Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chapter 71-Without a Trace

I have been on auto pilot for the last month.  Marcus was still missing and I felt empty and incomplete without him.  His car had been found abandoned on the bridge.  The cops wanted to rule it a possible suicide, insinuating that he jumped.  I refused to believe that.  There was no way he would take his own life, not when he had so much to live for.  Reluctantly they left it as an open missing person case.  His entire family came out when he first went missing but I spent most of the time locked away in our room.  I didn’t want to face them, I couldn’t face them knowing that his disappearance was most likely my fault.  After they left I tried to do all the things I should do as a mother willing myself to be strong for Dax and Dunham.  I was all they had.  They needed their father just as much as I needed my husband and until he returned to us they needed me.  At night however, alone in the darkness the grief would swallow me.  I would cry muffling my heart wrenching sobs so the boys wouldn’t hear me falling apart.  I would cry out for him begging him to come back to me.  Some nights it felt like my prayers were answered and he would be there holding me, willing me to be ok.

Those would be the nights I could sleep peacefully.  Carter and my OB were concerned for my health and that of the babies.  They couldn’t even bother telling me not to stress, both knew it was pointless.  All they could do was monitor me and hope for the best.  Each day that went by made it harder to hold on to the hope of him being found alive and well.  The fact Aric and Bynni had been unsuccessful in picking up any sense of him only added to the hopelessness that was consuming me.  As the time went on, it dawned on me that Mulo’s intrusion into my thoughts had stopped.

 Either it was a major coincidence or whatever bond he had with me was weakening.  I knew he was jealous, but he wouldn’t seriously do something to Marcus would he?  I felt as if I needed to confront him but part of me didn’t really want to know.  I wanted to, needed to hold on to the hope that Marcus was just missing and would still be found alive.  I knew he was getting sicker so I was unsure of how much time he had.  The tears burned in my eyes as thoughts of him alone and in pain somewhere flooded my mind.  The babies started kicking bringing me out of that dark place.  They needed to know their father, and if he took that from them I would never forgive him.  Grabbing my keys I decided I wasn’t going to hide from him.  It was time to start taking command of my life.  He and Marisol were not going to keep dictating things to me.  I knew that one or both of them had something to do with this.
I stood outside his door.  I knew he knew I was coming.  He always did.
“Come in, it’s open.”
I walked in to be met with the sight of him feeding on a half dressed woman.  He gave me a smug look while he continued to take his time.  I wanted to look away, I tried but he held my gaze.  The woman let out a soft moan as he released her while giving me a satisfied smirk. 
“Go upstairs and rest.  You’ll need your energy.”  He spoke to her but continued to look at me.  She turned and nipped at his lip before looking over her shoulder at me.  Without a word she sauntered past me heading upstairs as she was told.
“Amari, what a pleasant surprise.  I thought you would be off enjoying your second honeymoon or something.”  He tried to sound nonchalant but I picked up on the undertone of humor in his voice.  I clenched my hands into fists at my side.  He knew I was coming and was also fully aware Marcus was missing.  He was deliberately trying to get a reaction out of me.  I took a couple of deep breaths to steady myself before following him out to his balcony.
“You know why I’m here.  Quit pretending that you don’t!”  I wasn’t going to play this game.  All I needed was to find out what he did with Marcus and leave.
“Why would you think I know where your human is?”
I watched as he sipped on his drink.  His eyes glowing as he stared back at me.  I was tired.  I didn’t want this as my life any longer.  I left home after my sister’s death looking for a new life, something better.  I have had to deal with nothing but heartache and despair.  The man that stood before me wasn’t the same one I loved as a teen.  No the man that stood before me couldn’t even be called a man yet somewhere deep in my soul a part of me betrayed me.  A part of me wanted to remain connected to him and I couldn’t explain why.  I shook my head to clear it of those thoughts.
“I know you.  I know you think you have some claim to me.  So just tell me, what did you do to him?” 
He drained his drink in one gulp.  “Why is it we are always talking about your human?  Can’t you visit me just to see how I am doing?”
“He’s not my human…he’s my husband.” I said through clenched teeth.  “And why should I be concerned with how you are doing, when you don’t extend me the same courtesy?”
Mulo started walking towards me and although I tried to stand my ground I took an involuntary step backwards.  I flinched as he reached out for me but I had no where to go.  The babies were going crazy as he rubbed his hand on my stomach.
“They sense your distress.  It’s not good for them.”
“Well give them back their father.”
His hand continued to swirl around, as it did they began to calm.
“I cannot.”
I looked at him unable to keep the tears from falling.
“You can’t or you won’t?”
“You have it made up in your mind that I had something to do with your hum…husband’s disappearance.  I understand blaming me is better than believing he just ran off.”
“No!” I yelled trying to shove him away from me.  “He loves me, he loves us and he wouldn’t leave.  Not willingly.” I narrowed my eyes and glared at him.
“So you think I would force him?”
“Don’t act like that’s just a novel idea.  Do we need to revisit Jesse?  You got rid of him twice.”
The anger that flashed in his eyes shook me.  His fangs descended and the true nature of the beast within him rose to the surface.  I swallowed the urge to scream, I was scared but I wouldn’t let him intimidate me.
“Tread lightly dear.  You keep making these false statements about me and I might start to get offended.  Is your ego so fragile that you can’t admit a man would leave you?  Twice.” 
I got angry then.  He was trying to make me be the problem, but I knew he had something to do with Jesse leaving.  I couldn’t prove it, but I knew. 
“Let’s not talk about egos!” I hissed “You were jealous then when you thought I might be falling in love with Jesse.  The fact that I AM in love with Marcus is eating-you-alive!”

