Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chapter 66-A Deal with the Devil

This had to be the longest elevator ride in history.  My stomach was in knots between the nerves and the morning sickness.  I hesitated when the doors slid open, but I pushed my nerves aside and stepped out into the hallway.  There he was, propped up against his door frame waiting for me.  This was a bad idea, and I knew it the moment our eyes met.  He looked at me but his eyes were cold, the intensity with which he stared at me caused a wave of fear to wash over me.

"Let's not have this conversation in the hall."  Mulo's voice was low and steady.
I turned and pressed the button on the elevator frantically.  I couldn't do it, I would have to find another way but before the doors even opened I found myself inside his penthouse.

"You came all this way, might as well come in."  He had an icy demeanor that caused my pulse to race, there was only one other time I had ever been this scared of him and Aric wasn't around to save me this time.
"Calm down my love, I'm not going to hurt you."  His voice was void of all warmth.  "How did you know I was back?"
"CeCe.  Sh..she told me when I talked to her last week."
"Ah..of course she did."
"I need your help."  I spoke softly and flinched when I saw the anger flash across his face.
"You want me to turn your unwilling dying husband.  What makes you think I'd agree to such a thing?" he spat angrily.
"Because you can't just let him die."
Mulo let out a curt laugh "Actually I can."
The painful truth of his words struck me hard.
"But why, why would you do that?"
He stepped closer to me and gingerly played with a strand of my hair.

"You know the answer to that question."  He leaned in to kiss me and I took a step back.  The anger on his face, the hatred that burned in his eyes sent a shiver down my spine.
"Please Mulo.  I'm asking you to do this for me, for my sons."  My legs were shaky but I stepped closer placing my hands on his chest.

"From what I gather he's accepted his fate and that includes leaving you and his sons.  Why can't you do the same, we both knew this was only temporary anyway.  He's just dying a little sooner than expected."
The harshness of his words were like a slap in the face.  The look on his face was cold and uncaring as if he were discussing the weather instead of a man's life.
"How can you be this way?  If you care so much about me, how can you stand by and watch as my heart breaks?"
For a brief second, I thought I caught a glimpse of softness before his expression hardened again.

"You asked me for space, for a chance to make it work with your human and I did that.  Him living forever was NOT part of the deal!"
The one thing I didn't think about when I came here dawned on me, he was jealous.  Marcus was a threat simply because he loved me.  Marcus loved me more than Jesse did, more than my father and more than Mulo.  He loved me truly deeply and unconditionally.
"Please, I'm begging you.  Don't let him die."

Mulo didn't speak but I could feel his gaze on me as I looked down at the floor.
"What do I get in return for this act of generosity?"
"The nature of doing something out of generosity means you aren't expecting anything in return."  I spoke softly meeting his gaze finally.

"Yes well..." He spoke moving to stand behind me.  "That's not how it works for me."
He rubbed his hand across my cheek and his features softened as he looked at me. 
"What do you want?"
I watched as a slow smile spread across his face.  He leaned in close and I could feel his breath on my cheek when he whispered into my ear "It's been far too long since we've been together."
I drew in a shaky breath and closed my eyes as I weighed his request.  I had already put Marcus through so much, I couldn't betray him like this.

"Mulo, please, don't ask me to do that."
Unmoved the tears that escaped the corners of my eyes, he looked directly at me "Those are my terms."
"If I do this, you'll save him?"
I looked down and twirled my ring around my finger.  I couldn't let him die.  Without looking up at Mulo, I nodded my head in agreement.  He lifted my chin to look at him before kissing me.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back but it wasn't the same.  I felt him pick me up and he carried me up to his bedroom.


I cried the whole way home.  I was relieved that Marcus was in the backyard with the boys when I got home.  I ran to our room and immediately went to shower.  I never felt so low in my life as I did standing under the scalding hot water scrubbing my skin.  I was so undeserving of a man like Marcus.  When I finally stepped out of the shower I still didn't feel clean.  I wrapped the towel around me and stepped out into my room.  Marcus was sitting on the bed waiting for me.
"Where have you been?"  I could hear the strain in his voice.  I walked over to my dresser and started getting dressed.
"Amari, I asked you a question."
"Tell me you love me." I spoke keeping my back to him.
"I need to hear it, please."
Marcus got up from the bed and stood behind me.  I felt his warm arms wrap around me.
"I love you Amari Smith."
The warmth and sincerity of his words flooded me with guilt and my entire body shook as I started sobbing.  He turned me around and held me as I cried.
"Amari what's wrong?"
"I'm sorry, I'm so very very sorry."  
"Sorry for what?"
"I...I just didn't want to lose you.  I couldn't face...I couldn't face life without you.  Please forgive me."
Marcus held me against his chest, stroking my hair.
"Come on it can't be that bad."
"But it is.  I...I went to...I went to Mulo." I managed to choke out the words.
He stopped stroking my hair and his body instantly tensed at the mention of his name.  He pulled away from me and the look on his face was like a knife in my heart.
"Why?" He asked through clenched teeth.

