Saturday, April 4, 2015

Chapter 123-Free At Last

“Hello Love.”

Mulo stood in the doorway waiting for me. He was shirtless and the button on his pants was undone. I was temporarily surprised to see him only half-dressed this late in the morning.

“How soon can we leave?” I asked thrusting the paper at him. “She sent a singing telegram! Like this is all some sort of joke! That bitch needs to die!” The anger and frustration I’d felt after that performance had only grown.

I heard movement on the steps and moments later a scantily dressed blonde came walking down. I watched as she walked over and gave Mulo a kiss.

“Call me,” she said before throwing a quick glance at me then walking out the door.

A few moments later a second blonde, dressed in even less clothing, came down the stairs. She frowned at me before also giving him a kiss then waving goodbye. I guess I was interrupting, but they’d have to get over it.

“You sure know how to keep busy,” I said unable to mask the annoyance in my voice.

Mulo gave me his signature smirk. “Now Love, you don’t go to bed alone, why should I? You know,” he said taking a step towards me, “that if you want to be the one warming my bed at night, all you have to do is say so.”

I took a deep breath and swallowed back my retort. I was married. I didn’t care who he slept with. Or at least I shouldn’t. I needed to remember why I was here. I walked into the kitchen and poured myself a glass of juice.

“So, how soon can we leave?” I asked again, forcing my misplaced feelings of jealousy aside.

Mulo took a look at the paper. “An hour, maybe two, I’ll need to make a call. You don’t have to go. Now that I know where she is, I can handle it.”

“What? No!” I yelled slamming the glass on the counter. “I want to be there. I need to be there. I need to watch that meddling, hateful bitch take her last breath!” I started pacing. How could he even think I wouldn’t see this through to the end after everything Marisol had put me through?

“I know you want to be there, but…”

“No buts Mulo!”

“But,” he said again interrupting me. “What if something goes wrong? You have children that need you.”

“Ceula needs me! Trey is a wreck without his wife. Ashley needs her mother. I’m going Mulo! I’m going to get my baby and bring her home. I’m going to finish this once and for all.”

He didn’t say anything. Instead, Mulo pulled me into his arms. I let him hold me as my mind wandered to what life could be like once this was done, once Marisol was no longer a threat to me or my children.

“I’ve not known peace since my sister died. Everything from that day was set in motion by Marisol.” Mulo didn’t say anything. He continued to stroke my back softly as he held me. “I need peace finally.”

“And peace you shall have, Love.” Mulo kissed my forehead before pulling away. “I have some calls to make.”

He disappeared upstairs and I walked out onto the balcony. In a few hours I could be free of Marisol forever. I smiled at the thought. Calls. It hit me that Marcus hadn’t tried to call me. I just walked out. Shit! Quickly I pulled my phone from my pocket hoping it was just on silent, but I had no missed calls. He really hadn’t tried to reach me. Why would he? I walked out. I didn’t talk to him or anything, I just left. I dialed his number. The longer it rang, the more that anxious feeling grew. He didn’t answer. I hung up and quickly dialed the house number. Please answer. Please answer.

“Hello,” he said after the fifth ring.

“Marcus, I’m sorry for leaving. I was just so pissed…I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.” He didn’t sound angry or worried. His voice was flat, devoid of any emotion.

“No, it’s not and I should have waited, talked to you first, so I am sorry…”

“Stop apologizing,” he said cutting me off. “Bringing Ceula home safely is the top priority right now. That’s your focus and every…thing else will have to wait.”

I closed my eyes. “Will it though? Will it wait until this is done?” I knew I had no right to ask anything else of him.

I heard him breathe heavily into the phone and with each passing second, I dreaded his answer more and more.

“Our family is incomplete with Ceula gone. Our daughter needs to be back with her family where she belongs. So yes, until that happens everything else will wait.”

I turned and saw Mulo looking at me through the glass, a duffle bag sat at his feet. For so long he’s been a part of my life. What would it be like without him? I turned to look back out over the skyline.

“Give the babies kisses for me. I love you and I’ll be home soon.”

“Be safe,” he replied before disconnecting the call. It wasn’t missed on me that he’d not returned the sentiment.

I was tired. Just so very tired of everything. I heard the sliding glass door open followed by the acute awareness of how the air around me seemed to change simply because of his presence.

“Everything alright at home, Love?”

