Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chapter 94-Déjà vu

I stood outside his hotel room debating on if I should knock or just leave. I knew I had to knock because I had no doubt he would come back to the house. Things were bad enough when Dunham called to inquire about the strange man Grammy had at the house. I laughed when he struggled to get out that he didn’t think it was appropriate for me to have my ‘special visitors’ coming to the house when the kids were there. Once I finished laughing, I was offended he would think I would do something like that. Of course he apologized profusely and then tried to inquire as to who the man was. I hated lying to him, but I didn’t have a choice. Now I was about to send him away, then forget any of this ever happened. Taking a deep breath, I lightly knocked on the door secretly hoping he wouldn’t hear it. The door opened just as I turned to walk away. I couldn’t stop myself as my eyes roamed over his naked torso. This was a bad idea, a very bad idea. He was on the phone but motioned for me to come inside.

“No non I’ho ancora trovato.” (no I haven’t found her yet)

He sounded very sexy speaking in Italian and from the tone of his voice I knew he was speaking to her. Florence he called her but never made a distinction as to the status of their relationship.

“Mi manchi anche tu.” (Yes I miss you too.)

I tried to divert my eyes as he walked around talking to her but they were drawn to him. The slight ripple of his muscles when he moved, I was so very thankful he couldn’t read my thoughts because that would be bad for both of us.

“Sarò a casa presto Ti amo anch’il. Ciao” (I’ll be home soon. Love you too. Bye).

He clicked off the phone and gave me a little smile. The loving tone of his voice as he spoke to her gave me a ping of jealousy. She had what I wanted, and what I was getting ready to set it free.

“Sorry about that. I wasn’t expecting you so early.”

“Yes well I thought it best to get this done as soon as possible so you can get back to your…”

“Fiancé.” He completed with a smile. I inhaled sharply hearing that word. He has plans to marry her, possibly have a family with her.

“Well then, let’s get this over with so you can get back home to her.”

“Why are you so quick to get rid of me? Was I not a good husband?”

“No you were, he was. Not you. You aren’t him. God will you put a shirt on. It’s distracting.” I blurted out. A sly smile tugged at the corner of his mouth and it took every ounce of will power I had not to run my hands over his naked chest and kiss him.

“Sorry. Like I said, I wasn’t expecting you so early.”

I turned my back to him as I attempted to whip my wayward thoughts back under control.

“I’m decent now, you can turn back around.”

Slowly I turned but the shirt made little difference in my feelings. I needed out of here and quick.

“I haven’t eaten yet.” He commented walking towards me looking like I was supposed to be on the menu. “Are you hungry? I can order room service.”

“No I’m good. Thanks for asking.” I replied a little breathless moving to go over to sit on the couch as he pulled a fruit from the mini fridge.

He walked over to join me, sitting closer than I was comfortable with.

“Do Italians not believe in personal space?”

“Does my proximity bother you?” He asked slowly taking a bite of his snack.

 I swallowed hard, licking my lips as I tried not to watch his mouth in action. A slow smile spread across his face. “Would you like a bite?” He asked holding it out to me.

“No.” I said standing up fanning myself. “Look you said you had some questions but I don’t think there is much I can tell you. I was wrong for reacting the way I did when I saw you at the café that day. You reminded me of someone I lost and I shouldn’t have done that. I had no idea you would stalk me halfway around the world but you aren’t who I wanted to believe you were so you can go home now, get married and have a nice life. Goodbye Marcus.”

I turned to leave but he was in front of me blocking my way before I could even take a step.

“Not so fast Mrs. Smith.”

“It’s Ms. Vinson. I went back to my maiden name.”


“Because my husband is presumed dead and considering my situation I didn’t feel right continuing to carry his name.” I replied attempting to side step him only to be blocked again.

“And what situation would that be?” He asked taking a step forward forcing me to take one back.

“One that doesn’t concern you.”

“I think you’re lying to me.” He said taking another step forward.

“I am not.”

“You are too. Your eyes divert every time you mention your husband and try not say me. The way you look at me isn’t a woman seeing a stranger that resembles someone she knew, it’s a woman who knows me very well but is trying hard to keep whatever thoughts and feelings she has for me at bay. And from the way you were looking at me when you walked in I have a small idea as to what some of those thoughts may be. I don’t have to read your mind to know that. It’s written all over your face.”

He loomed over me staring at me with such intensity my mouth went dry. His green eyes glowed and although I wasn’t afraid that he would hurt me I still got little butterflies in my stomach. I couldn’t resist any longer, I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. 

