Monday, July 25, 2011

Chapter 13-And then there were 2

Bynni was different from Aric.  If she was unhappy she would let you know.  It got so bad at times that I was thankful that Aric was such an unusually quiet baby.  As a child he was still very quiet and kept to himself most of the time.  When I went to speak with him, he would indulge me by holding a conversation but for the most part he was a bit of a loner and preferred to be off doing his own thing.
He did however have this uncanny ability to know when I needed him.  One day after finally getting Bynni down for her nap I burst into tears.  I had been trying to be strong but everyday my heart ached.
Even though our last encounter wasn't the friendliest, I missed Mulo terribly.  I loved Bynni, but looking at her sometimes just brought forth all those feelings of shame and embarrassment surrounding my behavior.  I really tired to keep my feelings suppressed for the kids sake but I just couldn't hold it in any longer.  I looked up and Aric was standing there.  I hadn't even heard him come into the room.
"Mother don't be sad." and then he gave me a hug.
He had the same calming affect as his father.  He could also use this ability on Bynni.  Those two adored each other and I was glad for that.  One day while playing with Bynni I got a phone call.
"Hello Amari."  I stopped breathing for a moment.  It had been months since I had any contact from him and he just calls me out of the blue.
"Congratulations on the baby girl.  I am sure she is just a beautiful as her mother." I didn't know what to say.  There were so many things but all I could manage to say was "Thank you."  There was silence for a while.
"How is France?" I asked but what I really wanted to know was how are you and Marisol. 
"It's fine." he replied.  I could hear the smile in his voice as if he could read my thoughts.
"I won't keep you, I just wanted to hear your voice." My heart skipped a beat.
"Mulo when will you be back?"  I know I should have been angry.  I know I shouldn't have cared since he seemed to off in the city of romance with his ex lover.
"Soon.  Please tell Aric the telescope he wants should be arriving soon."
"Goodbye Amari." then the phone went dead.
I hadn't even noticed that Aric had come up from the pool to play with his sister.
I stood there for a moment thinking over his last words.
Aric looked over at me.  "Aric dear, have you been talking with your father?"
"Yes mother." he simply replied.  All this time I have been longing for him and he had been communicating with our son.
"Mother are you angry with me?" he asked while still focusing in on playing with his sister.
"No dear mommy's not angry.  Watch your sister for a moment please."  I walked out of the room trying hard to maintain my composure.
"Mother" I heard Aric call I stopped and turned back towards the room.
"Please don't be angry with daddy."  It always bothered me a little that he called me mother, so formal yet referred to him as daddy.
"Why would I be angry at him?" at this point it was hard to keep fighting back the tears.
"I don't know. Daddy just said you might be angry."
"That's not for you to worry about dear."  I walked upstairs to my room and closed the door.  I didn't want to cry, I was tired of crying over him.  Love was not suppose to hurt this much.  I crumpled to the floor in tears.


  1. The suspense is killing me! I can't stand how Mulo keeps her waiting and strings her along...

  2. Aric is the sweetest little boy! I love how he tries to comfort his Mother.

    I still wonder why Mulo is not telling her everything and staying away from her. I am glad that he stays in contact with Eric.

  3. Poor Amari :( the crap Mulo is putting her through is too much! He talks to his kid but not her and yet tells her she has a purpose? OOoh if I ever got my hands on him! It would be through!

  4. Replies
    1. Yeah he's still my favorite kid. :P

  5. I wonder does Aric know what he is?

    1. Aric knows a lot for a little kid.

  6. It's not fair that Aric seems to adore Mulo more than Amari :( Maybe it's because they are both vampires? Anyway, I hate Mulo now -.- The way he's toying with her is terrible, and even worse he finds the time to talk to his son but not to her??

    1. :( yeah...he does appear to have a relationship with Mulo and it's a closer one than what he has with Amari. Both being vampires could play into it, Mulo would be able to understand him more than Amari does. Mulo is a royal pain in the ass for the most part sadly.

      thanks for reading