Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chapter 5-A New Home

"We're here miss."  I heard the driver say.  I had been lost in my thoughts for the entire car ride.  I looked out of the window.
"Are you sure this is the right place?"
"Yes ma'am." he answered while opening the car door.  I couldn't believe my eyes.
"I can't afford this place." I whispered to myself.
"Here you are." he said handing me an envelope.
"Thank you." I said while reaching inside my purse for a tip.
"It's been taken care of." he said stopping me.  Then he said goodbye and left.  I opened the envelope, inside were keys and a note.

       Dearest Amari,
I know I have left you with many unanswered questions and for that I am sorry.  I promise all will be made clear soon.  This house will provide you with the space you require in order for your task to be completed.  I know the sacrifice you are making is great, but it must be done.  Have no concerns about money as I have opened an account for you at Bram International Bank.  You will need to ask for Mr. Clark and he will finalize everything for you.
                             Take care

Why couldn't he just tell me what was going on?  My required task?  I folded the note and placed it in my purse then headed inside the house.  It was beautiful, so unlike any home I could have ever imagined.
The view of the ocean was very calming.  I started to tour the house.  I smiled when I saw he had an art area set up for me.
"So thoughtful." I whispered to myself.  I checked out all the rooms and they were all pretty much the same aside from the master and the nursery.  As I viewed that room I placed my hand on my stomach "Well little one, this is for you."

I went back to the other rooms "Why do I need 6 bedrooms?" I asked myself.  Other than the nursery and master, the other rooms were all equipped with twin beds.  I was lost in thought for a moment when my phone buzzed.  It was mom.  I went downstairs to the art studio, I remembered seeing a computer there.  I still couldn't face talking to them, but I could at least email them.
  Dear Mom and Dad,
Sorry for not calling, I didn't mean to worry you.  I have been really busy with my new job.  Will call soon. --Love Amari

I hesitated for a moment.  I had never lied to my parents before.  In fact if Amella and I had done something and they caught us I would always break down into tears as I started spilling the beans.  Amella would get so mad at me.  I couldn't tell them the truth.
It was done.


  1. Oh, wow, that's quit the new home. I want to live their myself!

  2. That house is beautiful!

    I know she has to feel guilty for lying, but she really doesn't know what is going on yet.

  3. Nice home! I love that and I'd be just as curious as her about the six bedrooms LOL! I understand her lying to her parents, sometimes it's best to just not worry them. I hope Mulo makes good on that promise and comes clean soon!

  4. I just realized that I love her name. And I love that house

  5. The house is beautiful. Hopefully she gets at least a couple answers soon. Like what her task is. -coughs-
    It can be hard lying to parents but the situation like hers... I totally understand. xD

  6. What does she need twin beds for!??

  7. Poor girl, she's not going to be happy when she finds out what her task is oO I like that guy less and less - how can he just force something like that on her?? I suppose he's at least providing her with a huge house for it but still -.- Damn it, Mulo, you don't do that to people!!

    1. nope, she won't like it one little bit. It's okay to not like him, and I have a feeling that dislike will grow the more you read.

      He did give her a very nice house, with plenty of room. She'll need it. LOL Mulo...well he's a man of mystery.

      thanks for reading