I shook my head. “I have probably damaged beyond repair the only healthy relationship I could hope to have.”

Mulo spun me to look at him. So much had changed between us yet so much had remained the same.

“I do it to myself. A lot of things are beyond my control, but this. My marriage, its destruction is all me. I don’t believe I deserve to be happy.”

What I really meant was I didn’t deserve Marcus. How could I after all I’d put him through. He asked one thing of me, yet here I was doing the one thing that hurt him the most. Turning to Mulo. I pushed away, freeing myself from his embrace.

“Can we um…is the plane ready so we can go?” I asked stepping back to give myself more room.

Mulo stood there smiling, watching me. “Yes.” He finally answered.

“Good. Let’s get this over with!”

As I went to walk past him, Mulo grabbed my arm. His lips were on mine before I could react. His tongue expertly slipped into my mouth; his arms held me firmly in place. My hands were on his chest. I pushed, but he didn’t move.

Instead my body was pinned between him and the window. I don’t know when my will to fight left or if I ever had it to begin with, all I did know was my body responded. I became an active participant, wrapping my legs around his waist pulling my body closer to his. I felt his erection pulsating through our clothes. Everything that we’d been fighting since my change, that insatiable need that we just would not quench, we were giving in to. I’m alone. My entire body shakes, my breathing is heavy and I’m confused. I looked up to see Mulo gripping the railing so hard he’d put a crack in it. He stopped. My hand covered my mouth. He stopped! I was horrified. He stopped.

“We should get going,” Mulo said but made no move to leave.

I nodded in agreement knowing he couldn’t see me. Nerves still rattled, I headed inside.
The plane ride was quiet. We refused to talk to each other. I was ashamed to even look at him. The sun was setting as we landed in Brooklyn Heights. All my previous feelings melted away and my focus turned to being so close to the end. I was ready. I needed this, I need my life to be my own finally. I pushed aside thoughts of Marcus and my feelings for Mulo and focused only on bringing my daughter home. Mulo had arranged for a car and it was waiting when we de-boarded the plane. I felt his hand on the small of my back.

“Are you ready?”

“Hell yes!”

I stared out the window watching the blur of lights pass us by.  The end was near. Marisol would be out of my life forever and I could finally have a normal life free of any obligations. I shot a glance over at Mulo who had his eyes firmly planted on the road. I wanted to say something, but what? Looking down, I twirled my wedding ring around my finger. I looked over at Mulo again and found him watching me.


“I think we’re here,” he said cutting me off.

I turned my attentions towards the dilapidated house. The headlights from the car illumined the darkened lot with an eerie glow. The yard was over grown with weeds and trash was littered about. Some of the windows were broken while others were boarded up. Siding hung loose from the exterior walls in some places and in others it was completely missing. Was this where she’d kept Ceula all this time? That thought made my skin crawl. The idea of my child being held hostage in this forgotten old place renewed my desire to wrap my hands around Marisol’s neck and squeeze the life from her body.

I stepped out of the car and jumped as a rat scurried across my foot. A gentle breeze blew, rustling the dry leaves across the neglected yard. The scent of rotted wood decay filled my nostrils. I scanned the darkened windows for any sign of life. Some movement, a flicker of light, anything that told me we were in the right place, but there was nothing.

“What if this is just another clue?” I asked voicing the fear that started to settle over me.

Marisol had been playing these games for weeks now, who’s to say this wasn’t another trick.

Mulo grabbed his bag from the backseat then walked over to me. “She’s in there, Love,” he said putting his hand on the small of my back.



My head whipped back towards the house. I’d detected no sign of anything coming from inside how could he know she was there? When I looked back, Mulo just smiled as he guided me towards the door.

“Trust me, she’s there.”

I took off in a sprint, leaping over the broken steps landing on the rickety porch. The decrepit door fell from its hinges when I push it open.


The only response I got were the scratching sounds of the rats running across the floors. Quickly I checked all the rooms on the first floor, calling out her name and getting nothing in response. I finally heard movement upstairs and rushed towards it. I froze at the sight before me.

Mulo was knelt beside her, as she lay on a dirty, stained covered mattress on the floor. I rushed forward, pulling her limp body into my arms. I cradled her close, rocking back and forth. Relief and fear fought for position as I sat crying. Ceula was filthy, her clothes and face were covered in dirt. Her hair was matted to her head and as I started examining her body for wounds I saw she was covered in bite marks.

