Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chapter 88-Making Amends

Mulo POV

“Why are you here?” Aric stood outside his house blocking the door way. He didn’t even give me a chance to knock.

“Is that anyway to greet your father?”

“Well I could punch you again.” I smiled remembering the right hook he caught me with the last time we saw each other. I was proud of how he defended his mother like a good son should.

"I like the new house. Grow tired of the beach?"

"No, Nina thought it was too large for just us and wanted something smaller, that felt more like a home. Mom rents out the beach house now. You haven’t answered my question.” The anger rolled off of him in waves. I hated that my actions caused this rift in our relationship, but now that I was back I wanted to make amends for the wrongs I made with him.

“I simply want to talk. Maybe meet my grandson if that isn’t too much to ask.”

“Actually, Mulo, it is.” I chuckled softly to myself hearing him refer to me by name.

“So formal now son? I am still your father regardless of how you feel on the subject.”

He started to say something when the door opened. I smiled seeing my beautiful daughter-in-law standing in the doorway. She placed a calming hand on his shoulder, undoubtedly feeling the level of tension he was radiating because I felt it as well. She flashed me a warm smile.

“Nice to see you Mulo. Would you like to come in?” He turned giving her a scowl that she shrugged off.

“Yes I would, thank you.” Reluctantly Aric stepped to the side allowing me entrance into the house. A smile spread across my face as I spotted my grandson sitting on the floor playing happily with the toys I sent. I sat down with him and he looked up to give me the biggest grin.

“I’m glad he’s enjoying the gifts.”
“He sent those? You told me mom bought them.” Aric said looking at Nina. She just shrugged him off and smiled.
“Yes well sometimes a little white lie isn’t a bad thing.” She responded softly.
“Yes little white lies snowball into total deception.” His hard gaze was pointed in my direction. I picked up Jonathan giving him a hug before handing him to Nina.
“We need to talk son.” Nina took Jonathan upstairs giving us some privacy.
“I don’t think there is anything I need to hear from you.” I knew this wasn’t going to be an easy conversation but I underestimated how hostile he would be.
“Can we sit and have a conversation.”
“Just say what you came to say and then leave. Mom needed you because of Marisol but I don’t.”
“I understand you are angry at me for how I treated you last time we saw each other. You’re my son. In all my years in existence you are my only child, I wouldn’t do anything to truly harm you.”
“You think this is about you throwing me through a wall?” He asked giving a sarcastic laugh. “Yeah I was pretty pissed about that, but this is more about what you have done and are doing to my mother. You know the woman you claim you love yet at every turn you are doing something to make things bad for her.”
“Don’t over step son. The relationship I have with your mother is between us not you.” He stepped towards me preparing for another fight. This was not how I planned on this talk going but I would not be drawn into another fight with him.
“Well when you do things like try to kill her that involves me.”
“I didn’t try to kill her.”
“Oh really? So leaving a gaping wound on her neck letting her bleed out wasn’t an attempt on her life? My mistake.”
My hand balled in a fist at my side. He was trying to goad me into a fight; I could see it in his eyes. I took a step back getting my temper in check.
“Ok son, I see how this is going to go. I have not always done right by your mother I know this, but I would never kill her or attempt to kill her. I knew how soon you would be awake and I knew she had enough of my blood to keep her alive.” Aric let out another sarcastic laugh.
“Do you ever see what you do to her as wrong?”
“No. There is a reason behind everything, maybe not always a good one if you don’t know the whole story, but a reason all the same.” He looked at me as if I had grown a second head shaking his in disbelief.
“Well, we’ll be here to pick up the pieces when you go blow apart her life again if that’s the case.”
“She asked me to come.”
“Yes because that woman nearly caused the death of her child not because she missed you. She’s lost enough, so can you try to do more good than harm this time?”
“Yeah I think I can do that.” I answered with a smile.

