Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Chapter 124-What Now?

I knocked lightly on the door before entering Ceula’s hospital room. Ashley was sitting on the bed telling her mother about her day at school and Trey sat beside the bed holding Ceula’s hand. Their family, our family, was complete again. It had been three days since we’d gotten her back. She didn’t remember a lot of what happened just that she’d been taken after she dropped Ashley off from school. Marisol apparently had kept her compelled most of the time because she said her memory was fuzzy on a lot of things. She was extremely dehydrated, had low iron, and of course blood loss, the only bright spot, if you could call it that, was that those newbies of Marisol didn’t use Ceula for anything more than a feeding source.

“Hey Grammy,” Ashley said smiling at me.

“Hi sweetheart,” I replied walking over to give both her and Ceula kisses.

Trey got up to bring a second chair over. “They’re releasing her tomorrow,” he informed me.

“Yes and I’m ready to go home and sleep in my own bed.”

On the surface Ceula seemed to be recovering okay, but I still worried. Ashley had stayed nights with us because Trey didn’t want to leave her side. He’d told me she’d been having nightmares, but when she’d wake she’d have forgotten them that quickly. That was troubling news to hear. Carter was going to run more tests on her. He’d already done a CT that showed nothing. He suspected that whatever was causing her nightmares then instant memory loss was related to her time with Marisol. Considering Mulo had already messed with her head before, anything Marisol could have done might have conflicted and caused some damage we couldn’t see. We were all nervous about her memories of David coming back. Marcus regained his memories of his previous life and he wasn’t compromised like she is now. I was supposed to protect her and I failed. For a second time, I allowed her to fall into the hands of a monster.

“I’m sure the hospital is ready to kick you out to stop the constant flow of visitors to your room,” I joked, pushing away those upsetting thoughts. She gave me a weak smile in return.

All of the family had converged on the hospital once Mulo and I returned. Since then, there was someone here, other than Trey, every day. I leaned forward to smooth her bangs to the side. She was looking better. There were still dark circles under her eyes and bruising showing on her face and around her neck from the repeated biting. Her arms were the same way and it broke my heart to see her like that. It reminded me of finding her after David had worked her over so badly. The anger I had at Marisol for putting her through this made me wish I could kill her all over again. She needed to suffer, to know the pain and terror she’d inflicted on me and my children. Knowing that Ceula still had a long road to recovery made me think Marisol got off to easy by me killing her so quickly.

I stayed and talked to them for a while longer until the nurse walked in with her discharge papers.

“I love you kiddo.”

“Love you too Mom,” she replied, hugging me tighter. “And none of this is your fault,” she whispered in my ear. I pulled back and looked at her. “I know you’re blaming yourself, but you shouldn’t.”

“She’s right,” Trey said. “I know I said some pretty mean things to you and I apologize for that. I was just so angry and scared…”

“Wait, you said mean things to my mom?” Ceula cut in.

“Ooh, Daddy’s in trouble,” Ashley giggled.

“No, he didn’t,” I answered. “He just needed to vent his frustrations,” I smiled over at my son-in-law.

I hated to think anything good came from Marisol’s time in my life, but I doubted I’d have the family I had now if not for her interference. Through all the horrible I’d endured, I was thankful for each of the children I had surrounding me.

When I walked into the house, I heard Finley and Marcus talking in the living room. I still had no idea where things stood with us. With Ceula being home, our focus had been on her. Making sure she was alright and helping to take care of Ashley. Marcus had been by my side being the great guy he always was, at least when people were around. At night, after everyone was in bed, he’d spend hours working out or be locked away in his office. I’d go to sleep alone and wake up alone.

“Thanks Daddy!” I heard Finley say excitedly before she darted up the stairs just as I was heading into the foyer.

I walked into the living room and saw Marcus cuddling with Gracie. “What was that all about?”

“She wanted to use the beach house to host her graduation party. Since it’s vacant right now I told her that was fine.”

