Friday, April 5, 2013

Chapter 92-Seeing A Ghost

I sat at the little café, the same one I had sat at for the last two days trying to figure out how to talk to him. I had gone by the address and had seen him out in the garden with her. He looked the same yet different. They laughed as they played spraying each other with water. I looked away when he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. I got back to my room as fast as I could and spent the rest of the night curled up on my bed crying. He looked so happy, so in love with that woman. I second guessed disrupting his life. Here things were easier for him; he didn’t have to deal with any of the craziness I brought into his life. It was Mulo telling me to let it go and come home that made me want to stay. I had come this far and I wouldn’t give up that easily. That’s what he wanted and I refused to leave without even talking to him. I pulled out the picture of us and the boys taken the day we moved into the new house trying to decide how to approach him. We looked so happy, he was happy with me even with all of the craziness. I finished the last of my latte, then got up to leave backing into someone.

Perdonatemi.” (pardon me) His accent was flawless but his voice was still the same. I stood there frozen unable to speak as I stared into the face of a ghost.

“Oh Marcus.” I cried wrapping my arms around his neck without thinking. 

He was shocked for a moment to have a stranger fling herself on him but recovered removing my arms from around his neck and taking a step back. He had a fleeting look of what I thought was recognition when he looked at me but it quickly passed. 

“I'm sorry Miss but I believe you have me confused with someone.”

 I knew he wouldn’t know me but it didn’t make it hurt any less. Since he didn't recognize his name, I guess he didn't know who he was. Mulo really wanted to make sure we never found each other again. Seeing him, realizing he truly had no idea of who I was, was the sign I needed to just walk away. I turned and quickly grabbed up my bag.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know why I did that. Excuse me.” I tried to move past him but he grabbed my arm, his brows scrunched together in concentration looking as if he was attempting to recall something. 

“Do I know you?”

“Not any more.” I replied pulling my arm free heading back to the safety of my hotel.

Marcus POV

I watched as the woman fled across the courtyard. She had just a look of sadness on her face when she looked at me. There was something about her but I didn’t know what. Maybe it was her smell or the sound of her voice but there was something about her that seemed familiar.

“Chi era quello?”(Who was that?) Florence asked walking up sliding her arm around my waist. I leaned down to give her a quick kiss.

“Nessuno. Solo un tourista.”(No one. Just a tourist.)

 “Oh. Vieni amore sto morendo di fame.” (Come love I’m starving.) 

Florence walked off towards the café and I gave one glance back in the direction the woman had ran. A piece of paper in the chair where she sat caught my eye. I was hoping it held some clue as to who she was but there were only two words written on it.
Moving Day
When I flipped it over I was stunned to see it was a photograph. There was a man that looked like me standing with a pregnant her and two little boys. 

“Marc vieni?” (are you coming) She called out from the doorway.

I slid the picture into my pocket before joining her inside. As I lay in bed that night my thoughts kept going back to the woman at the café. 

Slowly I eased out of the bed so I didn’t wake Florence I took the picture out of my pocket and had the same surreal feeling now as I did earlier. 

Staring at myself in a picture that I don’t recall taking, it had to be a fake. Who was this woman and what did she want? There was only one way to find out and that was to find her, sooner rather than later.

Amari POV

I hated when Mulo was right. At least he was decent enough to leave me alone and not invade my thoughts. Marcus looked right at me and didn’t know me. I hugged him, a virtual stranger but who he was didn’t change. He was the same polite gentleman I have always known. I don’t know what I was expecting. I had fooled myself into believing that seeing me would be some sort of trigger, that the love we shared would still be there, underneath it all, but I was wrong. So very, very wrong. Turning off the shower I quickly dried off and got dressed. I needed to start packing and needed to call the airport to see when I could fly home. I started digging through my bag to find the number when a knock on the door startled me. 

“You need to explain yourself.” He said pushing his way into my room slamming the door shut behind him. “Who are you and what do you want?” He demanded. I stumbled back falling onto the bed stunned to see him here.