"Nevermind, I don't think I want to know.  The fact that you came home and showered speaks loudly enough."  Heartbreak and disgust was written all over his face.
"Marcus please.  It wasn't like that."  I reached out for him but he backed away as if I were poisonous.
"You couldn't even wait until I was dead."  The pain in those words caused a tightening in my chest.
"I was trying to save you.  I wanted to save you!  Don't you understand that?  Don't you understand what your death will do to me?"  I cried but my pleas were falling on deaf ears.  He wouldn't even look at me.
"I never wanted you to save me, all I wanted was for you to accept what was happening and to just love me in the time I have left."  He collapsed down onto the bed.  Tears pooled at the bottom of his eyes, his will and strength finally breaking.
"But I do love you Marcus.  More than I knew but I do love you. I am in love with you.  That's why I couldn't accept you dying."

I dropped to my knees in front of him.  "And it's because I love you, I couldn't do it.  I've put you through so much, I couldn't betray your trust, your love for me that way."
As I sat there waiting on him to speak my thoughts went back to Mulo.

I remembered his touch on my skin, how instead it making me warm and excited I only felt sad and disgusted with myself.  The look of anger on his face when I told him to stop made me shutter.  His eyes burned with a fury I had never seen before and his hand tightened around my wrists as he pinned me to the mattress.  He could have forced me or compelled me but he let me go.  Neither of us spoke as I gathered my clothes and redressed he left the room and went into his slumber chamber slamming the door behind him so hard it caused a crack in the wall.
"Marcus, please say something."
"I would leave you if it wasn't for the fact the boys are already dealing with enough.  All I wanted was to enjoy the time I had left with my family and now you've tainted that.  It doesn't matter whether you went through it or not, it's the fact you went there to sleep with that man."  His words were laced with so much anguish.  He got up and walked over towards the door.
"That's not why I went there."  It didn't really matter why I went, the damage was done.
"Oh really, then why did you go?"  I glanced up at him.
"That again?" 
I nodded.
"So what was the plan he was going to some how force me?  You would do that to me regardless of how I felt about it?"
"I was desperate and not thinking clearly."
"And how did you end up in a position to almost commit adultery?"
"He wanted...I had exchange for him agreeing."  The shame of how I belittled myself was overwhelming.
"And that's the man you're in love with." he said with a sarcastic laugh.
"No.  You may not believe me, and honestly I understand why you wouldn't but it took him asking that of me after everything he's done to me to realize the truth.  There has been only one man in my life that has loved me without expecting anything but my love in return.  You."  I paused waiting to see if he would say anything but he didn't so I continued.  "I'm sorry it took me so long to give you what you've deserved all along.  I'm sorry that it took me knowing I was losing you for me to fully comprehend how much I truly love you."
Marcus turned his back to me and I felt him flinch as I circled my arms around his waist.
"I was selfish and I wish I could take back everything I've ever done to cause you pain but I can't.  What I can do is try to make it up to you, if you let me."
"I need to go check on the boys."  He said removing my arms from around his waist.  I stepped back wiping the tears from my face and he took a deep breath before opening the door.
"Marcus.  There's something else you need to know."
"I'm pregnant."

******So I got the chapter out but I am still working to recover all my sims.  You will see some changes as I work through to get everything back.  Thanks for your continued support.


  1. YAY!!! She told him! /happy dance! Sorry started with the end first :P

    I was very pissed at Amari in this chapter until she told Marcus what happened! Man...I can understand she's not focused and not acting like herself and is doing whatever she thinks is necessary to save his life but to go to Mulo behind his back and KNOWING how Marcus feels about him was way wrong. :(

    I'm so glad that she told him the truth but I can understand where Marcus is coming from. That thought alone is painful after everything else he has to go through to hear that and know that is really bad. He's right she needs to focus on the good and try and be what he needs right now instead of making his last days harder on him.

