Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chapter 113-Unfinished Business

Marcus POV

I’ve never felt more helpless than I did at this moment. I stood behind the glass watching the nurses care for my babies. They lay in incubators, hooked up to wires, fighting for their lives. I couldn’t help them. There was supposed to be only two. Each sonogram, each doctor visit she had only showed two. How could two additional babies stay hidden for months?! I was furious; she was at an even bigger risk than we thought. It made sense now why she would be tired more often. My anger couldn’t help them, it served no purpose now. I stood watching, and praying I didn’t lose them all. The nurses wanted me to name them, but I refused. Amari and I hadn’t decided on names still and on top of that we had two more to consider.

For now they were Smith baby A-D: three girls, one boy.  I couldn’t’ help them. I couldn’t help my wife who lay in a coma. Uterine rupture. She’d lost a lot of blood by the time we’d gotten her to the hospital, and the babies were no longer protected in the womb. The doctors did an emergency C-section. There was too much damage done, they told me, in order to save her life they needed to do a hysterectomy. She’d never have children again. I’d wanted to be the one to break the news to her, but she never woke up. No one could tell me why she was in a coma, and why her body seemed to get weaker with each passing day. She was dying. I had all the abilities in the world, except the ability to save my family.

“When is the last time you left the hospital?” Dax asked coming to stand beside me.

“I haven’t,” I replied, running a weary hand down my face. “Cece brought me a bag so I could shower in your mom’s room.”

“I get you don’t really need rest, but you do need a break. Let one of us stay with them.”

“I’m fine son. I want to be here when your mom wakes up, or when these people tell me I can finally hold one of my babies!” I added angrily gesturing towards the NICU.

When allowed in, I could only touch their little hands, they weren’t able to be removed from the incubators yet.

“When’s the last time you’ve eaten?”

“Aric brought me something yesterday. I told you I’m fine.” I replied turning to face him finally. “How’s Finley doing?”

Dax had been staying at the house. It was the off season for him, and even though he was supposed to be in training still, he took time off. His coach understood and the team sent flowers. All the kids had been doing a great job of splitting their time here and helping to take care of Finley and the house.

“She’s fine. She and Zana have been studying for finals since her suspension was lifted.”

I saw red thinking about that night. It was the actions of that sorry ass principal that landed us here. If I wasn’t so concerned about Amari and the babies, I would have gone back to drain the life from his worthless body. Zana’s mother actually did something to protect her daughter for a change. She pressed charges against the boy that attacked Zana and filed a formal complaint with the school board against the principal. He had been temporarily reassigned pending the outcome of the hearing. More needed to be done, but that was not my top priority right now.

“Dad, really, you need to go home. Get a decent night’s sleep. I’ll stay here and if I detect any movement from Mom, you can be here before her eyes even flutter open.” Dax gave me a crooked grin.

He was right, I knew that, but I couldn’t bring myself to go home without them with me. It didn’t seem right.

“Have you been in to see your mom?” I asked changing the topic.

“Yes, she’s still sleeping. Her room smells good with all the flowers.”

“A lot of people love her, and want her to wake up.”

“She will Dad,” he said pulling me into a hug. “She’s strong, always has been. She’ll get through this.”

I pulled away and gave him a pat on the back. “Your mom did an amazing job raising you kids.”

“Yeah, she gets a little credit,” Dax replied with a wink, “but most of this is just my natural awesomeness.” He gave me a large grin that brought a smile to my face. The boy definitely had my sense of humor. “Come on, let me take you home. Just for a few hours.”

“Ok, let me check on your mom first and I’ll meet you at the car.”

“Or…the nurses station,” he replied, giving a wink to one of the ladies behind me.

I walked away laughing for the first time since Amari was admitted. That quickly died when I entered her room.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

I rushed forward, grabbed his arm and yanked him away from my wife.

“Temper, temper. The change has seemed to make you more violent than when you were human,” Mulo retorted, easily breaking free of my grasp.

“You just bring out my good side. Now get the hell out!”

A slow smile spread across his face and I acted on the urge to rip it off. Mulo easily dodged my attack.

“I don’t want to hurt you boy, so I suggest you simmer down.”

His arrogant attitude only served to fuel me on more. I rushed him, knocking the flowers off the counter, and slammed his head into the mirror.

“What’s to stop me from punching a hole in your chest right now and ending your miserable life?” I growled.

“Your wife. You’re upsetting her by the way, so back up!”

I stumbled back from him just as a nurse entered her room. She started to call for security, but Mulo stopped her. He whispered a few words and sent the woman on her way.

“You said she’s upset. How the hell do you know that?”

Mulo casually flicked pieces of glass from his hair, before giving me a smug grin. “We both know the answer to that question.”