“Oh.” In a few weeks, Finley would be graduating and then preparing to move cross country for school. That idea still saddened me, but I couldn’t hold her back. She was growing up and it was my job to support her no matter how scared I was to let her go.

“How’s Ceula?”

“Good,” I replied walking over to get Graham. “She was being discharged when I left.”

“That’s good,” he replied before heading upstairs.

The rest of the day was much like the others. We talked about things that only concerned the kids. Ceula called once she got home. Before dinner, Marcus and I went over to take her some food so she wouldn’t have to worry about cooking. We didn’t stay long because we didn’t want Finley too overwhelmed with the babies. After dinner we got the babies down for the night and Marcus headed downstairs.

I drew myself a bath and thought about how I wanted to broach the subject we’d been avoiding the last few days. Of all the visitors Ceula had gotten, Mulo hadn’t been one of them. He’d sent flowers and a teddy bear for Ashley, but I’d not seen or heard from him since he’d dropped us off at the hospital. Relaxing back in the tub, I tried to let the soothing lavender scent and warm water wash away my worries. My fingers traced the outline of my lips as I remembered the kiss we’d shared on his balcony.

Was that his way of saying goodbye? We’d talked about him leaving, giving me the space I needed for the sake of my marriage, but at times he’d been intent on fighting it. Mulo had finally become the man I’d wanted him to be years ago. Finally he seemed ready to commit, to put my needs ahead of his own for once. But it was too late. He knew that. That’s all that kiss was, his goodbye. It had to be. With everything going on I couldn’t ask him why.

“No! I don’t need the why. I can’t keep thinking about the what-ifs,” I said scolding myself for my wandering thoughts. I loved Mulo, there was no denying that, but I belonged with Marcus.

Pulling the drain on the tub, I stepped out and dressed quickly. Just like I couldn’t dwell on the what-ifs, I couldn’t keep living in the unknown. I loved Marcus and I knew I’d pushed his limits, but a part of me still believed or at least hoped there was still a way for us.

Marcus was sitting at his computer; pictures of houses were on the screen. “Are we moving?”

He exited out of the browser before turning to face me. “Just me.” His voice was devoid of any emotion like when we talked on the phone.

It was unsettling, how unnaturally calm he was these days. I missed the anger, at least then I knew he cared, that he was still invested, but now…it was like he’d checked out. A lump formed in my throat at that thought and I felt the sting in my eyes as I fought back the tears.

“We…were you going to tell me or…” my voice cracked as my emotions got the better of me.

Marcus got up from the chair and I hoped it was to comfort me, but instead he stood there, crossing his arms, unaffected. “Maybe we should talk about this later,” he said. He tried to keep that same calmness, but I detected a hint of waiver in his voice.

“When later?” I screamed at him. “Every conversation we’ve had since I got back as been superficial. So when, when will we have time to talk about you leaving me Marcus? On your way out the door?”

His jaw clenched as he fought to not be affected by my words. I could see he was still trying to remain detached to sever his feelings. He didn’t get to do it that way. I wasn’t perfect, in fact I was well aware of how much I’d fucked up, but I never imagined he’d make plans to leave me in such a way. To keep secrets and make plans without at least talking to me. I couldn’t believe he’d blindside me like this.

“You told me you’d wait. When I called you, you promised me you’d wait. I thought…I thought we’d talk, that we’d fix this but you’re running away!”

“There’s nothing to fix Amari!” he screamed back at me. “What in the hell do you expect from me? I’ve been understanding, and tried and tried to wrap my head around you and him but I can’t and I fucking shouldn’t have to!”

The tears I’d tried to hold in broke loose as I was faced with his anger and frustration. Those feelings that he’d been trying to bury were still there under the surface and I’d managed to release them. I could take his anger better than his indifference, but as I looked at him I saw more than that. I knew this thing with Mulo wasn’t easy on Marcus, that it pained him, but looking at him I saw just how deeply it cut.