A growl escaped from his throat that was low and deadly.  I pushed aside the fear that was threatening to overcome me.  I pulled strength from the love Marcus and I shared.  I thought about what we had to overcome, how he believed in me, stood by me. 
“There is only one man I will allow you to love and it isn’t your weak human!”
“You have no control over that!  You think just because you take him away I will stop loving him.  You think that will bring me back into your arms…your bed?  It’s not going to happen.  Now tell me where he is!”
“I have more control than you think.”  There was something in his words that caused me alarm.  He pinned me in an intense stare, his eyes glowing brightly.  A smile spread across his lips revealing his still lengthened fangs.  My head started to ache, I was frozen.  I wanted to get away but I was lodged between him and the glass.  His hands held my wrists tightly.
“You’re not a man.” I said fighting through the pain.  My heart was racing the babies were in a frenzy yet I kept going.  “You are a cold heartless bastard.  It makes my skin crawl to think I loved you.  That I let you touch me, that I wanted you to touch me.  What I share with Marcus you can’t take away.  Whether he’s with me or not, you could never measure up to him.  You will never have my heart or my body again.”
With each word I spoke I saw the anger rising up in him.  His hands tightened on my wrists and I bit my lip to keep from crying out from the pain.  The most menacing grin spread across his face.
“You’re wrong on both counts.”  He leaned down as if he were going to kiss me instead he leaned close to my ear.  “I don’t want to hurt them but you leave me no choice.”
Before I could respond, I felt his fangs pierce my skin.


  1. UGH! I really fucking hate that man so much! I can't even understand how he could even call what he felt for her "love" because he in no way shape or form felt remotely close to loving her to be able to do the things he's done to her!

    Her anguish was unreal! I felt so bad watching her be so sad and listless! But I was CHEERING watching her get so ballsy with Mulo! That took guts and was great watching her regain some of the control she'd lost to him! Man...I love that even though her situation seems hopeless, she still has the strength to fight!

    The second picture scared the crap out of me HAHA I was sitting there staring and analyzing like I do and trying to figure out what the heck the white blob on her bed was and then I saw a body come into focus I was like WTF! LOL great job :D he was well camouflaged!

    I am a little curious though because he "claims" he only told her he hurt Marcus because that was "what she needed to hear" so was it true? He isn't the one that hurt him or is he just fucking with her again?

    Leaving me on the edge of my seat here! He bit her! He fucking bit her! UGH!

    1. DJ yes I know you won't be the president of his fan club. This may have been Marisol's plot but he has done way more to hurt her. She is a lost soul right now without Marcus. He gave her strength and love and now he's gone. Not having answers makes it that much harder to try and move on. She is trying to regain control over her life. He has turned it upside down more than once and this was the last straw. She did grow a pair. LOL

      I didn't mean to scare you with the pic. Maybe I should have shot it at a different angle.

      He's really vague on whether he knows what happened to Marcus or not. He gives her a few hints leading her to believe one thing but then says something completely different in the next breath. I don't know if he will ever be straight with her on that subject.

  2. Mica!!! How could you end it right here?! OMG! WHAT?! NO! In that dream she had he told her "not while you're pregnant" so I wonder what that will do to the babies!

    Something about the way he said, "I cannot" makes me wonder if he does know what happen and just told her that although he knows there is nothing he can do.

    You know, I would not have questioned if Marcus killed himself or ran away to die alone but now I am.

    1. Sorry Qui. I will try not to make you wait too long before the next chapter comes out but I don't promise any answers. He has told her in a dream and in reality (when she was preggo with Dax and Dunham) that he wouldn't bite her while she was pregnant. There had to be a reason for his restraint.

      He isn't clear with her on if he knows what happened or not. If he does he won't tell her, at least not yet and if he doesn't he wouldn't tell her then either because the unknowing keeps her coming back. doubt Marcus. You think he wouldn't man up and tell her he changed his mind. I would hope he would since all he talked about was enjoying his final months with his family.

  3. ooooh boy! Now he's gone and done it! I just have to wonder what Amari's oldest children will think about this! Will they be happy? Upset? Will this change the relationship they have with Mulo? What did happen to Marcus? Is he in seclusion or honestly gone? I love it when a story makes me ask questions...that is also when you read in a frenzy to find out the answers! Loved this update!