“How did you find me?”

“It’s a small town not many options on places tourist stay. Now tell me what you are after.”

“I’m not after anything.” I snapped annoyed at his tone and with the way he just barged into my room.

“Then explain this.” He growled holding up my picture, the one I was looking at yesterday when we ran into each other.

“That’s mine.” I said reaching for it but he put it back in his pocket. 

“Give that to me.”

“Not until you explain who you are and what you want. Are you trying to blackmail me for money?” 

I was shocked into silence from his accusation. I was hurt and insulted he would think such a thing and I guess those feelings showed on my face as his features softened.

“I don’t need to blackmail you. I have plenty of my own money.”

“Then tell me what you want Amari.”

“You know my name?” I asked hopeful that he was getting something back.

“Yes, Amari Vinson. The woman at the front desk told me.” Instantly my face fell hearing that.

"She just told you my info because you what asked nicely?" I questioned, a little angry that the clerk would simply give out guest info so freely. "She's not allowed to do that!"

"Well" he said with a little smile "she may have had a little help in letting go of the information."

I frowned more hearing that he would use his abilities against someone like that.

"Why would you do that? I'm no one to you."

"I don't believe that's true so I want some answers."
“Well I don't have any to give."

 I turned my back to him when I felt the tears threatening to fall. Being so close to him, looking at him and seeing that he had no recognition of who I was, was a pain I couldn’t take any longer. I felt him step closer to me, he smelled the same, he looked the same but he was not the same man.

“Tell me about this picture.” He asked again holding it in front of my face. He didn’t snatch it back when I reached out to grab it this time. Our fingers touched and briefly he let his linger on top of mine before quickly pulling them away. 

“There’s nothing to tell.” I replied wiping the tears away.

“Well unless I have a twin, that man in the picture with you and those boys is me.”

“No.” I said turning to face him. “The man in this picture went missing and has never been found. 
Thank you for returning it to me but if you don’t mind I need to pack for my return flight home.” 

Sending him away was probably the hardest thing I have done, but it was for the best. He was happy here and I couldn’t mess that up.  I looked down at the picture in my hand letting my fingers run across the smiling faces before walking over to put it in my bag.

“I look at that handsome face every day. The man in that picture is me. Human me, but me just the same.” 

“Still the same conceited you.” I replied laughing a little without realizing what I said. Marcus had me pinned against the wall before I had a chance to react.

“Who are you?”

“Let go of me.” I hissed struggling to break free of him.

“Not until you answer my question.”

He was so close to me, his lips were only inches away from mine. I only had to lean up in order to close the space; my tongue darted out licking my lips. His eyes followed its route and he seemed to inch closer as if we shared the same thoughts. I wanted him to kiss me, maybe that was all it would take for everything to come back to him. 

I inhaled deeply, closing my eyes briefly forcing myself to remember he had another life now and I couldn’t mess that up. 

“Well this is new. You were never one to get physical with a woman before.” I said glaring at him needing to break the spell.

“I’m sorry.” He said letting me go. “I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Just go Marcus. Go back to your life and forget I was ever here.”

“I can’t do that. I can’t just forget about that picture. The kids they look like me. I believe that man is me. Tell me who you are.”

“You know who I am, the front desk clerk told you. So go.”

“Not good enough. There is something familiar about you, about your smell. It’s stayed with me since you hugged me yesterday and the longer I’m near you the more it affects me. I can’t walk away without knowing the answer as to why that is. So if you want me to go away just answer the damn question.”

"Will you stop doing that!" I asked rubbing my temples.

"Doing what?" He replied innocently.

"Trying to read my thoughts. You can't get in so all you are doing is giving me a headache."

"Why is that exactly?" He asked while stopping his attempts.

"Because there is only room for so many people in my head."

Confusion riddled his face but I wasn't in the mood to offer up further explanations.

"You are a very peculiar woman."

