Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chapter 68-Wrath

Marcus moved back into our room that night.  The tension between us started to melt away and for the first time I started to feel like a married woman.  It felt good.  He kept his word and spoke to Aric.  He still hadn't made a final decision because he was concerned with not being able to be around myself and the boys for a while as he adjusted to his new self.  He didn't know how we would explain his absence to them and he wanted to be around for me and not miss a minute of this pregnancy.

We talked it over and he decided that he wanted to be around but I had to agree to be around with him.  Since any additional children we had would also be vampires, I would be turned once the baby was older and my absence during my adjustment period wouldn't be while he or she were young.  I was feeling excited and hopeful for the first time in a long time.  We had decided not to move.  This was the only home the boys have known so we agreed it was best not to move them.  Marcus wasn't really thrilled with the idea of staying in a house paid for by Mulo, but he said he could manage.  We were moving ahead with plans to remodel, but we would use the money from the sell of his Riverview home.  He didn't want anymore of Mulo in the house so the account remained untouched.

Life was good in the Smith household, and the intimacy had even returned to our relationship. Marcus was officially on medical leave but that didn't stop him from dropping into the office occasionally.  The man was a workaholic so it was tough for him to sit around all day and do essentially nothing. I sometimes wondered if he would run off to the office to avoid be taken to any more furniture stores.

"I'll only be gone for two, three hours tops."
"Can't you just work from home?"
"I could, but some how I feel I would get roped into looking at fabric samples or talking throw pillows." He answered teasingly while pulling me into a kiss.

After he left I went out to check on Wilma who was due to have pups any day.  The shelter was wrong when they said Wilma was spayed and it wouldn't be an issue if Fred wasn't neutered right way.  We took care of that as soon as we learned she was pregnant.  Wilma was due to be spayed after she finished nursing the pups.

"Cute dogs."
I froze when I heard his voice. 
"What are you doing here?"
"I came to see you of course.  We have some unfinished business to discuss."
"You can't be here." I hissed at him.  "We have nothing to discuss, now please leave."
His demeanor held the same cold and calculated attitude he had at his penthouse. 
"Your...husband said he would be gone for two or three hours.  That gives us plenty of time."  The fury that burned in his eyes frightened me and the way he spoke of Marcus sent a shiver down my spine.
"You can't be here regardless.  Please just go."
I was pleading with him although he appeared to not be interested in listening.  Things were finally getting back on track with Marcus and me.  The last thing I wanted or needed was for him to come home and find Mulo here. 
"Yes, you are so concerned about what that annoying husband of yours will think.  I'm growing tired of him."

Sensing my distress, Fred stepped between me and Mulo and started growling at him.  Mulo was unphased as he snarled back which sent Fred whimpering into the dog house.
"Ow! Mulo let go of me!"  I cried as he pulled me into the house leaving the dogs outside.
"If you insist on continuing to push me, you won't like the outcome." He snapped

"I'm not, I'm just happy.  Why can't you just let me be?"
"This sounds very familiar.  You were happy with Jesse also weren't you?  He didn't last, he left you and who was left?  Me.  Marcus won't last either.  I errored in allowing things to get this far, but that can easily be corrected."

I got a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I let his words sink in.  I wanted to get away but he had me pinned against the wall.  I had no where to run.
"What do you mean easily corrected?"
"I told you when you had that infatuation with Jesse, you are only as free as I allow you to be."
I swallowed hard and tried to move but he wouldn't let me. 

"You don't own me."  The words didn't sound as forceful as I had hoped they would.  An evil smile spread across his lips.
"You, my love, still have a lot to learn."  Mulo grabbed me by the back of my neck then gave me an angry forceful kiss.  I struggled to push him off but he was unmovable.  I heard Fred and Wilma barking and scratching at the glass to get in.  As he deepened the kiss, the irony taste of blood filled my mouth.  The fight started to drain out of me and I responded to his kiss.  Only then did he pull away.

"As long as my blood flows through you, I do own you."
"What?  What the hell have you done to me?"
"Call it an insurance policy."
I reached up and slapped him. "There is no end to the ways you will try and use or manipulate me."  He was unphased by my assault.
"I won't be nice for much longer.  Let him die and move on.  You have no other option."
His calm arrogant demeanor annoyed me.  I instantly became angry.

"No!" I screamed pushing against his chest.  "You can threaten me all you want, but I'm not doing that.  Since you walked into my life, nothing has been the same.  How can you claim to love me when all you do is hurt me?  You only want to see me wallowing in misery which forces me to run into your arms for comfort."
Mulo was clenching his jaw tightly and I could see him fighting to control the anger that was laying just beneath the surface.
"This isn't up for discussion."