“She..she’s in a coma, there’s no way…”

“You’re a smart man, or at least she thinks you are, so stop acting otherwise. Of course I can still talk to her. Like right now she wants me to stop being an ass.”

I looked over at Amari who remained unchanged on the bed, and back at the source of all my grief.

“She’s dying. Those babies, the ones you wanted so badly, they’re killing her.”


He rolled his eyes. “Love, I’m really starting to have doubts about the man you’ve chosen,” he said speaking to Amari’s sleeping form. Taking a deep breath, he turned back to me. “You are a vampire, your children, have your blood and therefore are vampires, need I go on?”

I dropped down into the chair beside the bed. “When she had the rupture…”

“By golly, I think he’s got it.” I looked up at him, but refrained from punching him this time. “She was fine as long as they were contained within the womb, but now that I think about it, delivery would have had this effect most likely anyway.”

As he pondered over that thought, I got angry again. This time I didn’t act on my urge to punch him.

“They didn’t do this, you did!” I spat. “You and your insane need to always meddle in her life. You kidnapped me! You nearly killed her once and now she is dying because of you! Get. Out.”

That smug grin spread across his face again. “Now Marcus, I’m only here to help.”

I lost it. I charged forward, but he came at me at the same time. Our bodies collided, the momentum sending us flying out the third story window.

Punches were being thrown midair as we free-fell towards the ground. My head hit the concrete below, dazing me for a moment.

“You may be content to sit by whining, and watching her die, but I’m not!” he growled burying his fist into my cheek.

He came at me again, I blocked his punch with my elbow then threw one of my own. My wedding ring cutting his lip in the process.

“She wouldn’t be dying if not for you!”

He grabbed my head, slamming it again into the concrete. The pain made my ears ring, but my anger kept me going. A crowd was gathering, I heard the screams of people yelling for security. Somewhere among the noise I heard Dax. I threw another punch straight up catching Mulo in the chin. He tumbled backwards but quickly recovered.

“I should have left you with the witch! It’s where you really belong. She wouldn’t be in that bed if you could have kept it in your pants!”

He charged for me again, I braced for the impact, lowering my shoulder just enough to get the advantage. I tackled him to the ground, my fist making quick work pummeling his face.

“It was you!” I growled. “You acting like a good lap dog to that bitch!” I continued, pounding away on him as I talked. “Everything that has led us to this point has been because of you!” I grabbed him up and threw him towards the building. “No more!”

Mulo hit the wall hard, pieces of concrete crumbled to the ground from the impact. He stood, wiped his mouth, flinging the blood onto the ground.

“Let’s finish this then,” he said, rolling his neck. “Winner take all? Because she’s not here to save you now.”

The cops had arrived, a larger crowd had gathered. We were being instructed to stop and get on our knees. We both ignored that command. I took a step forward then felt a sting in my shoulder. I looked back to see two prods sticking out of my shoulder, I’d been tased. I pulled them out, letting the wires drop to the ground.

“I’m not the one that needs saving,” I stated, taking a step forward.

“We shall see,” he replied before advancing towards me.

My forward motion was stopped, I was being pulled to the ground. I looked over to see Elton on one side, Edson on the other. Across from me Mulo was being restrained by Aric and Bynni’s husband TK.

“Stop this Dad! This isn’t what she’d want.” Edson said, using more pressure to keep me down. I continued to struggle against them, Bynni appeared, sitting on my chest as a final anchor. I lay my head back in defeat, breathing heavily. I could hear Aric trying to keep Mulo contained.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Bynni scolded. “Do you know how pissed Mom is going to be when she wakes up?!”

“She’s not going to wake up thanks to him! She’s dying!” I screamed back.
A hush settled over all of them.

“She’s not going to die,” Mulo said. He broke free from Aric and TK and was gone before we could react.

The kids let me go, when I got to Amari's room the bed was empty and he was gone.

***A/N--Thanks DJ for the added special effects for this chapter!***


  1. Mulo kidnapped Amari! UGH! Poor Marcus :( He was already feeling less than a man because he couldn't help his own ailing wife. And then *trumpet blows* Mulo to the fucking rescue! Man...I'm so glad that he got his ass handed to him! Marcus went blow for blow with a man his senior! And I'm sure it was equally as refreshing to get out all that anger he'd been holding in. All that shit he wanted to say to the man that ruined his life and kept him from his family for so long! DAMN! He should have beat him into the dirt. "And he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling kids!"

    Dax is super hot. He needs to let the skanks go and find a woman. Seriously! Ditch the player lifestyle you delicious Marcus clone!

    I'm very, VERY happy to hear those rapist assholes are getting what's coming to them! They deserved the right brand of justice, a roommate named Butch with a dripping, large, veiny prick that'll infect its target (ok too vivid of an image but you catch my drift). That Principal too needs to be tarred and feathered. Glad Zana's parents are stepping up to the plate!