"Really? Well you can be free of me and all of my peculiarities by leaving my room now."

"I'm not leaving until I get the answers I came from."

“Fine I'll just call for security.” I retorted walking towards the phone.

“Or not.” He said pulling the phone from the wall.

“Freaking vampire speed.” I mumbled under my breath. “You are paying for those damages.” I said glaring at him.

“I will leave payment at the desk when I leave, AFTER you tell me what I came to find out. You know about me, what I am and aren't shocked by it. You keep calling me Marcus, is that who I am, or was to you?”

I looked into his gorgeous green eyes that were pleading with me to fill in some blank. Taking a deep breath I thought about the weight of what I was about to tell him. There was no easy way to tell a person that had no clue who the hell I was that we were married and have five children.

“Ok if I answer your question. The ONE question you asked me, you will leave?”

“Yes. Just give me answer and I will leave as promised.”

“I’m your wife.”

***A/N ok so you all certainly noticed that Marcus still looked human. Well that’s because in game I didn’t change him to vamp. Well I did but he looked HORRIBLE (see pic below) as a vamp so I gave him fangs and left him alone. I didn’t think about adding the mod to remove the overly to the game until after I started the shots and I’m too damn lazy to retake them so he is what he is. Also I use google translate for my Italian so if something is off, I'm sorry.  Thanks for reading.***


  1. He doesn't look that bad at all, but yeah the skin glow is a tad annoying.

    I think it's good that Amari didn't see him with his new love interest, that would have just killed her.

    I get she's reluctant to tell him anything and disrupt his new life, but she can't poke a lion and expect it not to bite back. Now that she's there she should see it through.

    1. She did. She had a bit of a stalker moment of seeing them outside their house. That's why she was thinking about leaving until Mulo popped in. Gave her new determination to stay.

      She tried to push him away the first time, but he chose to stay knowing it all. Her seeing him happy and out of harms way (aka her life) she wants to let him have that.

      Yeah dropping a bomb like I'm your wife is the wrong thing to say to someone who you are trying to get rid of. :P

    2. Haha, that second pic just made me think of something...not gonna say what!
      I meant after her little run in with Marcus, it's great she didn't see her hanging all over him, considering she's conflicted about staying and doing what she came for.

    3. hahahah ah ok. Yeah that is a good thing. It was bad enough to see him and him not know her. :(

      Are you thinking naught thoughts? LOL

  2. CLIFFY!!!! I guess it's that time again... Cliffy season :)

    I think in this case you made the right choice in keeping his human skin. I agree, the vampire/Marcus looks a bit... I don't know... but I don't like it either. It's a bit sad she saw him enjoying his new life with Florence. She seems like a nice person and Marcus is in a tight spot (Mulo's just moved to 6 feet under the 6 feet). It doesn't matter what happens: Imari/Florence... either way, someone will get hurt.

    I don't like the crib he was looking at...
    Did he subconsciously buy that, in a way still remembering Imari and her pregnancy? Did Florence mistake it for him wanting to start a family? ARE they staring a family?

    Mulo... step into my office... PLEASE!!! *scowl*

    1. Amari... I know an Imari, so that's why it's stuck in my head! My Bad :P

    2. ah yes, the crib....what is that all about??? We shall see soon enough.

      Yeah when I changed him in CAS I hated it instantly. I don't know why EA did that but he didn't look good at all. So left him as is with the addition of fangs.

