Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chapter 72-Out in the Open

***Dunham's POV

“Watch your mouth dude!”
“Or what?  I’m just saying out loud what you can’t!”
“Boys, you both need to calm down before you both say things you don’t mean.”
Jonas and Carter were taking turns keep an eye on us since mom just ran off.  When we got home from school we thought it was odd she wasn’t there.  She hadn’t left the house since dad went missing except for when Carter would take her to the doctor.
“What you mean like I can’t believe I shared the womb with such a self centered egotistical prick!” 
“Self centered?  Whatever man.  Just because I don’t want to spend my days all sad and depressed doesn’t make me self centered it makes me realistic.”
I wanted to punch him.  As the days went on he became more and more angry making snide remarks at me, and mom.  At school he was all about his friends, acting as if our world hadn’t been turned upside down.  I stepped closer and we were in a stare down.  I was finally tired of his attitude.
“Guys, back up and calm down.”  Jonas was desperately trying to keep the situation from getting out of control but it wasn’t working.
“Hey what’s going on here?”  We all turned at the sound of her voice.
 “Oh look who decided to come back and take responsibility for her children.” Dax was the first to speak.
“Don’t take that tone with me.”
“Oh sorry mom.  You’re right.  You run off for three freakin days and then just show back up.  Let me grovel at your feet in appreciation.”
“Hey man, stop it.” I said shoving him in the chest.
“Three days?”  She mumbled half to herself.  “I only went to…I went…” We watched as she walked over to the couch in a daze as if she were trying to remember.  Jonas and I were instantly by her side while Dax stood there saying nothing.  Jonas was stroking mom’s back looking very concerned.
“I don’t understand.  I couldn’t have been gone three days.”
“Great…our one remaining parent has gone looney.”
“Zip it you jackass.” I said getting back in his face.
“Stop it both of you!” We both turned to face her.

Amari’s POV
I had a splitting headache and the last thing I expected was to walk into my house to find my sons at each other’s throats.  The tension between them was thick.  I didn’t even know when they went from being best friends to what appeared to be worst enemies. 
“I don’t know what is going on, but you both need to calm down.”
Neither of them said anything.  Dax looked so angry and Dunham looked relieved.  Jonas had to pull Dunham away to keep him from attempting to punch his brother.
“Now what is this three day nonsense?  I have only been gone a few hours.”

All three men stared at me as if I had lost my mind. 
“Amari, the boys came home from school on Wednesday and you weren’t home.  Today is Saturday.”  They were lying, they had to be.  I couldn’t; I wouldn't  have just left like that. 
“No, that’s not…possible” God I was losing it.  Why couldn’t I remember?
“Amari, I think we should get you to the hospital.” Jonas said putting his arm around me.
“No!  I don’t need a hospital I need to know what the hell is going on.”
“I’ll tell you.  You have finally cracked under the pressure.” Dax said, his voice full of disdain.
“Not now dude!” Dunham said through clenched teeth.
“Yes now.  Instead of our remaining parent doing what she should and take care of us she runs off and leaves for three days.”
“This is the last time I’m warning you.  Shut your trap!”
“I’m tired of tip toeing around her.  Dad’s gone, probably dead.  Why is it that I am the…”  Silence over took the room as the rest of his sentence was cut off when my hand made contact with his face.  I saw the sadness and anger in his face when he turned back to face me.
“Don’t you ever say that again.  Your father…” I paused taking a breath to steady my nerves.  “Your father would be so ashamed of you right now.”  For a brief moment regret flashed across his face but it was quickly replaced with a calm indifference.
“Whatever, I’m outta here.”  He pushed past me then walked out the door slamming it behind him.  I stood there unable to move.  I knew Marcus’s disappearance had an effect on the boys.  I expected sadness and confusion.  I didn’t expect my son to be so angry and hateful.
“I’m tired.” I whispered before I felt my body sway. 
“Don’t worry.  I got you.” 
 “Dunham call 911.”

