Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chapter 1-Mulo Drakul

Mulo Drakul was my idol growing up.  As a teen I had ALL of his CDs, and I hung a poster of him over my bed so I could go to sleep looking at him.  As most teen girls do, I would fantasize about meeting him, having pretend conversations about what I would say when I met him.  I would tell my dad that one day he would be his son-in-law to which he replied "anyone but that freak".  My dad didn't like his persona.  He wore these cool red contacts that seemed to glow when he sang.  When I would watch his videos I felt like he was looking right at me through the screen.  It was a little freaky, but cool at the same time.

I had been in the city for about 3 weeks.  It had been hard, I missed my family, still couldn't find a job and lived in a crappy apartment in a not so good part of town.  I was walking out of the stadium after dropping off another resume when I spotted the crowd.

There were girls screaming, cameras flashing, I pushed my way through to see what all the fuss was about.  Mulo Drakul, he was there in the flesh signing autographs and taking pictures with fans.  I couldn't believe it, I was so excited this was my chance the one I dreamed of as a teen.  He looked up and saw me, I couldn't move. Those eyes I was fixated on them.

He came up to me, Amari Vinson country girl, and started talking.  It was crazy, I couldn't believe this was happening.  I could hear the other fans whispering questioning who I was but I didn't care.

It seemed like everyone faded away and it was just the two of us.  We stood there talking and flirting it felt like a dream.

He leaned in and whispered "I've been waiting for you" then started leading me towards his limo.  I know that I shouldn't have gone, I was not raised to get into cars with strangers even if they were famous.  I should have said no, gotten an autograph and gone home, but I couldn't.  When we arrived at his penthouse I was amazed at the beauty of it all.  The views of the city were so breathtaking.  He leaned in and kissed me.
I had been kissed before, but this was different more intense.  I felt weak and dizzy but wanted more.  Things became hazy, I had lost all sense of good judgement and was just wrapped up in being with him.  He was kissing me and started caressing my neck I heard him say "It must be done", then felt a small pain.

I woke up the next morning in my crappy apartment.


  1. So far I like it a lot - I'll be waiting to see what happens next :)

  2. I love the way you described her interaction with Mulo and her teen years infatuatiion with him. So true to life!

  3. Thanks and thanks for reading my story!!!!

  4. Wow! This already has me hooked!

  5. LOL I was holding my breath from the moment he kissed her until she said "I woke up in my crappy apartment." Oh man, at least she had a good dream!

  6. Wow! Just started and I love it! She meets her idol, gets a kiss and then a bite! :D Can't wait to see where this goes!

  7. I love it <3 You're a great writer <3

  8. Aw! I wonder why it 'must' be done. o: o_o

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    1. Thanks. I promise if you stick with the story, the writing gets better. :)

      Thanks for reading.

  10. Hi jazen, I decided to start reading this since I'm caught up with your Going Solo. It looks like Amari's dreams of meeting her celebrity crush came true really fast! LOL. At least until she woke up in her crappy apartment.

    1. Well hello there. :) This is my first story so the writing and pictures are pretty rough in the beginning.

      It was a dream come true to meet her celebrity crush. Not many people get that opportunity. Yeah, it all seemed to be a dream come true until that moment.

      thanks for reading