Amari’s POV
“So when is the pool fence being installed?”
“Tomorrow. I hoped for sooner but that was the first available appointment. I’ll feel much better once it’s in. I should have had one before.”
“Hey you have to stop beating yourself up over it.” Carter gave me a hug trying to make me feel better. I still got nervous having Finley outside but I couldn’t keep her locked up inside all the time. The triplets were still grounded and had taken to helping around the house with the cleaning and chores trying to get back on my good side. I loved them but still every time I looked at them I saw them standing there doing nothing watching their sister drown.
“I’m trying, but it’s hard.”
He gave me a kiss on my head and the friendly warm smile I always took comfort in. Victoria was a lucky woman, we had become friends and I enjoyed being around her as much as I enjoyed Carter’s company.
“Ok enough gloominess.” I said wanting to focus on happier thoughts. “Tell me what are your plans tonight?”
“Well first I'm taking her to her favorite restaurant then she wanted to go to the festival. She loves magicians so I called and set up for her to be the audience participant and I will ask her then.”
“Aww how fun! Carter I want to be the first to say congratulations.”
“She hasn’t said yes yet.”
“She’d be crazy not to.” After Carter left the triplets worked on their homework while I worked with getting Finley to use the potty, she loved to talk but not so much potty time.
“Do you guys want anything special for dinner?”
“Lasagna.” Elton replied. I sat Finley in the kitchen while I started dinner. Wilma came to sit with her. Both dogs had taken a liking to her and followed her around almost everywhere she went. As I worked on dinner my thoughts went to Mulo. He hadn’t shown up and the link we shared seemed to be blocked. I could always feel him there in the background, but the last two days had been completely dark. It was strange and I hated to admit it, but I felt like something was missing.
I knew he was in town; Aric had called to let me know he came by but he hadn’t visited me. I was a little on edge waiting for him to show up. The fence company showed up right after the kids got off to school. It took them a little over an hour to install and I felt much calmer playing outside with Finley after they left. Watching her take her first steps was heartwarming. We had been outside for only about twenty minutes when the dogs started barking.

“Hello Love.” The darkness that was left from him blocking me was lifted and I was overcome with everything he was thinking.
“Stop! You can keep all those thoughts to yourself.” I said scooping up Finley so I could feed her lunch. “Fred, Wilma quiet! Although I must say they have excellent judge of character. I do believe you are the only one they ever have barked out. I wonder why.” I heard his laughter behind me as I headed into the house.
“I’ve missed you too Love.”
“Quit checking out my ass.” I called over my shoulder sensing his still unfiltered thoughts. I knew he was doing it on purpose but I wasn’t going to play that game with him. That ship had long since sailed.
“But it’s such a nice view.” I ignored his comment as I continued into the house.
“There you are sweetie, enjoy.” I turned to face him and wasn’t quick enough filtering my own thoughts. A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. “Don’t flatter yourself. I'd still rather drive a stake through that cavity that should be your heart. However you are more help to me alive than dead so I will refrain from doing that.”
“I appreciate that. I’ve already talked to Marisol, she won’t bother them anymore. I think of them as mine and therefore she has to give them the same respect she gives to Aric. Well really all of your kids for that matter from here on out.”
“They’re not yours.”
“I know Love. Your beloved Marcus is their biological father, but,” he pushed off the wall closing the distance between us in an instant “I did create what they are, so that makes them a little bit mine.” I pushed against his chest to put more space between us.
“No what you created almost got my baby killed. Look at her Mulo, an innocent life almost lost because both you and her refuse to just let me be. What you created left them open to her and now their thinking is all twisted. They have four other vampires in their lives, yet somehow her way of thinking overrides all other. I like to think they understand but I’m scared that they are instead getting better at hiding it from me.” Finley started crying, Mulo had her out of her seat and in his arms before I even turned around fully.
“She’s beautiful.”
“Yes she is, and with her father gone...”
“Don’t worry Love. I’m back now and will take care of everything.”


  1. Aagh! I can't stand it! My emotions are all in a twist about Mulo. I love him. Then I hate him. Then I love him! You are a masterful writer, Jazen. Keep it up! Can't wait for the next entry!

