attitude of hers has been getting worse as she has gotten older.  She was a very happy child but the teen years have been rough.
"I'm sure it's just a phase." Mulo said giving me a hug.
"Well I hope it's over soon."

Bynni didn't speak to me for the next few days.  She was gone before I got up in the morning and when she got home for school she went straight to her room.  I was hoping at least she was doing her homework because on her last report card she barely had a C average.
I had just put Ceula down for her nap when I got a phone call.
"Is this Ms. Vinson?"
"Yes who's speaking?"
"This is Mrs. Malcobb.  I work at the attendance office at the school."
Getting a call from the attendance office couldn't be good news.
"I have to contact parents when students miss multiple days in a week.  Ms. Vinson are you aware that Bynni has been out 3 days this week?"
" I was not."
At that moment I was both furious at my daughter for skipping school and mad at myself for not knowing.
"Yes, well if these aren't excused absences they will negatively affect her grades as one of the days missed was for final exams."
  "Yes, thank you for calling, I will take care of it."
After I hung up my head starting hurting.  I just didn't know what to do with her.  It was bad enough she was staying out past curfew but now she was skipping school.  I was floored when I walked into her room.
"What the hell is going on here?" I yelled
"Can't you knock first?" she retorted
"Excuse me? that is the least of your concern.  You are grounded and yet you have this boy in my house and in your room!"
"He's not some boy, he's my boyfriend and I have a right to have him here."
She was really pushing me this time.  I was at my breaking point.
"You listen to me carefully.  This is my house and as my child you will abide by my rules.  You are grounded and I told you that meant from him as well."
"Hey it's no big deal Ms. V it's not like we don't know how to be careful."  I didn't know how this day could have gotten any worse and then he had to speak.
"'re telling me that you and my daughter have.."  I couldn't even finish the sentence the thought of him and Bynni was just too much.
"Dear God Bynni are you trying to ruin your life or just find ways to drive me into any early grave?  What if you get pregnant?"
"Then I guess I'll be like you!" she screamed  "Do you think I am stupid mom?  You have 3 kids with 3 different men.  I don't think you are in position to judge."
I felt as if I had just been punched in the stomach.
"TK I think you need to leave now."
"He doesn't..."
"YES he does." I said cutting her off.
"It's cool I'll see you tomorrow." He looked as if he wanted to give her a kiss but thing thought better of it.  After he left I couldn't speak right away.  I knew one day I was going to have to have this conversation but I didn't think it would be under these conditions.
"Bynni I know you may be angry, but you don't have the right to disobey me or speak to me in such a way." I spoke slowly trying to control my anger.
"Save it ok, just ground me for another week, and leave me alone."
"What has happened to you?" I asked completely bewildered at the way she felt she could talk to me.
"I grew up and realized you have lied to me my whole life!"
"What do you think I have lied about?"  I hadn't been lying exactly just not telling her everything so it was more omitting parts of her life as opposed to straight out lying.  I know it's a gray area.
"Who my father is, who Aric's father is.  Mom I know that Mulo was just a really good friend.  So why does he get to have his father and CeCe and I don't?"
I rubbed my temples trying to figure out what to say.
"Bynni I've made mistakes, well not mistakes don't ever think you are a mistake but..."
"Do you even know who my father is?"  She had such contempt in her voice
"Of course I know!" I was appalled that she would suggest or even think otherwise.  "He doesn't know about you.  It only happened once and by the time I realized I was pregnant he had moved."
"What's his name?"
"Drake Zuko."
"Drake Zuko, my father has a name." She said as she sat on her bed.  I walked over and sat next to her.
"And CeCe?"
"Does he know?"
"No, I was going to tell him but we...well it didn't work out and I didn't want him to feel he had to stay out of some obligation."
"You should tell him" she said jumping up off the bed.  "How can you keep something as important as his child away from him?  What kind of person does that?"  she was getting angry again.
"I try very hard to make sure you and your siblings have a good life.  Why is that not enough for you?"
"Really mom, you work hard?  Tell me what's your job exactly?"

"Young lady that is enough.  Yes I have made some mistakes but I have loved you and your siblings and take care of you the best way I know how.  You may not like my choices but until you are old enough to move out you will live by them.  You are grounded for the next month for skipping school and for sneaking that boy into your room.  I will drive you to school and pick you up after.  The only time you will see TK will be in the hall!"
"Mom that's not fair!"
"Yes well we all have to learn at some point that life isn't fair."
I walked out of the room before she could say anything.  I know I was harsh but I couldn't let her continue.  I owed her answers that was true but I never imagined she would be so hateful.  I guess I was naive to think she wouldn't figure out Aric and Mulo.  I was lying to myself thinking she would never question who her father was.  I heard Ceula crying.
"Hey sweet girl."
I snuggled her close.  I missed this sweet innocence from her sister.  If only I could turn back time.
"Your sister was right about one thing, I should tell your daddy about you."  Later that day I sent him an email.
Dear Jesse,
I hope life is treating you well.  I've tried to call you a few time but your number has been changed.  This isn't the kind of thing I wanted to discuss in an email but I don't have a choice.  The day you left I never got to share my news with you.  I was pregnant.  You have a beautiful little girl named Ceula.  She looks just like you.  I'm not telling you this to get you to come back, but I thought you had a right to know.
Love Amari


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