    That last shot is beautiful! I hope this pulls them closer together.

    P.S. I'm happy your back and your game stopped giving you fits! I know you were itching :P

  2. I'm loving this purple! Then again I'm biased :P

  3. DJ--yes she wasn't thinking clearly and it's sad that it took her almost cheating on her husband to realize how wrong she's been. I have the next chapter written and Marcus will be a little angry over everything she's done.

    Mulo was the last person (next to Marisol) she should have gone to but she is desperate at this point.

    Glad you like the new background. Changed it to match my new banner :) Thanks for all your help with getting my game up and running today.

  4. I am so glad that she finally realizes how much she loves Marcus. I hope his last days will be happy and that Amari abides by his wishes now!

    I am shocked at Mulo's attitude, although I can understand his jealousy. I can't believe that he tried to force Amari into that deal!

    So worth the wait!

    I'm glad you got your game working again! Now I can't wait till the next Fiendish update.

    I like the new banner!

  5. Daisy--she finally realized what she had with him all along! She has done some much wrong, it's gonna be hard on Marcus to just forgive her this time. She really went too far in almost sleeping with Mulo and to even go to him to begin with.

    Mulo was more than angry at the thought that her feelings for Marcus are changing. The idea of him being around forever to compete with him did not sit well.

    It's taken a lot to get it up and running and I'm still working on glitches. I haven't even started to straighten out Fiendish yet. My head is hurting from just getting these shots today. LOL

    The new banner is made by Val!!!! I'm trying to spruce up my blog. :)

    Thanks for reading.

  6. OMG how could you end it that way!! I can't but can believe Mulo asked her that but I am over the moon about her leaving! Marcus just doesn't understand and in a way is being very selfish! It's not just a wife he'll be leaving but 2 sons as well! Sigh...please Marcus! Think it over!

  7. Qui--If I kept going it would have been a really really long chapter. Don't worry I have it written already I just need to do shots. I won't make you wait too long I promise.

    They both have a lot of things to think over. It's not easy for him to know he's leaving his sons and now a new child as well.

    I couldn't let her cheat on Marcus. She's already put him through enough but she did come close.

    DJ and her love of Marcus is making it harder to kill him off.

    Thanks for reading.

  8. ~ I am glad you got things working again, I hope you did not lose too much!
    ~ Oh,wow,how could she do that to Marcus,I know her hormones & the stress of eveything is not helping,she is close to losing it!
    ~ This has just about pushed her over the edge,with everything happened so far,to her,& what Mulo did to her,was not right,what point was he trying to prove?????
    ~ More when you can Or Fiendish!LOL!(",)

  9. Ugh what a mess :(
    She really is so confused and almost helpless. Mulo is just about as bad as Marisol. They both want something from Amari for their own selfish desires, one infatuation and one revenge. How dare he give her an ultimatum, and Amari, what were you thinking? I agree with Marcus on this one. And why would he want to be turned and live forever when she is human? Duh Amari, you're saving your own sorrow but not thinking about his future.

    Your new background is pretty. I miss the shapes from the pink one though.

  10. Karima--It's been a struggle today but with DJ's help I am managing to push through without throwing my computer out the window.

    She is losing it, the hormones, the guilt, everything just has her at her breaking point. Mulo and what he did, what he wanted her to do didn't help matters.

    He feels that she is slipping away from him and like Marisol, he won't take it well.

    I have the next chapter written but it's just getting the shots. I have to try and see if I can save Dax and Dunham or I will need to do a re write. I'm still working on Fiendish.

    Zhip--it is one big mess and her being pregnant doesn't help the situation. He is just as bad as Marisol and what he tried to make her do just proved it. She isn't thinking it through, she sees it as a quick fix to keep him from dying without thoughts of what it does mean for his future.

    As for the background...the pretty pink one is on Fiendish. I'm glad you like this one.

    Thanks for reading.

  11. First off, I love your new banner and background. :)

    It's amazing what people will do for people they love.... I'm so happy Amari finally told Marcus she was pregnant. Even though what Amari did was bad, I really don't want Marcus to die!

    ~Calista Smith

  12. Cat--Thank you. I changed the background so it would better match the new banner that was made by Valpre.

    People will go to great lengths for the people that they love. She was wrong for going to Mulo but she doesn't want to lose Marcus.

