Friday, November 2, 2012

Chapter 87-Bygones

“Hey mom.” Aric said giving me a hug. He and Nina came over when I called telling them I needed to talk to them both. I took little Jonathan from him giving him a big hug. He was getting bigger and looking more and more like Aric every day.

“Where’s Finley?” Nina inquired. “I was hoping they could play a bit while we talked.”

“She stayed the night with Carter. He should be bringing her home in about an hour before his shift starts. Let’s go sit. I need to tell you something.” We walked into the living room. Nina sat John on the floor where some of Finley’s toys were before taking a seat next to Aric.

“Mom you seem upset. What’s going on?” Upset was an understatement. I barely got any sleep last night. I was haunted by the memory of seeing Finley face down in the pool. Knowing that my children had been so corrupted that they would stand by and let something happen to their sister broke my heart. I was also angry, so very angry over the fact that she just couldn’t leave me alone. I was doing what she asked yet it still wasn’t enough. Taking a deep breath I told them about how the triplets haven’t’ really gotten better explaining the near fatal incident with Finley.

“Is that why she’s not here?” Aric asked.


“So did they say why? I mean there isn’t a good reason, but still this makes no sense.” I got up to go look out the window. He still hadn’t forgiven Mulo and I’m not sure he would. Only they could heal that relationship. Jonathon started getting fussy so Nina moved to go play with him.

“Marisol. She’s been getting to them. Filling their heads with all sorts of things. But I have it handled.”

“Handled? Mom how are you going to handle her? Bynni? They have or had a decent relationship maybe she can get her to back off.”

“No not Bynni. I don’t want you kids involved.”

“Then what?” He asked, I could hear the concern in his voice growing.

“Your father is coming back.”  Aric took a minute to process what I had said. I could see he was trying to control his temper but the idea of his father being back was not something he liked. I knew that would be the case which is why I wanted to tell him in person.

“Why? He’s done nothing but add to your misery what good will he serve?” I went over and sat with him on the couch. It pained me to know their relationship had deteriorated like it had. I tried very hard to keep my issues from them, but spill over was inevitable I suppose.

“Because I can’t deal with Marisol. She is a woman that can’t be reasoned with. I’ve tried believe me. He is the only one who can. Plus he made them like they are, he opened them up to her he needs to be the one to fix it.”

“But one good deed does not undo all the bad Mom.” I rubbed his arm gently understanding his resistance to the idea.

“I’m not saying it does. Your father and I have a ton of unresolved issues to deal with and one day we will. But for today, for the safety of not only Finley but also for the triplets, I have to let bygones be bygones for now. I’m not saying you have to. What you choose to do in relation to Nina and John and letting Mulo in is up to you.” He looked over at his wife and child who were still playing. Nina gave him a loving look of understanding. She would support him in whatever decision he made.

“Ok.” He sighed in defeat. “When is he coming back?”


Mulo’s POV

“You know it’s customary to knock before entering someone’s home or at least wait until they are home to greet you.” Marisol stated not even shocked to see me sitting in her living room.
“Well since this is where you wanted me I figured we could skip the pleasantries.” She sauntered over towards her bar trying to maintain her calm demeanor.

“What gives you the idea I wanted you here? Really Mulo you have gotten full of yourself over the centuries.”
“And you are showing your desperation.” I countered crossing the room to face her. “Going after children Marisol. That’s low even for you.” She took a sip of her drink waving her hand in the air dismissively.
“I wasn’t going after them; I was just leading them on a path to let them fulfill their fullest potential. You turning those three was brilliant even if it was for terrible reasons. I see it in them.”
“Don’t push this Marisol. This wasn’t the plan. She is complying so leave her and the children the hell alone otherwise.”
“Or what Mulo? You are becoming just as pathetic as that human. You used to be so great. We had such a time together.” She walked closer to me turning. I could hear the sultriness in her voice. 
“We could have that again. I get so lonely. No one has been able to fulfill me as you have.” She wrapped herself around me, the desire burning in her eyes.
“Enough!” I yelled shoving her backwards. “We are finished. I held up my part and it’s cost me. Now I am done!”
 “Done?” She laughed sarcastically. “What do you think is going to happen? She will forgive and forget? You will waltz in there and play daddy to all her bastard children? I don’t think so.” With lightening speed I had her by the throat pinned to the wall.
“I’m going to say this just once. She and the children are off limits. She will complete this thing as planned and then she’s mine as planned.”
I released her and she fell to the floor holding her neck and coughing.
“What are you going to do Mulo?” She asked picking herself up off the floor. “Kill me if I don’t do as you say? You know that won’t work.”
“Well we both know there are worse things than death for you. You will stick to the plan and we both will get what we want. If you don’t then, I guess only one of us will.” I turned to leave knowing facing Aric was going to be a hurdle but I was looking forward to meeting my grandson.
“I won’t be the only loser. How do you think she will feel knowing the truth about the disappearance of her beloved Marcus?” I stopped turning to look at her. The rage was evident in her eyes.
“I’ve learned a lot of things and made valuable friendships during my travels. You keep that in mind.”