      Sadly yeah. She knew he had someone, but seeing made it real for her. :( Mulo did a real number on him. Florence, yeah his new Italian woman. Poor girl is getting caught up in a mess. :(

      Either way Marcus is in a tight spot. Maybe Mulo was right and she should have let the knowledge that he was alive and well be enough. :(

  3. What really? She thinks saying that one little thing is going to solve the problem? Yeah right Amari, nice try! "I'm your wife, now leave" HA! As determined as he was to stick around for just one shred of anything and she thinks leaving him on that will appease the beast? happy he came looking though and damn he still looks just as good as the day he left. Mmm my Marcus. He's been sorely missed. I really hope they can work this out but I can't see things ending well for someone. One way or another, Florence or Amari, someone is getting their heart smashed. Amari has had a while to deal with things though and she sees him happy and has a little closure. But then I think about his five kids (three of which have no idea who he is) and think "damn those poor babies." What a mess :(

    1. hahaha yeah. That's why she was REAL clear on her instructions. Answer the ONE question then you have to go. Should be fun to see if he did or not next chapter.

      He was pretty determined for answers so not sure how she plans on throwing him out after that little admission.

      Yeah something triggered seeing her, he just doesn't know what yet. He needed to figure out why he felt a pull towards her and get to the bottom of that picture. The more he digs the worse things could get if he has to choose between his two lives. Someone will be hurt in the process no matter how much he tries to avoid it.

      Glad having him back has made you happy.

  4. That's a tough situation to be in, for both Marcus and Amari.
    I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out.
    It will certainly be hard for him to keep his promise to leave after he got the answer to his ONE question, because that answer just opens a giant drawer of new questions.
    It was surprising to see him get physical...I guess becoming a vampire and losing your memories can change you up a little.

    1. :( Yeah this is gonna be hard on both of them. She's trying to let him go but it hurts and he wants to know answers but the more he gets the more complicated his life becomes.

      hahaha yeah that isn't the oh ok thanks for answering have a nice life kind of answer he was expecting. He will/does have more questions so I don't see her getting rid of him easily.

      Ha yeah he didn't think before he acted there. He wasn't trying to hurt or even scare her when he did that. He did let go and apologize when she made him aware of what he had done. He's still the same good guy so he hasn't been changed that much. I couldn't do that to him.

  5. Well, I can imagine hearing "I'm your wife" won't exactly make him want to leave, that's certainly got to be a shock to hear. He did promise though, so I'll be interested to see what he really does...I just can't imagine anybody just leaving after that.

    I feel bad for her having to see him with someone else too, that's gotta suck... had to know it was coming, but still. That could be interesting too, learning he has a wife... might not make his relationship with Florence so easy... regardless of how he takes this news and what he says to her.

    Well, I'm very interested to see what happens next, could get very interesting.

    Oh and I'm so happy to see Marcus again no matter what's going on... I've missed him. :D

    1. LOL yeah that is something to say then push them out the door. He did promise and that's why she was so clear on asking him to agree to that condition.

      Yes seeing him happy with someone else was hard, even knowing it was coming. Learning he has a wife and a whole family will certainly have an impact on his relationship with Florence. This is gonna be hard for everyone involved.

      Yeah it's been nice having him back.

  6. Oh, Wow!! I've always loved Marcus, I'm so glad he's back!! Poor Amari, I can't imagine how she felt seeing him with his new girlfriend. I'm torn between wanting Marcus back and still wanting Mulo to be in her life... whatever happens, I hope she is happy!

    1. Yes he has returned. :D Yeah she knew he had a new woman, but seeing him with her, interacting with her was hard. Mulo will always be in her life, she is stuck with him for a while LOL. She just wants to be happy and her happiest moments were with Marcus. Hopefully something will work out for her.

  7. woooo! Marcus! I'm so excited he is back!

    1. Yeah his return has pleased a lot of people

  8. Oh, Jazen I really hate cliff hangers. Is it May yet?

    Marcus is seriously HOT as a vampire--I think so anyway. Very smexy. My heart is hurting for both of them, though, and even for...Mulo. I know, I know. He's evil incarnate. I can't help it--he's just so sad and pathetic. (That would no doubt really tick him off! LOL!!) His feelings for Amari may not be love, but they are probably the best he has to offer. Yeah, a bit sick I know. I just can't help thinking he wasn't hugged enough as a child!