Her arms, her legs, and several places on her neck; that bitch had been feeding from her. Ceula was alive, but barely and I had no idea what her mental state would be when she regained consciousness. Mulo came around and gently pulled Ceula from my arms and headed towards the stairs. There was no sign of Marisol, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t be back soon. We needed to get Ceula out of this hell hole and to a hospital.

When we got to the car, Mulo laid her on the backseat and I climbed in with her. As Mulo started to back out, he slammed on the brakes. His eyes were focused on the rearview mirror. I looked back to see Marisol standing behind the car.

“Leaving so soon?” she asked.

Seeing her smug face after finding Ceula in this condition made me want to rip Marisol’s throat out. She’d tormented me, kidnapped and nearly killed my child; I was ready to end this. Mulo put the car in park then calmly walked to the back of it, I made sure Ceula was situated comfortably on the backseat before I joined him.

“I would say I was surprised to see you with Mulo instead of that yummy husband of yours, but really I’m not. What exactly is it about you that has men worshiping at your feet like lost puppies?” she sneered.

“I’ve found that most men prefer their women a little less psychotic,” I replied feeling empowered with the adrenaline coursing through my veins. “You should try it sometime.” All I wanted was to end her, but I knew I couldn’t act on it now. Mulo had said timing was everything, so I couldn’t allow my emotions to blow what would likely be our only shot.

Anger flashed across her face before she started laughing. “That’s mighty big talk from a girl who can’t handle me on her own.” She took a step forward. “I think what they really see is a weak and pathetic person who strokes their egos since she always needs to be rescued.”

A smiled curled my lips. “The only pathetic one here is you Marisol. You are a lonely and twisted soul that preys on innocent people when you don’t get your way. No one wants you Marisol! You tried to lure Marcus away but he wouldn’t leave me. You’ve lusted after Mulo, but he loves me. You are unimportant! A virus that needs to be eradicated!”

I saw her for what she was clearly now. A jealous and spiteful woman. Everything she’d done was to force herself into the lives of those that didn’t want her. She said nothing as she stared me down, but her intimidation was no longer a factor.

In the distance I heard cars as they sped along the highway. Crickets made their music, an erratic symphony of chirping and the leaves, they moved slowly across the yard crackling as they did so, but something was different. Mulo turned his head slightly, angling it back towards the house. His lips curled into a half grin when he turned back towards Marisol.

“Well it would seem you aren’t the only one not willing to handle this fight alone,” he said.

Marisol smiled and ran her fingers through her hair. I turned back to see three men walking towards us. The hunger in their eyes told me they were newly turned. They sniffed the air, zeroing in on the smell of Ceula’s blood. Marisol’s cackling laughter filled the air as the three lunged forward.

The one with blonde hair came at me but Mulo caught him mid-air crashing his body down into the ground. Mulo’s fist was through the guy’s chest, ripping out his heart before the other two even made it to where he was. Knowing Mulo could handle the other two, I rushed towards Marisol. I was on my back, her hands were around my throat.

“Too bad you won’t be around to see what becomes of that little whore,” she snarled. “Who’s the other one? Finley? Yes I might take her too!” Her eyes glowed and her lips curled back as her fangs extended.

I put one hand over hers trying to pry her fingers loose while I searched for something along the ground to get leverage with. My hand closed around the cool, hard surface of a rock. I swung hard making direct contact with the side of her head. Taking advantage of her surprise, I threw Marisol off and was to my feet instantly. I was briefly aware of the sounds of thuds and grunts as Mulo continued his fight with her lackies. My focus was on Marisol. Moving quickly I landed a solid punch to her mid-section that sent her flying over the car landing with a hard thump against the trunk of one of the trees. Her eyes widened in shock.

“I’m not as weak as you thought bitch!” I said charging towards her.

She moved in just enough time to dodge the blow ending up behind me. I felt a sharp pain in my back making me drop to one knee. Marisol screamed as she came forward. I rolled to the side and she went flying into the dirt. We were both back on our feet, circling, preparing for the next attack. I looked over to see Mulo standing, covered in blood and body parts of those guys strewn around the yard.

“Looks like it’s just you and me,” I said with a smile.

Marisol looked over her shoulder and turned back with a satisfied look. “You’re right. The beauty of being his maker, he can’t kill me.”

