Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chapter 76-Sins of a Father

My palms were sweaty as I walked up the driveway.  I’m sure they both knew why I wanted to see them.  Going to them, facing them was embarrassing enough but I would have to take that embarrassment to a new level in order to get the answers I needed.  Aric opened the door before I had a chance to ring the bell.
“Hello son.”
“Hey mom.  Bynni’s already here.”
“How are you and Nina doing?”  They had been trying to have a child for a few months now.  It was harder but not impossible for a vampire to become pregnant a fact neither of them knew when Nina asked to be turned on their honeymoon.  She was ready to be a mom and the delay was taking a toll on her.
“We’re good.”
“Hey mom.”  Bynni said standing to give me a hug.  “Happy to see you out of the house.”
“It feels good to want to leave the house.  Slowly things are taking on a new form of normal.”
We sat in a short uncomfortable silence.  There were both waiting for me to bring up the real reason behind this visit.
“Mom we were happy to explain things to the boys.”  Bynni stated breaking the silence.
“You mean lie for your poor confused mom.” I said giving a nervous laugh.
“Yeah something like that.” Aric said with a smirk.
I buried my face in my hands.
“I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have put you two in that position.”  I was feeling like my life was a series of apologies.
“Mom it’s ok.  Things were stressful and all mixed up for you dealing with CeCe then the wedding.”  I gave Bynni a weak smile.
“But you don’t remember.”  Aric made it more of a statement rather than a question.  I shook my head.  The concern on his face was identical that that on Bynni’s has they exchanged worried glances.
“No.  I…um your father, Mulo.  Well he said I asked him to cloak them.  You know like he did with Ceula.”
“I wanted you both here because I need those memories back.  Even if they are painful I need to know.  The uncertainty is eating away at me.  Stopping me from being able to really enjoy anything.  It’s always in the back of my mind, the wondering and I don’t want that anymore.”
“As well as those missing days.”  Bynni added.
“Yes.  I know it’s a lot to ask of you both but…but I can’t ask him.  I don’t trust him to tell me the truth right now.” I added looking at Aric.  He had always understood me and he knew without having to invade my thoughts what was going on with me.  He had a grave look in his eyes; Bynni wore the same expression.  Something was telling me this wasn’t going to be as easy as I had hoped.
“Nevermind.  I was wrong to ask this of you.  I’ll go to him and hope he will be honest with me.  You both have done more than any child should have to for their parent.”  I stood to leave when Bynni grabbed my arm.
“It’s not that mom.”
“Then what is it?” 
She gave a quick glance at Aric as the secretly tried to figure out who wanted to deliver whatever bad news they were trying to tell me.
“We’re not like dad.  He’s older and more in touch with his abilities.  The only way we can tap into your memories, especially cloaked ones would be…”
“Would be to bite you.”  Bynni finished for her brother who was having a hard time with that idea.
Aric had only bitten two people that I knew of.  TK on that fateful night Bynni was turned and Nina when she asked to be turn.  Bynni I don’t think had ever gone that route.  They were both considered to be ‘new age’ vamps getting their meals through specially designed plasma foods or from blood banks. 
“Even then we couldn’t pick and choose which memories we see.”  She continued.
“Ah I see.  So you could possibly get access to everything I’ve ever experienced?”  I winced at that thought.  Aric looked away.  He was clearly as uncomfortable with that idea as I was.
“Not exactly.  The more we take the more we see.  We would only need to go back as far as the wedding.”  Bynni stated.
“So is this why you guys don’t feed off people?”
“No that’s a choice.”  Aric stated.  “It's something we can turn off and on and depending the needs we have at the time.  Most vamps keep it off because it can be overwhelming living through someone else, hearing them, seeing them feeling them.  It was a skill that evolved out of necessity over time.  I didn’t know this until TK.  Dad had to give me a crash course in controlling it.”
“So how long?”
“Would I feel your emotions?  Considering that we are related, probably longer than the average Joe.  I was feeling Nina’s mood swings for almost two weeks.  I felt TK longer only because I was still learning to get a handle on things.”
I stood there considering everything they were telling me.  When Mulo had released my memories of our first night together, it wasn’t done through biting me.  I was pregnant with the boys at the time and he said he wouldn’t bite me.  The idea of them having to carry around the burdens I was feeling was too much.