    1. You do have a lot of questions. :) The main relationship that could be affected would be the one he has with Aric. His son has known to some extent the things Mulo has done, but not everything. Bynni has never really had much of a relationship with him and Cece adores him so it would take a lot for that to change. Amari wouldn't want to burden them with her problems so it's likely she wouldn't tell them everything any way. She lets them make their own choices, Bynni still lives with Marisol.

      What happened to Marcus is the million dollar question. Will we ever know????

  4. I can't believe how Mulo is behaving! I don't think that he had anything to do with Marcus' disappearance, but there is now excuse for how he is treating Amari now!

    I am so glad that she stood up to him!


    Such a good update!

    1. think he's not involved. He'd be happy to know you have some faith in him. :) He is being a major ass to her. The more he feels she's slipping away the worse he gets.

      She is trying to reclaim control of her life. I have the next chapter basically written I just need to do some editing and adjusting of things. Hopefully I won't make you wait too long.


  5. Wow. Mulo. I don't know him anymore. I just wish Amari wouks stop running to him everytime something goes wrong in her llife. She's giving him all this power that he feels he has over her.

    I hope Marcus resurfaces alive and that the babies will be okay.

    1. Yes that bad guy that I had originally planned for him to be is coming out. He's always been sorta iffy towards her at times, so now the more he thinks he's losing her, the harder he works to manipulate her. You are right, he knows she will come to him, he expects it and plays on that.

      Hopefully Marcus will resurface alive. As for the babies, we will find out what happens to them soon.

  6. Great chapter!!!! So suspenseful. I love your story.

  7. *passes out TootsiePops*

    What a crazy update. I am still reeling from Mulo's utter arrogance and total lack of any semblance of a heart. I think his heart shriveled up and blew away. He is just being a greedy little boy. 'I can't have it so no one can.' Poor Amari is just a doll to him. I have a bad feeling about the bite. The loss of the babies will leave her as an empty shell. Then will you be satisfied Mulo! !!@#*&^%!$#!! selfish selfish vampire! I bet he compelled Marcus to kill himself :(

    1. Zhip you are sounding like DJ now LOL. He did a good job pissing everyone off this chapter. He is being greedy and selfish. You are right, he does have that I can't have you so no one can attitude. He sees her as a possession and not a person thinking she will get over whatever emotions and come back to him always.

      That bite can't be good since he has told her before he wouldn't do it while she was pregnant. She's lost babies before, if she were to do that again, especially with these being Marcus's babies she would become an empty shell. I don't know if she would survive that loss.

  8. ~ Oh,NO!Marcus,is truly gone! ;)
    ~ I would blame Mulo,as he now changes the babies,if they survive that is!
    ~ If they survive,& if Marcus is still around,if he ever meet up with her, he would believe they were Mulo's children as the are Vampire!
    ~ Mulo is devious!
    ~ And if he is changing the babies,then Marcus is still alive!(back-up plan!LOL)
    ~ Loved it,please,please,next update, toot sweet!(",)

    1. Karima you have a lot of ifs going on. Next chapter will hopefully be out soon.

  9. Considering that your story never was really repetitive... this time Mulo might actually not have anything to do with Marcus missing. But I'm not sure about how much he or Marisol might have to do with him getting cancer.

    Just trying to remember.. he actually bit Amari before, right when they first met. And again... some little babies are truly needed now. I don't think you're letting them die, right?

    (My ifs... not any better than everyone elses. So I guess I have to patiently wait for the next chapter.)

    1. He and Marisol didn't have anything to do with the cancer. He was first diagnosed with it after Amari left home the first time. The day they met up at park after she learned the truth from her dad he had gotten the news about remission.

      Yes Mulo has bitten her before but never while she was pregnant. He told her he wouldn't do it while she was pregnant but never gave a reason as to why.

      Babies are needed as my challenge is lacking in those so she won't be losing anymore. :)

  10. Superb as usual! You have such a way to keep everyone coming back for more! Can't wait for the next update!

    1. Thanks Cassie. Hopefully the next chapter will be out next week. It's written, I just need to take the pictures.

  11. Waah?! Omg, this chapter was so intense. I hate (and love at the same time) that cliffhanger. You ain't giving her an easy life, that's for sure.

    I nominated you:

    Keep writing this fantastic story!

    1. Thank you for the nomination! That means a lot to me.

      Yes this was an intense chapter and there will be several more like it to follow. Her life has been hard. I am trying to think of some happy storylines for her. I'm still working on it.

      I am working on the pictures for the next chapter.

  12. Oooo, wow the scenes between Mulo and Amari are always so intense but this one leapt off the screen, amazing writing! I feel Amari's pain though because i just can't seem to hate Mulo even though he's a mega jerk :-)

    1. Hey Angie!!! Good to see you again. :) Yes this was a pretty heated confrontation. She is hurting a lot right now and Mulo is being an ass and not helping at all. He'd be happy to know he still has someone in his corner.