Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chapter 82-The Whole Story

I approached the building and it flooded me with the memories of my first place here in this city.  There were tenants hanging out in the courtyard, if you could call it that.  I checked the paper again looking for her unit.  I knocked on the door and waited.  After a few seconds I heard her calling out.
“Just a minute.”
Why was I here?  I still couldn’t answer that as I stood outside waiting for her to answer the door.  Maybe it was to buy her off or to simply see under what conditions my grandchild would be living.
“Sorry to keep you wa…” Her voice died out when she saw me.  “Mrs. Smith, um I, um what are you doing here?”
“May I come in?”
“Yes, of course.”  She replied stepping to the side to allow me entry. 
“Is um everything ok?”  She fiddled with the hem of her shirt.  Under it I could see the mound that was growing.  “Would you like something to eat or drink?  I have soda and juice.”
I put my hand up to stop her talking.  “I’m fine.  I came to talk to you about Dunham.”
“Is he ok?  I’ve been keeping to the terms.  I haven’t talked to him outside of the doctor appointments he comes to.”  Trying to keep myself from outwardly cringing I once again wondered why I had come.  Surely anything I needed to say to her could be done over the phone.
“Do you mind if I sit?”
“No of course not.”  I glanced around at the spare furnishing as she lead me towards the couch.
“Ok well Dunham has had to quit his job.  It was interfering with his school work too much.  I don’t approve of this, and even when he is 18 I probably will still not approve.”
“Mrs. Smith.”  I put my hand up again to silence her.
“Since the baby will be born before he graduates you will still need assistance.  Have you started buying anything?”
She shook her head.  “My on campus job covers the rent and food with not much left over.  I um haven’t taken another tutoring job which was my extra income.  So…”
“Your parents don’t help?”
“My mom sends money every so often but nothing regular.  I um haven’t told her about the baby yet.”  I wanted to ask her why but there was no need.  It would either be lying about the father or telling the truth about the father.  I guess having one angry mom breathing down her neck was enough.
“Ok well I will see to it that you get the essentials.”  I stood to leave and as I turned I noticed the pictures hanging on the wall behind the couch. 

