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Chapter 70-Mr. and Mrs. Smith-The Redo

The thoughts kept coming and I was working hard to try and ignore them, but it would make my head hurt.  He hadn’t attacked me again like he did that day, but he also wasn’t content to just let me live my life.  We had finalized on the house and the decorator I had hired to redo this one, just switched over to that one.  It was great because we stayed here, while the work was being done.  Keeping busy helped me control my thoughts. 

The boys wanted to continue sharing a room and picked out the décor themselves.  Marcus did give his opinions occasionally but left most decisions up to me. 

The only one he really gave input on was the nursery.  He missed out on decorating the one for the boys and didn’t want to miss out this time.  Carter and Jonas helped on moving day even though there wasn’t a lot.  The furniture all stayed since it came with the house, plus we didn’t want anything except the stuff we bought.  Moving day was bittersweet.  We had created some happy memories at that house.  It’s the home we brought the boys to when they were born.  It’s where he proposed to me twice.  It was our first home as husband and wife. 

The hormones didn’t help my emotional state so I was a crying mess of a woman when the last box was loaded onto the truck.
 “This place looks great Amari.”  Carter commented as I gave him and Jonas the tour.
“Yeah Carter, your place could really use a woman’s touch.” Jonas joked winking at me. 
“Well I’m happy to give you the name and number of the person I used.”
We finished the tour outside at the pool.  “When I’m not as big as a house, we plan on having a pool party.”
“You look great.”
“Thanks Jonas.  You don’t have to lie I’m going to feed you guys anyway.”  I laughed.  Marcus was already getting the burgers and hot dogs ready on the grill while the boys played on their new swing set.  Carter and Jonas grabbed beers from the cooler before sitting down to chat with Marcus.
“You miss me.  Moving isn’t going to change that.”  The words wrapped around me like a soft embrace.  I closed my eyes and tried to ignore the tingling sensations that were working their way up my spine.
“Are you ok?”  It was Jonas that was by my side when I opened my eyes.
“Yes, I’m just tired.  It’s hard work carrying around this much weight.”  I tried to make light of the situation, but I was anything but alright.  I thought about going to see him.  To go demand he stops interfering but that’s what he wanted.  He wanted me to come to him because he knows I have a hard time staying strong around him.  With the way he’s been invading my thoughts, I fear it would be damn near impossible not to end up in his bed should I go to his house.  I instead grit my teeth and wait for it to pass. 
“If you keep having these episodes, I’m going to put you on bed rest myself.” Marcus said coming to my side.
“I’m fine honey, I promise.”  I gave him a soft peck on the lips along with a weak smile.  We all enjoyed the rest of the afternoon and much to our surprise Wilma had her puppies.

