Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chapter 96-A Job To Do

“This is going to be so much fun mom.” Finley squealed from the backseat.

The triplets weren’t as excited for this family outing but they begrudgingly came along anyway. I still hadn’t heard anything from Marcus, not even an email asking about his children. Mulo told me that once his memory started coming back, there was no safe way to re-erase it. He could try but there are limits to how much the mind can be messed with and it was much harder to do on a vamp. It was done the first time before he was turned. I had gone to a lawyer to ask about the legality of the situation. It was a tricky situation but he said that my marriage to him was technically over when Marcus was declared dead. He agreed to draw up divorce papers for me still because I wanted to be sure nothing was going to stand in his way. I had the lawyer send the papers out to him since I didn’t trust myself to actually drop them in the mail. Now I waited to hear back.

“Ok guys we’re here.” I said pulling into the parking lot.

Finley jumped out of the car then grabbed Elphie’s hand pulling her off towards the skating rink. Elton and Edson followed behind them leaving me standing alone by the car.

“So much for family fun.” I said sadly as I wandered towards them.

“Mom, get a pair and join us.” Finley called out as she slowly made her way around the rink. I watched for a little while as they laughed and had fun with each other.

“This was your idea Mom. You should be made to suffer like the rest of us.” Elton said holding his hand out to me. It wasn’t the greatest invitation, but it was still an invitation and that was more than expected.

We spent the next hour or so skating and having fun. I fell a few times and of course they laughed, but it was the first time we had this sort of interaction. After skating everyone was complaining about being hungry so we headed over to the food stands. After lunch the kids humored me with a quick family photo before taking off to have a water balloon fight.

“Working on the mother of the year award?”

I closed my eyes and let out a heavy sigh at the sound of her voice. It never failed, every time I had a moment of peace something or someone had to come along to ruin it.

“I was hoping you had been staked in that spot that should contain your heart. Or had been locked away in some tomb so that the world would be forever freed of you.”

“My, my, my someone is feisty.” She said laughing. “I think I liked the old meeker you better.”

“Aww that’s too bad. I’d like a much deader you so that proves we can’t all get what we want in life.”

I kept my eyes on the kids. They were continuing their game and I wanted to make sure she didn’t go anywhere near them.

“Watch your mouth girl. Just because he’s turned you into some sort of freak of nature it doesn’t make you invincible.”

She stepped in front so that we were now facing each other. She glared down at me; in a previous time in my life I would have been intimidated. I looked around her to see the kids. The triplets were now casting looks in my direction while keeping Finley occupied. Exhaling loudly, I returned my gaze to Marisol.

 “I never said I was, but I not about to grovel at your feet either. Do your worst Marisol. How much more pain can you really cause? You’ve killed my sister, destroyed my family, and forced me into this life of servitude. I’m holding up my end of this ridiculous thing, why can’t you just watch from afar and leave me alone?”

She studied me for a while and I refused to shy away from her gaze. This situation, the pain and loss I’ve had to endure has changed me. For better or for worse I still didn’t know, but I knew I was not the same person.

“Now where is the fun in that?” She asked turning back to face the kids.

Finley came running over to me wet from the balloon fight but smiling broadly. The triplets walked up behind her but no one spoke to Marisol.

“Mom who’s this?” Finley asked pointing towards Marisol.

“No one important dear. Would you like a snow cone now?”

“Yes. Come on Elphie.” She replied pulling her sister off towards the snow cone truck.

“Family fun day means you have to have fun.” Elton said stepping between me and Marisol.

“Yes we would like to beat you at horseshoes now.” Edson chimed in.

I turned to leave with the boys when she grabbed my arm pulling me back.

“Remember you have a job to do.” She hissed.

“Yes I know.” I replied yanking my arm free. “And its being a mother to my children which you are prohibiting me from doing.”

She stepped back and started to say something. Instead she gave me a sinister smile that despite my best attempts cause a shiver to run down my spine. She gave me a little wave then turned and left. I tried to thank them for trying to come to my rescue but they waved me off stating that they were doing what dad told them to do should she come around. 

They worked as a team very well and usually that team work was used against me. The game of horseshoes turned into a major competition between the boys so I eventually stopped taking a turn as they tried to duke it out. After listening to them trash talk for a while, I wandered off in search of Elphie and Finley.

“Do you ever wish things had turned out differently with us?” Elphie asked as we stood waiting on Finley to finish getting her face painted. I was surprised by the question since she rarely talked to me, let alone questioned the standing of our relationship.

“Yes in some ways. I wish I had handled things differently when you were younger. That I had tried to understand who you were instead of trying to fix something I thought was broken. I wish I had a better relationship with all of you, but I don’t. But I’m glad you guys have each other, and Mulo.”

I looked over at her and smiled. I reached out to smooth down a stray hair and she didn’t recoil from my touch.

“Do you think it would have been easier to love us if we were human?”

I pulled her into a hug not caring if she protested or not. Her arms hung down by her side, but she didn’t pull away immediately.