    Isn't it about time for Amari to have a one night stand and get pregnant? Some nice Italian man would do, yes? LOL! I just love this story so much. Thanks for writing!!

    1. aww sorry. I will try to not make you wait too long for the next chapter. Yeah I would have to agree, he makes a very sexy vamp and his new attitude that goes along with it adds to that appeal. :)

      hahahaha poor Mulo. He has some things in life he needs to figure out because sadly he gets most things wrong when it comes to dealing with Amari. They have a very strange relationship.

      Yes she needs to make a new baby. I will see how I can work that in but she won't be making it to 100. I'm not sure how many she will end up with since this story has gotten so far off course from its original plan/purpose.

      Aww you're welcome, I'm glad you are loving it. I see no end in sight currently because I have to figure out a new game plan since this is no longer your standard baby challenge.

  9. Hi Jazen, Great update with Amari finally seeing Marcus again. Will be interesting to see where their relationship goes and how Marcus's current romantic relationship reacts.

    Marcus is as handsome as ever.


    1. Glad you enjoyed it. They will have some struggles to overcome because things are complicated with him memory loss and him being involved with someone.

      Yeah he's a cutie and I've missed him.

  10. Oh I felt for Amari! She was trying to be so unselfish and leave him happy!

    Now he knows that she's his wife, I wonder what reaction Marcus will have. He doesn't remember her and he may not feel the same towards her. At the same time, I think it will bother him knowing that he had a wife and children who thought he was dead all of this time! He'll probably feel torn about his responsibility toward them and this new woman, Florence. Of course you know I hope that he returns to Amari, but not if he doesn't love her anymore.

    Such a tangle! Mulo has made a real mess of Amari's life! In some ways worse than Marisol.

    I don't think that Marcus looked bad as a vamp!

    1. Yeah as much as she wants him back, she knows her life isn't what's best for him.

      Yeah she dropped a bomb then kicked him out LOL. He doesn't know her but seeing that picture was enough to make him want to find out who she was. He's in a tough spot because he has this life now with Florence, but he also now knows he could have a whole other family out there that he didn't know about. :(

      Mulo really messed thing up this time!

      I hate the skin overly for him, so I kept him human.

  11. I rather hoped she would get away, he would forget and she would learn to live without him. I guess we don't always get what we want, as apparently Amari knows too well. She doesn't need more grief, and this will be bad. He had a baby crib in that room. Maybe he is trying with his new wife? ugh. Mulo! You need a punch in the nose. (I prefer the vampires without the glow eyes and skin)

    1. She had learned to live without him, but she has always missed him. She was going to just leave after seeing him with the new woman, but fate had other plans it would seem.

      She doesn't need more grief and this does have the potential to cause her a lot of heartache. :(

      Yep there is a crib, next chapter we find out what that's all about. Yes Mulo, royally messed this one up. :(

      Yeah I prefer them that way as well. The kids born with it I guess don't look as bad but he was horrid when I changed him in CAS.

  12. I love Amari to death, you know I do, but this was a big mistake. The only reason she was there is because Mulo didn't want her to be. Now not only is her life fucked up but she's now fucked up his/sigh.
    This would be easy to blame on Mulo, but not this time, this time it's her own fault...edenz~

    1. Well she was gonna go home, but Mulo popping in spurred her to stay. :( He should have just stayed quiet. But in her defense she didn't expect to see him at that cafe. She was deciding what to do, but fate had other plans for her is seemed.

      Thanks for reading.

  13. MARCUS! Oh God, I can't even think what she must be feeling seeing him perfectly happy with someone else, not even remembering her. The pain she must be experiencing.. I feel so awful for her :( I have no idea what will come of this. Even if he does remember everything, he still has a new life now. It's s complicated :(

    1. yep! He's been found. It killed her to see him with someone else and look so happy. On top of that he has zero clue as to who she is. Mulo wiped his memory to make sure of it. :( This is a complicated mess because if he does remember his old life, he has a new one to consider as well.

      thanks for reading