Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chapter 93-Unbelievable

‘I’m your wife’ Those words have echoed in my head for the last two weeks. She said them then forced me to leave. I had more questions I needed to understand how I could have a wife and not remember her but she said we had a deal. She answered my question and I needed to leave. It was in that moment that I realized that not only could I not read her thoughts, but I couldn't use any sort of powers on her. It was unfair and I tried pushing the issue but she threatened to scream rape if I didn’t leave her room so I did. The walls of the old hotel were thin and I didn’t need that kind of attention. The possible embarrassment to Florence or her family wasn’t something I wanted to risk. Not to mention being caught in the hotel room with another woman; the very same woman she saw me talking to yesterday. That is something that would be hard to explain. But I was haunted by her face; the faces of those boys, which I now thought could be mine. She said I had gone missing but she didn’t say how.

“Cosa c'è di sbagliato Marc?” (what is wrong) Florence asked sleepily 

“Nothing. Go back to sleep.”

“Avete fatto che un sacco recentemente.” (you have been doing that a lot lately)

“Doing what?”

“Parlando in Inglese.” (talking in English) She replied sitting up rubbing her eyes. 

I walked over and took a seat on the edge of the bed. I knew she was worried but I couldn’t exactly tell her I had some woman claiming to be my wife.

“I’m going out for a walk.” I replied giving her a quick kiss on the top of her head.


“I’ll be back in a bit. Go back to sleep.”

I thought maybe Amari was lying and was trying to play the blackmail angle but there was something in her eyes when she looked at me. She truly believed what she told me, even stranger is I felt some sort of connection with her. I had been having flashes since that day but it was painful. Each flash was accompanied with a major headache but I saw her on a beach in a wedding dress. 

I saw me in a nursery with a little boy. It made no sense but felt so real. I needed answers. I had to find her. With a wedding on the way I couldn’t have this unknown hanging over my head. I needed to tell Florence, but I didn’t want to upset her. Maybe I should just let it go. She left just as she said she would, and even though I couldn’t read her thoughts, her body language and words seemed sincere.

 What was I to do? Forget about her like she said, she hadn’t tried to contact me since leaving that day. But how could I do that if I had kids out there, at least two since I truly believed those boys were mine. Plus she was pregnant in that picture so I could have three children that I don’t know. 

“Damn it!” I yelled into the cool night air. 

I was frustrated beyond belief over the possibility that I have an entire family that I don’t recall. I never worried much about my memory loss before. I knew there were gaps of things missing about my human life but she assured me that was normal considering I was in a tragic accident. The woman that turned me said she did it to save my life then left me with Florence and her family to be cared for. For months I tried to remember my life before my change but I never could so I stopped trying and just enjoyed my new life. And it’s been a great one, the only thing missing was a baby. The last loss was hard on Florence since she was futher along that time, so much that she didn’t want to try anymore. She went back on the pill and told me to get rid of all the baby stuff. Breaking down the crib and repainting the room was all that remained and couldn’t bring myself to do it yet. I still held out hope that we would be successful one day.

There was no way I could tell her that there was some woman out there claiming to be my wife and possible mother of my children. I couldn’t do that to her.

“I have to forget about her.” I dropped down onto the bench knowing that was easier said than done.

Amari’s POV

“MOM!!” Finley yelled from the bottom of the stairs. “They’re gonna burn.”

“Yeah come on Grammy the timer went off already.” 

“I’m coming I’m coming.” I said running down the stairs with the baby monitor in hand. “I just had to but John down for his nap.”

Both girls followed me into the kitchen waiting on me to remove the cookies from the oven.

“See not burned.”

“Yeah well still they could have burned.” Kylie retorted as they both inhaled the smell of the chocolate chip cookies.

Since coming back from Italy I had been keeping myself busy with the family. I hated being alone so I surrounded myself with the kids and grandkids as often as I could. The triplets seemed to have warmed a bit towards me. Aric wouldn’t say what happened while I was gone but he did say that Bynni would be a very scary parent. They even allowed me a much needed hug when I got back. Mulo had paid for them to take drivers ed while I was gone since the one thing that remained constant was my fear of being in the car with teenagers. I called Dax to hear his voice and begged him to come visit soon. Seeing Dunham brought me to tears and I just told him it was jet lag when he questioned my overly emotional state. 

