Monday, July 25, 2011

Chapter 11-Again

I tried to put that night out of my mind.  I spent more time playing with Aric.  Being with him always seemed to calm me.  Over the next few weeks I worked on teaching him to walk, talk, and go potty.  It was during one of those play times when I started to feel sick.

The moment I vomited I got a sinking feeling in my stomach.
"NO NO NO!" I said starting to panic.  This is not happening, this can not be happening.
I heard the ding of Aric's xylophone so I splashed some water on my face and pulled myself together.  I was happy that Aric was too young to know what a mess I was.  He looked up and smiled at me as I walked back into the room.

It was hard to ignore my bad judgement with my belly growing bigger each day.

The fact that Mulo hadn't seen Aric since the day he came home from the hospital and the fact he hadn't bothered to call only added to my sadness.  I decided I was no longer going to sit around waiting for him.  I called a sitter and headed to Underworld.  It was a night club that I knew his band played at from time to time.
 The place was pretty dead.  I walked over to the bar to speak with the mixologist.
"Excuse me sir." I said trying to get his attention.  He looked at my belly.
"Are you suppose to be drinking while in that condition?"  He asked gesturing towards my stomach.
"What?...No I don't want to a drink I was looking for the band."
"They're not playing tonight.  The lead guitarist is suppose to be doing a solo bit in France."  My heart started racing.  He was leaving the country.
"Thank you." I said placing a few bucks on the counter before leaving.  I headed to Adobe Heights, I had to see him.  When I got there he was waiting in the lobby.
"I knew you would come eventually." he said when I walked through the door.  Something was different about him.
"Why haven't you come to see your son?  Why haven't you come to see me?"  The words started pouring out and I just couldn't stop.  "I've missed you, I've needed you.  Aric needs you. I...I think there's something wrong with him."
I stopped when I noticed he was staring at me.  Those eyes, his presence they usually brought me comfort but today they made me unsettled.
"By the looks of things you've found a way to keep busy." he commented looking at my stomach.
Instantly I was ashamed. "Mulo...I...I" I didn't know what to say.  I just put my head down not wanting to meet his gaze.  "I'm sorry, I should go."
I wanted to go, I needed to go to get away from him and his accusing look but something kept me there.  We stood there in silence then he spoke.
"Certain things must be done.  There is nothing wrong with Aric."  Although he spoke low and calmly I could hear the anger in his voice.
I wasn't sure if I should press on but I felt as though I needed to for my son's sake and mine.
"Mulo, you don't understand, you're not there to see..."
"ENOUGH!" he hissed  I flinched.  I could see he was fighting to control his anger.  This was the first time I was ever scared of him.
"My son is fine and you won't question it again."  I couldn't say anything.  I didn't know what to say.  I just stood there in shock.
"I will be gone a few months.  If you need anything, contact Mr. Clark and he will take care of it for you."  He kissed my forehead before walking out and getting into the awaiting limo.
"All I need is you." I whispered after he was gone.

When I got home the sitter said Aric was a very good boy and was fast asleep in his crib.  I paid and thanked her.  I popped into his room to see his precious face.  So peaceful, I could feel some of the tension leaving as I stood there looking at him.
"I love you." I said before heading off to bed.

I went through the days on auto pilot.  The only time I felt anything was when I was with my son.  I couldn't find any joy in the life I was carrying.  The pregnancy only seemed to be a constant and painful reminder of all that was going wrong in my life.  My parents kept wanting me to come home for visit.  I still hadn't told them they were grandparents.
I was due any day now and that fact saddened me greatly.  I hadn't heard from Mulo since that day and I hadn't been in contact with Drake since that night.  I tried to call him and let him know about the baby.  The company he worked for said he had been relocated to their offices out west.  Two babies and neither daddy had stuck around.  I couldn't imagine how things could get any worse.
My doorbell rang.  It was Marisol.


  1. Marisol must be controlling her behavior somehow!

    It was after her visit that she got pregnant the second time. Mulo acted as if he hadn't known about it!

  2. Marisol... I don't trust her one bit!

    Mulo was kind of out of line! He has been around a total of what, 6 times? Of course she sought comfort elsewhere!

  3. Qui
    There will be more of Marisol and you are right not to trust her. You will find as you keep reading he has a lot of those moments.

    Thanks for reading my story.

  4. Marisol...

    I can't understand Mulo's anger! He won't come around and looks at her upset because she's seeing other guys?

  5. Marisol, go away. You're not wanted there.

    Mulo, you can't get someone pregnant and then ignore them (besides buying them a house) the entire rest of the time but get angry when they sleep with someone else. You never even called, how was she supposed to know you were even still bothered about her?? If he even is, this seems to be more complicated than that. I don't think get loves her and I think she gets upset over a love that was never going to be. He doesn't love her, he just want to possess her like an object -.-

    1. She is definitely not wanted.

      LOL Mulo plays by his own set of rules so yes, in his mind he can. He comes and goes at his leisure. He is a rock star after all. LOL You are only 11 chapters in and seeing a lot with the relationship between Mulo and Amari.

      thanks for reading