We welcomed two new members into the Smith household, Bam-Bam and Pebbles.  They were the cutest little things.  Carter and Jonas fell in love and once they got a few weeks older, they wanted to take Pebbles.  Aric and Nina were interested in getting a dog so when I called them, they agreed to take Bam-Bam.  That night while we were getting ready for bed Marcus brought up my headaches again.
“Amari, it was him again today wasn’t it?”
“I’m fine really.  Besides it’s me that should be worrying.  You’re getting sick again.  I can tell.  You won’t be able to put it off much longer.”
“I’m just not sleeping well because my beautifully pregnant wife tosses and turns most of the night and it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep.”  I saw the twinkle in his eye as he pulled me into a hug.
“Well if you can tell your babies to stop throwing parties in the middle of the night, then maybe I wouldn’t toss and turn.”
“Oh you hear that guys?”  He said talking to my stomach.  “Mommy says you are keeping her up at night.  You wouldn’t do such a thing now would you?”  I just laughed as he put his hear to my belly as if really getting a response.
“They said they have no idea what you are talking about.  They are sweet little angels.  They take after me.”  I couldn’t help but to laugh. 
“Oh well in that case, I know I’m in trouble.”
“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?” he said acting as if I had hurt his feelings.  Before I could respond he gave me a loving kiss.
“Seriously Amari.  The headaches, the tension that shows on your face.  He can’t continue to do this to you!”  He was concerned and angry.  Angry that Mulo would do this but more importantly that he was helpless at stopping it.
“It’s getting better.  They aren’t as intense.”
“I should be able to help you. To do something.” He sounded tormented and the look on his face showed the pain he felt.
“You can’t.  The only way he could truly hurt me would be to harm you.  If you go to him, then…” I couldn’t finish that thought.  Mulo could hurt him and very likely would if given the chance.  “They are getting better.” I laid my head on his chest listening to the soothing rhythm of his heartbeat.
 “You are right to talk him out of coming to me.  It wouldn’t end well.”
“I want to start making fresh memories here.”  I blurted out trying to ignore the shiver that ran down my spine.
“Really?”  He said kissing my neck while walking me back towards the bed.
“Yes.  I want us to re new our vows.”  He stopped kissing me and when he looked at me, there was such happiness in his eyes.  “I was thinking about it today.  This house, the way we are getting close again, I think it’s only fitting.  I want to do this.  I want to renew my commitment to you, to us.  After all, we will have an eternity together.”
“Quit fooling yourself!”
 I waited for him to speak let me know how he felt about that idea.  My answer came in the form of a kiss so full of love and passion it took my breath away.
“I didn’t think it was possible for me to love you anymore, but you continue to amaze me.”  I felt a dull throbbing starting in my head, but I was intent on not letting him ruin this for me.
“I also think we need to properly break in our new bed.” I said with a wink.  Marcus scooped me up in his arms and that was exactly what we did.  We planned for the ceremony to be a small gathering in our backyard in two weeks.  Bynni and Ceula were still in France but sent their love and well wishes.  Ceula sounded so happy when I spoke to her.  It brought tears to my eyes knowing she was a mother, but had no idea.  I was a grandmother to a beautiful little girl.  Bynni took one picture when she was born before her new parents took her away.  I should have been there for her, but Bynni along with Trey and TK were by her side.  Aric and Nina were going to be with me along with Carter and Jonas.  As I stood looking at myself in the mirror, I was more nervous today than I was the day I married him.  I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I was excited to be making this commitment to him. 
“You look beautiful mom.”  Nina said as she finished fixing my hair.
“Thank you Nina.”
When I walked outside I expected to see Marcus waiting for me, but he wasn’t.
“He just went in for a moment, said he forgot something.”  Aric spoke after noticing my look of confusion on my face.   After about 10 minutes I started to get worried, it’s not that I really believed he would leave me standing at the alter, but I sensed something was wrong.
“I’ll go find him.”  Aric always knew what I needed.  As a mother I don’t know how I got so lucky.  All of my kids were amazing and my life would be nothing without them regardless of the reasons under which they came into existence.  A small smile touched my lips as I watched Aric walk away toward the house.

“Marcus?” I called out for him as I entered the house.  There was no reply but I felt his thoughts coming from the hall bathroom.

He stepped out of the bathroom, tiny beads of sweat shone on his forehead.
“Tomorrow then?”
“When will you tell her?”
“Ok, well let’s get you married, or re married.  She’s starting to think you left her at the alter.”
“Not a chance.”  Nothing more needed to be said as we headed downstairs to begin the ceremony.

When they walked outside I could tell there was something going on with them, but I was just happy he hadn’t left me.  Marcus walked over and took my hand.
“Sorry to keep you waiting.” He said kissing me on the cheek.
“You can make it up to me later.” I said winking at him.  He gave me a warm smile and then the ceremony started.  I wanted to go first because between my hormones and my nervousness, I wasn’t sure if I would even be able to speak if he went first.
“Marcus, today I offer myself to you. 
I offer you a commitment to be truthful, and faithful.
From this day forward I will be your wife, your lover,
and your friend.  I will be the person you laugh with,
cry with, and I promise to love you fully and as
unconditionally as you have always loved me.
I haven’t made it easy to love me, but you do and
for that I will always be grateful.
I love you Marcus and I thank you for taking me as your
wife and for showing me what true love really is.”
We were both crying by the time I finished.  Looking into his gorgeous emerald green eyes, I never felt happier.  He wiped the tears from his eyes then gave me a warm smile before he spoke his vows.