“I won’t do it.  It’s not that important.”
“Mom it’s ok.  It’s really the only way.  We both can feel how stressed you are.  If we can help, let us.”  Bynni’s words were very touching and sincere.  Our relationship had always been rocky but we still found a way to try to make things work.
“I can’t.  The stress, the mess of emotions.  I can’t knowingly let you walk around feeling like that.”
“Mom.  Don’t make us compel you to allow us to do this.”  Aric said looking very serious but I could tell he was joking, at least I hoped he was joking.  They both had very determined looks.  Maybe they wanted the truth as much as I needed it.
“Ok so who will be the lucky one to get inside mom’s head?”  I asked with another nervous laugh. 
“I think it’ll be best for Bynni to do it.  It could be less embarrassing for everyone that way.”
“You’re probably right.”  I took a deep shaky breath before sticking my arm out.  Bynni’s teeth lengthened .
“It might help if you think about Mulo.  Might give me more localized control.”
I nodded then turned my head, moments later I felt her teeth sink into my arm.
I thought about Mulo.  Our first meeting, finding out I was pregnant with Aric.  Then my thoughts flashed to the night Bynni was changed and the pain I felt when I learned the truth about him the next day.  My thoughts went to how hurt I was with his angry words when we saw each other at the kids’ wedding.  I tried to concentrate, she didn’t need to see all of that.  The wedding, my wedding.  Marcus.  I saw his smiling face clearly.  Then the happiness, the sadness.  The pain, the hurt, the lies.
I didn’t realize she had let go or that I was crying until I looked over and saw Aric hugging her.  She was crying.  I shouldn’t have allowed this; it was too much for her to be burdened with even if it was only temporary.
“Bynni, dear I’m sorry.”  I stepped over to them, she pulled away from her brother and gave me a hug.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”  She cried into my ear.
“Tell you what honey?”
“About Marisol.  You let me live with her.  You never said anything.”  Oh no.  My wandering thoughts went back too far.  I needed to concentrate better on the timeline and I didn’t. 
“Did you know?”  She asked looking at Aric who shook his head in response.
“I knew something was always between she and dad but I never knew what.”
“Well your father is working with her to use and torment our mother.”  That fire and anger I had encountered as a teen from her was bubbling back full force.
 “If you had said something to me, I would have left.  Yet you stayed quiet and let me live with her all this time.  Why?”
“If I had ever thought for one moment she meant to do you any harm I would have died trying to get you free from her.  But she didn’t and you two had some sort of bond as much as it pained me to see it.  My issues with her are just that my issues with her.”
“But still, what she’s asking of you.  What he did to you, to me.  How do you deal with it all?  Why do you continue to deal with him?” 
“I didn’t think I would ever forgive him for taking that choice away from you but to hold a grudge against him would mean holding one against your brother as well.  He did the same thing to TK.”  Bynni looked over at Aric and knew that as hard as it was for me it was harder on him.  "And I deal with it all one day at a time.  It's all I can do but as you have seen it gets to be too much.  A person can only take so much."
“Aric he’s your father.  You have to do something.  You can’t let her be forced to go through with this.”
“Both of you stop now.  Neither of you will fight my battles.”  I said cutting Aric off before he had a chance to respond.  “Regardless of the circumstances, my life is much richer because of the children that I have.  That has been the only good thing in all of this and that is what I hold on to in order to keep going until I find another option.”
“No Bynni.  Adult or not I am still your mother and I mean it.  Too many innocent by standers have already been hurt.  I’m not willing to risk any more.”
“Well it’s too bad Mulo doesn’t feel the same way.”
“He didn’t!”  Aric exclaimed.
“Yes he did.”  Bynni confirmed.
 “But they could have died.” 
I stood there watching the exchange waiting for them to fill me in on what they were talking about.
“Hello.  Guys someone please tell me what this is all about.”
“I’m going to see him.”  Aric stormed passed us heading for the door.
“Aric wait.  One of you tell me what’s going on now.”
“You didn’t cheat on Marcus mom.  Those three days were spent with Mulo.  He’s not their father Marcus is.  He bit you.  Infected you enough to change them but not you.”
When I was pregnant with the boys, he wouldn’t bite me.  Even in those thoughts or dreams he told me not while I was pregnant.  He knew what it would do yet this time he did it anyway.