  1. It's so strange thinking of Mulo as a grand daddy. He's not the grandfatherly type at all.

    I'm with Aric, I have my misgivings about Mulo entering their lives again. I dread his power games. But then again, maybe some distance has made him realize what's important to him. Here's to hoping.

    Marisol should die. Maybe she should be Seth's next playmate. Now wouldn't that be a dose of karma right there?

    1. That said, the masochistic part of me is glad Mulo's back, the chemistry between him and Amari always intrigued me.

    2. Yes Mulo has done a lot to Amari and Aric isn't so forgiving. They will have to work out that relationship. Mulo really is a double edged sword but Marisol is crazy and Amari knows she can't handle her on her own.

      haha Mulo is a granddaddy. It is funny to think about it that way.

      They do have great chemistry so their reunion should be fun.

  2. Mulo and granddaddy don't go together. It's like a Thornton thing...

    One sentence keeps replaying in my mind:
    'How do you think she will feel knowing the truth about the disappearance of her beloved Marcus?'

    I seriously feel like I don't have the strength to even wonder. (maybe I'm tired and need a day off from work)

    1. yeah Mulo may know a thing or two about what happened to Marcus. Amari suspects and her going to confront him ended badly but she would like to know.

      hehehe...but he is a granddaddy

  3. hell. Mulo better not come with his shit. I like that he put Marisol in her place but he'd better be ready to work! And I caught that crack about Marcus. I knew he had something to do with it. Asshole...

    I really am anticipating the showdown between Aric and Mulo and how it'll all play out. It's an interesting tale there. I hope I HOPE Aric punches his ass again :P that would be a lot of fun!

    Those can't wait to see him chew their asses out though for real. They are horrible and really need some discipline!

    1. LOL we will see how he acts this time. Maybe just maybe he will be on his best behavior. He really is the only one that can handle her, if only he could kill her. It would serve a lot of problems.

      Yes he may have had something to do with Marcus going missing. Or maybe he just knows where he is. Marcus may not want to be found....

      Aric and Mulo. Will he show up at his house? He does want to see his grandson. hahaha I may have Aric punch him again just for you.

      He will get them under control. See he will use his evil for good sorta.

  4. Seeing things from Mulo's perspective was certainly odd.... He could have should have killed Marisol right then and there. I did not like his statement about sticking with a plan. What exactly did they plan together more sinister than what they are doing now? I knew he was involved in Marcus' disappearance, and if it's as bad as I think, then he will lose it all. I still don't like him. Selfish, self centered, only really looking to get what he wants. Had he a care at all he would have done this entire thing differently.

    Aric will explode, I know it.

    1. Odd? We've seen his perspective before it's just been a while. He can't really kill Marisol (it's tricky) but he can make things hard on her if she doesn't back off a bit. They have always had a plan :( and she's deviating from it.

      LOL it was a little to convenient that Marcus went missing when he did. Depending on his level of involvement he could lose all that he's trying to gain back with Amari. You really don't like him :( he's gonna have be damn near a saint for him to win you over. :P

      Aric knows he's coming, Amari didn't want to let that be a surprise so now he can figure out how best to deal with it.

  5. If you create a character you wish your readers to hate you must place them in a position to hurt the character you want your readers to love and that you have done so is interesting with Mulo, since the beginning there has been this confusion over which emotion to choose, sometimes being easy..hate him and sometimes oddly liking him and wanting him to cross the line between his evil ways and become the hero rescuing Amari and bringing the wrongs she's experienced to right. In that moment where he takes marisol to hand and strangles her and then again to be reminded that Mulo had to have a hand in Marcus's disappearance, well back to hating Mulo awesome to take readers on that whiplash of emotions..cheering Mulo on and then hating him.

