Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chapter 69-Mind Games

“I knew you would come back to me.”
“The only place I truly belong is in your arms.”
His breath was warm on my neck as he let his fangs graze across my throbbing vein. 
“I told you my love, not while you’re pregnant.”
My entire body was on fire with longing for him.  He picked me up and carried me to the bed.  In a blink of an eye, we were both undressed and his hands were roaming my body.  When I looked up at him, he had a smug devilish smile on his face and suddenly I couldn’t breath.  I started to push at this chest trying to shove him off of me.
“Amari, what’s wrong.  Did I hurt you?”  I didn’t reply to Marcus’ question as I ran into the bathroom struggling to breathe and calm myself.  I splashed cold water on my face in hopes of putting out the fire that was burning through my veins.
“Amari, let me in.”  Marcus pleaded through the door.  He was jiggling the door knob trying to get in.  I looked at myself in the mirror trying to figure out what was wrong with me.
 In the two weeks since Mulo visited me, I have been having these thoughts and visions of us together, each one more intense than the other.  On more than one occasion, I had almost called out his name while I was with Marcus.  I didn’t know why this was happening, I felt as if I was going crazy.  I couldn’t tell Marcus but I couldn’t keep doing this.  He was invading my every thought, it didn’t matter whether I was playing with the boys, or taking the dogs for a walk, he would be with me.  The worst times would be when I was showering or when I was being intimate with Marcus I would look up and see his face.  There was rarely a waking moment that I didn’t feel his presence surrounding me.    
“Amari, don’t make me break down the door.  Baby you’re scaring me, please open the door.”  I could tell by the tone of his voice he was serious.  Wiping the tears from my eyes, I slowly opened the door.
 “I’m sorry.” I mumbled as I pulled on a shirt.
“Just tell me what’s going on.” He whispered pulling me into a hug.  I couldn’t tell him, I didn’t even know how to explain these thoughts and images I was having.  They felt so real, and it scared me.
“I want to move.” I finally said with my face pressed into his chest.
“What?”  I could understand his confusion since I had been fighting the idea of moving until he finally conceded.
“I…I just don’t want to stay in his house.”
“I’m glad to hear that, but I need the truth.  What aren’t you telling me?”
“I think I already found a house.  I was walking Fred and Wilma and I saw a nice one the next street over.  That way we don’t have to move the boys out of their school and away from their friends.”  I was hoping that I could distract him enough from latest freak out session.  I should have known it wouldn’t work.
“Baby, this is only going to work if we remain honest with each other.  I am grateful you want to move, but something brought on this change of attitude.  This is the last time I going to ask what’s going on?”  His tone was soft, but stern.

I knew it was from the concern and love he felt for me, I just didn’t want him to be hurt knowing I was having inappropriate thoughts about the one person he truly can’t stand.  He was right, I promised him a different me an honest me.
“I’m…uh, when he was here…”  I took a deep breath trying to find the right words, a way to soften the blow a bit.  “He’s in my head.  He won’t ever let me be free or happy.”
“What are you talking about?  I don’t understand, what does ‘in your head mean’?”
“I see him, I feel him.  I…I am dreaming about being with him.”
“With him how?”  Marcus had tensed but was trying to remain calm.
“With him…with him as in…”
“I get the picture.”
“But you have to believe me they don’t feel like my thoughts.  Please believe me I don’t want to be with him.”  I was holding my breath waiting on his response.  I didn’t understand what was happening to me, but I knew it wasn’t right.  He was doing something, slowly shredding my sanity and driving a wedge in my marriage. 
“I believe you beautiful.”  He said the words I needed to hear, but I don’t think either of us was convinced.  Marcus did agree to go see the house if nothing else good came out of me slowly losing my mind, at least we would be out of his house and that meant a lot to Marcus.  When the boys got home from school, we went to look at the house. 