“Wait you said they could have died.” 
“Yes.  With them being so tiny, even tinier than normal babies since there were three in there, their hearts could have stopped.  The stress of the change could have been too much for their bodies to handle.  They could have been still born.”
I could see the shame in Aric’s eyes as he spoke knowing his father could be so callus with the lives of his siblings.  This was too much.  My head was spinning; the thoughts going through it were too painful.  Was he tying to turn them or kill them?  And why, I was dealing with enough, why would he do that to me?
“I…I have to go.”  I felt like I was in a daze at this point. 
“You can’t go over there by yourself mom.  Aric go with her.  You two both need to talk to him.”
“What about you?  We still have things we need to talk about.”
“I’ll be fine mom, but man you are depressing.  TK is home he’ll provide me some distraction then we are looking for a new place to live.”  I know she tried to seem nonchalant for my sake however she couldn’t mask the sadness in her eyes entirely. 
Aric drove us over and the entire car ride he kept apologizing like any of this was his fault.  I wondered if he was getting some residual effects form Bynni. 
“Hello son.”  Mulo said as he opened the door.  Aric responded by punching his father.  A move I didn’t expect and by the shocked look on Mulo’s face he hadn’t expected it either.
“Well I guess I deserved that.”  Aric lunged for him again but this time Mulo stepped out of the line of fire.  “You get one but don’t push it boy.  I don’t want to hurt my child but I will put you down if need be.”  Mulo glanced over in my direction; the look on his face was one of contempt.
“His attitude is your fault.”  He stepped around Aric heading towards me, but his path was quickly blocked by our son.
“Stay away from her.”  I saw the fury in Mulo.  I didn’t think he would really hurt Aric but I wasn’t willing to take a chance.  I knew he wouldn’t hurt me, at least not physically.
“Aric, it’s ok.  Remember I can fight my own battles.”
“Yeah but he doesn’t apparently fight fair.”  He responded never taking his eyes off Mulo.
“It’s ok.  He can’t hurt me any more than he already has.”  I placed my hand on his arm, he glanced back at me then reluctantly stepped aside.
“Why?  Why Mulo would you try to kill them?  Why would you continue to hurt someone you claim to love in such a way?”
“Oh my love I wasn’t trying to kill them.  I remember how you were when you lost our babies.  I wouldn’t put you through that again.  I kept you here and safe to make sure they were ok.”
“Then what?  What did you hope to gain from this?”
“You already know the answer to that.”
I stepped closer to him.  I looked him squarely I the eye refusing to be used by him any longer.
“So you put my boys through extra stress and worry about my safety right after their father had gone missing.  Put my life, my sanity, and the lives of my unborn children at stake all so you could have a reason to continue to be a part of my life.”  He reached out to stroke my face but I swatted away his hand.
“I will always be a part of your life.  I love you Amari.”
Aric snorted from the side.  He was seething over his father’s actions but was not interfering.  He knew I needed to do this.  I gave him a loving look before turning back to Mulo.
“You don’t love me.  I don’t think you even know what that means.  Marcus loved me.  I can’t do this anymore.  I don’t have any energy left to spend on you.  If I thought you had a heart, I would put you out of your miserable existence by driving a stake through it.”  Mulo took a step forward and I heard Aric let out what only could be described as a low warning growl.
“Do you really think you can take me son?  I’m older, stronger and faster.”
“True but I’m a lot more pissed off.  I won’t stand by and let you hurt her in anyway any longer.  This ends today.”  Mulo glanced at Aric then back at me.  I could see he was working out his next actions.  Mulo took another step.
“Damn it dad!”  With fangs bared Aric pushed me back and stepped between us.  They were in a stand off.  “I won’t let you do it.” 
“I wasn’t asking your permission.”  Mulo snarled “Back off son I don’t want to hurt you.”
“Give it your best shot.”  I could only watch as everything seemed to happen in slow motion.  Aric lunged for his father as he attempted to reach for me.  I heard myself screaming Aric’s name as Mulo sent him flying through the air with such force he crashed through the door.  I heard the metal scraping across the hallway floor before colliding with the wall at the end of the hall.  I scrambled to my feet intent on getting to my son but I didn’t make it very far. 
“He’ll be fine.  He needed to be taught that lesson.  You on the other hand may not be so lucky.”


