Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chapter 16-The Morning After

When I woke up the next morning I hoped desperately that last night was all just a bad dream.  As I sat up a pain shot through my arm.
"Ow" I said rubbing it.  I was flooded with all the memories of last night, how tightly he held me how scared I was.  I put my hand to my lips they were sore and a little swollen from his kisses.
The house was quiet, I glanced at the clock.  The kids had already left for school.  What was I going to say to them when they got home?  I would imagine Bynni would have questions about who Mulo was which would in turn bring up questions about her father.  She'd never inquired about him and I always believed that was because Aric's father was absent as well.  I sighed, and then there was Aric.  How would I explain what he walked in on?  It was all too much to think about I got up to shower.
I threw on some sweats and a t-shirt then headed downstairs.  With all that had happened yesterday, the last thing I had eaten was a slice of birthday cake.  I was starving.  As I stood there trying to decide what to eat I felt arms wrap around me from behind.
"Did you sleep well?"
I don't know where he came from, the house was quiet and I never heard him approaching.  Panic set in, my heart started racing I was alone with him.  He spun me around, he was standing so close his face was nearly touching mine.
"Please leave." 
"You don't really want me to go." he said as he stroked my face.  I flinched  How could he be this way, acting as if last night didn't happen.
"Ah, yes well I would imagine you might be a little upset with me just showing up yesterday and not calling first."  How could he be so nonchalant?
"Please leave" I asked again.  I wanted to run but he was blocking the doorway.
"Amari" He reached out and touched my arm and I winced at the pain.  I looked up and caught a glimpse of Mulo I was in love with.
"You know I would never hurt you." he said softly
"No Mulo, I don't know that.  If Aric hadn't walked in..."  I trailed off not wanting to let my thoughts go there.
"I am sorry for my behavior last night."  he sounded sincere but I couldn't let myself believe it.  He turned and walked away.
I thought he was leaving but he didn't.  We didn't talk the rest of the day.  He filled the house with music playing his guitar for hours. 
I tried calling Jesse but his phone kept going to voice mail.  My mother had emailed me.  I had told her about Jesse and she was excited that I had met a nice guy and hoped to meet him soon.  It was almost 2, I was anxiously awaiting Aric's arrival from school.  I wanted to talk to him before Bynni got home.  I was trying to paint when he got home.  He didn't stop and say hello as usual, he walked into the living room.  I heard he and Mulo having a quiet but furied conversation.

"You do have a choice." I heard Aric say
"There is no other way." was Mulo's reponse
"She's my..." Aric didn't finish because I walked into the room.

"Aric, I would like to speak with you.  I should explain."
"There's no need mother."
"Son please, I really would like to speak with you."  I still wasn't sure what I was going to say but I needed to at least try.
"We have already discussed it Amari." Mulo began "There's no need for further explanation."  I just looked at him.  How could there not be a need for me to speak to my son about the situation.  What could Mulo have said that would make what he did ok?  I didn't get a chance to press the issue.
"Mom?" I heard Bynni call as she entered the house.  I looked at Mulo still not ready to have that conversation with my little girl.  I took a deep breath
"I'm in the living room honey."
She came bouncing into the room "Mom you won't believe what happened today." She stopped with she spotted Mulo.
"Who's that?"
"Honey..that's.."I couldn't get the words to come out.  Meanwhile a smile crept across Mulo's face as he stepped closer to her.
"I'm Mulo." he said reaching out to shake her hand.
She giggled "You have funny eyes like my brother."  Then she turned to Aric "I need help with my homework.  More stupid multiplication."
"Of course" then they both left the room.
"Why did you introduce yourself that way?" I asked wondering what he might be up to.
"In what way?"
"Without telling her who you really are?  Without telling her your Aric's father?"  Those funny eyes glimmered and he stepped closer to me.
"Because you didn't want me to." then he kissed me on the hand.  "I'm going out for a while but I will be back."


  1. I just don't understand Mulo. At times he really seems to care about Amari, but at other times he seems to take her for granted.

    I am just as confused as she is. I sort of hope things work out for her with Jesse, but I also want things to work out with Mulo.

    The suspense is killing me! (LOL)

    On to the next chapter.

  2. What did he and Aric discuss????? OMG Why are you making me ask questions and keep digging the mystery deeper! This is torture and just not right :(

    I hate the way Mulo treats Amari...I swear I just want to strangle him sometimes! I hope Aric isn't getting into anything with him and were they talking about Amari or Bynni?? :O

  3. How can he just move in like that...Poor Amari

    1. Cuz he bought the house so that makes him feel like he has certain rights.

  4. Amari and Aric need to leave and never look back. Well the daughter too, but.....

    1. I'm sure Mulo could find them. He and Aric do have a connection.

  5. I'm sure well aware of this by now and I didn't really want to make this into another hate comment against Mulo but I can't help it, it's too tempting -.- I just want to punch him sometimes!! How can he act like nothing happened??

    1. hahahaha I am sensing a theme with your comments in regards to Mulo. He's an acquired taste. Hold on to that feeling of wanting to punch him...He doesn't see what he did as anything wrong. He needed to keep her in her place.

      thanks for reading