It felt like a dream.  I heard the sounds of people whispering around me but I couldn’t make out what they were saying.  Some of the voices sounded familiar but others didn’t.  In the background was the constant sound of what seemed to be an underwater drum.  My eyes fluttered open finally bringing me out of the dream.
“Welcome back.”  I turned to see Carter standing beside me.
“Hey.” I replied giving him a weak smile.  The drumming noise caught my attention.  I was in the hospital and that was the sound of the babies’ heartbeats.
“What happened?”
“You passed out.  You were dehydrated and your iron count was dangerously low.”
“Fantastic.  How long do I have to stay here?  The boys need me at home.” I started to get out of bed.
 “Whoa not so fast.  You will be under observation for another 24 hours because your iron count is still too low.”  I leaned back against the pillows frantically trying to piece the last few days together.
“Dax.” I said trying to get out of bed again.
“It’s ok he’s fine.”
“No you don’t understand.  He was angry and I was gone. Then I hit.  Oh God Carter I slapped my son.”  I covered my face in shame as I remembered the fight I had with him.  How could I have done that?  Carter sat next to me on the bed trying to console me.
“Sshh…he’s fine.  He’s at home.  Everything can be worked out.”
“Hey look Sleeping Beauty is awake.”  Jonas said with a smile as he entered the room.
“Perfect timing.  I gotta go do rounds.”  Carter got up and headed for the door after giving me a kiss on top of my head.
“Thanks Carter.” 
“Thanks aren’t required.” He smiled and walked out.
“Thank you as well Jonas.  I don’t know what I would have done without you both.”  He took the seat beside my bed before flipping on the TV.
“Like he said.  Thanks aren’t required.  We are happy to help.”
“I know, but still.  I have been such a mess and I thank you for not thinking I’m a total nutcase.”  He and Carter were great and I was beyond lucky to have them as friends. 

I was released the next day with strict bed rest orders.  I was expecting either Carter or Jonas to drive me home instead it was my father that walked through the door.
“What are you doing here?”
“Taking you home.”  He reached around me to take my suitcase.
I opened my mouth to let him know how I felt about him being anywhere near me when mom walked in.
“Oh honey we have been so worried about you.” She said pulling me into a hug.  “I have been in contact with Lillian.  I feel so bad for them and you, my grandchildren.”
“Hi mom.”
“Honey what happened, why did you run off like that?  Where did you go?”  She was firing questions a mile a minute.
“Kathy dear.  Let’s get her home then we’ll talk.”

The car ride was tense.  Mom tried to make idle chatter while dad kept glancing at me in the rear view mirror.  Dad took my bag upstairs when we got home.
“I really love the new house dear.  It has plenty of room for you and the growing family.”
“Thanks mom.”  I glanced around my living room.  This house was supposed to be our new start.

A place we made happy memories.  I sighed as I let my hand run along the mantle. 
“Amari.  Why didn’t you ask us to come out?”  I caught the sadness in her voice.  It hurt me to know I limited contact with my mom in order to avoid my father.
“I don’t know mom.  The Smith’s were here.  There was a lot going on and I was, am barely holding it together.”
“We’re your parents.  We are here for you.  You could have called us.”  She started crying. 
“I’m sorry.”
“No worries.” She said quickly drying her eyes.  “We’re here now so we will help you get through this.”
“Where are the boys?”
“They are staying with Aric and Nina.”
“I need to go over there.  I need to talk to them.”
“You can’t drive.  You’re on bed rest.”
“Mom I need to talk to them.  It’s important.”
“Tomorrow dear.  Right now you need to get up to bed.  Doctor’s orders.”
My room, the one place I was the loneliest.  The last thing I wanted to do was spend the remaining eight weeks of my pregnancy trapped in this room.  I really needed to talk to the boys, especially DaxI needed to apologize; I needed him to forgive me.  I had never hit any of my children and I was sick over the fact I had slapped him.
“Marcus I need you now more than ever.” I whispered to myself.  “They need you.”  My hands were shaking when I took out my phone to call DaxIt rang and rang then went to voicemail.  I called Dunham’s phone next.
“Hey mom.  Are you home now?”
“Yes got release about an hour ago.  How are you?”
“Good.  Aric thought we should spend some time over here you know because of everything.”
“Yeah.  How’s your brother?”
“Still being a prick but Aric is great at keeping him in line.  Even without the use of Jedi mind tricks.”  I couldn’t help but laugh.  He was trying to keep things light hearted for me.
“Where is he?”
“Aric is teaching him some martial arts.  Says it will teach him anger management and give him a place to direct it.”  I was happy to know he wasn’t ignoring my calls.
“Ok.  Well will you guys be home tomorrow?”
“Yes, I have debate club but will be home after.”
“Ok sweetie.  I love you and will talk to you both tomorrow.”
“Love you too mom.”
I felt a little better after that call.  Aric called me later and informed me that the girls were home.  I also got check up calls from both my girls.