“He won’t need to.”

Mulo tossed me the bottled he’d brought with us. Moving up behind her, Mulo forced her to her knees.

“I will kill you both!” she screamed as she fought to break free of Mulo’s hold.

I knew he wouldn’t be able to restrain her for long so I quickly uncorked the bottle.

“Have a drink,” I said before yanking her head back and forcing the contents down her throat. She coughed and sputtered as she fought for freedom, but I was determined to make her drink every last drop.

As soon as Mulo let her go, she lunged for me. I dodged and she fell forward grasping at her neck.

“What did you…”

Mulo came and stood beside me as we watched her curl up on the ground, writhing in pain. I kneeled down beside her for a closer look.

“George has been a worthless excuse for a father, but he did prove useful in one area.”

She tried to speak but instead turned and vomited. Marisol’s body was engulfed in a flash of light that made Mulo and I shield our eyes. When it was over, she lay on the ground for a moment and let out a small groan. She stood, her movements were sluggish and clumsy. She staggered a bit, rubbing her temples.

“You…you…” I could hear the panic in her voice.

“Made you human,” Mulo answered.

Marisol let out a visceral yell as she awkwardly ran forward reaching for his neck. I grabbed her and plunged my fangs into the side of her neck.

Her arms flailed around as she fought to get free. The warmth of her blood sliding down my throat sent me into frenzy. I yanked my head, ripping a larger hole to allow the blood to flow faster. Her heart rate increased the more scared she became. The more I drank the less she fought. I felt her pulse slowing down, her life was draining. I let go just before I finished her off. Marisol’s body dropped to the ground in a loud thud. I licked my lips and smiled at Mulo.

“Enjoy that, Love?”

I looked down at Marisol’s body, watching as her remaining blood soaked into the ground. Her eyes fluttered as she took her last staggered breath. I looked back up at Mulo, then took a deep cleansing breath.

“Yes, yes I did.”

Sorry it took so long to get this chapter out. I stalled on it for a while and finally just made myself push through. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. I know Saturday's are not the normal release, but since I'd been so delayed in getting it out, I released now instead of waiting. Happy Easter!

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  1. Have to get this out first! Ding Dong the wicked vamp is gone! Thank you for posting this on my day off!

    I love how Marisol met her fate, Amari turned her human and made her as helpless as Amari was all those years. Turning the tables on Marisol was poetic justice and absolutely perfect way for her to meet her demise. Now she can burn in hell with David and Florence.

    On the love triangle did you really have to put me on the fence again? I was safely on one side until I seen the two women coming out of Mulo's room. However she did tell him that she wanted Marcus and he had to leave her life, so if he is not going to have her he isn't going to stop living. Than there was the non returned calls and Amari realizing she might have pushed Marcus too far over the edge. He was right for not getting angry and realizing that this needed to be done, Cuela, their daughter needed to come home and that was first priority. Now afterall that she almost sleeps with Mulo and she was knew what she was doing and she knew the trouble it would cause and it was Mulo that stopped it. Amari really likes playing these two guys, but she can only have one. I don't know what the right choice is for her after all this, but hopefully she will do some soul searching and make some difficult decisions.

    1. LOL yep I figured that part of this chapter would make everyone happy! No more Marisol to torment Amari or her family. I thought it fitting that Amari be the one to finish her off. They couldn't just leave her as human because who's to say she wouldn't find a way to become a vampire again. Nope not leaving it to chance, plus Amari wanted to kill her after everything she'd done. Marisol has a nice hot seat in hell with the other two for sure. :)

      LOL well Mulo has to keep himself entertained right? Amari is married after all, so we can't expect him to be living the life of a monk. She has her man he needs his distractions, it's only fair. Mulo did tell her if she was so concerned, she was more than welcomed to be the one warming his bed. LOL Well it wasn't really non-returned calls, Marcus just didn't bother to call her after she walked out. He already knew where she was going so he didn't bother. She knew that as well. :( At this point Marcus has all but checked out of the relationship. He won't tell her that because he doesn't want her distracted fro bringing home Ceula, but he's done fighting a losing battle. Yep...after all that, when Mulo kissed her she would have given in to crossing that one last line had he not stopped. That's what horrified her the most. Mulo regained his control instead of her. :( Now that Ceula has been found and Marisol is dead Amari will have to go home and face the music.