“You’re right,” I said, my own anger draining from me leaving only heartbreak in its place. “I know I have no right to ask this of you, but there’s been so much. Always! Just one thing after the next and…I have done wrong. I admit that…I…please Marcus,” I begged hoping that the part of him that still loved me would hear my sincerity.

The frown on his face softened as he ran his hands through his hair. He looked at me and just started shaking his head. “For once I agree with you,” he said and I was hopeful that I’d gotten through to him until he continued. “You don’t have a right to ask anything else of me.”

The finality of those words ripped my heart out and set it ablaze. I drew in a stuttered breath, fighting to not let the despair consume me. This was really it, the end of my marriage. I thought about the babies and how that would work. Having to see him still but not be with him. A sob escaped at the thought. I wouldn’t be able to do it.

Marcus started for the door. “You lied,” I whispered.

He stopped and turned back. “What?”

“You lied to me,” I said louder this time, some of the anger from before returning now. I wasn’t willing to give up on us as easily as he was. He fought his way back into my life, refusing to give up even when I pushed him away. I wasn’t going to let him walk away so easily now.

“What did I ever lie to you about?” he snapped.

“Third time’s a charm, sound familiar? When you asked me to marry you, you shot down my fears, you promised me it would be different this time. That you were different and that you had no plans of leaving me or our family ever again. YOU LIED!” I screamed poking him in the chest.

Marcus stared down at me. His brows drawn together in a deep V. His nostrils flaring out as he took deep breaths, fighting to not be drawn back in to this argument.

“You are different Marcus, because the man I knew would never give up so easily!”

A smile tugged at his lips and the fact that he was smiling scared me more than anything.

“Easy? What part of this has been easy exactly?” he asked, his voice returning to that calm indifference from before. “The part where my wife spent two months with the person I hate most in this world? Or the part where she tells me that she still loves him despite all the shit he’s done to her and our family? Was that the easy part Amari? No? Well, let’s continue to see if we can get to the easy part.” He got angrier as he spoke. All the feelings he'd been trying to keep to himself came bubbling to the surface.

“It has to be the part where my wife tells me she was close to fucking that man, but she managed not to, but not because of the vows she made or anything logical like that. Nope, it’s because fucking Mulo knew how bad it would be on you if he let you cross that line! Have I gotten to the fucking easy part yet Amari?” he yelled. “I have put up with you loving that...that man since our first marriage. You even went so far as to make vows to him during our wedding! So easy? No Amari, loving you has been the hardest goddamned thing I've ever done.”

Each word he spoke shook me to my core. Each angry syllable was like a choke-hold strangling me making it hard to breath. I shrank back, feeling ashamed to be in his presence as he unleashed his well-deserved tirade upon me. My god I was a horrible person! How could I have honestly expected him to stay? I was a fool. A selfish, blind fool. I could finally see things through Marcus' eyes. I looked at the man in front of me. Angry and broken. I’d done that to him. He was a good man. He loved me, he'd been willing to stand by me no matter what and I took that for granted. Tears pooled in the bottom of his eyes and I rushed forward needing, wanting to do something, anything to make it better.

To right the wrongs I’d done to him, but he pushed me away. My apology stuck in my throat, not that I thought it’d make a difference at his point. Eveyone has their limits and Marcus was well past his.

“I’ll stay until after Finley graduates. That’ll give us time to figure out a schedule.” My crying made it hard to speak so I just nodded my understanding.


  1. What did Amari really expect to happen? There was no way that she was going to come home and say "Honey, I'm home" and expect them to live like as if nothing ever happened. Even if she didn't do the deed, she still cheated on Marcus and she still love Mulo. She sat in the bathtub remembering his kiss and saying "was that actually goodbye?" Marcus has been hurt too many times by times by her returning to Mulo so there is way too many issues for them to work out before things go back to normal. Well that is if they actually can, which I don't see. Trust is going to have to be rebuilt and that will take a very long time to happen. I think Marcus moving out is the best thing because all these emotions are raw and arguing and fighting which I see happening often will only make things worse.

