Wednesday, March 30, 2016

For Your Information

Hey guys, I just wanted to let everyone know what what was coming up. All things Kiss will end next week. :(

The schedule is as follows:

Monday: final chapter
Wednesday: epilogue
Friday: Q&A session

For the Q&A I'll be doing another episode of Chatting With Chelsea.

The set up for the Q&A is a talk show format so the characters will be portrayed as 'actors'. So I wanted you guys to all be aware that they will refer to the characters that you've known and loved for the last 4 years as just that, characters and not themselves if that makes sense. They may or may not have different names to play into that 'actor' thing. Let me know how you'd feel about that. If it'd be too confusing or if you'd think it'd be a fun thing. :)

The time to submit your questions is open until Thursday of next week (April 7). Just comment on this post if you have any more. Thank you to everyone that has already submitted, if you have more feel free to pop in again.

I can't thank you guys enough for the love and support shown to me over the last 4 years while I worked on this story. It's meant a lot to me!!!


  1. OK, I have a question for Marcus, Are you going to get your head out of your rear end, and try to work things out with this woman that loves you or are you going to keep things going with the nanny?

    1. Pinky's not even playing. She just won't even consider that Marcus isn't sleeping with Nanny McHotpants hahahaha I love this!

    2. Yes I'm hoping that he is being faithful to his vows he made when he got married.

    3. @Pinky thanks for your question. I'll figure out how to work it into the Q&A session if you don't get an answer in either chapter 133 or the epilogue. :)

      Let's hope he's been faithful and not physically cheated on Amari with the nanny. We shall find out.

  2. Portrayed as actors? I think that sounds pretty fun. Like, we been watching/reading a play all this time. Or TV series. Yeah, a TV series. Filled with drama and romance. I like it! I'm curious as to how you plan to come up with the actors names. If you decide to give them names will you please tell us how you choose them? Now that I think about, how did you choose their current names?

    Also, I have a pretty good feeling that Marcus hasn't touched the nanny. But it's still a low down thing having her around like that.

    1. Yep, hopefully you guys will enjoy the Q&A with the set up I have. Yes, it'll be like a TV series that's been running for 4 seasons. ;) LOL

      The names, sorry nothing special there. Really. I normally just look up baby name sites to find something. I like things that are different most time. Mulo's name I put a little more thought into because I wanted something that sounded sort of old world. For their actor names, I've recently found a name generator. I just kept hitting the button until I got a name that seemed like it fit them.

      Yes, it is low down to have that nanny around. We'll see if Amari calls him out on it or not since she didn't say anything to him about it when she first saw Jenelle.

      thanks for reading