    1. Wicki--what's funny when I created Mulo he was supposed to be the bad guy, then I sorta started liking him so enter Marisol so now he's this in between thing that goes from being loved to being hated. It's crazy but seems to work. :P

      Working out his return for now will be interesting I think. I haven't quite figured out how I want that to work but it should be fun. Always is when he is around.

  6. You know what, even after being so furious with Mulo, I still can't help but like him.

    I really understand Eric's feelings about having Mulo back in their lives. I'm sure Amari has reservations about it too!

    Mulo was right about Marisol. It is so low for her to go after Amari's children even though Amari is doing what she wants.

    I don't think that Marisol just wants revenge on Amari's father anymore. The things that she is doing now make me believe that she is also jealous of Amari. Jealous because of Mulo and because Amari has the love of her family.

    I just hope that Marisol does back off of the children.

    Great chapter like always, Jaz.

    1. :) Mulo has that effect. He has a lot to make up for so it will be a slow process. Aric is really angry over how he has treated his mother so they have a lot to deal with.

      Marisol was very very wrong for her attempt to get at the children. She is jealous because Mulo loves Amari. This would be the second guy she's lost to a human and she's not taking it well at all. The fact that she hasn't broken her spirit completely bothers her because she wants to see Amari suffer even though none of this is her fault.

      With Mulo around she will back off for now at least.

      Thanks :)

  7. I'm also kind of in the liking Mulo camp. But, omg, you slipped in one hint about what happened to Markus, just one little mention..*head explodes*
    I really really want to know. But I hate that whatever it is, it's something Marisol can use for her own advantage in manipulating Amari.

    1. Mulo has his good moments and this was one of them (a little) Yes he may know a little something about Marcus but he would never let Amari know that.

      Marisol is always trying to have leverage so this can be something she could use against either Mulo or Amari at a later date.

  8. Nooooo! Been reading for half a week now and just ran out of story. Ugh! Must... be... patient! I am so addicted tho! I really hope Marcus is alright. It'd be so trippy to see him just show up as a vamp all of a sudden! ::hopeful look::

    1. awww sorry you ran out of story. I am working on the next update so hopefully it will be out next week.

      Yeah Marcus has fans hoping he is out there somewhere alive and well.

      Glad you are enjoying the story. Thanks for reading.

  9. I feel the same CaptainConundrum! I've been reading this in my spare time from start to now and and...there was no next button! I've really enjoyed this. You really do have a very good hook you've kept up through out the entire story.

    1. Sorry. I'm working on the next update. I hope to have it out within the week. I'm glad you are enjoying it. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  10. I can't ever get enough of your stories. Will we ever find out what happened to Marcus? I hope so. but, I'm still a Mulo fan.. haha I'm secretly hoping for him to make a permanent return :3

    1. Aww thanks. We may find out or maybe not. I haven't fully decided yet. Mulo still had a few fans out there. He can be a good bad guy sometimes.

      A permanent return? Not sure about that but he will be around for a while.

  11. Hello! I came across your story a couple of days ago, and I have to say that I love every bit of it. The characters are so diverse, and fun to read. Amari has so many layers; you've really brought her character to life. I love how big her family is, and how strong they all are. Fantastic job!

    1. Glad you stumbled upon it and are enjoying it. It's definitely not your typical baby challenge and I find sometimes I have a hard time working in the babies. Amari has grown a lot over the course of the story and there is still more she has to do. I aimed to make her relateable thinking she would handle these situations like a struggling woman. Life isn't always perfect and that is reflected in her, and her children. They grow and change as well.

      Thank you for reading and commenting. Hope you enjoy the rest of the story as well.

  12. My Mulo=-).

    Looks like Marisol may be more of a challenge than he expected eh? He will certainly have his hands full, not only with her but with Aric and possibly the triplets.
    You know, poor Amari and been left a many a time in a mess that she's either had to try and reslove or fix somehow, looks like Mulo may be going to get a bit of what she has gone though over the years....edenz~

    1. Yes you are probably one of the few people happy to see him back.

      Marisol is always a challenge. It's what she's good at. He created the mess with the triplets so he needed to be around to deal with them. Aric isn't in the forgiving mood and with good reason. Nina is a voice of reason so Mulo will do good to get in well with his daughter in law.

      Amari does shoulder a lot. The tough times have been character building for her and she seems to make it through some how. Let's hope Mulo doesn't add to the stress.