    P.S. You're welcome!

    1. Yep. He was there to 'help' but Marcus pushed him and this is how he reacted.

      Poor Marcus :( His babies, his wife, he's helpless...then enter Mulo. That man has caused him so muc grief, time lost with his family, heartache, and he was at his breaking point. Marcus is angry, and with good reason, and he let that anger out. He was intent on killing Mulo if not for the kids. Dax called in the troops. LOL He knew where that fight would lead.

      LOL...Dax is living the playboy, athlete, bachelor lifestyle. Eventually he'll settle down, but right now he's not ready.

      I'm glad you liked that part. Put it in just for you since I know you'd come hunt me down if I'd left it unresolved. It's not completely resolved, but at least they aren't getting off scott free. Zana's mom did something right for once in standing up for her daughter. :)

      Thanks for reading.

  2. What a shame for Amari and those poor babies. I'm hopeful they'll pull through though, Amari and her family always do. Resilience has always been their strength as a family.

    1. :( yeah. This pregnancy was harder on her and now we know why. They do have a way of making it through the tough situations and they always stick together when it counts.

      thanks for reading.

  3. Mulo is evil...put Amari back right now, she only wants Marcus not you grrr. Stopping this rant before I get really angry.

    Great update :)

    1. LOL I will tell him to bring her back, but not sure he'll listen. He knows she wants Marcus, but he could 'change' that if he really wanted to... We'll see what he does next update.

      Glad you enjoyed this one, thanks for reading

  4. Oh god. Right in the feels. I knew it wasn't going to be a happy chapter. They so rarely are. But damn... you punched me right in the heart.

    I so hope that this somehow turns into a happy ending for Amari and Marcus. Maybe her dad took her? Maybe he'll sacrifice himself for her like he should have when this whole business started? Maybe I guess it right and now you're going to change it to make us cry more?

    Also: Thanks for that mental image Daijahv. Wow. Much vivid. Very gross.

    1. awww....sorry. :( Didn't mean to do that. The happy chapters are far and few in between. Amari has had a long complicated life and Marcus. That man...I keep making things hard on him. Just when he finally had everything he's ever wanted, he could lose it all. :(

      There is hope for a happy ending. The story is not done yet. Sadly, no it was not her dad. Mulo took her. His whole reason for being at the hospital was to take her, although he was going to tell Marcus that fact. The fight just made him change his plans a bit....

      LOL...DJ is very good at imagery

      thanks for reading.

  5. Why did I know Mulo would show up at the hospital? And that it wouldn't go very well. *sigh* Mulo, you are trouble. What are you up to? Amari needs to be back in that bed safe and sound. Poor Marcus doesn't need anything more to worry about (and neither do the rest of us).

    1. Because it's Mulo and he's always where he isn't wanted LOL. It did not end well, but he really was only there to help. Sadly she's not safe in that bed, she's dying and only one person can stop what's happening to her....maybe

      Marcus (and you guys) had his plate full with the babies and Amari and now she's gone and he is left with leaving his kids to find her or leaving her in the hands of Mulo. It's gonna be a tough call.

      thanks for reading

  6. OMG, awesome chapter!!! I think if I say anything I'll just trip over my words.. so, AWESOME chapter :D

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

      thanks for reading.

  7. I am torn on this one, whether I agree with Mulo or Marcus.... I do think that Mulo wants the best for Amari, although his best is not always seeming to be the best.... if that makes sense.... Marcus does need to get out of the slump, but he seems to feel completely helpless at this point.... Mulo's presence let him get out some frustration anyway :) .... I do wonder if Mulo took Amari, or did she wake up? Or was someone else involved? :( I need to know.... great update

    1. Mulo wants Amari to be happy and he knows that happiness no longer lies with him. Or could it....

      Marcus is doing the best he can. He hates that his hands are tied in this situation with Amari. She has this task, then there's Mulo...he's in a bad place and not sure he can do anything about it. It's a bad thing to acknowledge.

      Mulo took her, he was always there to take her, only he was going to explain his actions, but the best laid plans and all... LOL

      We'll find out more next update.

      thanks for reading

  8. I feel like the only one who thinks Mulo is making the right decision right now. If she is really in a dangerous situation, maybe where ever he is taking her and what ever he is going to do is going to save her life. He appears to know what to do and is the only one able to communicate with her right now. I was hoping we got to hear one of their conversations. Can't wait to read more!

    1. He was there to save her, he knows what needs to be done in order to do that and had he and Marcus not gotten into it again he would have told him as much. Mulo already knows how Marcus feels about him, how could he not know, but he still can't help but to make things harder on him. Which is why Amari told him to stop being an ass LOL.

      I would have had to switch to Mulo's POV to hear what was going on with Amari and I like sticking with Marcus for this one. I'm working on the next update now.

      thanks for reading.