“So one more batch Mom?” 

“Yes sweetie go head and start scooping out the dough.”

I hadn’t seen or talked to Mulo since I got back. He hadn’t tried to contact me in anyway which I was thankful for. I’m sure he knew what I was feeling but didn’t intrude. I had a decision to make, one I had been mulling over since returning home. While I rather he not mess with my memory again, the knowledge of knowing Marcus was alive was eating at me. It was not only hard because of how much I longed to be back with him, but I was essentially lying to my children and that made me very uncomfortable.

“Grammy they’re ready to go in.”

I smiled at Kylie who had inherited her grandfather’s eyes as she handed me the cookie sheet. 

“Ok set the timer again. I’m going to go check on Ashley I think she was waking up as I was putting John down.” I commented hearing the gurgling noises come across the monitor. Quietly I crept into the nursery to see Ashley smiling up at me from the crib. John was still sleeping soundly so after a quick diaper change I took her downstairs. The girls were watching TV when I entered the living room. 

“Have you heard the timer yet?” I asked placing Ashley in the walker but it dinged before they could answer. “I’ll get them you guys keep an eye on her.”

“Sure thing mom.”

I heard the doorbell chime as I took the cookies out.


“Yes?” I said stepping into the dining room assuming she was letting me know someone was at the door.

“There’s some man here for you. And he’s lookin’ at me funny.” Marcus was studying Kylie intently probably noticing the resemblance to himself. 

“Kylie you know better than to open the door.” I scolded softly. 

“Sorry I thought it was daddy bringing the ice cream.” She replied with a shrug. 

“Go back and watch TV with Finley please.” I said turning her towards the direction of the living room. She gave a glance back at Marcus who smiled and waved at her. I waited until she was out of the foyer before I spoke to him.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I hissed. My stomach was in knots, he couldn’t be here. 

“I had some more questions.” 

“What the hell is wrong with you? How did you? What? Why? You can’t be here!”

“Still peculiar.” He replied laughing. “So in order of what I think are your questions, you can’t drop a bomb on a person like ‘I’m your wife’ then leave and not expect there to be more questions. I found you using google. I had a first and last name and property ownership is public record. You own a few but since the picture was taken in front of this house I started here and look I was right. The what and why have already been answered and I can be here if I am your husband.” He stood with a smile on his face daring me to challenge his responses. 

I couldn’t think straight. Dunham was due back soon not to mention the triplets and I couldn’t have him standing in my house.

“Don’t you have a wife, or girlfriend or something? I don’t see her being ok with this trip across the world to see some random person.” His face fell a little when I mentioned her. 

“Yes, Florence. I told her that I was getting part of my memory back and you had something to do with that. She was upset but she understood why I would want to get some answers as to who I used to be.”

“So you told her you were flying to LA to find a woman claiming to be your wife?” I asked skeptical that any woman would be ok with that. If anything she would want to come along, keep a close eye on whoever he was coming to see.

“Not exactly. I left out the wife and kids part. I didn’t want to hurt her until I was sure and had a chance to figure things out.”

“So who does she think I am?” I asked getting more pissed than surprised as he continued to talk.

“Um, family.” He said sheepishly.

“Family? Family could be anything, family could be sis...wait you told her I was your sister?”

“What? No. I just left it at possible family.”

Come fix this!
What do you want me to do Love?
You’re his maker or master or whatever make him go away!
But you wanted him back, so he’s back. And it doesn’t work that way.
Son of a bitch!
I told you not to go.
Really, you are going to give me an I told you so right now?
Sorry Love. And for the record I’m not his maker.
Then who is? I saw you bite him
I did but I didn’t do the actual change. I didn’t want that connection.
So if not you then?
A friend.

“Son of a bitch!” I yelled out in frustration. 

“Mom you ok?” Finley asked as both she and Kylie wandered out into the foyer.

“Yes sorry. Everything is fine. Go get a cookie they should be cooled now.” 

They looked at Marcus for a moment before running off towards the kitchen with Ashley following behind them in the walker.

“The one that called you mom, she doesn’t look like me.”

“That’s because she isn’t yours.”

“Sooo you cheated on me?”

“Um I thought you were dead so technically it’s not cheating.” I retorted rubbing my temples feeling a headache coming. “Stop it, you still can’t get in!”