    1. Oh, btw, this is my SN for blogging, but on the forum thread I'm switchfacexa1ex, just so you know and don't feel a need to respond twice, lol.

    2. haha sorry about that. Mulo is a complicated man sometimes. I'm glad you are enjoying the story and thank you so much for the compliment. And thanks for letting me know about the name thing.

  2. Wow...Mulo and Jonathon who'd have thunk it? Although he didn't hold and play with him, only passed him along. I wonder if he has the ability to or if he simply did not just to keep Aric from ripping his head off.

    And Aric :) Love Aric! Always protecting Amari. She really needs that too. He is a really great kid.

    *Gasp* Carter is getting married (hopefully) it's cute he has found someone to really love and be with and has been able to heal over his heartache. I really hope Victoria treats him well!

    Wilma came to sit with her. Both dogs had taken a liking to her and followed her around almost everywhere she went.
    ^^ Aww that's good! I think they sense the evil ones and want to ensure poor little Finley is safe from the triplicate of torment!

    And then there's Mulo. /sigh. I swear I hate him more every time I see him. I'm with Aric about the way he "loves her" but hurts her more than anyone else. Now will he be able to keep his promise and be more of an aide than a pain in her side this time? Or will he just be more of the ass I'm sure he can't help but be? UGH! Yep...hatred is still there for that man. And the nerve of him to call Marcus' kids his! He deserved a slap for that one!

    1. Mulo is good with kids surprisingly. LOL True he would have liked to spend more time playing with his grandson but he is back and will have plenty of time to spoil him. :D Yeah I love Aric too. I shouldn't have favorites but I do.

      Yes Carter is getting married. Really the game decided to do that so I just went with it. I set his relationship to romantic interest and they took it from there. :D

      hahaha maybe that is the case. They are her personal guard dogs now.

      Yes good ol' Mulo is back. Really you hate him more? I thought he was well behaved-ish this chapter. He will always be a bit of a pain because that's who he is LOL but he really is there to help. Yep he sees them as his just as he said. He has tainted them a tad, but he will take care of them as well. Help get their thinking back on track.

  3. It seems Mulo still has a very long way to go with Aric and Amari, walking back into their lives won't be as easy as it was in the past.

    I'm glad Aric is so protective of his mother, she needs someone in her corner with all the trouble she always finds herself in.

    It's great to see Carter in a much happier place, I think I worried for him the most.

    1. Yeah now that Aric is fully aware (or thinks he fully aware) of the entire situation he isn't so quick to forgive. He's been around to see all that his mom has gone through and knowing that his father is the cause of a lot of it, makes him less quick to forgive his actions.

      He is a good son and will always take of his mom. He's still my favorite kid. And yes Carter is on the road to happiness. No need to be worried about him.

  4. Just so you know, it is really hard to hate Mulo when I'm reading your other story and know there is worse. I like seeing a ballsy Amari. Her half-vampire self has spunk. I'm not quite sure Mulo knows the can of worms he opened.

    1. LOL yeah compared to Seth Mulo is a kitten to deal with. :P She has grown a lot because of all of this and isn't so easy to take his crap as before. They have a strange relationship but it works for them.

  5. Hey again. I left a comment on your last chapter, and was so happy when I found an update. Mulo seems to really want to fix things; I just hope that he's a good influence for the household. I enjoyed the banter between Amari and Mulo. I think the fact that they can read each other’s mind is rekindling some of the love that's been lost. Well, I know Mulo will always love Amari, but I’m not really sure if Amari feels the same anymore.


    1. If he can get those three under control,he'll be worth dealing with. Mulo is definitely using that link that they have to help speed along that rekindling. He doesn't play fair, let's just hope Amari is strong enough to keep resisting.

  6. Yay, Mulo's back! I missed him.
    That said, I love seeing both Aric and Amari standing up to him.
    And I'm so happy for Carter. It's funny,but it' kind of like he dodged a bullet by not being involved with Amari. Nothing good happens to Amari's love interests....