“Amari, the day I took you as my wife was one of the
happiest days of my life.  Today I am just has happy and honored
to renew that commitment of love to you.  I to promise to be
truthful, and faithful to you.  I will always be by your side, and whatever
life may throw at us I know we can face
it as long as we are together.  There is no other woman
more perfect for me than you and I will cherish each
and every day I get to spend as your husband.”
We shared the first kiss of the rest of our lives while those in attendance clapped for us.

It was an absolutely perfect day not only did I renew my commitment to the man I loved, but our boys reached the next stage of their life.  I was thankful that he didn’t try and ruin it by invading my thoughts or causing me pain.  I let out a contented sigh as I lay snuggled in Marcus’ arms that night.
“It’s time.” He whispered into my hair.
“Time for what?”
“Tomorrow I will go see Aric.”  I didn’t need him to explain any further.  I knew exactly what he meant.  He was getting tired again and I had wanted to believe it was because I was keeping him up.  I closed my eyes and tried in vain to keep the tears from spilling.
“Are you sure this is what you want?”
“Are you having second thoughts about spending forever with me?”
“Then yes, this is what I want.”  I knew it must be getting bad for him if he was doing this now instead of after the birth.  He wanted to be there when I went into labor.  There was a chance he would be able to still make it depending on how smooth his transition went.  We spent the rest of the night holding each other until we drifted off to sleep.  In the morning, we told the boys what was going on and being the great kids that they were, they promised their dad they would take care of me until he returned.

That of course was after they quit talking about how much cooler Aric was now knowing he was a vampire.  I feared he and Bynni were going to be bombarded with questions when this was all over. The house felt empty after he left.  The boys tried to keep me occupied showing me how to play their gaming system or begging to learn to drive.  I was in no condition to get into the car with new drivers but I told them I would make some calls and get them into driver’s ed.  Marcus had been gone for only a few hours but it seemed much longer.  I missed him and was happy to see Aric’s number on my caller id.
“Hey sweetie.  How is it going?  Is Marcus ok?”
“He’s not here, that’s why I was calling.”
“What do you mean not there?”  Panic set in.  Where would he have gone?  It only was a 30 minute drive to Aric’s house even traffic couldn’t have delayed him that much.  “He left around 10 this morning.  He should be there!”
“Mom, it’s ok.  I’ll find him.”  Aric tried to calm me down but I was already in full panic mode.  What if he was in a car accident, no surely the cops would have notified me.  My thoughts were racing at where he could be.  Why hadn’t he called me to let me know he wasn’t going straight to Aric’s. 

He wouldn’t have changed his mind at the last moment would he?  Even if he did why wouldn’t he just come home and tell me?  I would be sad but I would accept it, I promised him I would accept any decision he made. Yesterday was possibly the most wonderful day of my life and today was the worst.  

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 Family Room
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Girls room
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Master bedroom and bathroom


Workout room (in basement)
Laundry room
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  2. Thanks Qui. I had the hardest time getting it done so it makes me happy to hear it looks good.

    Marcus became a loved character so I had a hard time committing to killing him off. I took a change of plan and left it unanswered (for now). Could be Mulo, could be Marisol, or it could be a third party....

    The puppies were cute but I had to send them off to their new homes to make space in the house. Pebbles and Bam-Bam are settled in with Aric/Nina and Carter/Jonas nicely now.

    She is trying to fight him and that's no easy task. If Mulo had something to do with Marcus's disappearance she will never forgive him.

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  4. Jazen: It's not only a wonderful and suspensful story, but the house is lovely. We had a good story of love and happiness with Markus's would be awesome to believe that by some chance he survives whatever is going on, but sadly somehow I think not as it just wouldn't be condusive to the story...but I still like guessing how it would be possible.