He was shocked at first but I felt his arms wrap around my waist pulling me closer as he kissed me back. His tongue teased my bottom lip asking for entry which I willing gave. His arms tightened around me. The thin fabric of his pajama pants made it easy to know just how he felt about the kiss. It felt so good to be in his arms, to feel his lips on mine again I didn’t want it to end but I felt myself being pushed backwards when he broke away. My head collided with the wall and I slowly slid down crumbling to the floor.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to push you that hard. It was just a knee jerk reaction.” He said rushing to check on me. “I don’t understand what came over me and I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“I need go.” I mumbled trying to get to my feet. The room felt like it was spinning causing me to sway. Marcus wrapped his arms around me to keep me steady.

“You can’t drive right now.” He said guiding me towards the bed. “You hit the wall pretty hard, you could have a concussion and I can’t let you go until I know you are ok.”

“I’m fine.” I said fighting to get free of him. “I’m not your concern.”

“Yes you are. You need to see a doctor.”

“I’m f…”

Marcus POV

I sat on the bed waiting on her to wake up. The doctor they sent up said he wouldn’t be able to tell if she had a concussion unless she went to the hospital. Either way she had a nasty bump on her head and I felt like shit for causing it. I don’t know what came over me but it was either push her away or take her to bed and the longer I kissed her the more the latter became a possibility. It was unnerving how comfortable I seemed with her. Her lips, her smell, the feel of her body in my arms, all were so right and wrong at the same time.

“I’m not that guy. I have a fiancé. I wouldn’t cheat on her.” I muttered to myself laying down on the bed beside her, but it didn’t feel like cheating.

She keeps telling me I’m not her husband but she’s holding back something and I needed to know what that was. She’s the first link I’ve had since before the accident. When I looked her up online I found links to her wedding announcement to Marcus Smith. They looked so happy. I could be that man, Marcus Smith, Marc Smythe too close to be a coincidence.

Having her here gave me a chance to really study her. She was beautiful but even in this state of unconsciousness I could see the sadness. I let my fingers trace the contours of her face, leaning down I inhaled the soft scent of her perfume. Chanel No. 5. I bought her, her first bottle of it as a Christmas gift when we were in high school. 

I had saved up from cutting grass over the summer so I could get it for her after she commented how much she loved the way it smelled. She’d worn it ever since. I smiled at the memory

“Ow!” I groaned grabbing my head as intense pain shot through it.

I stumbled off the bed dropping to my knees. It felt like my head was in a vice and the pressure mounted and mounted and just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, it stopped.

Amari POV

My eyes opened slowly and my head was pounding; gingerly I fingered the bump on the back of it and winced. The room was dark and I sat up trying to get my bearings.

“You were really starting to worry me. I thought I was going to have to take you to the hospital.”

I jumped at the sound of his voice and as my eyes adjusted to the darkness I spotted his figure sitting in the chair across from the bed.

“You got a text from a Mulo saying he would take care of the kids."

“You went through my phone?"

"No, well yeah sort of. It went off shortly after you blacked out. Which was a bit odd, it was like he knew."

Marcus looked at me as if he was waiting on an explanation but he didn't need to be dragged in any deeper so I moved to get off the bed. My legs were unsteady and the sudden movement made me feel woozy. I sank back down onto the bed to let things settle before attempting to move again. Marcus was by my side in an instant and I shut my eyes against the light when he switched on the lamp.

"I have to go."

"I need you to stay. That was one hell of a kiss you laid on me. A lot of things came flooding back. Not everything, but enough.”

I sat quietly not having a good feeling about this. He didn’t seem happy or excited to have at least partial memories back. Instead he seemed cold and almost angry.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have gone looking for you. When I saw you with her, I was preparing to just let you go. You looked happy but when I ran into, I was just, you were so close and I just reacted.”

“She can’t have kids. Well she can get pregnant but she hasn’t been able to carry to term. We’ve lost three. The last one being about three months ago. She’s just getting better after that. I can’t leave her."

“I’m not asking you to. I don’t know what you got back and what you didn’t but I tried to push you away because life with her will be better for you. You should go back to Italy Marcus.”

“How the hell do you expect me to just walk away as if none of this is real? We have children you think I can just ignore that?” He yelled.

“No, I don’t know ok. Dax and Dunham are grown they’ve accepted your death so to speak. The triplets don’t know you so…”


“Yes when you went missing I was pregnant. We have triplets, two boys and one girl. Elton, Edson, and Elphie.”

“I’m the father of five.” He said dropping onto the bed. “How am I going to explain that to Florence?” Cautiously I moved over to embrace him.

“What happened to me? Why don’t I remember anything?”

“Me. You had the misfortune of loving me.”


