Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chapter 80-Consequences

I avoided Jonas for as long as I could which turned out to be only a few days.  Carter seemed to be doing the same to me and I couldn’t say I blamed him.  The relationships that had always been so relaxed and easy had now been made tense and complicated.  I had gotten everyone off to school when there was a knock at the door.
“You’ve been ignoring my calls.”  Jonas accused when I opened the door.
“Not ignoring.  I’ve been busy.”
“Are you busy now?”
“Great.  We need to talk.”
Jonas walked into the living room.  I sighed, closed the door then followed him in there.
“How’ve you been?”  He asked patting the space on the couch next to him.  Reluctantly I walked over to sit next to him.
“Jonas whatever you were hoping for us, it can’t happen.  We need to put that night behind us and never mention it again.”  He got up from the couch visibly unhappy with my view on the situation.
“So you want to just pretend like it didn’t happen.  What about what I want?”
“I’m sorry if that hurts you Jonas but its better my way.  For all parties, its better we try to get things back to as normal as possible.”
“Well I disagree.”  He said sitting back next to me.  I couldn’t help but to roll my eyes at how stubborn he was being.
“What do you think is going to happen?  Do you want to set up shop and play house in my dysfunctional family?  I’m some sort of weird half vamp thing that is for the time being connected to what has turned out to be an overly possessive angry vampire who I suspect has killed my husband.  That on top of the fact my teenage son is making me a grandmother.  And then if that didn’t scare you off we have the issue of your cousin to also factor in.”  Jonas gave me a bewildered look processing everything I had just said to him.
“I know all the rest or most of the rest.   You really think he killed him?  And Carter?  What does he have to do with any of this?”
I guess him being rejected by the woman he claimed to be in love with wasn’t something he would want to share. 
“Carter has a lot to do with it.  The night we slept together was the same day he professed his love for me.  So see am I really the kind of woman you want to be with?  One cousin tells me he’s in love with me and I sleep with the other.”  I was tired of feeling sad, and guilty.  I was tired of having to deal with so much simply to survive.  I didn’t want to be that harsh with Jonas, this wasn’t his fault anymore than it was Carter’s.  I was cursed, plagued to live a life of one complication after the next.  I was tired.  I got up heading outside.  I didn’t need to sit there in the silence.  It was suffocating me. 
“Do you always drink at ten in the morning?”  Jonas asked as he stepped outside.  I looked at the glass in my hand.  Is this what my life was really becoming?  I sat it down on the bar.
“No.  Jonas I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have slept with you.  I wish I could say I was too drunk to know what I was doing but I can’t.”
“It took two of us Amari so the responsibility isn’t solely on your shoulders.”  Damn him for still trying to be sweet and caring. 
“It doesn’t matter.  It’s done and we need to forget.  Please just let me forget Jonas.  Carter has been there for me and I can’t let him know what I did.  I can’t hurt him like that.”
“Jonas, no.  You can’t want to tell him.  He’s your family, you two are close and I refuse to be the reason that changes.  Please Jonas.  I have enough to deal with I can’t take him hating me.”  I looked at him and he had that same look in his eye that Carter had.  Weren’t there any other women in this city?  Or was this also some cruel twist that everyone that could be good for me would end up tainted by me somehow.  It could almost be funny if it weren’t so depressingly tragic.
“Ok.  I didn’t know he felt more than friendship for you.  Had I paid attention I guess I could have seen it.  Or maybe I didn’t want to see it.  We won’t mention that night to him or anyone.”   
I was so relieved that without thinking I hugged him.  An action that I have done before, but now it was different.  His arms tightened around me to pull me closer, he inhaled deeply as he relished in the contact between us.  He pulled away a little but instead of him releasing me, he kissed me.  Softly at first but it quickly turned intense, shamefully I kissed him back.  

“I should go.”  He said pulling away.  I watched as he left then picked up the drink that was still sitting there.  I had only made things worse.
Well aren’t you the busy little bee.
Go to hell.  I retorted before downing the drink.
 In the weeks that passed things were still awkward between Jonas and I.  Under normal circumstances I would talk to Carter about things but I couldn’t.  He had stopped avoiding me, but things weren’t the same.  He looked at me with such need and longing, it was hard.  I tried to ignore it but I couldn’t.  He had begun spending time at the gym even though my not being with him had nothing to do with his looks.  I tried to save Marcus from me and I failed.  I wouldn’t fail with Carter; we could be friends and nothing more.  I couldn’t lose anyone else that mattered to me.  I only hoped that he would understand that one day.   
Embry called me the day she was notified of the results.  My son would be a father before he graduated high school.  A few days later the official results arrived in the mail killing any hopes she was lying to me.  So far he and Embry had kept to the terms I set for them.  He was still very much in love and had plans to ask her to marry him after graduation.  I wasn’t pleased but there was nothing I could do to stop it.  He was working and saving money to make sure he was able to provide for his child.   
He shouldn’t have these worries and each time I saw him up late finishing homework after his shift I was angry.  She should have known better and while I would be forced to tolerate her I would never like her after what she stole from my son.  
 Dax was enjoying his time.  He was being the teenager I wished Dunham could be.  Hanging out with friends, flirting with girls, just being a kid.  The triplets were in school now.  Aric came over to help them when things started changing for them.  The house was stocked with plasma juice and fruits.  They still ate real food but craved the other stuff on occasion.  I remember Aric going through the same thing.  I found myself wanting it more as well.  At the beginning it was the only thing I could keep down but once my body had adjusted to the changes I was able to eat real food again.   
I was now back to having to eat mostly the plasma stuff.  There wasn’t really anyone I could ask since this was uncharted territory so I chalked it up to being a phase caused by the added stress of everything.   
Life was far from perfect but things were as good as they could be; until the nausea hit.