  5. Awww the vow renewal was so sweet! and I was so happy with the decision Marcus made, but now I'm going to panic. Eeek I don't know if I want to know what happened :(. But I have to know... oh that's so cruel.

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    I loved how he talked to her bump, it was so cute seeing him in doting daddy mode.

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    I am holding out hope that he is ok and just heading to my place for some rest and relaxation but if he was not turned then that means the disease will ravage his body and he will die alone :( I hate that he won't get to see his baby's birth. That was the deciding factor in his wanting a "forever" with Amari but I suppose that was a bit of foreshadowing.

    I am so in love with this story Jazzy. You really do an amazing job with it I hope you know that! It's completely outside the realm of what I've always known to be the baby challenges!

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    What beautiful words they say to each other. I really thought the Marcus trouble would be over, him becoming a vampire and all. But where is he? I should have known it wouldn't be so easy. Great chapter Jazz.

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  11. @Karima--I posted a front shot of the house in the last chapter but not the inside. I didn't build it, so if you have Los Angeios by Costerboi you would have seen it there as it's one of the houses that came with the world. I just redecorated it and added the basement.

    Yes someone has stepped in and possibly done something with/to Marcus. Mulo is angered by the fact Amari is in love with him and planning on making a life that no longer included Mulo. Marisol could also be a choice since she has been after Marcus as well.

    @Dutchy--Thank you. It took me forever to get it done. I started while I was on vacation but my game kept crashing. DJ joked it wanted a vacation as well which must have been true since it only crashed once when I got home. LOL I went on a CC downloading spree, glad to hear it all came together no nicely.

    Them renewing their vows was important for their relationship. Amari had done so many things wrong, this was the perfect way for her to show her true love and commitment to them. Life for Amari is never easy. Where is he? Time will tell what happened to him.

    @Cat--thanks! It took me a couple of days to get it done. It was easier writing the vows this time.

  12. DJ--It was easier to write the vows this time. I didn't even have to use google for assistance. LOL

    Amari making a life with Marcus has pissed Mulo off. He never doubted she would truly love anyone but him so Marcus became a problem for him.

    I have sent Marcus to you to be loved and taken care of LOL.

    Yes if he's not turned soon then he will die alone. The fact that she was pregnant was the final deciding reason he choose to be turned. He wanted to be there for him children and now it is sadly looking like he won't get to do that.

    Thank you for the compliment. When I first started this story I though it would be an easy step into a first attempt to write a story. I never imagined it becoming so involved that the baby part of it was second to the actual story. I thank you and everyone that reads for the continued support and feedback that I get. As you can see with this new fate of Marcus, I can let you readers sway the story in a different direction. :)

    I'm happy with the result of the house and so is the family. They have the beautiful vista, and beautifully decorated moodlets so I'm glad all the time was worth it. You know I was ready to just let them live with the gray walls and basic furniture they came with.

  13. @Val--Thank you. You are welcome to come visit anytime. :) I finally decided it was time to not have them live with gray walls but this will be the last move Amari makes.

    The vow renewal was suppose to be the start to their new lives. Hopefully he will be found alive and well. Him dying alone and with his family not knowing what happened to him would be sad.

    LOL...he is the doting father and I added in all the shots of him talking/listening to her tummy because they were too cute. In game he's always rolling the wants to feel her tummy or talk to tummy or to give her a massage. He's a good daddy and husband even without my writing him that way. :)

    @Dreamerz--It was a sweet moment they shared. Sorry to put you in panic mode after that. Next chapter won't make it any better. Sorry :(

  14. @Connie--Awww, thanks. They do have a love story with all the ups and downs that come with a relationship. New house, new vows, they were set to make a fresh start and then he goes missing. Hopefully he's found before it's too late.

    @Daisy--Awww, didn't mean to make you cry. I wanted their new vows to be sweet, loving, and from the heart so glad I accomplished that.

    As for Mulo, as seen by his actions of late, he's not thinking rationally. He may have done something or it could be Marisol since she has been after Marcus as well. Will you ever know??? That's the really important question.