“Mrs. Smith I’m sorry.  Really I am.  If I could go back…”
“Well you can’t.  You have changed his life forever.  I’m not ready to forgive you for that.”  I turned and left before I lost my temper and really lashed out at her.  I could see the regret on her face but it didn’t make it any better.  Regret wouldn’t change the fact of what she did.  When I got to my car I cried.  I was angry at her, and Dunham for doing this.  I was angry at my father for the situation he put me in.  I was angry with Marisol and Mulo for the havoc they had caused in my life.  But I was most angry at myself.  Regret didn’t change ones actions if it did I wouldn’t be sitting here in my car crying and pregnant with a child by the cousin of my closest friend.  Seeing her growing mound made it painfully more obvious that I wouldn’t be able to hide my own much longer.  I drove home with a heavy heart knowing I was going to soon have two very hard conversations.  I needed to stop side stepping the triplets questions about why they were like Aric and Bynni if they had the same dad as Dax and Dunham.  I could never bring myself to explain that to them.  They were too young to understand, or at least that’s what I told myself.  I pulled into the driveway then checked my appearance in the mirror before stepping out of the car.  I didn’t want to go in with puffy eyes and alarm them right away.
 The kids all sat at the table looking at me; waiting and wondering why I had called this family meeting. 
“So there are some things I need to discuss with you all.”  They didn’t say anything but Dax and Dunham exchanged worried glances.  I took a deep breath to steady my nerves.
“You three have had some questions regarding how you became vampires.  I’m going to try to explain this to you as easily as possible.  When I was pregnant with you I got bitten, that bite caused you to change.”
“That doesn’t sound so bad.”  Elton said.
“Yeah the way you put us off all the time I thought it was gonna be some super gory story like in the movies.”  Edson chimed in.  Dax and Dunham said nothing since they knew all this already.
“Who bit you?”  Elphie finally asked.
“Um, Aric’s dad.”  Instantly there were a flurry of questions.  Why did he do it?  Did we have a fight?  Biting is supposed to be bad.  It went on and on.  “Look.”  I said finally trying to regain control.  “I didn’t want to tell you before because I didn’t want you to be scared of what you were.  There are some of your kind that are not so nice and I need you to be aware of that.”
“Bynni says you’re a little like us since you drink the juice and stuff.  Is that because of him biting you?”
“Yeah, yes it is.”
“So Aric’s daddy is a not so nice one.”
I’m plenty nice.  I cringed a little at his intrusion. 
“Right he’s not nice at all.”
“K.  Aric, Bynni good.  Aric’s daddy bad.  Can we go play now?” I was please at how easy that went.  The innocence of childhood was truly something to cherish.
“Yes.”  Dax and Dunham got up to leave as well.  “I need you two to stay.”
Once I heard the door open and close I sat at the table to face them.  “There’s more.  I just didn’t want to explain all of it to them right now but I will.”
“What’s going on mom?”
“Is there news about dad?”  Dax looked so hopeful with that question.  It pained me even more knowing what I was getting ready to tell them.
“No honey.  I miss him every day and wish I had some answers to give you.  No this is about everything that happened after they were born.  I know Aric filled you in on some of the details but he didn’t tell you everything.”
“What more is there to say.  His dad is a jerk for what he did to you before and after they were born.”  Dunham spoke.
“Yes but there’s more.  It has to do with things that happened way before that.”  Taking a deep breath I rattled off my history with Mulo and Marisol including George in an edited down version but they got the point.
“Is that even possible?” 
“I don’t know Dax and I really didn’t want to try and find out but I don’t have a choice.”
“That sounds like a crap excuse to me.”  Dunham said.  “You are still married to dad so I doubt he would approve of you sleeping with random guys just to reach some stupid goal.”
“Your father knew all about it and he understood.  Plus things have gotten more complicated.  I don’t expect you to understand but I needed to let you know.”
“Why?  Why do we need to know?”  Dunham asked.  He was getting more and more agitated and this was not going to end well.
“Dude calm down.” 
“No.  She has me on lock down like a criminal for being with someone I love yet she wants us to understand her bringing a parade of random dudes through here! No!”
“What?  That’s not what she’s saying.  She wouldn’t do that!”  Dax turned to look at me.
“Would you mom?  I mean there are other ways to make babies without you know…”  He looked so uncomfortable he didn’t even finish that sentence.
“Yes Dax I’m sure there are.”  I couldn’t help but keep the smile out of my voice responding to his question. 
“So glad you two think this is so funny.”
“Dunham lose the attitude!  Embry should be in jail but she’s not and that’s only because I love you.  Our situations are completely different and you need to remember that.  I don’t want this but like I told you when we talked I would do anything for you and your siblings.  You all are most important in my life.” 
“And how does that translate to you being forced into having kids you don’t want?”
“You didn’t want us?” Dax asked also standing up from the table. 
“Of course she didn’t.  She only had us, all of us, to meet this ridiculous goal of hers.  Think about it Dax we wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for this.”  They both looked at me waiting on me to deny the claim.  This was not how I imagined this talk going but I wasn’t totally surprised by it.  Based on the facts they were given it was a very logical conclusion and they weren’t totally wrong.  If not for this craziness, I doubt I would have gone back to Riverview and reconnected with Marcus.  Had Mulo not blown into my life I wouldn’t had contact with him or the mover guy and certainly not Jesse.  None of them would be here if not for Marisol and her plot to get revenge.
“You are right Dunham.”  I conceded.  “None of you would be in existence if not for the situation I found myself forced into.”
“So you didn’t really want us?”  I could hear the hurt in Dax’s question and even though Dunham wanted to remain angry, he also had a pained expression on his face.
“No that’s not what that means.  The circumstances surrounding how each of you got here may not have been how I pictured having children, but that in no way means I didn’t or don’t want you.  Honestly you all are what keeps me going.  I’m not the best parent, and I don’t pretend to be but I am trying my damnedest to do the best I can.”  I stood there waiting on one of them to speak.  I didn’t know if I could keep having to explain this should any of my future children asked and wondered why I kept having babies.  I could only hope and pray that this would get easier but somehow I doubted it. 
“How do we know this is all not some elaborate excuse to just…”
“Don’t you dare finish that sentence young man.”  I said cutting off Duham.
“Dude come on, that would be a bit much don’tcha think?  Besides look at her.  We were here when Aric brought her home.  He told us some of the same stuff.  I don’t think she’s lying.”
“Ok so she’s not lying, but still why tell us now?  We were perfectly happy not knowing all of this or at least I was.  So why…wait a minute.  You’re freaking pregnant aren’t you.  That’s why we needed this little family meeting.”
“What no way.  She hardly leaves the house.  That’s not it, it can’t be.  With everything that has been going on I doubt she’s been trolling for her next baby daddy.”
“It has to be it.  Otherwise there was no reason to tell us all that other crap.”  They both turned to look at me waiting on confirmation or denial.  The fact that I gave neither was confirmation enough.