      thanks for reading

  2. WOOT! Amari kicked ass! It's bittersweet (don't get me wrong, I'm THRILLED that bitch is dead) but...

    She's standing on the balcony listening to the emotionless Marcus, HER HUSBAND, and still, STILL turns and goes gaga for Mulo. Damn the missing child. The only thing that mattered in that moment was quenching her Mulo thirst. Very disappointed in Amari yet again. She's right about one thing, she doesn't deserve to be happy. And I say that because she could have left Marcus where he was HAPPY and stayed with Mulo since she seems to want him that much. But, NOPE! She selfishly ruined any semblance of a normal life he had to bring him back into a twisted love triangle where, in the end, the only one who will be hurt is Marcus. It's clearly obvious who her choice is. That fire and passion she has with Mulo, that chemistry, is LACKING in her own relationship. Seriously, when was the last time she clawed at her own husband in that manner? Exactly.

    /End rant.

    I'm glad Ceula is home safely and that Marisol will no longer be a factor in her life. It will be interesting to see how they get along now that the wicked bitch is not controlling the outcome of their lives.

    As for Marcus, I think he's done. He sounded so defeated, poor guy. Like it was just expected.

    And Mulo...well. If they end up together, great for them. He seems much different than he was at the beginning of the story, so that's a good thing I suppose.

    1. Yep, Marisol is no more!

      :( I know, I sucks!!! Mulo instigated that interaction. She was trying to ignore that attraction that is always present but when he kissed her, sadly it went out the window. She was selfish in bringing Marcus back into her life, but there were more people to consider than just herself. He was the father to 5 kids that thought their father was dead. Would it have been right for him to continue living not knowing of their existence? Could she really have been able to continue to look her children in the face everyday and keep the knowledge of their father from them? She did try to do the right thing by giving him the divorce but the more his memory came back, the harder it was to keep pushing him away. She loves him, she really does and before her change they were on track to be fine. That time with Mulo, not to mention the bond they'd shared, rekindled things she thought were behind her. So now we have this mess. She has that fire with her husband as well. She wants him, she loves him, and they shared a night of passion before her trip to Riverview. :) So it's there. Things are way more stressed with them so it's harder to see the passion underneath, but she desires and wants Marcus just as much and we've seen that in everything that lead up to his return.

      I'm glad she's home safe as well. We now just have to see what kind of damage Marisol did to her while she held her. Hopefully nothing major, but only time will tell. It will be a new era in Amari's life. She's been controlled by Marisol since her sister died so finally her life is truly hers to live.

      :( He does sound defeated, he sounded that way in the previous chapter as well and Amari picked up on that. Hopefully they can find their way back to each other.

      Mulo has grown and changed since the beginning. A big part of that came from that bond they shared. For the first time he was able to fully understand and feel all the pain and suffering she'd endured, some at his own hands. He's not a total heartless bastard so that did have an effect on him. I still don't know how this triangle will end, but hopefully I'll figure it out soon.

      thanks for reading

  3. I'm glad that Amari called home this time and told Marcus what's going on, instead of vanishing like she did the last few times. But....yes, there's always a but. I just wish she hadn't gone to Mulo, she's proven to herself and to Marcus that Mulo is the one she'll always turn to when she's in trouble.

    Marcus has always been there for Amari time and again, and I think he would have been able to help her out with Marisol had he been given half the chance that Mulo always seems to get.

    That kiss shouldn't have happened and Amari should not have allowed it, especially after she indirectly asked Marcus to wait for her until everything with Ceula's sorted out. She and Mulo deserve each other.

    Lastly a big YES, Marisol is dead. Finally Amari can find peace and focus on the family she's been neglecting.

    1. Yep, she was so focused on ending this thing with Marisol that once the anger cleared away she realized how leaving was a bad thing. :( Well Marcus already knew where she was before she called. When she got back from Riverview, she'd told him that Mulo had a plan to rid them of Marisol, but she never got the chance to tell him what. Could Marcus have handled it if he'd known what was going to take place, sure, but he never was brought into the loop because they never got a chance to have that talk. :(

      Amari was trying to give him that chance which is why she'd not gone to Mulo. Aric sent him to her in Riverview because he picked up on that fact. Regardless of what Aric thinks of his father, he knows the man is ruthless enough to get what needs done, done.