    Don't worry you aren't the only one making me feel bad about killing him off. I don't want him to die either.

    Thanks for reading.

  13. Stupid Mulo... I can't believe she went to him. URGH... I can understand being desperate and wanting to save the ones you love...but man going to mulo...and what she almost did...somebody needs to knock some sense into her. Gah I feel so bad for Marcus too. :(

  14. Dreamerz--Yes she is desperate and not thinking clearly. It was either him or back to Marisol.

    That close encounter of almost cheating on her husband was the wake up call she needed.

    We all feel bad for Marcus. :(

    Thanks for reading.

  15. Okay! Now after countless days of trying to catch up, my mind is begging me to stop before it fries, I made it here!

    I REFUSE, my mind agrees 1000%, to comment on each chapter (There are 66), so I'll do a summary-comment!

    Who'd have thought a simple baby challenge could turn into such a captivating story! I'm truly amazed. This family has had some fucked up shit happen to them. Especially CeCe, my heart broke for that girl... and did a happy dance at the mofo's death.

    I still have mixed feelings about Mulo, can't pick whether to hate him or just live with him (no like or love present)

    After all that Amari has been through, to finally find happiness (in a way) with a loving husband, twins and 2 dogs, to have him die now...
    That bitch Marisol, can't you just lock her up in a sunroom or something!

    I've had a wonderful (mind says tiring), intriguing (mind says TIRING) journey!
    Great Job Jazen!!

  16. Phew, that's really a sad, messed up situation Amari found herself in. I can't believe how much her fears almost cost her.

    I know I should be mad at someone but I'm just not. I understand all their sides too well, she's trying to save him, Mulo is trying to win her bed and Marcus just wants to live and enjoy the rest of his days wit her.

    But like Marcus said, the fact that she was there and allowed herself to be in that situation is just as bad as cheating on him.

    It's a powerful chapter, one that echoes one of mine in the Forsaken. It makes you question what one would do in the name of love, and how much one would sacrifice for the people they love.

  17. @JM--I answered you at RWN LOL Thanks again for reading and catching up. Give your mind a rest now.

    @Val--it is a sad and messed up thing. She was willing to do what she thought she had to in order to save him.

    She was desperate not to lose the one person in her life that truly loved her without wanting anything back in return. Her going there was enough of a betrayal for Marcus.

    People will go to great lengths in the name of saving someone they love. She was even willing to let him go with Marisol if that meant him not dying. :(

    Thanks for reading!

  18. Eep. I'm glad she didn't go through it, and that she told Marcus about the pregnancy, maybe that will change his mind as well?

  19. Jaz,
    So glad it wasn't a total loss of characters. At least now you have a reason to give them make overs and play around with new looks! :D

    I loved this chapter, much like Val I can see all three sides and can't blame anyone for the choices they are making. Love and lust are very powerful things. I'm glad that Amari has realized how much Marcus really mans to her, too bad it took her so long. Hopefully it didn't come to late!

  20. Dem--yes if it had been a total loss I think I would have had a melt down. LOL

    Love and lust are powerful emotions. It took her going through a lot to see what he really means to her and I hope it's not too late for them either. ;)

    Thanks for reading.

  21. Oh poor Amari, her anguish literally jumped from the screen in this chapter. Brilliant writing as always :-) Glad she didn't go through with it, even though i want her to be with Mulo i think if she had of slept with him this way then they could never get back together!

  22. Angie--She's in a tough spot right now and the hormones aren't helping. I couldn't let her cheat on Marcus because he's already dealing with enough without adding the stress of an unfaithful wife.

    Still team Mulo? :) He may not be is usual charming self in the next chapter.

  23. I wish Marcus could see that everything Amari does is for her love for him.

  24. Seaweedy--They both need to try and see things from the other person's point of view but neither of them can right now.

    It's a tough situation.

    Thanks for reading.

  25. Lol. what a way to tell your pregnant. haha
    I can understand Marcus but I am rather proud of her that she didn't went trough with it.
    Mulo has to change his character if he ever wants her back. Great chapter!

  26. I'm relieved she didn't go through with it, and relieved she told Marcus. I don't know if it'll change his mind, but he had a right to know either way.

    1. Yeah, she couldn't go through with it after all. She wants Marcus around, but couldn't break his heart like that. :( He's angry one way or another sadly.

      thanks for reading