    1. Aww you are in the minority when it comes to that but I'm glad you are happy with his return. Both Aric and Amari know the real deal with him now and won't be so easily fooled anymore.

      haha yeah Amari was right to keep him away even if he was hurt by her rejection in the beginning. He has found someone for him and they maintained their friendship so all is right with the world there.

      yes she has bad luck with love poor girl

  7. (From Wikichick) I agree with other readers, Mulo is the one character you love to hate and hate to love. He has his moments. Best moment? When he held Marisol by her neck...I have to savor that moment. Which reminds me, I hope the truth about Marcus comes out at some point. I can't see Marisol "Respecting" anything..LOL! Poor Aric, finding his Dad at this doorstep, what a mixture of feelings that had to drum up, he did trust his dad, but he won't ever be able to again, he knows too much of the truth now. ...and just when ya start feeling those sweet feelings towards Mulo..he refers to Marcus's children as his own...really? I think he is full of himself. The sad truth is how Amari will never feel so trusting of her own trio of trouble again after what happened to Fin...no matter what Mulo says..she has seen what can happen, who would trust nothing more will?

    1. Yes he has his good moments and his not so good moments. Him putting Marisol in her place was a good one. The truth about Marcus, yeah that I'm not sure on yet. So right now the readers have to suffer with the frustration of a missing person (much like in real life) not knowing what happened. If they are ok or not.

      Aric is a very good son. He loves his mom and he still loves his father however he is not approving of the things he has done. He's in a worst place than the rest of the kids because it is his father.

      LOL yeah he may be a little full of himself with that one. He thinks of them as his because he turned them. Not his wisest move, or to bring it up considering what Amari just had to deal with from them in regards to Finley.

      She is in a bad place not being able to fully trust her own children. It is a place that no mother wants to be in.

  8. So Mulo is back. Things will get a lot more interesting for poor Amari now. the story is still amazing. I was wondering if you decided not to go for 100 after all or changed your mind. I'm enjoying the story regardless but just wondered.

    1. Yes he's back. He's needed sadly but let's hope he's on his best behavior and won't make her life that much more complicated.

      Nope not aiming for 100 now. Will have to do some minor rewrites for the story. Since it took on more of a story angle the kids are getting lost and I don't want her to just start popping out babies in order to meet the goal. I am aiming to get to Z now since I was naming the kids alphabetically but even that might be a stretch.

  9. You know I hate it when Mulo isn't a complete jerk (other than the whole "I think of them as mine" thing...he needed to shut up on that one... not that I would have expected better from him.) 'cause then I wonder if I really should hate him. Of course I always still expect he'll remind me why I hate him soon. It'll be interesting to see what happens when he's around, I may still hate him... but he certainly does make things interesting.

    I still love Aric too, such a good son looking out for his mom... it's so nice to see.

    1. hahaha awww, he's giving you mixed emotions too. He tends to do that. You have no faith in his ability to be a good guy :P He may be on his best behavior this time around. Seeing him with the trio should be fun.

      Yes Aric is still my favorite which is why he gets more screen time.

  10. I think that it will be a long time before Aric trusts Mulo again. If he ever does. Their relationship will never be the same now that Aric knows some of the things that Mulo has done. Nina made me laugh. I can tell that she wants to give Mulo a chance, but she probably doesn't know everything like Aric does. Mulo couldn't help be proud of Aric for looking out for Amari. Mulo may have been angry with Aric, but he really does seem to care about him.

    I hope that the triplets really do understand that they were wrong to do nothing to help their babysister. I hope it's not too late to undo Marisol's influence.

    There is still a strong attraction between Mulo and Amari, but this time she seems determined not to give in to it. I hope that Mulo doesn't do anything to hurt her again.

    Yay, Carter's getting married! He is such a nice guy. He deserves to be happy.

    1. You are right about the trust issue. Mulo has done a lot to his mom and now that he knows everything he views Mulo differently. Nina is trying to keep the peace. She didn't have a happy home life so sees Mulo like a father, and thinks of Amari as her mother. She knows Mulo has done some very bad things but she also knows he's done some good things to protect his family. They will have to work it out.