The next morning I found dad making coffee when I wandered into the kitchen.
"Why are you out of bed?"
“I’m hungry and what does it matter to you?”  I saw him clenching his jaw.  He obviously wanted to say something but was trying to hold back.
“Why did you come?  Mom could have come by herself.”  He put his cup on the counter and glared at me.
“Do you know what that little stunt of yours did to her?  She was in full panic mode the moment we got the call you had run off like some irresponsible teenager.”
Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm. 
“You have no right to make comment or pass any sort of judgment on my behavior.”  I tried to keep my voice steady.  I really didn’t want to fight with him.  I only wanted him out of my house.
“I have every right.  I am your father.  You left those boys when they needed you the most.  They already have one parent missing and you thought it was a good idea to take off for days without any word.  Did you even stop to think what that would do them?”
I was stunned at the words he just said to me.  He was standing in my house passing judgment on my parental skills.  Calm and controlled went out the window and I only saw red.
“You sorry bastard!  How dare you stand there and lecture me on parenting and consideration?”
“We aren’t going to talk about that again are we?”
“Yes because you aren’t sorry for the hell you cause me.  You are just as cold hearted and selfish today as you were then.  Being human hasn’t changed that for you.  You gave me away traded the life of me and my sister to keep what you wanted.  You didn’t give a rat’s ass what that would do to me.  This is all your fault!  You pissed off Marisol yet I’m the one paying for it and now my children are paying for it.  The fact that I have to share DNA with you makes me nauseous.”
“I told you I had no idea what she had planned!” he yelled
“It didn’t matter what she had planned.  You knew it couldn’t be anything good yet you made the deal anyway.”
“Damn it Amari what do you want from me?  I can’t change things now.  Can’t we find a way…”
“If you are going to say get passed it then you’re dreaming.  I can't get passed the fact that the one man that should protect me at all costs is the very one that put me in harms way to begin with.  I can't get passed the fact that you are the cause of my sister’s death.  And I can't get passed the fact that your entire marriage to my mother has been a web of lies and deceit.  I have lost more than you can ever imagine because of you.  No dad…there’s no way for us to get passed this.”
I was so angry I was shaking.  The tears were streaming down my face as I gave way to all the pent up rage I still had towards him.
“George…what is she talking about?”
Neither of us heard my mom enter the kitchen.  My dad looked sick when he saw her standing there, the tears in her eyes and her face full of confusion.
“Kathy honey, it’s nothing.  She’s just angry and lashing out.”  He shot me an angry glare as he tried to go comfort her.
“No!” She said backing up from him.
“I…I heard her.  She said you caused Amella’s death.  What is she talking about?  Amari what did you mean?”  I could only let out a heavy sigh. 
“You two have been at odds since you came back to Riverview the first time.  No more lies.  Tell me what the hell is going on now!” 
“Kathy I love you.  Everything I have done has been because I love you.”
“Just tell me what’s going on here?  Amari should not be getting upset.  We just picked her up from the hospital yet here you are fighting with her.  What is wrong with you?”
“I have made many mistakes.  Some I wish I could go back and change but don’t doubt that it was all done out of love.  You have to know that.”
For the first time my father looked scared.  Gone was the heartless man that barely wanted to apologize for what pain he has caused, replaced by a man that saw everything he has worked so hard for crumbling down around him.  I couldn’t help but to be a little satisfied at his pain but it was tainted knowing the heartache my mom was getting ready to experience.  We all walked into the dining room.

We sat and then in a very matter of fact tone, he began explaining it all.  I could only sit there and witness the horror that spread across her face.  I would have done anything for her not to have known the truth.  She was just as innocent in this as I was. 
“I’m sorry Kathy.  Please forgive me.”  Mom slid her hand out of his and stood up.  She walked over to me and held out her hand.
“You should be in bed.”
“Mom?  Are you ok?”
“Of course dear.  Let’s get you upstairs and into bed.”  She put her arms around my shoulder.
“George you should pack your stuff and go.” 