“Look you have to go. If you give me your hotel info I’ll come see you tomorrow or something but you can’t be here.”


“Because I said so that’s why. My house, my rules.”

“Well actually it’s OUR house since according to the tax records you never took my name off of it.”

“I don’t remember you being this big of a pain in the ass before. Look my kids are gonna be home soon and they can’t see you.” I said walking over to the table to get pen and paper.

“How do I know you’ll come?” He asked as he scribbled down his information.

“Well since you are very good at stalker behavior, you know where I live so you could just come back so I’ll be there to prevent that from happening.”

“Ok.” He replied agreeing with my reasoning much to my relief.

“Thank you.” I said opening the door for him to leave.

“So I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yes I will be there tomorrow. I promise.” He gave me a warm smile before walking out to his rental car. I let out a sigh of relief as I closed the door behind him.

 “Grammy who was that?”

“No one dear. How are the cookies?”

“Yummy. We gave one to Ashley she was crying.” 

On cue she came rolling out of the kitchen covered in cookie crumbs. I was thankful they were all here to keep my busy. I walked over to pick her up and clean her face a bit. 

“Come on let’s go see if your cousin is up.” 

John reminded me so much of Aric as a baby. He sat in his crib quietly playing waiting on me to attend to him. I sat Ashley down so I could change his diaper. 

“A friend? Really like I would actually believe he has friends.” I asked and he just smiled in response. 

“It’s probably Marisol. That evil bi…um woman is always around. Even if I were to get him back, she would always be a part of our lives. Even more than she already is." I picked him up giving him a big squeeze. “He came looking for me. That has to mean something right? Oh what am I saying, he got a clean break from me and all my craziness. I need to let him have that like I tried to the first time. But I don’t know if I can send him away twice baby boy.”

 He wrapped his little arms around my neck giving me a hug as if he understood what I was telling him. I had no idea what I was going to say to Marcus tomorrow, but maybe the truth would be enough to send him away for good.

***A/N ok so I'm sure you are wondering who the heck Ashley is. Well she is CeCe and Trey's daughter. Here are a few bonus shots of the latest addition to the family ***


  1. Wow! Please update soon. I think I just fell in love with Marcus--he's so smexy. Standing there in the foyer looking at Amari like that. HOT! Did I say PLEASE update very soon!

    1. The first you will get the next update. Marcus is very sexy and being a vamp has ramped up that sex appeal. :D He's a big tease.

  2. Ashley is a cutie. I hope Marcus stays and kicks Mulo's alabaster ass for all the crap he's done. I wonder if Marcus will call her out about thinking he was dead when he asked her about Finley. Back in the hotel room he'd said she told him she turned him and left him to recover with Florence and her family. Looks like Amari has already put a huge hole in the story she made up and she doesn't even know it yet.

    1. Yeah I am pleased with the kids that EA have given me so far. I hope the game keeps giving me cuties to work with.

      Haha he still has a lot to learn about Amari, but he may want to kick ass if he ever finds out everything. Um sorry about the confusion there, I have since corrected that. The 'she' he was originally talking about wasn't Amari. She's not a vamp (well not really) so she can't change anyone. He was talking about the mysterious 'friend' Mulo said did the actual change for him. Amari has thought he was dead all this time so sorry if that wasn't clear.

    2. Aw man you've just dashed all my hopes of a topless Marcus giving Amari a smug smile as he blew that story out of the water forcing Amari to tell him everything. Marcus was going to get his memory back and it was going to get all romance novel like before he went out and tore Mulo a new one and reunited with his kids. Ah, well... *starts counting the days till the next update*

    3. Aww sorry. Will it make you feel better to know you can still get some topless Marcus? You can't get all of your dreams, but I can give you that part because I like seeing it too. LOL

  3. Love your new look! And as usual the updates are very cool! And I agree with dreamsong, Marcus is very sexy..,

    1. Thanks. :) Had to update the background to match with my new banner. Yes he is a very yummy man. :D

  4. Ashley is a cutie-pie! Jonathan is just precious!
    It didn't take a prophet to tell you he'd go after her for answers, so I won't say that.... what the heck... I KNEW IT!!!! I also loved the three-way teeth-baring match with Marcus, Mulo and Amari, I giggled the entire mind-fight.

