Monday, July 25, 2011

Chapter 12-Aric's Birthday

"Not today, not today." I mumbled to myself.  It was Aric's birthday.  I had baked him a small cake and was waiting for him to wake up from his nap so we could blow out the candles.  I thought about not answering but since the house had so many uncovered windows it was easy enough to see I was home.  I waddled over to open the door.
"What do you want?"
"Now is that anyway to greet a guest?"  I was too tired to deal with her today.  I wished she would just leave me alone.
"You really should go to the spa, get a massage, perhaps a facial.  You look a little worn."  She could really do a number on my self-esteem.  The smug bitch, I wanted to slap her.
"You've been quite the busy little bee." she continued while reaching out to touch my stomach.  I recoiled from her touch.
"Don't touch me."  I was irritated.  "Just tell me what you want so you can leave."
"Have you heard from Mulo?" she had the look of total satisfaction on her face as she asked the question.  I wanted to lie and tell her yes he called every night but the pain that came across my face when she mentioned his name told a different story.
"Poor dear, he hasn't called has he?" she smiled as she said those words.
Get out!" I said fighting back the tears.  I would not let her see me cry.
"Well I can see I have over stayed my welcome.  I came to wish Aric a happy birthday and drop off a present for him."
"I don't want my son having anything from you."  Just leave."  Her eyes glimmered with anger for a minute then she started smiling.
"I will be flying to France tomorrow.  Do you have a message you'd like me to deliver?"  I didn't answer.
"No? Ok well tell sweet Aric happy birthday for me." she left.
I heard Aric upstairs talking to the weird looking doll that she left after her first visit.  I went upstairs and picked him up.  He started smiling when he saw me. 
"Mommy no cry." he said
"Oh my sweet boy, I love you so much."  I said snuggling him close.  He just giggled and wiped the tears from my face.  I took him downstairs and sang happy birthday to him.
Around 2 am I awoke with sharp pains.  I was in labor.  What was I going to do, Aric was fast asleep, it was too late to call a sitter plus I didn't know if I had enough time to wait for her to get there.  I called 911 and hoped that they would get there before the baby did.
They didn't and I welcomed my baby girl into the world alone.


  1. She is still so alone! I don't like that Marisol. She takes too much pleasure in Amari's sadness.

  2. Man she should have slapped her! That was just a slap in the face what she did and said. And she really still has no idea the depth of her relationship with Mulo!

  3. Just what does Marisol want!!Surely she wants more than just to torment her?

    Welcome to the madness, little baby girl!

    1. Marisol wants to cause havoc whenever she can. LOL Nope, Marisol is there for torment and torment only.

      LOL the madness

      thanks for reading