  1. Oh, this so sad! I feel so bad for Marcus, he's got two lives, two loves, and one really big decision.

    1. Yeah Mulo has made a giant mess of things. He never intended to reveal anything in relation to Marcus but seeing how much Amari needed closure, he caved for a change.

      Mulo knew it would be bad should she try and find him and he tried to warn her to as much.

  2. I second Yang on this. I was really hoping Marcus would remember enough to want to go and beat Mulo's tail. Can't wait to see what happens when those two finally meet again.

    1. hahahaha Yeah show down. Mulo is older and stronger, but Marcus has more anger so it could be interesting to see them two go at it.

  3. As cruel as it might sound, I feel that Marcus should go back to his family. The other woman does not have any children, and it could be just simply that their blood types don't work together, and thus the reason why she can't carry a baby to term. This is actually what happen to my husband's aunt and her husband. They finally adopted their children. Marcus has 5 children, and a wife who has not divorced him, so legally they are still married. Unless I'm wrong, but isn't Marcus a vampire now, and if that is the case, he is not a weak minded human that evil witch can mess with. Marcus truly loved his family, and his wife before, and I think he still does. Personally if I was with someone and he learned that he has a family, I would want him to be with his children. Regardless Marcus needs to talk to his fiancé about this, and decide what to do after that.

    1. You aren't alone in that feeling. :( Florence is fighting an uphill battle to keep her man. It is sad that she can't carry to term and at this point has given up trying. It's a hard thing to lose one pregnancy let alone multiple ones.

      He does have 5 children and could technically still be married. Since he is 'presumed' dead they haven't dealt with the legal side of him coming back to life yet. Yes he's a vamp now so he's on better footing to deal with Marisol and Mulo than Amari is.

      He did love her and the boys before. He was excited about the new baby as well. He has some feelings returning but they are hard to sort out and are in conflict with what he has going on with Florence.

      Who knows, maybe Florence will make the decision for him. They will have a talk once he goes back home.

  4. Aw, that closing line was so sad. I can understand why she'd think that though, her life has been one misfortune after another, with the exception of the kids of course.

    Amari's just proven to me that absence does make the heart fonder, I don't recall her being this attracted to Marcus in the past. He will be one hell of a happy man if and when Amari gets to have her way with him.

    I don't see Mulo liking this development very much, his chemistry with Amari was the one constant he could rely on, but now she seems to be sharing it with someone else or rather she craves Marcus more than she craves him, it must be sad for him to know this. Sad or not though, Mulo made this mess, now he must deal with the repercussions of his actions.

    I can understand why Marcus doesn't want to leave Florence, but now that he remembers Amari and bits of his past, I don't see how he can stay with her. I really feel for Florence, her life is about to be one giant mess.

    1. Yeah she's had it rough and very rarely does she have an easy go of things. The kids she loves, even if they haven't always been easy on her either.

      Yeah. She had an awakening of sorts of her feelings for him when he told her he was dying. She had been so confused before, she loved him but was still in love with Mulo. It did take her nearly losing him and Mulo asking her to sleep with him in exchange for him turning Marcus, to let her see who the better man really was. They had rekindled that spark and renewed their vows as a new beginning right before he went missing. She took it hard not only because he went missing, but because she knew she wasted so much of the time she had with him pining away over someone else.

      No he doesn't like it, but he is trying to let it runs it's course. He still has a connection with her but he knows its not been the same since she learned what he did to the triplets. Their relationship is a strange one because you would think she would totally despise him for all he's done but she has reached this odd level of acceptance for his terrible behavior. She just doesn't have the energy to spend holding grudges and hating him for everything. Plus he's in her head so she feels what he feels.

      Yes Mulo's selfish actions have affected the lives of many. He can't really do anything to fix it either. He just has to sit back and watch to see who's left standing in the quake of all the destruction.

  5. What a mess...he's learning all this about his kids and his wife, little bits of memory coming back. I have to wonder what he's going to say to poor Florence, if anything, but how do you really hide from somebody that you have a wife and 5 kids? Probably wouldn't be easy to do. Man, that could get ugly. Yikes. Though I just think Amari and Marcus should end up back together anyway, it would suck if it made too much of a mess for poor Florence too, just getting caught up in all of it without actually doing anything... but I can imagine there would be some hurt feelings for somebody either way. Yikes, good luck to Marcus figuring this all out.

    1. Yes it is one huge mess. :( Poor Florence is getting all this thrown at her but he'll have to tell her. He won't be able to lie and keep it from her, its not fair to her.

      I like Amari and Marcus together and you aren't alone in wanting them back as a couple. The problem does lie with his relationship with Florence. He can't just up and leave her either so he's in a tight spot.

      It won't be an easy decision either way it goes.