They weren’t excited about moving until they spotted the pool.  They were sold at that point.  Moving wasn’t going to get him out of my head, but at least I would finally be free from him financially.  That included getting me a new car.  The other one would be given to Ceula when she returned home.  She was coming back soon and although I wasn’t happy about it, she was getting more involved with Trey.  He’d been with her the last few months and he was trying to get his life together.  Bynni said she was happiest when he was there and that’s all I really wanted for her.  When we arrived back home, we were all excited about the new house.  The agent said there were no other offers and the owners were anxious to sell.  Things could be finalized quickly.  As I walked into the house, an intense pain shot through my head causing me to stagger a bit.
 “I’m starting to take offense to you rejecting what I give you!”  
“Mom are you ok?”  Dax asked as I dropped to the floor.
“You are doing this to prove what? You are in control of your own life? When will you learn, that is not the case?”
Dax went running to get Marcus.  “Dad, something’s wrong with mom!”  He yelled.  Marcus came and carried me to our room.  I was crying and I knew he thought it had something to do with the babies.  The pain hurt to much for me to even tell him otherwise.
“Boys, go see if Mr. Carter is home.”
“Is she ok?  What’s wrong with her?”  I could hear that they were scared.
“She will be fine, just go check for me please.”  Without another word, they both ran from the room. 
“Amari baby tell me what’s wrong.” 
Please stop.  You’re hurting me!
“And you’re hurting me.”
“Marcus what’s going on?”  Both Carter and his cousin entered the room.
“I don’t know.  We got back from looking at a house and she just doubled over in pain.”  Jonas took the boys outside but before Carter could even examine me, the pain stopped. 
“I’m, I’m ok.”  I croaked out.  “It was just a cramp.”  Carter still checked my blood pressure then called my doctor to schedule a check up for tomorrow despite my protests.  Marcus had a worried look on his face and wanted to take me to the ER.  I had a hard time convincing him I was ok, but finally I did.  There was a light knock at the door before Jonas poked his head in.
“The boys wanted to check on you.”
“You can let them in.”  They both ran in and scampered up onto the bed.  After reassuring them that I was fine, I was outnumbered five to one and I was put on bed rest for the remainder of the day.  Carter and Jonas stayed over for a while playing with the dogs while the boys and Marcus filled him in on the new house. 
“I’m sorry.”
No you’re not!


  1. Ok. I want to punch Mulo right in the nose. Knock a fang out, or two. I wonder if they grow back? I think his mind control games will only make her wonder if she truly felt anything for him other than a girl/rock-star infatuation. The house looks really nice. I hope they can be happy for a while.

  2. I never thought that I could dislike Mulo, but I don't in this chapter. I don't know if what he feels for her is really love, if he won't let her be happy. He knows that they can never be together!

    I just hope that he doesn't damage her relationship with Marcus or cause her to lose her babies!

    I just love Marcus more and more and the boys are so sweet. I can't wait until they settle into their new house.

    I loved it Mica! Thanks for updating today!

  3. Zhip--LOL. I don't know if they would grow back. She has wondered that before and he told her that he did not control her emotions and the things she felt for him were real. This may have her second guessing that again.

    Daisy--Mulo is showing his bad side. He is not adjusting well to the relationship and feelings that Amari has for Marcus. He is trying to drive a wedge between them and as long as she remains honest with Marcus, then it will be harder to do than Mulo thinks.

    He is a great guy and exactly what she needs in her life. Now that she realizes that, she is fighting to keep him. I am working on getting the house decorated. I want it to be not so blah like their current one. They will move in next chapter.

    Glad you enjoyed the chapter. Happy New Year! :)

  4. I'm going to say this again because I'm thinking it even more now. What the hell is up with Mulo? Why won't he just let her be? He loves her so he says but if that were the case, wouldn't he see the pain already being caused by Marisol, Marcus' illness, and want to make things easier for her? He said he was going to let Marcus die and that she should so why is he making it so much harder? I want to shake him!

    On another note I'm happy to see her happy with Marcus and to see her tell him the truth..somewhat.