  1. HIT THE ROAD FUCKHEAD! AND DON'T YOU COME BACK NO MORE NO MORE NO MORE NO MORE!!!! Hell yeah! I'm sorry that Kathy had to go through that but FUCK YEAH she told George the deal! Get the fuck out! WOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! My bday just keeps getting better HAHA! Man! This was fucking awesome! No more hiding and lying what ya gonna do now Georgy?

    I love Dunham he is so sweet with Amari! I see another Aric in the making and it makes me smile to know that. I'm sorry Dax is feeling the way he is and he has every right to voice his feelings, I respect that. He just chose a bad time to do it.

    Has it not occurred to any of them that she was still lost and confused about what the 3 days meant? No one questioned her more when she kept telling them she had no idea what they were talking about! Obviously she wasn't well!

    Dax looks just like his Daddy! The genes in that man are strong! I'll have to remember that before I rape him again :) Mmm Marcus <3

    Jonas and Carter are so sweet! I love how they stepped up to the plate for Amari when she needed them the most. They have to be the next bestest friends ever!


    1. LOL...I take it you liked this chapter. It was time for Kathy to get out of the dark. Amari and George can't be in the same room without tension so it was bound to blow up at some point. She handled it like a lady. I thought and thought over her reaction and settled on the calm/reserved response.

      Dunham is like Aric. More caring and understanding. Dax is handling things wrong. He's angry and hurt over his dad's disappearance but it's turning into anger. With Aric's help, he will hopefully be able to get things under control.

      She's had a busy two days since she returned. Coming home to see her sons fighting, then ending up in the hospital. Add to that dealing with her father, she hasn't had time to process where those missing days went and no one had thought about it either, they are simply happy she is back home.

      Marcus does have some strong genes. Those boys look just like him. :) Yes you will have to keep that in mind.

      Amari would be lost without have Jonas and Carter around. They have turned out to be the best thing. She leans on them for a lot they are just good guys that want to help. They both care about her and the kids.

      Mulo will still be around for a while sorry to say, but George did finally have to pay for what he has done. He has lost the one thing he wanted more than anything.

  2. Thank goodness for Carter and Jonas...they take such good care of Amari. I don't like how those hours became days though... that's a bit unsettling, poor Amari. Stupid George, glad Kathy told him to pack up and go... sad she had to find out though. She's totally handling it like a champ though. Great chapter!

    1. Amari would be lost without those two. They have turned out to be great friends for her. It is unsettling that she has lost 3 days. She has no idea that she was with Mulo or what he did to her over the course of those days. :(

      George did finally have his lies come crashing down around him. Kathy handled it like a lady. It is sad for her to learn that the man she was married to was like that.

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed the chapter.

  3. Whoa Mom! I am so happy she knows the truth now! Amari needs her to get through this and also Marcus' disappearance. Surely her father couldn't have believed that they could really get pass that! Um Dad, you're the reason why she is suffering! How dare he even suggest that they try to move on!

    Dax made me want to fight him with the way he was talking to his mother but I get it. He is hurting right now and the fact that she left too was probably too much to handle! Curse that damn Mulo and his tricks! Bastard!

    Jonas on the other hand is a sweet and pretty cute! Never noticed before!

    I want to hug Amari! I will be happy when she can finally breath and smile.

    1. It was time to bring mom into the light. Amari does need her now more than ever. They will need each other to get through this. Her father has always been a dick about this situation. He wasn't really losing anything so he didn't truly feel her pain until now.

      Awww. Poor Dax is not handling things well. His father is gone and then his mother takes off. He's angry and taking out on those around him. Aric will rein him in. Mulo is doing a number on this family being selfish. He had no thoughts as to what it would do to those boys to have their mom disappear while their dad is still missing. He was a bastard for that one. He had her for 3 days doing who knows what to her.

      Jonas is very sweet and he is on the cute side. He hadn't been involved that much before but he and Carter were needed more this chapter.

      It will be a while before she will be able to be at peace with her life. I know she has had it rough. I promise I am trying to think of happy.