  6. Wow...when they screw up someone's life they put an exclamation point on it! This is just all kinds of messed up! know where I stand on him. (or lay if well you know...*ahem*) sorry excuse me. But as far as whether or not he should return to Amari, let me state an unflinching, emphatic YES! This is a newer, better (in some ways) version of Marcus than the man she knew as her husband. As a vampire he is capable of things he wasn't as a mortal and has a better understanding of that life and what ramifications it may cause. He can be her "life" mate which is awesome AND he can ward of evils a.k.a Mulo and Marisol, just saying.

    It's really fun watching him regain some parts of his memory and his and Amari's struggle to keep their hands off of one another. I was right there on the shirt thing, not the idiotic "put something on" part; just the nudity. Damn Amari. They have a LOT to work through and even more to talk about. He has NO idea who Mulo that's a bombshell. And then he has to relearn the 100 baby thing too. UGH they really have done a number on them. :(

    So...if kissing gives him a brief glimpse of his old life, one has to wonder what bed squeaking would do. Oh come on! Like no one else thought about that? Mmm Marcus...

    1. Yeah well this time it was all Mulo that screwed this up. Marisol could care less how she gets her babies. Yes I know he shouldn't even go back to Italy where you are concerned, but he's not gonna just run out on Florence. He's not that kinda guy. Him being a vamp does offer Amari better 'protection' but not complete. Marisol and Mulo are older than he, but he would have more help on his side in the form of her kids.

      Yeah they are like horny teens on some level. She fully remembers everything and he's just acting on glimpses of feelings he has and how he feels when he's around her. He's a big flirt because he is picking up on her struggles. It's a little mean on his part, but fun to write. LOL she needed him to put on a shirt. Her eyes rarely made it to his face otherwise. :P

      Yeah there is A LOT LOT LOT he still has to learn. Finding out about Mulo should be fun. :)

      Are you suggesting he cheat on Florence as a way to jog his memory??? Not sure if that is a proven method of treatment, but I'm sure Amari wouldn't mind testing out your theory. :P

  7. Jaz, Marcus with no shirt!!! Why'd you make him put it back on!

    All of the emotions and the strong attraction is still there for Amari. Marcus feels it too. If more of his memories return and he really thinks about it, it's really Amari that he's cheated on and not Florence. The problem is that he doesn't remember the old Marcus. To him he's Marc, Florence's fiance and being with Amari is cheating. Such confusing feelings for him!

    I wonder who he will choose. Florence will probably feel that he's left because she can't give him children if he chooses to go back to Amari. Florence seems to love him very much too and he seems to love her. Someone will have a broken heart whatever his choice.

    I love Amari, but I'm still not sure who I would want him to choose. I want him happy too!

    1. hahahaha yeah DJ complained about the same thing. Sorry. He was distracting Amari and she was already struggling not to jump him and have her wicked way with him. :P this way it was a little easier for her to control herself. LOL

      Yeah all the emotions and attraction is still there for her. He does feel it, there is a pull there to her that he doesn't quite understands but acts on it anyway. It makes things harder on Amari with his somewhat flirty attitude. He is in a hard place but since he's not really Marcus right now, he more so cheating on Florence. :( Its a bad place to be for him.

      I'm not sure who he will chose. Yeah him leaving her now would look bad :( but he does have children which does hold a certain draw. No choice is a good one for him sadly.

      Depending on what I do it could bring about the end of the story since it is no longer a baby challenge at this point. :P

  8. Poor Amari. I dunno. I want her to be happy, but, I don't see that happening. I hope that she and Marcus take things slow. We need to know who has access to his mind.

    1. Yeah she never seems to have happiness for long. :( I really should give her an easier life.

      She's trying to keep him at arms length but it might not be easy. We do need to know who turned him. Working on that now.

  9. I feel for Amari, I really do but I don't agree with her decision to go hunting Marcus and I don't agree with how she's letting things go. Yes she deserves happiness and yes she deserves so much more than what life has offered her but was it really so important to mess his life up to? No she's not the one who originally did it but... I don't know, I just can't make myself stand behind her on this one, or feel sorry for the love she lost in Marcus. Now his life is becoming as messed up as hers=/...edenz

    1. LOL, well she didn't expect him to track her down like he did. She really thought it was the last of it when she left Italy. She does feel guilty for what she's done, knowing he's with someone and she does regret messing things up for him. Nothing can be done to change it now. But he does have kids, even if it does complicate his life, his children also deserve to know he's alive.

      Hopefully things won't be too messed up.

      Thanks for reading.

  10. Oh God, why :'( This is so unfair!

    1. :( because of Mulo. He never planned on telling her about Marcus, but that bond they share has made him grow a conscience.

      thanks for reading