  5. Qui--Mulo is a man that doesn't like to lose much in the same way Marisol didn't like being replaced. His sense of love is twisted a bit and he just doesn't know how to just walk away. Call him spoiled LOL. The fact that Marcus has decided not to just die and that his son will be the one to help him live forever makes him that much more irrational.

    She and Marcus are happy and she was truthful. She told him that he has been invading her thoughts and the things that she has been imagining. He didn't like hearing it, but she still told him.

  6. Oh my gosh! .. I just ready your story from beginning to end, and kashfuiasdfhvjyah~~~!!! I can't even form words! haha. You're an amazing writer, and you definitely had me glued to the screen through your whole story. Can't wait for more! ...and Mulo is my favorite.. lol. Is it bad that I'm secretly longing for them to be together?

  7. Bljones--Awww, thanks for taking the time to read my story. :) I'm glad you are enjoying it and thank you for the compliment.

    You are not the only Mulo fan but they haven't like his behavior in the last chapters. He'd be happy to know someone is still in his corner.

    Time will only tell if they end up together or not.

    Thanks again for reading and happy new year!

  8. Mulo is becoming a pain in the butt. He is only pushing her away. Maybe its time he gives his place to Marcus. He is definitely becoming the better man in my eyes. Mulo what happened to you?!

  9. Dutchy--yes he is becoming a pain in the butt. He is starting to act more and more like Marisol in his inability to move on.

    He's always had a dark side and his treatment of Amari has never been one of a man in love. Regardless of how he acted before, her devotion to him never wavered until Marcus.

  10. Yep! I'm so ready for Mulo to die now. I can't believe how callous that man is towards someone he "loves". I really hope Amari can get through this especially considering the pregnancy will already be hard enough on her. She doesn't need the added stress from Mulo! Dax is such a sweetheart! I love so much how the twins take care of Amari!

    I love the new house! I'm happy things finally worked out in your game. (Told you it wanted a vacation too!) Amari and Marcus being on the same page is great. They can finally have that loving and trusting relationship they deserved from the beginning! YAY! teamMARCUS!

  11. DJ---he won't be dying sorry. I may send him away for a while, but he will live throughout her story. His idea of love is more like ownership so very twisted. I do love the boys. They will be aging up soon so it will be interesting to see what kind of teens they will be.

    You are right, I guess they wanted a vacation. I am still trying to redecorate it. They are working on having the relationship they should have had from the beginning.

  12. WHOA!

    I feel sorry and sad for Mulo. He just can't let go. The best thing he can do for himself and Amari is to leave town for a while, absence does make the heart grow fonder.

    I wonder though how he's pushing those emotions into her, did they strengthen their bond somehow the last time they were together?

    I hope Amari takes it easy for the rest of her pregnancy, we wouldn't want her losing these babies too.

    It's great to see this back.

  13. Val,
    He has left before but always comes back. He has been able to control those things since their first encounter but never did. It has to do with him giving her his blood. That does strengthen the bond he created between them the very first night.

    She will try her best to stay calm for the rest of the pregnancy but most of it is contingent on moody Mulo. I can't handle her losing anymore babies. That had to be the hardest chapter to write. :(

    I have one more chapter written so if I can just finish their new house then I will take the shots.

    Happy New Year.

  14. Poor Amari :( I hate that he is able to enter her mind like that but as you said, as long as she is honest with Marcus then they should be able to work through things.

    Mulo just has no idea what love really is and that is so sad. It means no one has ever really loved him and showed him how beautiful it can be :(

  15. Dem
    Love really isn't something Mulo has been accustomed to over the centuries. Before Amari, he was with Marisol and we all know how she is LOL.

    She is trying hard to remain honest with him even though Mulo is making things very difficult.

  16. Excellent and addicting as always! Literary crack! LOL
    *GLARE* at Mulo...he's being such an ass right now..I'm glad Amari has finally learned to be honest with Marcus...I am convinced that will help her in the long run...and if she indeed does get to turn into a vamp, I hope she kicks the crap out of Marisol and Mulo.

  17. You don't know how badly I want to punch Mulo -.-

    1. hahaha I think I have some idea ;)

      thanks for reading