So as of July 20, Kiss has been around for one whole year.  When I started this story I wanted to do something simple and fun to get my feet wet so to speak with writing a story.  Well the characters have developed more of a personality than I ever thought possible.  It's been a wild ride so far and I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you that read and support not only this story, but Fiendish as well.  You all have given me the confidence to keep going and I appreciate it more than you know. :)

That being said will Amari make it to 100.  Sadly I don't think she will.  :(  One year later she is only at 8 kids and at that sort of rate I will be forever for her to reach her goal.  That doesn't mean the story is ending, it just won't have has many children (possibly).  My goal is to make it to Z since their names are going in alphabetical order.

I hope you continue to enjoy the ups and (mostly) downs of Amari's life as she stumbles through to complete what she can of her goal.

Thanks again for the year of support.!!!!!!


  1. !00 kids a LOT. I mean, I wouldn't even consider trying, so congrats to you for even taking that plunge!

    It must be so hard for Amari to have to talk to her kids about what's going on, I really feel for her. The little kids were adorable in their innocence, but Dax and Dunham are old enough to draw their own conclusions. And she sill has Carter and her cousin to talk to.

    I love that you keep us reminded of Mulo's presence by interjecting his thoughts in.

    1. Yeah I didn't think it would be this hard to have babies. LOL but we will see how far she gets.

      It is hard to have that talk but she felt it was needed especially considering her current situation. The triplets were cute in their innocence, if only things could stay that way. Sadly however they don't and this could do more damage to the already fragile relationship she has with the twins.

      I can't let Mulo be too far away. :P

  2. Hi Jazen, Enjoyed your update and I hope that things work out with her family as she continues to tell them the truth.

    Congrats on your one year. Don't worry about getting the 100 babies just run the story as you wish. Sometimes when you start a story with one intention it kind ends up taking another direction.


    1. I hope things will work out with the family as well. They needed to be told considering Marisol is threatening the kids.

      Thanks for the congrats. Yes with the way this story is taking on it's life the babies don't seem as attainable as before.

  3. Wow, those poor kids. That was a hell of a lot for them to take in. But at least they all know the truth now.

    1. yes Dax and Dunham have had to deal with a lot in their young lives. :(

  4. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN.....! Me thinks the twins have figured it out :P haha sorry Amari. Her life is so terrible! I feel so bad for her. It's like a constant ring of depression! And then on top of this all she STILL has to tell Carter about what happened! Wow...I would not want to be in her place.

    Death to Embry!

    1. yes they are smart boys and figured it out. I know I have made her life so hard. I need to give her more happy. :-/ Yes she still has to break poor Carter's heart all over again.

      Thanks, hard to believe it's been one year.

  5. And let me also add CONGRATS to one year :D

  6. Love the new update. I wouldn't feel bad about changing the "rules" of your story. It's much more interesting the way you are doing it, rather than just focusing on popping out kid after kid! Congrats on 1 year!!

    1. Thanks. Yeah I'm bending all the rules LOL but at this rate Amari won't finish so I had to make some adjustments.

  7. One year, wow. Congratulations :) Look at all the children in a year ^_^
    I thought she was going to cave in and ask Embry to her house when she saw her living conditions. Embry and Dunham are both to blame. The kids' talk went well, the teens' talk was an eye opener. Dunham is such a kid to make accusations. And here he thought he was all grown up, going to be a father and things. :( Amari needs a break. The hardest part is yet to come.