    It's also fun to see Marcus try to get inside her head. 'All you're doing is giving me a headache, so STOP!' It's brilliant! Another side to the old mind-pushing thing. Not everyone is accessible, at least Amari isn't!

    Actually, I was here hoping the trips or Aric would walk in while he was there. Just for the OMG factor, which WILL still come, but it would've been fun to have Marcus bump into Aric ****SQUEEEEEE**** (My inner rebel is squirming)

    You're right I did go 'Who the hell is Ashley?', no wait, I went 'Who the heck is Kylie?' first, but then I my mind caught up... She really is adorable!

    Moarrrrr, more more more more more!

    WAIT, almost forgot!!
    So Marcus and Florence are ready to marry... They have lost children before, that's what the crib was all about. She had to have been angry about all this and I'm afraid it's gonna get a lot worse... I'm sorry, she seems nice, but he's already married. The fact that he already has children might sadden her more, because then she'll think/realize she probably can't carry... :'(

    1. hahaha yeah she was crazy if she didn't think he would want more answers, but she didn't expect him to google her then show up unannounced. LOL

      Marcus wasn't in on that particular conversation. That was all Amari and Mulo. He's blocked, the only one that can get in is Mulo. That little bond they share is the reason for that. Even though Mulo is an ass, I do enjoy the odd dynamics of the relationship that he and Amari have.

      Yeah I thought about having the kids show up, but I need to drag this out a bit more and plus Amari is going to have a hard enough time explaining Marcus without it being a surprise. Aric, he'd be the best one to come if anyone because, well its Aric. (I so show favoritism towards him!!!)

      LOL yeah i figured most people would and since its been a while since Cece was mentioned being pregnant I thought most would have forgotten. She is a cutie and I love John!

      Yes Marcus is getting ready to marry her. And yes they have lost children. That's what that crib was. I thought about having her pregnant, or something but that would add an extra complication I didn't need. So did it that way. Which is also bad because he will look like an ass if he leaves her now. :( I just make things hard all the time. Its a giant mess!

  5. Nice update, Jazen. It's nice seeing Amari doing mommy and aunt things with the children. She certainly changed the mole hill into a mountain when she met, vampire Marcus. I hope that somehow they work things out. Congrats on CeCe's little one.

    You could turn Amari's story into a blockbuster movie someday!


    1. yeah she was spending some mom/grandma time with the kids. I need to show her doing normal stuff every once in a while.

      They have a lot of things to work out.

      Not sure the concept could be a movie, but thanks for thinking so.

  6. What a tangled web. Firstly, YAY so happy my Marcus came looking for his wife, such a man! He took vows and is devoted to them whether or not he knows anything about his wife or kids. I can understand how incredibly scary all of this is for him and that he has a ton of questions but I'm sure he's come to the conclusion that Amari's telling the truth and that he has kids and grandkids that he can't remember (and some he's never met). Marisol does of course have a hand in all of this, why would anyone have thought otherwise? I really can't wait for that hotel visit! I know Florence is going through some stuff and has lost a baby or two and is set to marry the man she loves, i.e. Marcus, but for the life of me I can't seem to care about her. Sorry, being honest. Marcus to me was always Amari's ever after and now that he's back I have high hopes again. Like she said it would be devastating for them to lose him twice in one lifetime :(

    1. yeah its a big ol' mess with no clean way out. :( Yeah he came looking. She was crazy to think he wouldn't I mean come on you told that man you were his wife. The wonders of google. LOL

      Yeah he's in a sticky situation right now. On one side he has this whole other life with a wife, kids, and grandkids. On the other he has the new woman he loves with its own struggles with the loss of babies there. He doesn't want to hurt anyone and he's stuck in the middle.

      Mulo should have kept his mouth shut and just left her thinking he was dead because this may actually be worse. :('s possible. He didn't say who the 'friend' was it could be her or he may have some other friend out there. :P

      No love for Florence huh? She needs to give back Amari's man and find her a nice Italian man of her own.

      That visit is next chapter. Should be fun to see what she says to him this time to make him go away.