“Oh honey loving you was always the easy part. Me showing that properly was where I had the issue and I’m sorry for that.”

Elphie started to respond but Finley emerged with her clown face and her attention turned to her sister.

“How do I look?” She asked.

“Like a clown.”

Finley just rolled her eyes before running off to show her brothers.

Marcus POV

I sat staring at the papers on my desk. I had read them over and over at least thirty times since they had arrived. Florence had gotten so angry with me when I didn’t sign them right away. She accused me of using this as an excuse to leave her because in her words she was defective. I tried to explain to her that it wasn’t case, but that I couldn’t ignore the real fact that I did have children out there no matter how much that pained her. 

I pulled up my email in an attempt to compose another one to Amari. I had tried and failed at this several times much in the same way I could never connect the call after I would dial her number. I had no doubt that by now she took my silence as a rejection. The confirmation of that thought sat in the form of the divorce papers that sat in front of me. It was the note that came from her that really got to me.

 I folded the letter and put it back in my desk drawer. 

Pulling out a pen I attempted again to sign my name to the papers. She clearly was ready to let it go and move on so why was I having such a hard time doing the same? Was it because of the sadness I saw in her eyes or was it because of how I responded to her when she kissed me? More memories and feelings were returning. Florence knew things were changing, she cried a lot about me becoming distance and closed off to her.

No matter how many times I told her my feelings for her hadn’t changed she was still worried and my reluctance to sign those papers didn’t help. I needed closure on one life before I could start in on another and there was only one way for me to get that.


  1. I am so sick of Marisol, I just wished she would get a sun stroke and just die already.

    1. hahahahaha yeah Marisol is always a joy to have around. :D

  2. Decisions, decisions. Marcus has a tough one on his hands. I can completely understand his view of not wanting to start a married life with Flo because he's still in the dark about his past. And now knowing he has a whole other life somewhere and 5 kids...he really needs to know the ins and outs of who he was and who they are before he can settle down. Plus I don't want him with Flo anyway.

    Marisol. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water. Where the hell has she been hiding? She should have stayed gone. She was SO not missed! I guess she has to pop in every now and again and make Amari's life that much harder. I agree with Pinky, she needs to have a sun stroke and die already.

    They had a really nice day out besides though. And it was really sweet how the boys (almost called them twins when they're not) came to her rescue. It's nice also that Elphie is trying to talk to her and fix their relationship, Amari really needs a break. And then I think "but they have no idea about Marcus" and that "oh shit" meter goes right back to full :(

    1. yes he does. Amari is trying to make it easier on him, but he's not ready to just divorce her of sorts without knowing all the answers. He does have a whole life and family he doesn't know much about right now and getting married with that sort of thing hanging over him now isn't what he wants to do. Poor Flo she hasn't really done anything wrong. :( But she gets no love.

      hahahaha yeah she has to pop back up once in a while. She has perfect timing to know how to kick Amari when she's already down.

      It was a nice family day out. The trips may be warming up to her some. They acted as protection with Marisol, invited her to skate with them, things might be changing in that relationship. But yeah they still have to learn that their father is alive and that mom has known about it for a while. :(

  3. Marisol is really such a (insert expletive here). She really doesn't know when to stop. She could see that Amari's with her family, you'd think she would chosen a different time to approach her. SMDH @ her.

    It's good that Amari's relationship with her kids is improving, especially with Finley considering she did have a hard time with her initially.

    Marcus has a such a tough task ahead of him, staying with Flo for all the reasons isn't helping anyone, he's already absent/distant from his relationship with her.

    1. Yeah she is. She always comes around at the wrong time and likes to make things worse for poor Amari.

      She's trying to get it better, but they are resistant most of the time. Today was a good day with them and that made her happy.

      Poor Marcus stuck between the woman he has now and the one he was ripped away from. Amari is trying to make it easier on him, but he's not ready to let go. Flo does feel him pulling away. Its not on purpose but he's getting feelings back for Amari which leaves him conflicted when with Flo.

  4. Stupid Marisol, urgh, she needs to just stay the hell away.... forever, or die a very very miserable and slow death so we can watch her suffer. It was a nice enough day until she showed up, messing things up. Her sudden presence again bothers me... urgh... sure she's taken off for now, but I worry this won't be it. She really better just stay away (I know this hope is probably useless, but I'll forever hang on to it regardless)

    Poor Marcus... he's just really in a tough spot now. I can understand why he'd be having a hard time signing the papers, there's still so much he doesn't know and stuff coming back to complicate it. I just feel really bad for the poor guy.

    1. Yes she does need to just let Amari do her service without the constant harassment. A slow painful death, not sure about that, working out things now on what to do with her. You can hold on to hope, that's never a bad thing.

      Yeah Marcus has been put in a terrible position :( He is so torn and Amari is trying to remove herself from the equation, but he wants answers and is not going to stop until he has them.