  9. Poor Marcus! He feels so helpless! It must be so frustrating to just stand there and watch but not be able to do anything! I hope the babies and Amari survive. Mulo has been trying to do the right thing but ends up messing things up. I hope he gets it right this time!

    I was going through the screenshots and came across the one where Marcus and Mulo are free falling and there is a billboard in the background. The guy is the billboard had his finger pointed towards Marcus and Mulo. Looking at the man's expression, it was like him saying " Oh man, check out that fight! Damn! " Though the situation was serious, I couldnt help but laugh haha! :D

    Humor aside, great chapter! I actually stumbled upon this series 2 days back while I was surfing the internet. I read first few chapters just to kill some time but, I immediately got hooked! I could not stop myself from clicking the next chapter! The way you write is amazing! You have given life to the characters. Its like I am part of Amari's world. Hats off to you! Hope you reach great heights!

    Looking forward to the next chapters! :)

    1. Well first, hello and welcome to my little story. So glad you've enjoyed it and you managed to read all 100+ chapters in 2 days, wow, that says a lot! :D So glad you enjoyed it that much!

      For the screenshot, I get it. What's even funnier is that it's a lawyer advertisement. You can't see with that angle, but they have that legal thing, the justice balance thing in the middle of the words. LOL. Ready for that lawsuit hahahaha

      Yes, poor Marcus. :( He is feeling rather down right now. His wife and kids are teetering on the brink of death and he can't do anything to save either. Mulo was coming to save her, he knew what the issue was, but there are too many unresolved things between those two for Marcus to just let him go. Mulo has done a lot of wrong that has negatively impacted Marcus' life.

      Hopefully where ever Mulo took her, he sticks to his good intentions, but since this is Mulo we're talking about we can never tell. LOL

      Aww thank you. When this started it was my first attempt at story writing and it was supposed to be a simple easy going thing. Ha, 2 years later, the baby part has been some what lost and the story took over. I'm so glad it draws you in as it does.

      Thank you for reading.

  10. Ok wow! Huge fight scene! The question is will Mulo do what's right, save Amari and then let her go or keep her for himself? Love the drama of this chapter, very intense and I did like seeing Mulo get his ass almost beat! Would love to know what's going on in his head !

    1. Yeah...Those two never got things settled from the last fight. Marcus has a ton of anger towards Mulo and with good reason!

      That is the question. One that should be answered in the next update. :) Thanks, glad all the drama and action worked out well. It's always fun to see things from other POVs outside of Amari. LOL you are not alone in that. A lot of people felt Mulo had that almost ass beating coming.

      Thanks for reading. We get a taste of Mulo next update.

    2. Wow, I love your writing style. I've been captivated from the beginning and have now, finally read it through completely.

      Mulo tries to do what's right with a twist. He can't quite get it right.

      Marcus and Amari need a break from bad. The sight of Mulo in Amari's room was enough to break Marcu's control. Mulo needed the stuffing's beat out of him, too bad the kids stopped them.

      I hope that Amari's disappearance means that Mulo is going to complete the change and when he does she will recover.

    3. aww thanks! So glad you stumbled upon my little story and liked it. It's been a 2+ year labor of love. It's a lot of chapters, so I am happy it kept your interest from start to finish.

      LOL yes poor Mulo. He tries, has been trying to correct his wrongs, but things don't work out for him.

      You are so right about that. Amari has been put through the wringer and so has poor Marcus. He HATES HATES HATES Mulo and with good reason. The fact that he is still a part of Amari's life makes it worse, and he has some anger towards Amari for not sharing his sentiment towards Mulo. LOL you aren't the only one that didn't like the kids stepping in, but they didn't want him hurt. Plus they knew that Amari wouldn't want those two fighting.

      Well the only way to save her is to complete the change, but the question is will he let her go once it's over, or will he keep her for himself.

      thanks for reading.

  11. Omg...why did Mulo do that? Amari needs to be there with her family, her kids and her husband. And the babies,are they going to make it?

    1. Mulo really was there to save her. She's dying and he's the only person that can change that. Let's hope he is honorable and doesn't try to wipe her memory and keep her for himself.

      The babies...we'll see in the next update. Which I'm working on.

      thanks for reading.

  12. Oh god :/ I hope she's fine. When I started reading the chapter I thought the only thing that'd be able to save her life would be Mulo changing her, but this could have gone better. I'm glad the kids were there to interfere.

    Y'know, I'm still a little upset that Dax didn't win Donna's bachelorette challenge. If you ever do one for him I'll swarm him with ladies!

    1. Yes it could have gone better, but with Mulo and Marcus in a room together, it's spelled disaster. Mulo won't let anything happen to her, but taking her like he did isn't helping matters.

      Aww...well I'm not doing any more challenges, but he is up for download on my going solo blog.

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