"Like hell it isn't.  Marcus loves me, he truly loves me.  Every action he's taken proves that!  What do your actions say?  Let's go down the list and see.  You got me pregnant, then left me.  When you do come around you cause me nothing but pain and anguish most of the time.  You threatened Jesse twice to get rid of him because you feared my feelings for him would surpass my feelings for you.  You even went so far as to seduce me into your bed to prove a point.  You schemed and plotted with Marisol to totally destroy my life with this asinine task of having 100 babies.  You turned my little girl without care or thought to what that would do to her or me.  And most recently you wanted me to cheat on my husband when I come to you under the foolish belief you cared enough about me to do something out of the kindness of your heart for me.  I could keep going if you like.  So you tell me how your actions prove you love me?  Hell they don't even prove you remotely like me!"
For a moment it looked like Mulo was hurt by my words but he quickly recovered.
"I don't really care what it may look like.  You are like a child.  I gave you an inch and you took a mile.  No more."

I should have been scared of him but I couldn't see past my own anger and frustration.  I reached out to hit him again but this time he caught my hand and pulled me to him.
"You will do as you are told or face the consequences."  He held me there, his cold fingers gripped tightly around my wrist.  I stared directly into his eyes refusing to allow him to intimidate me any longer.  He held me against his chest and my breathing became more labored.  My body started to feel extremely warm, my senses swirled at my heightened awareness of him.  I bit my lip to fight against the urge that was overcoming me to reach up and kiss him.  I wanted to, needed to break his gaze but I couldn't.   Mulo didn't speak, he just smiled at me then strolled out of the house.

******So I tried not to leave it as a cliffhanger since this will likely be the last update of the year.  I will be spending the next two weeks enjoying the holidays with my in-laws which won't leave me much time for gaming.  I will however probably find time to at least write a few chapters so when I return there should be a small flurry of updates.  Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!************


  1. Just when I start to look deep within and admit that part of me likes Mulo. There is still something there but he needs to see Amari really put her foot down once and for all! I am proud of her for trying this time and I am happy she got that stuff off of her chest! I swear Mulo is a jerk and has a very funny way of showing what he feels for her!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. So I tried not to leave it as a cliffhanger

    ^^ Failed miserably! You failed! WTF is Mulo planning? If he hurts my Marcus I'm gonna blow his ass up!

    He accepted! He's into it! I can't believe it and now Mulo...man...that guy really pisses me off! He seriously thinks Amari should fall all over him every time she sees him when he brings her NOTHING but heartache and pain? She went off on him! MAN! That was too awesome! I LOVED that! It has me really worried though. He hates hearing her say "no" to him and that only means that more heartache is in her future :(

    What the hell is this "insurance policy" anyway? He plans on turning her? He put his blood in her system and I'm nervous as to what that means!


    Cliffhanger...a whole 3wks? Just unthinkable!

  3. Qui--I told you this chapter would make you dislike him all over again. He's not the best at properly relaying his feelings for her and she is tired of his treatment. It was good for her to tell him exactly how she felt about him, but as you can see at the end of the chapter it wasn't enough for her not to fall back into that same spell. Getting him out of her life is easier said than done.

    DJ--Yes he did accept the life of a vamp provided she will do the same. She honestly never thought about being turned before he mentioned it.

    Glad you liked her trying to grow a backbone around him. It didn't really phase him however, he's pretty arrogant and sure of himself in regards to her feelings for him.

    The "insurance policy" well as long as she has his blood a couple of things happen. 1. she stops aging. I needed to figure out someway for her not to be getting all old before she has all the kids. It doesn't turn her, just slows things down. 2. it heightens her feelings towards him. Makes everything much more intense. 3. gives him better control over her. If you remember from A rock and a hard place (I think it was that one) after he kissed her and she tasted his blood, he was able to push images in her mind. He's been slipping it to her since they first met, he just now allows her to be aware of it if he chooses.

  4. OMG...so many unanswered questions...and all having to wait until next year! Ahhh! I don't know if I can wait! LOL I hope you have a good holiday season!

  5. Cassie, I thought I had answered the big question. What would Marcus decide. I didn't leave you waiting to know that. Sorry I guess DJ was right in saying I failed at not making this a cliffhanger.

    What question would you like answered?

    1. I think I'm just confused by Mulo and his antics...LOL. I don't know what his deal is and I trust him...but I don't trust any men, much less vampy men! Hehe...I will be patient though. LOL

  6. I totally agree with DJ! Not a Cliffhanger!!!

    Mulo was a real jerk in this one! True to form he said and did the wrong thing. I'm just so glad that Marcus didn't come home and find him in the house with Amari!