  7. Love the new banner!
    Ah, such a dilemma. But, Amari opened this can of worms by talking to him, so she's not going to get away without answering his questions. And then there will be painful decisions.
    Looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

    1. Thanks. :)

      Yes a very sticky situation with them. She did open that can of worms even if it was by accident. She wasn't gonna seek him out but he found her. From there it has all spiraled out of control. Yes no decision is a good one. :(

  8. I'm not sure how to feel that he went looking for her, it's kinda creepy... but I can't say I blame him and a part of me was going "Go Marcus!"... I mean the poor guy has to get answers, you can't just drop "I'm your wife" on somebody like that. I'm just happy to see Marcus anyway even if he's being stalkerish, always happy to see Marcus. I really can't wait to see what happens now!

    I'm really glad you explained who Ashley is, because I was going "Am I stupid, did I miss something?" (It took me way too long to figure out who Kylie was too, so... it seemed possible that I was just stupid) Haha. She's just adorable too.

    Love the blog header!

    1. hahaha, yeah she calls him on his stalker behavior. But we all know he was going to try to find her. You can't say I'm your wife and expect him to just be ok have a nice life.

      Yeah I'm happy to see him too. :) I didn't realize how much I missed having him around until the story decided to bring him back.

      Yeah it had been a while since I mentioned CeCe being pregnant, and Kylie hasn't been seen in a few chapters either. I need to make a page to list out the grandchildren.

      Aww thanks, yeah decided it was time to change things up a little.

  9. Florence doesn't know it, but she's already losing her man. Now that Marcus is regaining his memories and he has children with Amari, I can just see him choosing his children over Florence. But then again he and Amari could work on a custody agreement (if it ever gets there).

    Whatever Marcus does someone's bound to get hurt. I just wish it didn't have
    to be that way. Mulo really screwed with their all the lives. He needs to stop these games, especially since there are children involved. He had to have known there'll be consequences for his actions.

    1. Yeah :( she's up against impossible odds with him getting back more memories, plus having kids. This is going to leave one woman hurting no matter what. :(

      Mulo only saw the benefits to him. He's very selfish in his actions and honestly never thought he would ever tell Amari the truth. He figured she would move on, and Marcus was set up to live a nice life on the other side of the world. In theory it was a perfect set up, but he under estimated how much Amari really did love Marcus and the fact that it wasn't so easy for her to just get over him and move on.

  10. Oh how I hope Marcus comes back to her! Amari needs someone who loves her unconditionally. Although I do feel torn because I want Marcus to be happy too! As long as Mulo and Marisol are still in her life, things would still be crazy for their family. Marcus did seem happy with Florence.

    His children deserve a chance to have in their lives too even if Amari and Marcus don't end up back together. So complicated!

    Really good, Jaz!

    1. It would be nice if he chose her over Florence, but either way someone will be hurt. Her life is a mess, Mulo and Marisol have made sure of that. He does deserve a chance to get to know his children and Amari would never keep him from them.

      And yeah Mulo has done way more to hurt her than Marisol ever has. :(

  11. Ashley is adorable. Cute cute. Marcus does seem different, and not just in looks. I was holding my breath kind of hoping Dax and Dunham would come through the door. ;) .... I don't think Marisol did it. I bet Aric did.

    1. She is a cutie. :) His entire attitude is a little different. He's still the man Amari knows, but there is something more with him being a vamp and not recalling who he was. This new guy isn't bad though and I like writing him.

      ha not quite ready for the meeting just yet, but soon.

      No not Aric, he wouldn't be in on causing his mom that kind of pain.

  12. LOL! I was so lost trying to figure out who's baby that was. Thank you for putting me out of my misery. I can not believe Marcus came all the way to get answers, but I am kinda happy he's back. I just wish he fully had his memory.

    1. Yeah since CeCe isn't shown much and her pregnancy was mentioned a while back it was easy to forget. LOL

      Yep she can't really drop a bomb like I'm your wife and expect him not to want more answers. She didn't expect him to hunt her down like he did but he is very determined to know what's going on.

  13. Haha, yeah, I was wondering if maybe I missed something :P She's beautiful, she reminds me of her momma :3
    Oh dear :/ This is just getting more complicated, I wonder how it'll work out :( She's hurting herself so much with this, but I understand why she had to at least see him one more time.

    1. LOL yeah, Ashley tripped a lot of people up. LOL

      Yep, the web just gets more and more tangled. :( Now she's trying to figure out how to get out of the hole she made. She's going there to keep him from coming back to the house. If the kids see him it could be been bad. :(

      thanks for reading