    Ok as for Mulo, gotta hand it he did become the person she needed him to be and I give him credit for staying away as that is what she asked for and what he thought was best for her. He didn't even go to see Ceula in the hospital and I am sure that he wanted to.

    One last thing I have to say and this is actually something I have to say I loved about Amari, she recognized without Marisol or this ordeal, she wouldn't have her children. That is a statement that a true mother would say.

    1. I don't know what she expected to happen. She knew she messed up, but I guess she thought he'd be willing to work things out now that there weren't other forces to deal with. Her walking out that last time, despite her frame of mind when she did it, sort of sealed her fate then. I'm sure we're not done hearing Marcus get things off his chest. Her thought process is all sorts of jacked up! I won't even try to defend it. LOL It's wrong and if she was as committed to her husband as she keeps saying then he would be first priority. That doesn't appear to be the case. :( The trust is a big deal, but more than that, no one likes feeling like the second fiddle. No man wants to compete for his wife's affections and Marcus sure as hell doesn't want to compete with Mulo. He should have to. He's told her that time and again and she didn't listen. Now she heard him loud and clear.

      Mulo has become a different man over time. He probably did want to see Ceula, but he knew what his presence there would do so he's stayed away. Amari made her mess, now she has to clean it up.

      Yes, Marisol was a horrible person, but Amari had to admit that without her she wouldn't have the family she has now.

      thanks for reading

  2. Everyone has a breaking point, and Marcus has reached his and I agree with him wholeheartedly.

    Amari has no right to ask anything of him, even while she was in the bathtub she was still thinking about Mulo and their kiss. She's clearly confused about a lot of things and she needs to sort herself out first, then maybe she can start thinking about how to save or fight for her marriage. But with the way things stand between her and Marcus I don't see how their marriage can be saved. Too much hurt, and lots of trust issues. Even if they do work out in the long run, things between them just won't be the same.

    Yes, Marcus moving out is what they both need right now.

    1. Marcus is well beyond his breaking point. He caught some flack early on for being so angry and frustrated with her and this whole situation. He was even seen a little as the bad guy for being so wrapped up in his feelings but he was trying as best he could. He eventually sucked it up and held it in, but no more.

      Amari is very confused on a lot of things. She's starting to see now just how fucked up she's treated Marcus. How wrong it was to expect him to just sit around like a fool while she ran off to Mulo for one reason or another. She truly didn't grasp it before, but now she does but the damage is done. If they can make it work, it'll take time. A lot of time. They both need time to figure out where to go from here and Amari needs to keep her ass away from Mulo if she even wants a chance.

      thanks for reading

  3. This is comment, and yet, not!
    I've felt this way back when I pictured it happening, so now I just shrug!
    Nicely done that recap of all the things wrong with Amari's actions.

    1. LOL yeah it was easy to see this coming after she was turned. Things really started to go downhill from there and they just continued to spiral.

      She's done some messed up things that have been festering under the surface for a while now. :(

      thanks for reading

  4. I really am not sure what to say. I expected Marcus to try after everything settled, but from his view, he tried already. Amari made mistakes, so of course it's her fault. Wonder if it were him, would he expect her to leave?

    1. LOL you sound like Amari. He had tried, but she wasn't ready when he was. Now he's done with it all and she's finally ready to put their marriage first. If the situations were reversed, who knows. No one ever likes to admit their mistakes hurt someone so deeply they want to leave, but it happens. We'd have to hope Marcus would never do that, but if he did, that he'd understand she gave him every chance to get it right and now she couldn't any more.

      thanks for reading

  5. Alright, first, let me say I'm glad Ceula is back and healing. I'm sure her family has missed her a great deal and it'll take some work to really move past her ordeal but I'm sure they can try. And without Marisol around any longer things may get much easier for everyone.