  1. "So you could possibly get access to everything I’ve ever experienced?” I winced at that thought. Aric looked away. He was clearly as uncomfortable with that idea as I was.

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    What the hell does he mean to do now?????? I mean seriously she's right he has absolutely no idea what "love" is and to say that he loves Amari is complete and utter bullshit! UGH! I hate that man with a passion!

    Poor Bynni I hope those feelings don't last forever and the whole "distraction" thing made me giggle. Mom completely ignored that LOL.

    So happy they know the truth now. Perhaps this will help Amari in even a small way because thinking she cheated on Marcus was killer!

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    1. Yeah Aric didn't quite want to know his mom that well. :) Bynni understood and was up for the challenge.

      Aric has always been by her side but he never had the whole picture until now. He's stood by and seen his father do some crap but never on that level. He took a stand like a good son should.

      He doesn't understand what it is to love someone. He doesn't do sacrifices for the happiness of the other person. He wants what he wants and is determined to have it no matter what.

      Bynni will be fine. The feK is there to help. ;) Yes her mom overlooked that comment LOL

      Knowing she didn't cheat on Marcus was a HUGE relief for her but knowing what Mulo did and how it could have turned out will be something she won't be able to forgive.

      Sorry no death to Mulo.

  2. Go Aric!!!! Yes yes yes! ... Mulo you big slime. Go away, far away and stay away. Phooey on you, what a loser. Aric BEST be ok, or I will climb into that little world and rip Muleface Mulo a new you-know-what, and stuff his fangs in it. Ohhhh this got me so mad. How dare he?

    1. Aric was a good boy and fought for his mom. He's my favorite kid I must admit. :) Because he is my favorite he'll be fine, a bit of a bruised ego but fine. :) so no need to go climbing through the screen.

      Mulo doesn't play fair and knew having kids with Amari was the best way back into her world. It was working but she couldn't get over the feeling something was off. He thought she would just accept it and not question things too much. He underestimated her feelings and commitment to Marcus.

  3. Interesting turn of events, I suspected as much that Mulo could have altered the babies, but how he didn't change her too in the process baffles me. At least she now has the peace of mind knowing she didn't cheat on Marcus. But his disappearance is still a mystery. I hate to imagine what Mulo did to him as much as I shudder to think what he'll do to Amari now that she knows the truth.

    1. Val that is the beauty of imagination. LOL :) No more will be explained in the next chapter on how all that works. She does have peace of mind knowing she was faithful to Marcus. She was really worried and depressed over the thought of hurting him that way. Marcus's disappearance is a mystery still but given the lengths Mulo seems to be ok going to in order to get what he wants, it is very possible he had something to do with it.

  4. Well, i started out with dread, especially when Aric and Bynni said one of them would have to bite her to see her memories. Then there was anxiety, Aric was pissed and Mulo(whom i adore, gawd help me!), aint no kinda push over. Then i was the cheering section for Amari when she went off on Mulo(you go girl!) i'm full circle and back to dread.

    I'm hoping Aric is ok, i don't really think Mulo would hurt him, but with him down and out at the moment there's no one to stand between Amari and Mulo and he don't seem too happy right now...i need a cigarette...edenz~

    1. This chapter was a bit of a roller coaster ride. Aric and Bynni were good to help her and they wanted/needed to know the truth as much as she did. Aric was/is pissed at his father for the stunt he pulled. That is a major fracture in their relationship. She is growing stronger where he is concerned. She's no longer the scared girl she was at the start and is seeing him for what he really is, a selfish bastard. Now back to dread. Aric will be fine (he's my favorite kid) will walk away with nothing more than a bruised ego. Amari...well yeah Mulo is pissed and he acts out when he's unhappy.

  5. Damn it Mulo!! Why must you be such a jerk face all of the time? You make it so hard for me to continue rooting for you ;-) But then in his own twisted way he wanted to be closer to the woman he loves and thats sorta romantic, albeit in a really messed up way! Ooh i can't stay mad at him, i don't know why!

