Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chapter 9-A Baby is Born

I had to get to the hospital but I knew there was no way I could drive myself so I called a taxi.  In between the pain of the contractions, I thought about calling Mulo but the last thing I wanted to hear was he was still unavailable.
Once I arrived at the hospital the nurses ran to get me all settled in.  My delivery was hard and I wished I wasn't there doing this alone.  I wanted my mom.  The doctor said "It's a boy.".  He wasn't crying, and I saw the nurses start hurrying about.  I started to panic "Is he ok?  I want to see him!"  The doctor tried to sound
"He's fine.  We will let you see him soon."  Then things faded to black as the nurse pushed a sedative in my IV.  When I awoke he was sitting there.
"Aric is fine." He said.  I just stared at him for a moment.  I had to many emotions going through me at that moment for me to speak right away.
"You named him?"
"Of course, I'm his father, he does carry your last name.  Well for now at least"  The way he spoke to me, I was in shock.
"I'm his mother.  I have been the one carrying him all these months when you couldn't even be bothered to call!"  I was angry and hurt.  He didn't seem phased by my distress.
"Just because I didn't call doesn't mean I didn't know exactly how you were doing."  he stood up to leave.
"I'll be back tomorrow to take you and Aric home." then he left.  A few moments later the nurse came in with my baby.  The moment she placed him in my arms everything else became unimportant.
The next day Mulo came to take us home.  We didn't speak in the car.  It was the first time I didn't feel at ease around him.  Once at home he said "Go put him in his crib then we'll talk."  I didn't question him, I just complied with his command.  When I got upstairs I placed Aric in his crib.
I didn't go back downstairs right away.  I was nervous, my hands were shaking.  "This is what you have been waiting for." I told myself.  I took a deep breath and headed back downstairs.  He was standing in the art studio.
"Your new painting is coming along nicely."
"Thank you."
"Mulo" I started but he cut me off.
"I said we would talk and we will." he said turning to face me.  He pulled me into an embrace, kissed me softly on the cheek, and whispered "Thank you for my son."
His breath was warm against my skin and I could feel myself starting to be lost in being with him.  I pulled away.
"What would you like to know?"
"About Marisol."  His entire body tensed at the mention of her name and the look in his eyes turned hard.
"Who is she?" I pressed.  I couldn't back down, I needed to know.
"Marisol and I were lovers for many years."
That statement was hard to hear.  I know he is a rock star and I know he has been with other women but it still hurt to hear him say it.
"She has to be more than just an ex lover.  She knew about me, she knew you fathered my baby!"  He stayed silent, then I asked the question I thought about over and over since I met Marisol.
"Is she your wife?"  I couldn't even look at him when I said it.
"No" he said "Marisol isn't the marrying kind."  His words were cold.  Neither of us spoke for a while.  I was trying to process his words.  I knew there was more to them than he was telling me.  I started to say something but he spoke first.

"Aric is awake.  You should go tend to him."  I didn't hear him crying.  I looked at Mulo puzzled.  He said nothing else, not even good bye as he walked out the door.  I watched him leave, then walked upstairs to check on Aric.  He was laying calmly in his crib wide awake.


  1. Ahh! Mulo is so freakin' secretive! I love the name Aric though!

  2. WHAT?! Why did you ask that Amari? That was the least important question! Stop playing with me! I need answers :(

    It's nice to know a little something about Marisol and that she isn't his wife at least. He is so mysterious it's killing me!

    I thought it was sweet how he thanked her for a son :)

  3. Oh yay it's a boy, and I love his name

  4. Aric is a nice name, but I agree with her, there is something else to it.

    1. there is a lot going on she knows nothing about :(