    Now. On to Amari and Marcus.

    Their situation is very, VERY screwed up. I can't believe how much he has tried and she had the NERVE to call HIM a liar? Are you out of your fucking mind? She's all mooning and daydreaming over Mulo while her husband is dying inside and she has the NERVE...Lord *breathe...breathe*.

    If Amari really wanted things to work out then she would have LISTENED when her HUSBAND told her what he needed and how he thought things would work WHEN they still had a chance. She should have tried to be there for her family and stopped fawning over a man that was only causing her life so much misery.

    But NOPE! Inconsiderate time after the next she went running off to Mulo for shit when she had a very capable man willing to die for her at home. She claims that "only Mulo could do this and only Mulo could do that" but she never gave Marcus the chance to prove he could as well! And when it finally came time to go up against Marisol, tell me WHAT exactly did Mulo do that Marcus couldn't? Kill some newly turned vamps? Stand back and watch a cat fight? Hold Marisol while Amari poured the potion? Be there to comfort her as they located her daughter? NOTHING!

    Amari doesn't deserve Marcus. Hell at this point I don't believe she deserves to be happy. I think she should just rot in misery alone and a shrew. I'm tired of watching her fuck up such a "good man" which is the only way she can describe him it seems. Yeah he was a "good man" and he didn't deserve the crap he had to put up with to be with you, Amari! Let her selfish ass have the selfish Mulo (although, technically he has tried to change and I get him props for that). In fact at this point I don't want her to be happy with Mulo either. Let him dodge that bullet.

    There was a time, you remember, when I BEGGED that Marcus come back because I truly believed Amari needed to be happy and deserved to be happy after all of the pain and shit she put up with thanks to Marisol, George and Mulo. But she is SO not worthy of a happily ever after. In all honesty, she got that when she murdered Marisol. That should be the ONLY peace of mind and happiness she gets because of what she's done. She has completely and utterly fucked things up so badly that I don't see how they are gonna work through it.

    The trust is gone. Hell at this point I think Marcus has fallen out of love because as he said it was the hardest thing he's ever had to do. It shouldn't be a constant one-sided battle. And Amari has proven she wants nothing to do with him regardless of what she "might" think.

    Marcus had been holding in a LOT of anger and a LOT of resentment and it was high time he got that off his chest. Bravo to him. He needs to get away from her and I hope he finds some happiness after all. Shit. If she was just gonna fuck with this man after getting him home, she should have just left his ass happy and oblivious in Italy where she found him! At least then he had what he believed was an honest marriage to a woman who did her best to please him!

    She took an honorable man, a loving husband and a devoted father and turned him into a cold, bitter, uncaring person. Just obliterated everything she thought was "good" about him one piece at a time. And it was all because she couldn't honor the vows she made to him?! And then, THEN when shit gets really bad and he FINALLY after YEARS of pain gives up, she goes AND BLAMES HIM?? Calls HIM a quitter??? Really?

    Fuck her.

    Let her rot in hell alone.

    So I thought if I slept on it that I'd be ok to comment...guess I was wrong.

    1. Yes it's nice to have Ceula home and safe now. It was a trying time for the whole family and now they are complete again.

      On to the bad :(

      I don't deny it. The situation is a royal fucking mess! hahaha Let me just say I am not defending Amari's actions. She's fucked up...that being said her calling him the liar was her poking the bear so to speak. Marcus is done, she's known it, but didn't want to really admit it to herself. She wanted a reaction, she wanted the fight because she could take that better than the indifference.