    1. Thanks. It's been a long year but we are getting there.

      No she's not getting soft but she does need to help provide for her grandchild. They are both to blame but she puts most of it on Embry since she is the adult.

      He took her revelation about what's going on hard mainly because he is so unhappy with how she has stopped her from seeing Embry. She didn't quite give them the whole story but if she had they may have had a different reaction. She does need a break and telling Carter is coming up next.

  8. One year old. Man our babies grow up fast...Where did the time go?
    Congratulations to Kiss and You!

    Man that was an unpleasant conversation. Not that I expected it to go smoothly... Dunham is a bit too mouthy for my taste. If that were my son, HE'D KNOW IT!!!! LOL, he was spot-on about the contents of that family-talk, but he should show respect to his mother. He's overstepping with that whole "I'm going to be a father, so I'm grown" thing. He's still a child.

    I hope not, but I have a strong believe he will be, of all her children, the one she doesn't get along with, no matter how things turn out. :(

    I lol'd when she was telling the trips about Mulo, with him in her head.
    Great update Jaz!

    ...now Carter... :(

    1. I know hard to believe it's been a year.

      That was a very unpleasant conversation. Dunham, yeah he was very mouthy and disrespectful this time. He has a lot of stress and is pissed at how him mom won't let him be with Embry right now. She is doing all she can for him and his siblings but in true teenager fashion he doesn't see it. Instead he is focusing on how how unfair his life is right now. :(

      They will probably always have a strained relationship, especially if he does marry Embry. She doesn't like her and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

      Mulo yeah he's always around. His little comments are fun.

      I'm writing the Carter chapter now. :(

  9. Congrats on one year!

    That was not such a pleasant conversation.... yikes. I feel bad for all of them having to be part of that. I dunno about Dunham though, I think he made need to start watching that attitude and acting more mature... but I also can't imagine it was easy to be calm either. Oh poor Amari... there will only be more tough conversation to go... I still dread her having to tell poor Carter. :(

    1. Thanks!!!

      Yes it was hard but she has to explain why she's having kids. It won't get any easier because this won't be the last time she may have to have this type of conversation. Dunham is having a hard time but he is a teenager still so he acts like it when things don't go his way.

      Yes she has an even harder conversation to have next chapter. :(

  10. Congrats on reaching your 1 year anniversary! I don't know how you keep coming up with such great ideas, but I love reading your story! I will keep reading for as long as you write--100 babies or no. Here's to baby number 9!! May he or she bring her mother much joy.

    1. Thanks, I don't know how I am able to still make this interesting but it's good to know that it hasn't gotten boring yet. :)

      Amari will still have a rough time of things even if she's not going to make it to 100.

    2. I'll start praying that new circumstances and ideas will keep popping into your head...and maybe she will. LOL! I've always wanted to do one of these, but I get bored with a character very quickly. Best wishes!

  11. ~ ::CONGRATS:: ~
    ~ What a bomb to fall onto such small minds but they seem to be taking it well,now she has to have a chat with two more,both are not going to be easy!
    ~ Loved it,she does need some happy in her life! (",)

    1. Thanks. The twins have had to deal with alot. If they can make it to adults, it will be a relief for them.

      She does need happy.

  12. I think spending a year collaborating a story is just nothing short of amazing and it does become a project of love and dedication, doesn't it. I remember first reading this story and finding it much different than any baby challange I had previously read. That of course is because you put so much thought and dedication into developing the numerous characters that have become a part of this story. I don't know if I could name them all, but I do believe I can almost. In this latest installment I am reminded of why I love the character in Amari so much. She really takes life on and deals with whatever horribleness comes her way. She doesn't make excuses and presents the facts outright..that is so admirable. This has nothing to do with the story itself, but because I enjoyed it so much I have to add how much I enjoy looking at the pictures for decorating ideas..the home is just so homey and there is so much detail there...I love it so much it is one thing I always look forward too. I certainly understand the anger Dunham has inside right now. It is a double edged sword to him in his situation. I don't blame Amari for being so upset with Embry, I hope somewhere in the future the two can become friends. I think for Embry at least, that would be a monumental acheivement for all that has happened. It's odd how I can be sympathetic towards her for what she allowed to happen, but I cannot help it. Elphie, Edson and Elton are so sweet in their innocence and so accepting as young children are, they are so darn cute it does make me excited to have a new character to get to know once the newest baby is born. Now, with the family told, there is one more hurdle to jump and I can only imagine the stress that is gonna be. I love that you thank your readers for their continued support, but I can't help but feel it should be myself thanking you instead. I slip into this story with the comforting sense that I will be spending some time with characters I have come to love and care about..what a nice feeling that is!