  5. Should have known Marisol's absence wouldn't last! She must have sensed that Amari was having a good time and couldn't stand to let her enjoy it. I'm glad that Amari and the children didn't let her spoil their good time together.

    It seems like Elphie is reaching out to her mother for a closer relationship. It's tentatively, but I think that's because she is afraid of being hurt. They really didn't understand that Amari's attitude when they were younger was not because she didn't love them. Poor babies! I hope that now things will continue to be better between them.

    Marcus! I say no more shirts for him at all! Looking forward to that bonus chapter!
    Now back to the chapter. LOL He is so torn! It is the hardest decision of his life. Like you said, either way someone is going to be hurt. I just hope that he doesn't go to see Amari again and get her hopes for them back up! She's trying to let him go, but if he comes back and then leaves again, it will be even harder for her!

    Such an emotional situation for them all!

    1. Marisol has always shown up when she was least wanted. I mean she's never really wanted but her timing is terrible. Other than that, it was a nice outing with her children.

      That was the first little opening she's had with them and it felt good to have it. She really does want a better relationship with them, but they keep her at a distance sadly. :(

      hahahaha making a note now, Marcus must always be shirtless. :D got it! Working on the bonus chapter but it's hard to get my head in that place for this story. Lots of pressure to not disappoint his fans.

      He is torn, its a bad place for him to know he has two different lives and can only choose one. Amari would never keep the kids from him, but there are some feelings for her returning and he can't turn those off. He wants answers, there is a lot of his life he can't remember and she knows something.

      Mulo really messed things up this time and there is no easy way to clean it up. :(

  6. Amari almost had a completely happy day there,but Marisol had to come into it.
    It was nice Amari got to have that talk with Elphie, maybe it will help them connect better.
    Marisol's evil grin that made Amari shudder; it sounds like something bad will be coming Amari's way soon, =(

    Poor Marcus. Even though Amari is trying to let him go to have his second chance, knowing what he knows now about his past is already sabotaging what he has with Florence.

    1. Yeah she did get to have a nice day out with the kids. Hopefully they will start to open up to her more. They still feel like she doesn't love them the same :(. Marisol is always trying to create havoc for Amari.

      Yeah poor Marcus. Its hard for her, but she really is trying to let him go. He was torn from his family, had his memory erased, and was given a new life an entirely different country all because of her. She feels responsible and thinks his life with Florence will be better for him.

      What is coming back to him is starting to mess up his current relationship. This won't end easy for either of them.

  7. It is good to know that Mulo has been a more positive aspect of the triplet's life. It stinks that Marisol isn't sitting slit-throat and staked in some dark alley. Right now I want Marcus to sign and move on. Yeah, he has mixed emotions, but Amari has made up her mind and I am thinking for her mostly, she needs a drama break.

    1. He has been a great aspect for them sadly. He's given them the answers and acceptance they didn't feel like they were getting from Amari.

      Yes it does suck that Marisol is still around. :( It's hard for him to just sign and move on because he's just getting back some memories and they aren't easy to ignore. If he just signed right now, he would still not be being fair to Florence if his thoughts are plagued with another woman like they are now.

      She thinks her mind is made up and that letting him go is the best option, but it hurts since she still is in love with him.

  8. Other than Marisol rearing her ugly face I'd say that the family fun day was a success!

    Poor Marcus, I kind of seen this happening. His memories are coming back and he's right. Had he never known about Amari he could have lived on happily with Florence, but the fact is because of her rebellion to Mulo, he does know, and he can't very well go on with one life until he has ended another.

    Mulo has already said messing with his mind again would not be simple, especially since he has been turned, without maybe some serious consequences.

    At this point I don't guess it matters what Amari does, his life with Florence is falling apart, she is broken hearted and Marcus is torn and confused, so I guess in the end, she wins...edenz~

    1. LOL we hadn't seen Marisol in a while. It was time for her to show up again. LOL.

      Yeah poor Marcus. He's so confused right now. He could have lived life with Florence, but he is a family man at heart so he would have wanted to know his children. It is a mess with his feelings for her getting in the way, but still he needed to know.

      Amari does feel bad about how she's caused more issues. She wasn't really thinking clearly, but now she can't undo what she's done. She's trying to correct things as much as possible, but it's not an easy task.

      Thanks for reading.

  9. It's sweet to see the girls get along so well :3 And it looks like the triplets are slowly warming up to their Mum, so this day was good for them - especially because Elton stepped between Amari and Marisol!

    Marcus feels so conflicted, poor guy :/ I wonder what he'll do? I feel bad for Florence as well, this isn't something she could have predicted and naturally it's hard on her, too.

    1. The triplets are trying. Now that they are older they see their mom somewhat differently. They still have a strained relationship. Yeah, the boys closed ranks quick with Marisol around. They remember how she was influencing them before.

      Yep, he doesn't know what to do. He wants to learn about his old life, but he has to sort out his feeling about his new one as well. Florence seems caught in the middle right now.

      thanks for reading