    Both Marcus and Amari as vamps is great. That just may be what she needs in order to have more power over her own life. It was so nice to see her and Marcus happy together again! With Mulo's threat, it probably won't last!

    I had thought that Mulo loved her, but it's a strange kind of love if he does.

    Have a great time with your family!

  7. Can't somebody just drive a stake through Mulo's heart already? Insurance policy..really...what a creep. Definitely a cliffhanger.

    Have a great holiday!!!

  8. As much as I like the chemistry between Amari and Mulo, this chapter I felt nothing but anger for him.

    He's starting to be a thorn on Amari's side and I think if he loves her as much as he says he does, he should just let her go, let her be happy with Marcus for however long it will last.

    All this torture, showing up unannounced, dropping threats here and there make him seem stalkerish and a little desperate.

    I just want Amari and Marcus to be happy, why can't Mulo see that?

    Enjoy your visit with the in laws!

  9. @Daisy--Sorry about that. I have apparently failed at not leaving you guys hanging. :(

    He was a real jerk, but it was coming since he was more than a little pissed off when she wouldn't sleep with him.

    That was one of the conditions he gave her if he really was going to consider turning. She had no problem agreeing to do so. :)

    Mulo does love her in a strange obsessive twisted kinda way.

    @Dreamerz--LOL...there won't be any stakes sorry.

    @Val--If you're angry at him, then I did a great job writing this one. You are probably one of his biggest fans :).

    He is a bigger thorn in her side than Marisol. He is very obsessed with her, even to the point of desperation. Mulo only wants her to be happy with him. Very selfish, but true.

    Thank you everyone for reading and for the well wishes of my upcoming trip. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

  10. Great chapter Jazen. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season :-)

  11. Just got caught back up and wow so much has happened in the last few chapters!

    So glad that Marcus has finally come around and they are finally back to being loving couple. I hated to see the strain on their marriage, Amari deserves to be happy, truly happy, after all she's been through.

    Also happy to see her stand up to Mulo, though I shudder to think of the consequences he referred to. Hopefully he will think on her words and realize she is right!

  12. Dem--glad you're all caught up again. It has be a whirlwind few chapters.

    Marcus is a very loving guy and his love for Amari won't let him be mad at her for too long. He understands why she did what she did and even though he didn't agree with her actions, the promise she made to just accept things coupled with her being pregnant again helped in his forgiving her.

    She did finally grow a backbone when it comes to Mulo but he won't let her go so easily. He's in full jerk mode right now.

    Thanks for reading.

    Angie--thanks. I am enjoying our little vacation. Hope you have a wonderful holiday as well.

  13. Oh My Stars.
    Not a cliffhanger??? Till the new year??? *sob*

    It will be interesting to see how the turning for Marcus goes since Mulo is dead set against it and his own son will be doing it. Mulo had his chance and blew it. I hope Aric gets in his face.

    have a lovely Holiday time :)

  14. Zhip--yes I am sorry I totally failed at not having this as a cliffhanger I have been told. :( Mulo is very against him being turned and the fact that his son will be the one to do it doesn't help. Aric is a very level headed an independent person, so Mulo won't be able to sway his decision to help his mother.

    Mulo isn't a man that takes defeat so this isn't over for him.

    Thanks for reading. Happy Holidays!!!

  15. hey hii...m new at ur blog... i read dis up in 3 days n i'v liked it thoroughly...luvly work...happy holidays :)

  16. Hello and welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I am glad to know you are enjoying it. New chapters will continue after the new year.

    Happy Holidays!

  17. New follower! Have a great new year!! :D

  18. Yay! I love new followers. Hope you are enjoying the story.

    Thanks for reading and happy new year.

  19. Omg...amazing. I cannot wait till the new year. I have cried, got angry, and smiled reading this. This is a amazing story and I will be waiting for the next one ;D

  20. :) Thank you for reading and commenting. I appreciate that you are enjoying my story and I hope you continue to enjoy it!

    Happy New Year.

  21. I don't like Mulo's jealous behavior. He is getting the opposite of what he wants with this.
    I am starting to root for Marcus more and more :)

  22. Well, whatever respect Mulo may have accumulated before is gone again. I can't believe how jealous he is being, it's disgusting and petty.

    1. LOL awww...Mulo lost the ground he'd gained with you. He saw this thing with Marcus as temporary and now that he might change, Mulo has decided he no longer agrees to her new life.

      thanks for reading