  4. Too bad Kathy found out the way she did. Now that she's shown him the door, I wonder how she'll cope. Letting go of such a long marriage can't be easy. But she has Amari, I have a feeling they'll need each other over the next few days.

    As for Amari, poor thing, she's reaaly losing it now. She needs to get better for her boys' sake i think Dax acting out like that is a cry for help.

    1. She has put him out, but she's not ready to deal with everything right now. Denial will be her coping mechanism of choice. She will focus her energy on helping Amari and her grandchildren.

      Amari does need to pull herself together for the sake of her boys. Dax is acting out and he could get worse if she doesn't change. She is drowning in despair.

  5. I'm glad Kathy knows, hard as it will be once it all sets in..she has to be in shock at the moment...I wonder if Amari will need to explain the rest of it to her..that would be hard to do. Lots of suspense, what happened to Marcus and what will happen to Amari and her babies? What will Mulo do next? Is Marisol enjoying all this?

    1. It will be hard once she's over the initial shock. Learning that her husband could be so heartless was painful. She and Amari will have a talk once Kathy is ready. Right now she is focusing on helping Amari.

      What happened to Marcus? That is the question everyone wants answered. I can tell you he didn't walk away willingly. He wouldn't do that to his family.

      Amari and the babies. The babies are born next chapter but things don't get any easier for her.

      Mulo, you can never tell what he will do next. His behavior has become very erratic. Of course Marisol is enjoying this. She's all about grief and destruction.

  6. That argument there at the end was intense. I feel badly for Amari's Mom. All the secrets revealed in a rush. I wonder if she believes about the vampire stuff. Maybe she thinks George went a little bonkers. Good job kicking him out, hahaha. ^_^

    1. Amari tried for her mom's sake to simply avoid her father, but he kept pushing. With everything she is dealing with, she let it all come bubbling out.

      Her reaction made it hard to gauge how she really feels and what she believes right now. She could think he's a little bonkers but with the friction between he an Amari she knows at least some of what he told her has to be true.

  7. Thank God the sleazebag of a father has been brought to light. He's the reason for all of this starting. I'm glad her mother knows the truth now. It's a hard blow, but still, better to know...

    Dax en Dun... It's a shame they fight so much. You can understand that they miss their dad, but for Dax to react like that to Imari was a bit harsh... I hope it all pans out. You know, I had actually forgotten this was a baby-challenge! How many kids are we in already?? 4-5??


    1. Yes that is one loose end that has been wrapped up. Mom knows the truth now. All that's left is for her to really deal with the knowledge that the man she married isn't who she believed him to be all these years.

      Dax was harsh but he's hurting. He lashed out. It wasn't the best way but he has a lot of anger and doesn't know where to direct it. Hopefully he will learn to cope. With my lack of babies it is easy to forget this is a baby challenge. She has 5 currently with new ones on the way. That will bring her up to 7 or 8 once they are born.

      The missing 3 days. Mulo had her all to himself so there is no telling what he did to her during that time. Whatever it was, it couldn't be good.

  8. Ooh, I was just wondering when you were going to come out with a new post and here it is! Yay! This was awesome! Poor Amari...I know she feels bad about slapping Dax, but quite frankly he had it coming! I'm glad her mother knows about everything now...maybe her father will show some remorse now that he's dealing with the consequences of his actions...I'm also anxious to see what happened to Marcus. Is he dead? *gulp* I know you talked about finding an acceptable way to get him out of the picture before, but he's grown on me since then. I'm anxious to see what has happened to him and if he's alive and if he and Amari have to be apart now. Ahhh! Your story is beyond amazing!

    1. Dax was a bit of a smart ass to his mother. He is angry and not thinking clearly but she hates that she resorted to hitting him.

      George showing remorse? Maybe now that he has lost something it will help him see the error of his selfish ways. I do need to answer the where's Marcus question. I will I promise. For challenge purposes I did need to right him out somehow. He grew on a lot of people which is why I couldn't kill him. However the missing thing has presented it's own little problem. Once I work it all out, the question of where he is will be answered.