***************Bonus Pics of the Triplets aged up to kids******************
 Edson-- (Snapped a bad shot didn't realize until after I had exited game)
Unvamped they have Amari's eye color.


  1. Oh my... I was wondering when she'd get pregnant again. Amari's life really does suck and I feel like such a sadist for enjoying every second of it.

    I blame it on you for being such a great writer.

    1. Yeah I'm trying to squeeze babies in as I go. They are needed. :)

      It's ok I won't tell anyone you are a sadist LOL.

      Glad you are enjoying the story.

  2. until the nausea hit.

    DUN DUN DUN!!!!! Damn and Jonas will want to be a part of his child's life. Amari...just can't catch a break :( She thinks she's pulled herself out of one hole only to find she's dug another. I thought Jonas was being understanding at first but then he kissed her and she kissed him back. I don't know what that means for them but I really can only think about Carter in this situation. I feel for him...

    1. yes he will want to be a part of his child's life. There will be no hiding it from Carter now. He will be hurt when he finds out. :( It's unavoidable sadly.

      He was being understanding but he has feelings for her. The kiss was a goodbye to what could have been.

  3. Hi Jazen,

    Good update. I'm guessing that Jonas is about to become part of your challenge. I think that if something more to develop between her and Jonas that Carter would yes, be hurt at first but I think that he would also be understanding and happy for his cousin. Sometimes relationships work out that way. Carter could be an honorary uncle. I hope the three of them can remain friends as Amari still needs them to lean on.


    1. Yes he is now a challenge dad. Carter is going to be hurt, now more than he was before. Amari broke his heart by rejecting his love and now she's slept with his cousin and they will be having a baby. I don't see this having a happy ending. :( She does need him but this may be too much for him to handle.

    2. Jazen,

      Well, if it does turn out to be too much for Carter and Amari needs another doctor, there's always Iola Day in my studio or Jonas's brother Elias Duff (I think his family is still there)


  4. Oh noooo/sigh, she can't even get a break with just trying to have one night of fun. I'm wondering if she will even tell Jonas considering how hard she has been trying to push him away, but I have a sneaky suspiscion he would know and then there would be poor Carter...ugh, what a mess.

    I can not help it I adore Mulo.....well..aren't you the busy little bee...hehe sorry that tickled me=), he's like a 5 year old , he likes to pick, remind her he's there from time to time....edenz~

    1. She won't be able to keep it from him. They are neighbors and he is a smart man. He'll be able to figure it out. This will change things for sure with her wanting to pretend they never did anything. A baby makes it really hard to deny.

      You are still a Mulo fan. LOL He is never far away and he always pops in at the wrong times to remind her of that fact.

  5. Good for Amari and Jonas for talking things through, I wonder if she'll tell him about the baby, I hope she does!

    1. She won't be able to hide it from him. Short of becoming a hermit or moving he'll find out.

  6. Now that everything is completely falling apart, watch Marcus come back. What will he think? Carter is going to be devastated and feel even more strongly that he wasn't good enough. I don't expect that Jonas will sit back and not be in the baby's life. I fear that Mulo will make him disappear. Dunham made bad choices, and sadly, those usually have consequences. Mulo is a sneaky, spoiled, greedy man. Maybe she should go to the tabloids and ruin his music career. heh.

    1. Marcus. Not sure if he will be back for this. She could use him right now and I think he might understand since he knows what she has to do.

      Carter is going to be devastated. He was feeling that he wasn't good enough because of his looks and how she's gone and slept with his cuter cousin. It will be a sad day when she has to tell him. Jonas isn't going to go away quietly now. He will demand to be a part of his child's life. Mulo making him disappear? Nope only if he thinks Amari is falling in love with him. Since he had a role in this challenge she has to complete he can't go killing off everyone she has to sleep with.

      Ruin his career LOL. I don't think he would care and it would cause her unnecessary scandal as well.