      Yeah the triplets are a handful. Mulo may be the only person that will be able to reign them back in which is why Amari called for him. They do have an attraction (Amari and Mulo) and seeing them together again proves it. She won't be so easy to give in, but that mind link doesn't help any.

      Yes Carter needs some happy. The game decided his fate and I just went with it.

  11. Hi Jazen: I read this a few days ago and enjoyed your update very much. Congrats goes out to Carter and his upcoming wedding. Mulo seems to be showing his 'better' side but wonder how long that will last for. I feel sorry for Amari for being pulled into an attraction with him inspite of what he's done to her. Guess that's what they mean when opposites attract.

    1. I thought you might like Carter getting some happiness since I killed off Jonas. (sorry about that) He tries to be good, but he's so good at being bad LOL and fun to write that way. He is playing dirty with the mind link. She still has some attraction to him and he is taking advantage of that. Having him back should be fun.

  12. I just revamped my own blog layout and put up a "Awesome Stuff" links section, and I hope you don't mind that I included this blog in that list. It makes me happy to point out great writing for friends' and family's enjoyment. :)

    1. Thanks for including me on your list of awesome stuff. :D

  13. Oh Mulo, back again? What might he stir up this time? I keep thinking he and Amari are destined to be together...just me though.

    1. Yeah he's been gone a while thought it was time for him to return. Maybe they are destined to be together. She still has a ways to go.

  14. Mulo's confrontation with Aric went a little better than I expected it would. I really was waiting to see who hit who first. It was interesting seeing some little things through Mulo's point of view. I am happy for Amari that she and Carter are close again, and she also has a lady friend now. I hope those two stay healthy and well, or Amari will truly be all alone.

    1. Yeah Aric was angry but Nina would have been greatly displeased if he acted out especially with their son so close. LOL He is a complicated man and never gives the full story. In the words of Shrek--onions have layers--so he's an onion LOL

      Yes she and Carter got close again after Jonas's death. She needs a friend and have a female friend is nice as well. Well she won't ever be truly all alone. 5 of her kids are vamps.

  15. I don't think Aric will be so willing to let Mulo back in. Although i will give Mulo props he did control his temper around Aric and backed off when he simply could have punched him. And Mulo should expect some resistance/nod.

    Poor Amari, she tries and tries but that bond that she has with Mulo I believe makes it very hard for her just to shut him out and I think honestly she would be very sad if she had because I think that as much as half of her hates, the other half cares..he really is such a shit=-)....edenz~

    1. Aric isn't ready to forgive just yet. Mulo best control that temper, it's what got him in trouble to begin with. He knew coming back wasn't going to be easy, but he's a cocky bastard so it won't stop him.

      hahahaha he plays dirty with that bond. She's trying to keep a distance but he does make it hard. She always has a lot on her plate and he's not really helping. They will always have a connection and she does hate that.

  16. I've always loved Mulo he's my favorite

    1. he'll be around for a few chapters I think. Glad you like him, he doesn't have many fans.

  17. I have been trying to catch up for a while and finally finished 2011-2012 chapters lol. I will be moving on to this years chapters as soon as I finish writing this. I want to give you a round of applause for not only attempting this legacy, but making a wonderful story out of it. I have tried it, but it was getting out of hand lol. I believe I stopped at baby #5. Sorry for blabbering, but I just wanted to say I'm really enjoying this story and I can't wait to continue to see how Amari's life pans out.

    1. aww thank you. :) I'm glad the story has been interesting to you and you have enjoyed reading it. This was my first attempt at a sim story and I thought a baby challenge would be easy. Boy was I wrong. I didn't want to just pop out babies so the story took on more of a roll and the babies have gotten lost.

      Amari's life hasn't been easy but I hopefully can give her a happily ever after at some point.

    2. Yeah with everything she's been through she deserves a happy ending lol. and You're welcome :)