      Glad you are still enjoying the story. :)

    2. Definitely am!

      Just wanted to comment that in case you didn't know, the link to Hadley's blog, which is Bonnie's now has changed, I didn't realize it would smurf everyone's links up...LOL Here's the new link:


  9. ~ I find it hard to believe that Dax was the only one to say something about the missing days,we all know who had her & what he was doing to her,or should I say the babies!
    ~ So glad the truth is out in the open,Amari has enough secrets to keep,& having her mother,even though a painful thing for Kathy to confront,will help her through what her father created!
    ~ Amari feels bad about hitting Dax,but I am sure they will be fine,it is only natural,as his dad is missing possible dead,& then their mom goes missing,his outrage was worry over this,he was so scared his mother would not come home like their dad!
    ~ I do not feel the least did sorry for Georges heart ache at the moment,as he created it himself,& has no one else to blame!
    ~ Loved it! MORE,when you can!(",)

    1. He wasn't the only one to say something, he was simply the one that was not so gentle in his delivery. :) You has the reader know who had her, but they don't. LOL and she doesn't remember right now.

      It was time for Kathy to learn the truth. Keeping the secret from her mom was damaging their relationship. Kathy hasn't truly dealt with everything yet.

      She does feel bad for resorting to hitting him like that. It is only natural that he is upset and was worried when she also went missing. She understands he was scared and angry which makes her feel worse about hitting him.

      I don't think you are alone in those feelings towards George. He brought this all upon himself.

  10. She must be so worried about her husband then losing the last few days like that must be awful and now her parents, wow. If she survives the last few weeks of the pregnancy then she will have coped well :)

    1. She is very worried and losing those days added extra stress and fear on her sons. She has a lot to contend with, but somehow she manages.

  11. Wow, Jazen! I finally got a chance to read all of your story. Thought it made sense to read it yesterday and this morning with the Breaking Dawn premiere. I'm having an all vamp weekend! This is amazing! I feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster. First I love Mulo, then hate him, then not too sure what to think--part of me still wants to love him and thinks he's misunderstood. Totally love Marcus, but now wondering about what's happened to him. I would love to see more of Binny and Aric's stories--are they having kids, their careers, etc. I noticed 3 cribs in the nursery...hmmmm.

    I have some ideas how dear Amari could get out of her situation, but I wouldn't want to be a spoiler! Your writing is very entertaining--enjoyed every minute of it. Hubby came home from doing errands and found me reading at the computer and wanted to know what was wrong. Said it looked like I had been crying. I had been--such and emotional experience! (I had just read about Marcus' cancer and Amari realizing just how much she loved him.) :'-(

    1. Wow. Thank you for spending your day reading all of my story. It has been an emotional roller coaster for Amari. A lot has gone on in her poor life and there is still a lot more to accomplish.

      As for her other kids, I let story progression deal with them mostly unless I need them for the something. So far they have not had kids on their own. Nina (Aric's wife) keeps getting fired from her jobs because she's always late LOL. As far as I know Aric, Bynni, and Ceula are all presently unemployed in the the game.

      Feel free to share ideas if you want. I always welcome them. It may or may not be a spoiler LOL.

      I'm glad you enjoyed it. The story has become more involved than I thought it would be when I started writing it. I hope the rest of the story keeps you just as entertained.

  12. No wonder the boys are upset and not behaving like themselves. Their Dad is missing and then their Mom too. I wonder where Amari was for those three days. Marisol may have had something to do with it.

    I hope that Amari makes it through the pregnancy okay. Not only is she worried about Marcus, but now the stress from her father. Her mother needed to know what Amari's father had done to their family. I hate how hurt and angry she must feel now!

    Great update, Jaz!

    1. You're right having both their parents missing just made an already stressful situation 10 times worse. Mulo had her the whole time and we'll find out in later chapters why he kept her.

      The pregnancy will be rough but she will make it through. They make their arrival next chapter. Keeping her distance from her parents helped to alleviate some of the stress of that situation but being thrown back into close quarters with her dad, on top of the Marcus stuff and her own disappearance it was too much for her to handle.

      It was time for Kathy to know what kind of man she married. She hasn't fully processed it all yet.

      Thanks for reading!

  13. I'm worried about her Mum after this :/

    1. :( aww this will be hard on her mom knowing the man she married is a vile piece of trash. :(

      thanks for reading