  7. Damn it Amari! You are fertile as Hell!!
    Like Zhip I have the feeling that it won't be long before Marcus comes home to all this shit. Man, talk about bad timing. A mom and a grandmother all at the same time.

    Look little one, you and your uncle are the same age! Yay, you get to play in the same sandbox.
    One word messed-up! LOL

    Great way of keeping Mulo true to his character. Now he doesn't have to be in the actual picture to piss us off.
    I like Jonas, more than Carter. The cousins have been a great support for Amari, but this is gonna break their brotherly bond.

    PS: How many babies are we in?? I've lost count!

    1. LOL part of the curse I guess. She is a fertile one for sure. Not sure if Marcus would make a reappearance but she sure would love to see him.

      Yes a mom and grandmom all at the same time. Luckily the aunt/uncle will be a few months older but they will play together. It is a little messed up. LOL

      Yeah Mulo is never far away. He likes to pop in to make sure his presence is still felt. This thing with them wanting the same woman could break that bond. She doesn't want that and doesn't want to hurt Carter. However in a few months it will be unavoidable.

      She currently has 8 babies.

  8. I just caught up...holy crap, a lot has happened to poor Amari! It seems like life is always going to be complicated for her. I personally can't wait to find out exactly what happened to Marcus and how Amari is going to handle all these crazy men in her life.

  9. Oh noooo!!! I feel for Carter (i think he would be a great husband...) and when he finds out that Jonas is the dad, what will happen... Poor Amari... I have to say i love when she was wondering if there were any other women out there LOL Where is Marcus... will he come back to all this??
    oh, and the Triplets are gorgeous!!

    1. He would make a great husband. He would love and care for her just as Marcus did but she won't risk it. When he finds out it's gonna hurt. Not sure if he'll be able to move passed that sort of betrayal.

      Marcus is still missing. :(

  10. I feel bad for Carter since this will break his heart worse than just finding out Amari slept with Jonas. I'm sure Jonas will be a good supportive father though.

    I love that Mulo is in her head now. He's still deliciously evil. lol.

    1. Yes sadly this will break his heart. Jonas will be a great father even though this could cause an issue between him and Carter.

      Mulo is fun to have around even when he's not really there. :)

  11. And I am finally caught up!
    Really awesome story, jaz. Nothing ever goes right for this poor woman!
    I'm still dying to know what became of Marcus, I hope we find out sooner or later.
    I love Mulo's voice in Amari's head. He's such a bastard.
    And poor Carter, this will probably ruin his relationship with his cousin as well as with Amari.

    1. YAY!!!!! Thank you for taking the time to read and get all caught up. Yes her life is one series of bad events after the next. :( Everyone (Including Amari) wants to know what happened to Marcus. LOL Mulo, you love to hate him. :) Yes this will be a game changer for Carter. He's a sweet guy but there's even so much he can take.

  12. I really think, knowing the person that Carter is, he is going to rise above this and forgive them both. (I hope!) I bet he's going to find out there really are other women in town--when he meets a very nice girl at the gym while he is working out. I have been struggling this entire time over Carter and Jonas--I have loved them both from the beginning and couldn't choose one over the other. I was really hoping she would have a baby with each of them! Not something I would wish for in any other circumstance, but for this story--YES! LOL!

    I am so sad to see Dunham struggling so. He's a sweet kid and deserves good things. I hope that his story ends up with him and his babymama living happily ever after. Of course, with his older brother and sister-in-law wanting a baby so badly...hmmm. The possibilities are endless!

    Can't wait for the next chapter, Jazen!

    1. He may forgive them but it will take time. He loves Amari and will see this as a betrayal considering she knew how he felt about her. He may meet a nice girl with all the time he is spending at the gym. ;) They are both great guys one of them was bound to be a baby daddy. The only downside to that is the dads don't stick around. :( Well other than Mulo she can't get rid of him. LOL

      Yes poor Dunham is in over his head. He is a sweet kid and deserves something good in his life. Will they have a sunshine and rainbow ending? Don't know yet.

  13. Yeah, I had a feeling she was pregnant again :/

    I feel really bad for Carter. Does he know what happened with Jonas? I hate that he feels he needs to work out for her to love him since it won't change anything. She just doesn't want anyone else to get hurt, but I guess it's hard to see the full truth when you're in love.

    The kids aged up nicely, can't wait to see their personalities come through :)

    1. Well, at this point, it was still a baby challenge. LOL

      No, Carter is unaware that Jonas and Amari have slept together that's what she was explaining to Jonas. He needed to know that they couldn't talk about it and certainly couldn't do it again because Carter would be crushed!

      Amari doesn't care how Carter looks. Her refusal to be anything more than friends is solely because of how messed up her life is, but he didn't fully believe her. :( In the back of his mind he's hoping that being in better shape would change her mind, but it won't.

      Thanks. Let's hope they aren't too hard on Amari.

      thanks for reading