    1. I can't believe it's been a whole year. Even with all the trouble this save has given me I can't let it go. It has turned into something more than I ever imagined it to be and I have fallen in love with Amari and her family. She is trying to make lemonade out of the lemons in her life. Her kids are what keeps her going. As I have gotten more into story telling, I had to think more about the sets used. Her houses before were very plain so I knew I wanted to give her a real home finally.

      Yes Dunham does have some anger over how things have turned out but he doesn't really know the whole story. If he did, he may not be so quick to judge his mother. Amari will do what she needs to make sure that her grandchild is cared for but it will take her a while to forgive Embry for what has happened. It took both of them but she holds her more responsible since she was the adult. The triplets are adorable and I will need to figure out a story for them.

      I do thank and appreciate my readers. It's because of all of you that I keep going even on the days my game wants to be a major pain.

  13. Congratulations Jaz!!! You know how much I love your story! As soon as I found it, I read it from the very beginning and I am so attached to the characters.

    Even though, it might no longer be a challenge, I will follow it till the end, which I hope is a long time away!

    I think that Dunham's reaction may have been partially motivated by guilt because he knows that he has added to his mother's problems. I can also understand their thinking that meant that their mother didn't want them. However, he should really see how much she loves him and his brothers and sisters. I hope that they can all stay close and move past the things that she revealed to them.

    Amari has to feel so ashamed of how she got pregnant this time. It will be hard to explain this baby!

    I love your story!!!

    1. I forgot to say that I still don't feel sorry for Embry

    2. Thanks. I have grown very attached to them as well which is why I fight through all the crashed, and moving, and troubles this save gives me. :( It's still a challenge of sorts but I had to face the obvious at this rate she won't make it to 100. Even getting to Z will be a long way off.

      It may be guilt, but it also has to do with him feeling her conditions are unfair. He should see that she loves and cares about all of them no matter how they came to be. She isn't perfect but she tries.

      She is ashamed of this baby because she doesn't want to hurt Carter.

      You aren't the only one that doesn't feel sorry for Embry.

  14. Congratulations! Happy Anniversary to Amari's family!

  15. I like this story and I feel for poor Amari. I hope some good things will come to her but I doubt it cause of the hold Mulo has on her. Oddly I kinda like Mulo as he reminds me of Malachi Lex from my old legacy.

    1. Nay thanks for reading. I have made life hard for poor Amari. Mulo does have a few fans even with all the bad stuff he does.

  16. Poor Amari~, she just can't win for losing=/. I doubt she will change Dunhams mind period, he's too pissed at her right now and probably thinking she's the biggest hypocrite in the world.
    Wait for it....I adore Mulo, i can not help it...i'm plenty nice enough, lol, he's such a shit=)....edenz~

    1. Yeah things are always an uphill battle for her. Dunham is being a little self absorbed right now and she didn't tell them everything. If she had, maybe he would have reacted differently.

      aww Mulo is still wining the hearts of many. :)

  17. Well, that hasn't gone well :/ It's sad that there is so much tension and dislike in this house, but I can't blame Dunham for acting up. With everything that's happened it's not surprising, but I hope they'll all be able to forgive each other and themselves above all.

    1. I will try to read this at work again today so if you get some anonymous comments it's me :) If it'll let me comment at all, that is.

    2. Nope, it didn't go well at all, but considering what she had to tell them I didn't expect it to. :( There is a lot of tension in the house right now and it's bad. Amari checked out for a long time after Marcus left and that left the boys to raise themselves, now Dunham is about to be a father and his mother isn't letting him see his girlfriend, it's bad. It will take some time for wounds to heal.

      Thanks for reading