      I agree. As I said to Val, Marcus took some flack before for being so angry. He was made to be sort of a bad guy because he didn't showcase that same sort of 'blind, unconditional' love that Mulo seemed to possess for Amari. Marcus tried, and he didn't ask for much. He really only had 1 condition, it sadly just happened to be the one thing that Amari had the hardest time doing. He told her in very clear words in chapter 116. He was willing to try, but after she walked out and went to Mulo, Marcus was done. He already knew that Mulo would be needed, but it was more the fact that she didn't even bother to talk to him first that hurt Marcus the most. :(

      Again I agree and that was Marcus's point as well. From the beginning he was never given the same chances so he always was playing a losing game of catch up to Mulo. He should have never had to do that. She made vows to him, she married him, told him time and time again she wanted him, but when push came to shove Mulo was her savior. Marcus had no idea what the plan was for Marisol, Amari never got to tell him, but he could have handled it. He is a very capable person, but he was never given the chance. If things had gone wrong, maybe it worked out that both of them weren't there. The babies would have been orphans, but he should have at least been given the choice.

      hahaha...I'm just gonna skip over the whole alone and miserable part. LOL She did single-handedly break Marcus. It took a lot, but damn she managed to do it. What??? SHOCK FACE you said something nice about Mulo...gave him credit for changing I didn't think I'd ever see the day that happened. hahahaha Aww...Mulo loves Amari and all her faults. He more than anyone knows that no one is perfect.

    2. are the reason Marcus didn't die to begin with but instead went missing. I think I feared for my life if I'd killed him. LOL I don't know where it went wrong. Man they were good, and happy after all the shit with Flo. Then she was turned and that time with Mulo just fucked them all up. :( I even go back to re-read trying to figure out what happened because damn I don't get it. LOL I know I'm the author, but seriously they don't ever do what I want them to do. All of them just do what they want then I'm left to deal with the aftermath. Marcus and Amari were on track...they were then they veered so far off course that I don't even see the track anymore. :( Hopefully they will figure things out. Only time will tell.

      No he still loves her which is what makes it so painful. :( Marcus is a simple man. He wanted the woman he loved, his kids, and a happy life. He still wants those things, but he's realizing that it might not happen.

      Yep, when I started writing this chapter this IS NOT how I thought it would go, but Marcus had other plans. He was tired of standing silently by being walked over so he put his foot down. No more! Like I said, before she was turned, things were good. They were happy and now they have to figure out if they can get that back. Well that is if both parties want to try. Marcus maybe be down for the count at this point. He does still love her, but that isn't enough I don't think.

      Again, she wanted a reaction out of him. She wasn't willing to just let him go quietly into the night. Selfish-yes, but that's her train of thought. She honestly thought that they'd (she) have at least one more chance to get it right, but to find out Marcus had other ides was a surprise. Should she have known??? Yeah probably, but we all know that at times Amari could be so wrapped up in her own head that she doesn't see shit until it's too late. :(

      Hopefully in the next coming chapters she can start to redeem herself. If Mulo did, anything is possible.

      LOL I can see how sleeping on it made you a lot calmer this morning hahaha

      thanks for reading :)

    3. I was calm, really. I loaded up the blog, scrolled...scrolled...scrolled...*aww Marcus looks so sad* ANGER RENEWED!

  6. ~ It is good to see Ceula home and safe & with her family, hopefully everything will be right with her,but the nightmares that are not remembered on waking worries me!!!!!
    ~ OK, about Amari & Marcus, if the roles were reversed, I do not see Amari giving so many chances to Marcus,in fact I think she would have left,if the shoe was on the other foot!!!!
    ~ I think his speech has shown her that,& just how much he hurts, she has belittled him as a man, in his own right, by throwing Mulo in his face on every turn!
    ~ But he still loves her otherwise he would have long gone! At the moment,he knows they need to have space,to sort out how they feel, & were things will go from here!
    ~ More than anything he needs Amari to sort herself out,without the pressures that have weighed her down for most of her life,the chains have been broken & she is set free,she now has to find out who she is & what she wants,her choices are her own now,without anyone dictating to her what she has to do!
    ~ She needs to do that before she can be with anyone,otherwise things will stay the same,& she will live in the shadow of what was done to her!
    ~ Looking forward to what happens next! (",)

    1. It is worrisome about the nightmares Ceula is having. She's had her head messed with one too many times, so there's no way to really know what damage has been done right now. They have to wait and see.

