Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chapter 10-Caring for Aric

I was no longer surprised by the lack of contact from Mulo but I still longed for him.  I distracted this feeling by trying to be the best mother possible to Aric.  I started growing more concerned that there was something wrong with him.  I knew there was a problem right after delivery but the doctors never told me anything.  He was a quiet baby, in fact I can't remember ever hearing him cry.  It wasn't normal.  His eyes also started to change, they almost seemed to be void of any noticeable color.  I loved him with all of my being, but I could be frightened by him sometimes as well.  There were moments I would catch him just staring at me while I was cleaning his room, the look he had on his tiny little face would make me jump a bit.
Nights were the worst for me.  I was left alone with my thoughts and often times I would end up crying myself to sleep.  There were however some nights I would get the feeling he was in the house.  I was able to sleep more peacefully those nights.
One morning I woke up in a panic.  I wasn't sure but I felt something was wrong.  I ran down to Aric's room and my heart stopped when I opened the door.
"Give me my baby!" I screamed.
"Dear girl, why so frantic?"  She asked while snuggling Aric.  "I just wanted to see the child."
All these thoughts started running through my head.
"How did you get into my house?" I tried very hard to speak calmly as I didn't want to scare Aric.
"I was invited."  I just stared at her.  The nerve she had to think she would ever be welcomed into my home.
"I did not invite you here."  She just stood there smiling while holding my child.  I looked at him.  He didn't look scared, in fact he looked very at peace in the arms of that woman.  My heart ached.
"What do you want?"
"I told you to see the child."  she said as she placed him on the floor.
"Mulo told me about the two of you."  Her eyes sparkled at that news.
"Did he now?  Tell me child what did he say about us?"  She spoke with the same smug look she had at our first encounter.
"You two use to be lovers." I said trying to sound confident
"And what.  USE TO as in the past, yet you don't seem to be able to let go and move on."  She laughed.
"We are much more than ex lovers, much much more."  She looked me right in the eye as she spoke those words.  I could see the same fiery hatred glowing in her eyes.  I tried to stand my ground but I couldn't help but stumble back a step.  She held my gaze for a moment then instantly her entire attitude changed.
"I must go now.  Goodbye sweet Aric."  He looked up and smiled at her.  Before she walked out she leaned in and whispered "Another will grow soon."
I didn't have a chance to say anything because she was gone.  After she left I rushed over and picked up Aric.  I held him close thankful she didn't harm him, he just looked at me and smiled.  I didn't let him out of my sight for the rest of the day.
After I had put him to bed for the night, I doubled checked all the locks.  I was heading back upstairs when the doorbell rang.  For a quick second I was hoping it was Mulo but when I looked I saw the mover standing there instead.
Why is he at my house and at this hour? I thought to myself.  "Can I help you?" I said opening the door.
"May I come in?" he asked.  I don't know why I said yes but I let him in.
"I..I need to speak with you" he stammered.  I couldn't begin to think why he would need to speak with me.
"And whatever it is couldn't wait until morning?"
"I apologize for coming by so late but I've been thinking about you and needed to see you."
"I think you should go leave now."  I told him feeling uneasy about the direction of the conversation.
"I have something for you."  he ran outside and came back with flowers.
"Thank you." I said cautiously.  "They're beautiful."
"But not as beautiful as you."  he replied.
It was a very cheesy line, and I couldn't believe he was flirting with me.  This was crazy, a guy I had only met once months before shows up at my doorstep at night to flirt with me. 
"That's very sweet of you to say."  I should have told him to go but I am sure what made me let him stay maybe the loneliness I have felt these last few months.  I allowed him to stay.  He said more kind words to me and I was enjoying have some attention.  I missed Mulo desperately.  I was taken by surprise when he leaned in and kissed me.
It was not as intense or passionate as the ones I shared with Mulo but it was very sweet.  Not being rejected or slapped, he kissed me again, it was awkward but although I should have stopped him and objected to this behavior, I didn't.
I don't know why, but I took his hand and led him upstairs.  What are you doing? I screamed in my head.  This was not me, I was in love with Mulo, I had his child.  Why was I taking a man I didn't know to my bedroom.  Why couldn't I stop myself?  We sat on the bed talking for a bit, both of us a little unsure.
He started kissing me.  I didn't resist although every fiber of my being told me this was wrong.  I felt like I had no control.
When we were finished, he gave me another kiss before saying goodbye.
I felt so ashamed after he left.  What had I done?  Why did I allow this to happen?  I needed a shower.  I stood in the shower letting the water wash over me as I cried.  How could my life be going this terribly wrong?  I don't know how long I was in there but I finally got out once I registered the water had turned cold.

That night I slept downstairs in the room next to Aric's.


  1. They are using her! I love the way your are weaving this story!

  2. Wow! That's messed up! So what kind of mind control does Mulo have on her? She had this guy's baby, his ex tells her another is on the way and then the delivery guy shows up at night unannounced and she absently has sex with him? Poor Amari! They are seriously using this girl and still she has no explanation why :(

  3. Wait! Isn't that the delivery guy? What just happened? And just what is going on with her and Mulo?

  4. Replies
    1. LOL yeah...she's thinking the same thing.

  5. Hmmm, not sure if something possessed her, so to speak, or if she was just desperate.. Either way, she's gonna be very busy very soon!

    1. LOL you might be on to something with the possessed thing. Amari went from never having sex to getting busy with a stranger and she doesn't even remember her night with Mulo. Something is going on.

      thanks for reading