      Nope shouldn't have happened at all. It was terrible timing for Mulo to kiss her and for her to give in like she did after asking Marcus to wait. She was horrified at her actions and the fact that it took Mulo regaining his senses to stop it.

      yes! It's time that Marisol is out of the picture. Now to fix the family

      thanks for reading

  4. Amazing. I'm glad Marisol is gone and Ceula is back in the arms of Amari. However, I'm even more glad to see that Amari and Mulo are getting closer. I agree with Daija V. As much as Marcus has tried to be the main love of her life, it's obvious that Amari cannot leave Mulo. Again, she went running to Mulo instead of staying with Marcus. How many times has she done that now? Of course she loves Marcus, but I think she loves and needs Mulo more. Honestly, I think that even if Marcus was able to give Amari the world, she would still go running back to the one person he hates.

    1. Thanks! :) I had to bring Ceula home and finally free Amari from Marisol's grasp.

      LOL you've been team Mulo for a while. Amari does have issues leaving Mulo, but she's done it before. He's always been around, but at times her focus has been on Marcus (see my reply to DJ). Marcus is realizing he'll never be the only main she loves and he's having a hard time with that which is understandable. Mulo blew apart his life out of jealousy, it's hard to forgive and forget that. Mulo has been a huge part of her new life and it's been hard to let that go. They never had that time together to really explore a 'relationship' and part of their pull to each other could be the 'what-if' factor.

      I'm still working out how to end this as I'm still not 100% on who the man in her life will be.

      thanks for reading

  5. I think that I have always known that Amari preferred Mulo, he has her heart. It was the things he did along the way that didn't fit her perception of a happy, healthy family unit that made her turn to others. It's unfortunate that all the men along the way, Marcus included, had to be tangled up because things didn't work that way Amari thought they should with Mulo. Marisol is the one to totally blame for her head games and wicked taunting and puppeteering. Now that Marisol is gone, Amari will really need to consider what (most important word) SHE wants because if she makes a decision based on what she thinks another person wants, it will be repeated disaster over and over.

    1. You are right. Marcus was a big part of her old life, her Riverview life. Mulo was the biggest part of her new life. He couldn't or wouldn't give her what she wanted at the time so when Marcus reentered her life she tried to get it from him. Her old and new life collided and she's not been able to straighten out the two ever sense. Had Mulo not played games and just admitted how he felt about her sooner, things might have worked out differently. She's brought that up a few times. The part of her that still loves Mulo does wonder would life could have been with them together.

      She has a lot to think about and deal with now that she has been able to reclaim her life with Marisol out of the picture. She needs to do deep soul searching about what is best for HER as you said. Sadly we know Amari's decision making has been flawed before, but hopefully this time she'll find the right solution for the right reasons.

      thanks for reading

  6. YES! Bye-bye Marisol, about time the bitch died. Now she can't go around screwing things up and complicating them and being well Marisol. At least that's one problem (feels like an understatement haha) out of the way.

    Amari though, ahg, Amari you're killing me here. Even putting aside the whole crazy love triangle she's gotten into, like not a good time to be kissing Mulo not while her daughter is who knows where in Marisol's hands.

    I don't even know who I'm rooting for anymore haha. There's definitely some kind of chemistry with her and Mulo... and I mean he has proved to come through when it really matters (though I still don't like him for past mistakes. Sorry Mulo, I can't let you off that easy). Marcus just seems so over it right now, and Amari is kissing Mulo while all this is going on. It's not looking so good there.

    1. Yep Marisol is no more! It was time to put that bitch down and Amari was all too happy to be the one to do it. Now for the first time since her sister died, Amari is living her life without anyone pulling any strings.

      LOL She didn't kiss Mulo, he kissed her. She's been trying to keep her feelings in check and stay on task. Mulo knew once this was over things were pretty much over with him and Amari. A goodbye of sorts.

      Mulo has made his mistakes and had finally owned up to them. They do have crazy chemistry together and it pulsates between them. Marcus is tired of fighting for position in her life. They have a lot to talk about now that Ceula is home.

      thanks for reading

  7. I'm so happy that Marisol is finally dead and out of their lives! Poor Ceecee though, I hope she'll be alright.

    1. Yeah, this chapter made a lot of people happy. Now Amari can live without Marisol always breathing down her neck. It's sad Marisol was so blinded by hate that she brought CeCe into this.

      thanks for reading.