      Hard to say if Amari would be so understanding if the shoe was on the other foot. Maybe depending how how deep her feelings were for Marcus. She's had an amazing ability to forgive Mulo, so it would be nice to think she'd do the same for Marcus.

      That speech did open her eyes a lot. She never looked at it as a whole, all the times Mulo was involved in their lives. Marcus listing them out to her made her see first hand how bad it was and how hurtful it was for Marcus every day. What he had to deal with.

      You are right. He does still love her and that's what hurts the most. He's done nothing but try to be there for her and she's basically rejected it a every turn. :( He needs time away because she's killed his ego and pride and he needs to come to terms with the fact she doesn't seem to love him as much as he loves her.

      That she does! She's always had other stuff going on in the background. Her strings were always being pulled by Marisol and such. From the moment she left Riverview her life has been in shambles so she needs to figure out how to survive being in control of her own destiny. Things may not work out for her and Marcus, but she needs to figure out what comes next.

      thanks for reading

  7. I feel like I am so late with making a comment. Better late than never right :P

    I knew it. I knew it would all boil over soon enough. I actually thought it would be Amari to be the one that leaves because I figured she would get to a point where she had to choose between them. But now that I think about it, this makes WAY more sense. Marcus should be the one to leave Amari. The only thing Amari said that I can 100 percent agree with is finally seeing things through Marcus's eyes. Hearing his side of things make me wonder how he was able to put with her. I guess love really does make you crazy. I didn't think about all he had to go through to be with this woman, yet this woman goes to another man who gave her all these problems in the first place. I think what makes it even worse, is the fact that Marcus was the first guy (Marcus was her first boyfriend ever right?) They were high school sweet hearts but even then she decided to just leave. Even back then she was leaving him. I guess now is the time for him to leave her.

    Marcus has been through a lot with this woman. He mentioned how she made vows to Mulo on their wedding day. I'm surprised he didn't mention how she also danced with him on as well. I still like Mulo though. Amari and Mulo are very flawed. Let them go be flawed together. Let Marcus find his happiness with someone who deserves him.

    1. Yep, better late than never. :)

      Yes Marcus has been holding his tongue for a long time through all of this. He's tried and tried to hold it in and be there for her, but he couldn't take it any longer. She had chosen, she'd told Mulo she wanted to try and make things work with Marcus, only it seems Marcus doesn't want to be her choice. Amari is finally seeing things through Marcus' eyes. She finally can see and understand everything she has put him through. Love does make you crazy and it allows you to put up with more than you should at times. That's exactly Marcus' feelings. He's competing for her heart against a man that has caused her, him, and their family so much pain. He can't understand it and he's tired of trying. Yes Marcus was her high school and college sweetheart. After her sister died she shut down and left. They talked about that in one of the early chapters and he told her he would have come with her.

      He had been through so much for her and he's done. Well the dance wasn't as big a deal as the fact she made vows to another man when she was marrying him. That's why he brought that up, to show her just how much he has dealt with when it came to her and Mulo. Both she and Mulo are flawed. This whole experience changed her and not necessarily for the better. :(

      thanks for reading

  8. I was eating dinner, but had to stop just to focus on this chapter. I do not feel bad for Amari in the least bit. She pushed Marcus too far with her constant screw ups with Mulo. She deserves to be alone, or with Mulo but she doesn't deserve Marcus. I hope they can co-parent for the kids, but this needed to happen.

  9. Wow...sorry didn't mean to interrupt dinner. A lot of people don't feel sorry for Amari. Yes she's had to deal with a lot of crap, but that's not been enough for it to excuse her actions where Marcus is concerned. :( She's messed up, and she knows it. Being with Mulo isn't really a punishment as he's changed and does love her but she wants things to work with Marcus and that's not looking good. :(

    thanks for reading