    Thanks for the compliment on the house.

  15. Oh no, I smell the other bitch! (Obviously she's not important to me, because I don't remember her name... and yes, Mulo is a bitch too! LOL)

    I hope nothing happens to Marcus, but then again... Imari has had nothing but hardships, so it's not that much of a stretch! (Damn it, I remembered, her name is Marisol...ugh)

    The house looks gorgeous... and big if you take it everything, including basement! But it's not a small family (going to be bigger soon), so expected!

    Beautifully done...
    *whispers* I still don't like cliffhangers! Give me some candies to take of the height-tension! ;-)

  16. Jean--you are the first one to assume Marisol over Mulo. Amari's life has been hard ever since she left home. Hopefully whoever has Marcus will take care of him and not let him die.

    Thanks. Since her family will only expand, I needed to find her a house they wouldn't outgrow. It had been a while since I decorated a home so it took me a while.

    I will send you some candy ahead of time before the next cliffhanger.

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  18. Cassie--Yes Marcus isn't the kind of man that would run off like that leaving his pregnant wife and two sons. He said he would turn and wouldn't go back on it without talking to her about it.

    I am working on the next chapter so you won't have to wait too much longer. I thought them renewing their vows was only fitting seeing as how they were making a fresh start.

    Decorating that house was a pain. I didn't build it, I just found a house that came with the world I'm using that would be big enough. I did add the basement to get in all the features I needed. I am happy with the result. She won't be moving any more. LOL

  19. Oh Mulo what have you done?? I'm dreading finding out what's happened to Marcus but i'm so curious too!

    1. Hey Angie. Happy new year! I'm working on the next chapter. Everyone assumes Mulo did something. LOL. We may or may not find out what happened.

  20. Finished reading... for now. Hm. Mulo's being not too nice, but I guess he has his own problems with Marisol. And with Marcus so ill... couldn't she just... keep them both? (I know, she can't. *sniff*)

    1. are all caught up. Mulo will always be part of the story. He's that addicting thing you should stay away from yet are drawn to no matter how bad it is for you. LOL. Besides he won't let her go, he's to selfish to just let her be happy.

      Marcus..he turned out to be a bigger part of the story than I had planned. He loves her but not enough to let her be with both of them. It was either him or Mulo. She chose Marcus.

      Hopefully I will have the next chapter finished soon.

    2. Yeah, a new chapter would be great!
      Well, at least I will still have Mulo to adore/hate...
      I know the problem that sometimes while writing (sims-related or other) a character sneaks into your story and takes a place he/she was not supposed to take. And then you sit there and think "Hey, I'm the writer. Why are you hijacking my story?". It constantly happens to me.

  21. How do you get all these great pictures?! I've always wanted to know!
    I don't know how to, and it gets frusterating sometimes.
    I've been reading for a while, and I absoluely love it! :)

    1. First thanks for reading and commenting. I love comments. :) As for the pictures I use pose player for the specialty shots. It's a mod you have to download into your game. Once you have it installed you have to just find poses that you want/need. Most of them load a list into pose player and you scroll through to find what you are looking for.

      I also us the tab key which puts it in camera mode and gives you better control for close ups and angles. That can enhance your pictures if you run a clean game without mods or CC. :)

      Thanks again for reading.

  22. nice work Jazen.. waiting fr d nxt chaptr...n yeah, Happy new year :) have a prosperous n successful year ahead :)

    1. Thank you. Happy new year to you as well. Hope 2012 brings you great joy and happiness.

      The next chapter is written, I just need to finish taking the pictures. I started yesterday but my game was being difficult so I quit. I will try to get the final shots done today.

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    1. thanks. It took a while as it kept crashing on me but I finally got it done.


    I was hoping that maybe, you had grown so fond of Amari and Marcus together that you'd given them their lives together after all :/

    1. LOL why blame Mulo??? hahaha suspect #1

      Nope, Mulo has not grown fond of Amari being with Marcus, just the opposite in fact. :(

      thanks for reading