    1. I'm sure Amari and Aric asked that same question. LOL. So you think his actions were kinda of romantic. You are a die hard fan :) True he wanted to be close to her again but he went about it in the wrong way. Not sure this is something she can get past, only time will tell. He'd be happy to know you are still in his corner.

    2. I can't help it i loves him!

  6. ~ Wouldn't it be interesting if Mulo,in those three missing days,had a chat with Marisol,in Amari's presence,but because she was made to forget the events,it now haunts her dreams the truth about what happened & what was said in those days that are missing,at least she would have been too weak & being pregnant Mulo would not have done anything to her in that state!
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    1. That would be an interesting twist. Mulo and Marisol haven't really had much contact since Bynni was turned. They both have separate agendas involving Amari and those agendas are at odds most times. However Marcus was something they could have agreed on possibly. Mulo did want him out of the way and Marisol wanted him to hurt Amari.

      Mulo doesn't see anything wrong with his behavior and does act out when things don't go his way. He's done it before and he has no problem doing it again. Not even having his son knowing the truth could make him remorseful for his actions.

  7. You are so mean!!!! Where is the rest! I'm going to bug you until you finish it!!!

    She has the most special children! Especially Eric. I sort of hate that he had to learn the real truth about the things that his father has done to his mother, but I knew he had to eventually!

    Before Marcus, I had hoped that Mulo and Amari might somehow end up together, but now I just want Marcus back! I do believe that Mulo had good intentions in saving the triplets, but once again he went about it in the wrong way. He was so wrong and selfish to make Amari think that he was the father and not Marcus!

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    1. Sorry not trying to be mean. :( The next chapter is finished I just need to do pictures.

      She does have a special group of children and Aric is my favorite of them all. I know I shouldn't pick favs but I did. LOL

      Mulo and Amari have a strange relationship and she won't ever be free of him, he wouldn't allow that. He wasn't trying to save the triplets, their was nothing wrong with them. His actions could have killed them. He bit her with the express reason of changing them so he could claim them. There were NO good intentions on his part there. The only good thing he did was watch over her for those days to make sure they survived his attack.

      The truth was bound to come out and her kids have a new found respect for her knowing what she has been dealing with. she has held it together surprisingly well considering. Amari would like for Marcus to come back as well but that's the downside to a missing person. Sometimes you just never get closure. :(

  8. Mulo is really making it hard for me to like him--maybe even impossible. Messing with Amari is one thing. His misguided attempts at expressing his "love" have been difficult to understand at times, but this is way over the line. Putting the lives of her babies at risk is not something that can be forgiven, and makes his feelings look more like a "fatal attraction" type of obsession that true love.

    Maybe he will realize at some point that using his powers to force a relationship with her is going to destroy any hope he has of a relationship with her. Would love to hear his background story--what has made him so insecure, angry and abusive that he can't trust someone to love him without using his powers to manipulate them? Must be a tragic history!

    As always, I will be waiting eagerly for your next chapter! Thanks, Jazen!

    1. He is making it hard to like him. His view on things is greatly distorted and he has been messing with Amari's emotions since the moment they met. He's only gotten worse as he's fallen more for her. Him turning the triplets and putting them at risk was taking things too far and it will be hard for her to forgive him for that if at all.

      Hopefully one day he will realize that his actions only push her further away. Hopefully you won't have to wait much longer. I am working on the shots for the next chapter.

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    1. Um next time I'm in game I will try to remember to save a copy. I didn't build it, it's a game house that came with the original world I was using Los Angieos by Coasterboi. The next chapter should be out next week sometime. It will be sorta Mulo free. :)

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    1. Marcus being missing will remain that way for a while. It will be an unanswered question that Amari will continue to deal with has life moves on. Sorry. :(

      Thanks for the offer on the pictures. :)

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    1. Aric is a good son. Once he found out the whole truth there was no doubt that he would stick up for his mom. Mulo doesn't fight fair and what he did was terrible putting those babies at risk for his own selfish reasons. Aric took it hard knowing everything his dad has done to his mom. Puts him in a bad place. :(

  12. Replies
    1. Yeah, he's totally my favorite!!!

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