Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chapter 14-A Nice Change

A few days later my doorbell rang.  Standing at my door was a nice looking man.
"May I help you?"
"Hi, I'm Jesse, I think this was delivered to the wrong address."  He pulled in a large box.  There wasn't a return address but it was for Aric.  The telescope.
"Thank you." I said  The box was heavy.
"Here let me help you." He smiled, he had a kind face.  Aric came downstairs, he stopped and I could have sworn his eyes started glowing.
"Aric dear this is...I'm sorry what was your name again?"
"Your telescope was delivered to his house by mistake." 
He kept staring at Jesse for a while before looking over at the box.  Then he walked off to go open it without speaking a word to Jesse.
"I'm sorry, he doesn't talk much." I said embarrassed that he didn't even mumble a thank you.  "May I offer you something to drink?"
"No thank you, I really should get back to unpacking."
"Just moving in?"
"Yes, I just took an assignment at the hospital."  He smiled.  Bynni started crying.
"She's just getting up from a nap, I need to go attend to her."  Thank you again for bringing the package."
"My pleasure Mrs?"
I smiled "It's just Ms. and you can call me Amari."
"Right Amari, it was a pleasure meeting you."  He turned and left after closing the door behind him I saw Aric staring at me.  He didn't say anything but as I went upstairs I could feel his eyes burning into my back.
Jesse came back a few days later. "Did something else get delivered to your home for us?
"No I just wanted to take you up on that drink you offered last time." he smiled I instantly started thinking about the last guy who just showed up at my door.
"Um..this isn't a good time."
"Oh, I'm sorry" he said turning to leave.  He looked a little disappointed.
"Wait." I said stopping him. "I have a few minutes to talk while the baby is napping."

It was nice to just sit and talk to someone.  He started coming around more and more and we would just sit and talk about a little of everything.  He told me about his job.  He comes in when a hospital is having a serious financial crisis.  He takes over the books and works with the board to figure out solutions before the hospital ends up in bankruptcy. 

Months passed and we were really becoming close.  He was easy to talk to and I felt good when I was around him.  He was great with Bynni and Aric was even warming up to him a little.
He never questioned me about the kid's fathers or why I was a single mother.  Things were going well and our relationship was progressing slowly.  He didn't pressure me for more.
We were watching TV one day "Babe, as much as I enjoy being here and hanging out with you and the kids I would like to take you out."
"Jesse, I don't know."  The fact was I felt safe at home.  Having the kids around sort of insured I would not act inappropriately and lose control of my senses again.
"Amari you are a great mother and you devote all your time to taking care of Aric and Bynni.  Let me take care of you."
"Ok." how could I resist?
He showed up the next evening with flowers and loads of charm.  We saw a great movie, then ate dinner at the bistro.  We finished the evening with a late night stroll on the beach.
"You're so beautiful" he whispered
"Jesse, don't""Why do you do that?" he asked "You never seem comfortable when I compliment you."  I wouldn't meet his gaze.
"Amari look at me." he said lifting my chin "I know you've been hurt.  I never ask you about it, I just figure when you're ready you'll tell me."  He was so sweet "Just give me a chance.  I'm not him."
 "Who?" I asked suddenly worried.

"The man you has hurt you this way and left you unable to trust."
He pulled me into a kiss.  This one was more passionate than the ones we'd shared before.  It was like he was trying to show me how much he meant the words he spoke.  I pulled away.
"I'm sorry.  I don't know if I can."  I could see the hurt on his face.  He didn't say anything, he gave me a hug, took me home and kissed me goodnight.

He was busy at work the next few days but when he did come over he never mentioned the beach.  When we had moments alone he would kiss me and they were like the one we had shared that night.
I wanted to let him in completely.  I enjoyed being around him but more importantly I enjoyed who I was, who I was becoming from being with him.  We were playing chess when I brought it up.
"Jesse I've been thinking."
"About what?" he replied not looking up from the table
"What you said on the beach."  That got his attention.
"And you're right.  You're not him and I shouldn't make you pay for it." he started smiling
"Thank you, and check mate."
The days passed and although I still hadn't opened up to him completely we were making progress.  He came over after work to celebrate Bynni's birthday.  Neither of us could believe she was growing up already.  It was hard enough knowing that Aric was now a teen but Bynni was no longer my baby but a sweet little girl.
We were hanging out in the kitchen after cutting the cake.  Bynni was opening her gifts.  Jesse had gotten her a new doll house she was so excited about.  The doorbell rang.
"I'll get it" Aric said I left Jesse and Bynni playing in the kitchen and walked towards the foyer to see who was at the door.  Before I got there I hear Aric's voice.
"Hello Dad."

***sorry the beach pictures are so dark. the location didn't have any lights and I am not good with photo shop*****


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    Jesse or Mulo? Although, I am still unsure if Mulo wants a future with her!

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